Completion Time

WOOHOO – You Made It!

You’ve worked hard, stayed in line, and now it’s time to complete, acknowledge and celebrate this journey we walked together in the last 25 weeks.

I’m sure there were times when you got bored, lost focus, and maybe even felt like quitting.

But you didn’t quit. You are still here… just before the finish line.

It took willpower, patience, discipline, and focus.

You should be so very proud of yourself.

This last week, the daily assignments will be a little different.

I hope you’d enjoy them, and do them fully, to make sure you are complete with this year’s WOMB program, and ready for the next phase of your business and life.

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

Finishing something that you have set out to do is extremely satisfying and enjoyable. It becomes a source of confidence you can build on for your next goals and projects. 

Anytime you finish anything, you are building a habit. 

One of the most important lessons I learned in my life and I hope you got it too – is that completing things builds habits in your lives, that larger success cannot come without smaller wins. 

It is important that you celebrate the wins along the way (that’s why we insisted so much on those Friday celebrations).

The more small wins you celebrate, the more determined you are to achieve the goal.

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

I am going to complete, acknowledge and celebrate WOMB.

How’s that for a 5-day challenge?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

Here is the 4-step process you could follow in order to achieve that goal:

  1. Identify what you appreciate, love and admire about yourself;

  2. Identify what you appreciate about the other participants;

  3. List ALL the insights, lessons, habits and understandings you’ve gained as a result of the program;

  4. Celebrate your completion of the program; 

PLAN your actions in your agenda…

Your next step is to physically plan this process in your agenda.

Remember – the whole purpose of the Working ON Your Business (WOMB) program is to get you in the habit of investing EVERY DAY 10-15 minutes working ON your business…

So, my suggestion, do NOT do all the exercises in one batch – but stick to the “schedule” I recommend… It will build the right habit, that would serve you for the rest of your business life.

Plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to follow the process above.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT…

Take 10-15 minutes, right now, and…

  • Day 1 – Make a list of all the things you appreciate, love and admire about yourself.

    It can be anything at all – both personal and business-wise.

    Post your list in the comment box.

  • Day 2 – Go over what other participants in the program posted and respond to their list with the things you appreciate about them from the way you perceived them over these 25 weeks.

  • Day 3 – This is your last chance to ask me any question – for me to answer on Thursday (December 8) in the Hot Seat session.

    Post your questions in the Q&A page.

  • Day 4 – Make a list of all your insights, lessons, habits and understandings you’ve gained from your participation in the WOMB (from the assignments, the Q&As, the workshops, your buddies, other participants…)

    Take your time yo make a full “inventory” and share your list in the comment box.

  • Day 5 – In the celebration page (Friday) share the lessons you’re going to keep implementing in your life, who you’ve become and how are you going to celebrate the completion of the program.

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your process and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you in the Thursday Hot Seat session to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your completion of the program on Friday.

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Day 2 What do I appreciate about the other participants?
    - That they are open to feedback
    - I felt that some of the participants had really thought through an assignment which helped me understand them better in who they were and what they were doing
    - I appreciated the useful tips I read in between
    - I've provided some comments from participants below

    Day 3
    What are all my insights, lessons, habits and understandings that I gained as a result of this program?
    - An insight is that at the beginning of the WOMB I didn't have a real ideal customer, but there was one.
    - That WOMB has made me focus much more on my real ideal customer.
    - A lesson I learned is to listen to the ideal customer by taking time for her, asking good questions and listening.
    - Insight: That it is very nice to give ideal customers (unsolicited) gifts.
    - That I appreciate even more the testimonials and reviews I receive.
    - That it is very wise to regularly work on my business. Thinking. Brainstorm with myself. That this is even more important than actually working in the business.
    - An insight in the beginning of WOMB was that it is useful to classify my customers in the funnel according to the stage they are at.
    - That I can show my offer much more often.
    - One lesson is that content is enough and everywhere. There are so many options to get content. From frequently asked questions from the customers to the Google and YouTube search tools that I can use for this.
    - A lesson: That it is useful to make videos about, for example, a frequently asked question. From this I can make text for the website, social media and later possibly a book.
    - I very quickly had the insight that this program can easily be converted into what I can do. That's why I'm starting a 6 month journey for the first time on January 2th!
    - That stopping something like Twitter is easy and with which I still experience peace.
    - That I made a summer deal with a nice turnover
    - Now that I focus much more on my real ideal customers and have a clear strategy and plan for 2023.
    - Insight: That what I would really like as a customer, my ideal customer would probably like too.
    - Lesson: that by 'just' asking my clients I now have a title for a book that will come out someday
    - Lesson: that by really clearly describing who I am and who I help, I've positioned myself even better (also thanks to help from Vered)
    - I let myself be sabotaged easily
    - I can do much more by really planning and getting out of my comfort zone more. And go for it. It just makes my life easier and more fun.

  2. Day 1

    - That I'm a good listener
    - That I can focus
    - That I'm willing to help set up something new
    - That I actually do something when I have planned it
    - That I like to give presents to others
    - That I make time every month for me and my husband and that we go away for a weekend together
    - That I am there for my children when they need me and that I stand up for them
    - That I have several piggy banks
    - That I give myself a present every now and then
    - That I dare to stick my head above the parapet in my field by showing what I stand for (often something new)
    - That it is increasingly easier for me to present and give webinars
    - That I record videos more often, even if it is still minimal
    - That I am always open to new possibilities to live and new possibilities to run my business
    - That I go to events alone
    - That I'm getting better at finishing something.
    - That I really make more money because I actually plan something instead of procrastinating because I want to know / learn more about it

  3. Day 4 – Make a list of all your insights, lessons, habits and understandings you’ve gained from your participation in the WOMB

    - So much valuable insights and lessons, also between the lines
    - Idea generator
    - Write your expert book system
    - The start / stop / delegate / automate system and double down on what works
    - Claim my expert position
    - The morning fame system
    - Big lessons: when you hit the wall / don’t sabotage yourself
    - To celebrate successes, actions you’ve taken or didn’t procrastinated on
    - Biggest insight on what’s beneath my procrastination and idea of contribution when corresponding by mail with Nisandeh. Thank you so much for that!

  4. Day 1:

    1. Good and loving father
    2. Integer
    3. Perseverant
    4. Trustworthy
    5. Creative
    6. I stay true to my personal values
    7. I take care of myself more, step by step

  5. Day 5 – In the celebration page (Friday) share the lessons you’re going to keep implementing in your life, who you’ve become and how are you going to celebrate the completion of the program.

    I did it. I completed the entire program. From day one until the last day, the program kept me motivated. I will miss the weekly assignments but I am glad we will keep access to the forum for another year. And I also have my buddy group. I will complete this last celebration assignment on the celebration page. I am happy but also a bit sad that the program has finally come to an end. I will keep on working on my business every day!

  6. Day 4 – Make a list of all your insights, lessons, habits and understandings you’ve gained

    So, that is an assignment that is going to take a while. Because I do not know where to begin. I learned so much.
    - In my business it is just me, myself and I. So when Nisandeh gave us a way to brainstorm with yourself, it was really enlightening. It is a wonderful way to just write and come up with ideas, even when at first the ideas do not seem viable. It is also wonderful to read those lists back, after a while. Sometimes I even surprised myself.
    - Another wonderful idea was the buddy system. I was looking for that. Brainstorming, supporting eachother. After my group fell apart it was just me again but what I really liked is the group as a whole. The people that took the time to react. But also the comments of Nisandeh and Vered. I have never met with to much commitment and dedication as Nisandeh and Vered showed. But also the warmth and enthusiasm in the group.
    - I am really grateful that I found a new, very dedicated buddy group and we will keep on helping eachother.
    - I also thought it was very special that so many people got to the end of the 25 weeks. These were really special weeks and I applaud Nisandeh for coming up with these assignments.
    - I was forced to think about my business and what I should and could change. Normally I am so busy working IN my business. The day to day tasks. So that is a habit I intend to keep.
    - I divided my week into different 'themes'. E.g. Monday is my writing day, Tuesday is for social media and homework for the training I am taking. And so on and so on.
    - Which gets me to the next item: more structure. The assignments helped me to bring more structure into my day to day work.
    - It also helped me to get more focus. I still have a bit trouble with concentrating but whenever I 'stray away' I recognize it and I go back to the task at hand.
    - All the shortcuts we got to getting things done. E.g. writing a book. So many tips and tricks to make writing a book more possible. That was a real eyeopener. Because I thought it would take a really long time, for which I did not have the time. But I was really happy to learn how much easier I could make it for myself with the shortcuts Nisandeh handed to us.
    - Delegating. I do not have to do everything myself. Ofcourse I knew that, but the assignment helped me to identify what tasks I could delegate
    - Automate certain tasks. This was really a time saver.
    - My challenge is that I am not always productive. Because some tasks are taking me too long. Due to lack of concentration or focus or procrastination or perfectionism. So the week where we had to concentrate on becoming/working more productive was really insightful.
    - What I liked is that Nisandeh challenges you to think a certain way so you can come up with new ways and new ideas yourself. He is not handing everything on a silver platter.
    - Time management. That has always been a challenge for me. But thanks to the time creating assignment I am much better at it. First of all quitting all the excuses why I do not have time for things. Start with prioritizing. You cannot do everything by yourself and also you can automate certain tasks. It helped me to structure my thoughts and tasks
    - Not to be afraid to let go of customers and identifying your ideal customers. I always thought that a customer is a customer but some customers are not for me. They do not share the same values and it is ok to say goodbye. Even when you are selling products.
    - What I also liked was the assignment to WOW your clients. It was/is fun to come up with (new) ideas to WOW them. How to improve my customer service, surprise them, giving them a feeling they are special. For 2023 I have come up with a couple ideas for IRL events to also strengthen my relationship with (prospective) customers.
    - The session I had with Nisandeh still brings a smile to my face. He learned me how to build a community by offering something special for which they are willing to pay. That was completely different from the idea I had about building a community.
    - How to make a video. I was always postponing it because I wanted it to be perfect. But the way Nisandeh learned us did not take much time and also the insight that you do not have to edit everything because that is not the way you are talking to your friends either was really valuable.
    - How to come up with ideas for blogs et cetera. Just by answering questions. Seems so simple but I did not think of it before
    - Be brave and stop what is not working. I have the tendency to keep on dragging the dead horse because I do not want to give up. It has helped me to change my way of thinking. When you stop doing certain things it is not (always) because you are giving up but you are ending things that are not productive or are not helping you. So it is not giving up but spending your time more productively.
    - I discovered a couple of self sabotizing ways. It was really confronting but also necessary. It helped me to identify and to face those sabotizing ways. I was so used to them I did not even think about the fact that they were self sabotizing. Really good and necessary assignment.
    - I will keep on working ON my business every day. I will keep on being honest to myself
    - I am happy this forum will be open for another year because I plan to read all the assignments again.

  7. DAY 4

    List of all the insights, lessons, habits and understandings I have gained from my participation in the WOMB program

    The biggest insights I got from the WOMB Program are:


    This the most powerful and life transforming insight in my life so far.
    For the ones that still remember me at the beginning of the WOMB , I was mainly seeking for confirmation externally in order to move. That Maru does not longer exists. The WOMB program empowered me to find the answers within, to think for myself, to get to know myself and especially to trust myself. For that I will always be thankful to Nisandeh and Vered and all of you!


    Thanks to the WOMB program I know I suffer from the Shiny-Object syndrome bit also how to "cure" it.
    I know that I need to avoid distractions by focusing on my vision and purpose.
    I started to recognize when I am sabotaging myself but also that I need to lift the weights that life gives me in order to grow and fulfill my potential.


    The Idea generator is a great tool to think, create and evaluate ideas. I loved the system of working ON my business for at least 15 minutes every day. This has inspired me to create more systems based on simplicity in other ares in my life.


    I am deeply inspired about the way Nisandeh has dealt with failure as an inevitable journey to success.


    Commitment is everything! I was blessed to have Nisandeh as such a close role model.


    The WOMB program was an outstanding demonstration on how it is powerful to let "students" to find the answers themselves. A lesson that I will remember forever and I am thrilled to apply it in every aspect of my business and life.


    Based on the previous point, the quality of education relies on the quality of the questions asked. Nisandeh has given us a valuable lesson in how to ask questions. I already loved to ask questions and I feel I grew a lot in that as well.


    It is awesome to have the encouragement, support, insights and sometimes kicks in the butt from other participants. Thank you so much for all of you! I appreciate you all very much.


    If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Use life happening to train the resilience muscle. It is such an exciting way of living!


    Design everything in your life, know yourself, dare to think, choose your ideal clients.


    Nisandeh has shown it is possible.

  8. DAY 2

    Things I appreciate about them

    Off course I would start this assignment talking about the wonderful things I have observed in Nisandeh and Vered during these life transforming WOMB weeks:


    What I love, respect and admire about you is:

    1. Your generosity and your kindness
    2. Your pursuit to fulfil your greatest potential and the one of those around you
    3. Your genius for teaching
    4. Your genius to break complex concepts/teachings into simple, small and practical steps
    5. Your wisdom and your life story
    6. Your courage and your resilience
    7. The unique way you inspire me and others
    8. The intensity of your being. You live by extremes and therefore there is not such a thing as balance for you. I can relate to that very much
    9. Your ability to commit and recommit
    10. Your self motivation
    11. Your Marketing genius
    12. Your Romantic you (I think I have seen a glimpse of it)
    13. Your appreciation for Mexican food
    14. The way you keep reinventing yourself
    15. The brilliant answers you give
    16. The way you work on your resilience at every aspect of your life


    What I love, respect and admire about you is:

    1. The FIRE in you, you are a powerful lioness!
    2. The level of intimacy you have reached with Nisandeh. The depth of the relationship you guys have, it is deeply inspiring!
    3. The way you support your husband and are the "air under his wings". It is said that behind a great man there is a great woman"
    4. Your wisdom and life resilience
    5. Your tremendous ability to love
    6. The beautiful relationship you have built with your daughter
    7. The life transforming insights you have given me which I will be forever thankful to you
    8. The way you have managed to be a mom, a wife, a business woman and a writer. You are truly an inspiration for me!
    9. Your intuition and people's knowledge. I am still impressed about the way you have put together so well the accountability body teams.
    10. The way you set limits in your life.

    Thank you both so much for the gift of your presence, your wisdom and the inspiration you have given me. There is no way money can cover the value of what I have received from you both. I can only hope that someday, somehow, I can do for you what you have done for me.

    Love you guys,


    1. Hi Maru,

      What I appreciated from your participation at this program is in one word: your contribution (that are two words).
      Your enthousiasm, involvement, your extended and diligent answers - and questions were very inspiring to me.
      I am very curious where this program will bring you.

      Wish you all the good!

      Warm regards,

  9. My main insight or lesson from this program is that I need STRUCTURE and RELAX time in order to prevent overwhelm. During the past months I have been able to make a good start to declutter my house, my desk and with that my mind and that's a HUGE thing! I have so many ideas and I tend to want to implement everything at once which results in chaos and procrastination and then nothing gets done. In the WOMB I got used to writing ideas down with the idea generator without wanting/needing to implement all of them.

    Another big insight is that I need to delegate, get a VA, outsource certain practical things like video editing and automate procedures. It might cost some money but it will hugely contribute to my creativity and peace of mind.

    I need to stop wasting time on things that don't work and do more of things that actually bring in results!

    I only want to work with ideal clients, so I need to have a clear mission statement and a good positioning on how am I DIFFERENT from other horse trainers. I'm not for everyone and being clear about my 'uniqueness' will automatically repel my NOT ideal clients.

    I have revived my YouTube channel. I have been pleasantly surprised by the positive comments on my videos. It's not that hard/overwhelming to make a video per week (although I didn't have access to my channel for a couple of weeks, so I couldn't post a new video).

    I know I want to become KNOWN as an expert. I will write my Q&A book in 2023.

    Tomorrow I will be doing a webinar for my 6-month online course that starts January 1st. You said to get as many people as possible to register and give them an assignment. There are more than 900 registrations and I have created a checklist for them to fill out. I'm working on my irresistible offer as we speak...

    I have created a VIP product (VIP group coaching). It's like hot seat sessions and also had an auditor option. The VIP concept also worked for my retreat this autumn.

    1. WOW . Lucie! That’s some epic results love!

      What was the difference why you managed to get 900 people now? What did you do that worked so well?

      1. Thank you Gerdy!
        I worked with paid FB ads this time. Made 2 target groups, 1. people who have interacted with my FB page in the last 180 days, 2. lookalike group.
        Created different ads to see which one got most registrations after 2-3 days and then stopped the 2 ads that were not very successful. Then increased the budget from € 20 to € 50 per day for the last 7 days.

        On thank you page I offered them a mini-course for € 10 (normal price € 27 on my website) which was purchased 70+ times and covered all the ads cost.

        Out of 1000 registrations, 300+ attended the webinar live and 500+ watched the replay. So far, 23 people signed up for the 6 months course starting in January.

        After my call with Nisandeh, I created a survey with 4 questions for the people who didn't buy, asking them what I could improve on the webinar and what is keeping them on the fence, giving them a small gift if they would give them their honest feedback. Already 50+ people gave me their valuable feedback.

        Hope this will give you some insights!

  10. Day 4 insights, lessons, habits and understanding

    My biggest insight from the WOMB program is that working ON your business is something totally different then working IN your business. It’s good to make time on a structural basis to work on the business and get insights about the successes and failures you are making.

    Some learnings/lessons:
    - Idea generator, I always thought I was not that creative to have a lot of ideas. Since I started working with the idea generator in this program, I found out that it is indeed in me. It's about the structure and method you choose.
    - Delegate, It has now become clear to me how important it will be to delegate certain tasks and activities. I can't do everything myself and don't want to do everything myself, so there is only one solution.
    - Eat the frog, instead of continuing to postpone things, I started to apply the eat the frog principle. It doesn't always work, but it keeps getting better. The most important thing is that I have come to realize that procrastination is not always necessary and ultimately only causes stress.
    - Expert position, I didn't usually see myself as an expert. Certainly my insecurity got in the way here and also a bit of modesty. In particular, I worked on the uncertainty and started working on my expert position in this program. This has already yielded results in my current assignment at ABN and the Experience that we will be running.
    The 100 question challenge is still standing. Because of the new program I only pushed this one forward. I will definitely start working on it early next year!
    - Double down, if you know what is going well, you can put extra effort into it. Instead of what we often do as entrepreneurs, working hard to improve the weak things, it is in many cases much better to put your energy into the things that are going well. This was a great insight for me and I could also put it to good use immediately.
    - Work smarter not harder, as an entrepreneur you have to work smart and ensure that you achieve more with the same or less effort. That is sometimes still difficult because I continue to do a lot myself, but the first steps have been taken to delegate more.
    - Better vision, I never had my vision completely clear. The parts were there, but I had trouble formulating and propagating that vision. The program forced me to think more carefully about this. And I have received feedback on what I described. As a result, my vision is now clear and I can fully support it. Now it is a very logical whole and I ask myself why it was so difficult ;-).
    “Let people thrive and flourish by making connections and building bridges so they can better work and learn together.”
    - The WOMB program as a format, the format of the WOMB program really delivers results. We will also use the structure for our Product Owner Experience and this choice already gives me peace of mind and confidence that things will work out.
    - Cooperation with Bas, the program has also helped Bas and I work together better. We have now found a common image of our company and way of working.

    In addition to these points, I have certainly learned many more small lessons that I have now forgotten because they are actually already implemented in my behavior.

  11. DAY 4

    - Youtube videos are not that difficult
    - Idea generators work!
    - Killing what does not work, is sometimes hard but important

    - I can create time, when I plan life arround my goals
    - If you don't know what they want, ask better questions
    - I can write a book! And I do!
    - I am a businessowner and not a student, just following tasks without questioning what is in it for me - thank you so much, I needed to hear that.
    - If I have the experience to not been seen as a costumer of onlinecourses, my clients feel the same
    - I am a great client when I feel seen
    - I need to declutter my business regularly

    - Checking whatsapp every Monday morning - I will miss that!
    - Start every problem with the idea generator
    - Keep my Friday-dates to work tasks out

  12. What I admire about myself:
    My commitment, never give up on my why, always Looking and searching for new ways to improve and inspire myself and others, making a huge differencence in the life of others, transforming conflicts into peace, freedom, connection and love, contribute, with light and humor. Being an example. Practice what I preach. Both in my family and business. Feeling thankful and privileged to be that change.
    Also that I am in this program, that I participate in my own way, that I dare to share in this group.

    What I admire about all the participants, first of all their commitment and courage to share and take it to the end. All the little things. It Made me feel connected and aware of the path we walk. It remembers me of the song of Melanie: Beatufiful People. Thank you all!

    My insights:
    Commitment is key
    Work smarter not harder
    Dare to shine
    Building a team
    I can write my next book with the recommandations in this program
    Delegate as much as I can
    Building further on my online academy
    Make a system
    Step by step
    Leave a legacy
    Dream big
    Love my buddies! Very important!!

    Thanks Nisansdeh and Vered, for the way you put the program in all these pieces. Very professional. I always felt the difference you want to make in the world. Thank you for all the Lessons you shared, the passion and the inspiration.

  13. day 4

    the list is actually

    gonna do it

    I know so much and have experienced and been through so much.

    I keep processing for a long time. That can stop.

    The growth is really in the doing. Executing my intuition, dreams and passion and mission


  14. Day 3

    No further questions 🙂

    It's clear to me what I have to do. Where I stand, where I want to go, what I've done, what I have to do and...


  15. Day 2

    It's nice to see everyone's growth.

    And always to see that what I see is the mirror in you that you show me. Which makes and when I pick it up I get to grow. So thank you for the mirror you were to me. In every little moment and nook and reaction. Thank you for persevering and the feeling of a bigger picture in this training and its effect shows what is possible when we work together.

  16. Make a list of all the things you appreciate, love, and admire about yourself.
    It can be anything, both personal and business.

    My growth as a person.

    My perseverance

    my confidence
    my intuition

    Whatever I put on becomes a success

    Actually, there is little I don't appreciate. Also just the lesser sides that make me who I am and how I am formed and above all as Nisandeh told LIVE IS in training

    1. Hi Leo,
      It was great to see the leaps you made in your development as an entrepreneur! You are now achieving one success after another through a great positive attitude and structured work ON your business.
      I can still remember the first buddy session in which you could be gloomy and negative every now and then. The WOMB has put you on the right track and is already delivering top results.
      Keep it up!

  17. Day 4 – Make a list of all your insights, lessons, habits and understandings you’ve gained from your participation in the WOMB (from the assignments, the Q&As, the workshops, your buddies, other participants…)

    @ Insights:
    - so important to share with buddies and acknowledge that I can no do everything on my own. - Working together, goal-oriented, is wonderful.
    - I can be succesful if i take actions and do the work that is needed.
    - I need to plan realistic, focus and fulfill promised actions.
    - small goaloreinted steps lead to results. Making the goal to big paralyzes me.
    - Buddies are gold.
    More Insights:
    1. Stress en burn out is my expert topic.
    2. By taking daily actions for my company my belief in the growthpossibility of it grows. My mindset improves.
    3. In belief I can build my expertposition and it is not difficult to write my expertbook in 2023.
    4. It is doable to make vlogs regularly and making (leadmagnet) video s in my you tube channel in progress.
    5. Working together with other business owners and to learn from each other and having buddy talks works good for me to take steps and actions.
    6. The WOMB program made my compelling Why more clear and now I can act from it !

    @ Lessons:
    • Be aware of the why and the purpose of every action
    • Delegate what you dont like, want, cost to much time.
    • Run your business on a 80/20 and that is also for time, clients and all I do.
    • keeping clients is more easy than finding new.
    • working with ideal clients has lots of advantages.
    • Give before receive.
    • Working daily on your business makes sense and keeps the focus where it should.
    • Ideas can always be generated and more is possible if you do no pause and judge all the time.
    • Writing a book is more easy than I thought .
    • Keep regular contact with your clients and ask them what they need (Q&A), makes sense.
    • Recording and be visible on YouTube is easier than I thought.
    • Generating text from YouTube for blogs and book chapters / paragraph is easy and fun .
    • Hearing and reading about what others have done is learning full.
    • Ask help immediately if needed to create results.
    • Automating stuff is very useful to free-up time.

    @ Habits:
    - Learned working on my business regularly during a week.
    - learned journaling and reflecting regularly
    - learned to ask for help when needed.
    - learned to schedule every action and automate/delegate whatever I can.

    @ understandings:
    - Like minded community gives power, inspiration, leads to actions, results and hope for the future.
    - group pressure can have positive effects!
    - it doesn t have to be perfect, go on step by step.....
    - have to stop doing it on my own!

    @ Other participants:
    Buddies Claudia and Chiquita inspired me to keep going, I am grateful for that.
    So inspiring to read the different perspectives and views, and good to recognize struggles, or questions, or uncertainties. It all kept me going and growing in this program. Community was important.

  18. Day 4:
    - Taking on challenges one by one
    - The expert cycle including the videos and book
    - The idea generator
    - The habit of writing down the parts of challenges and making clear decisions what to do, what not, what to delegate/automate
    - Checking what works
    - Practical ways of working on positioning
    - Taking time for reflections
    - Keeping an eye on the areas of growth
    - Cleaning up the business

  19. WEEK 25/ Day 4 – this is my list of insights, lessons, habits and understandings I’ve gained from my participation in the WOMB .

    This last half year has been a wealth of insights, powerful habits, ready to use and wonderful tools, discussions, knowledge sharing, community building and much more. Next to all the knowledge shared & gained, and tool and habits to be used, the most precious gift is my Buddies Manny and Nanda. During the last 6 months we have challenged, supported, inspired and advised each other allowing ourselves and each other to grow. We have recognized the link between our dreams and will continue to support and inspire each other this coming year to reach the new goals we’ve set for 2023.

    Thank you Nisandeh for sharing all your implicit knowledge and experience so very geniously. For showing us how to create powerful habits necessary for realizing our dreams.
    Next to the habits you’ve helpen me develop a business mindset and given me a toolkit which will support me in all areas of my life. For that I am very grateful. With pride and gratefulness I will put you Knowledge to use for all my future business Endeavours.

  20. Day 4: A list of all my top insights, lessons, habits and understandings I’ve gained from my participation in the WOMB (from the assignments, the Q&As, the workshops, your buddies, other participants…):
    • Everything is run on a 80/20 and that is also for time, clients and all I do.
    • Easier to keep clients than to find new once.
    • Enjoy achievements far more than done before.
    • You can run business on the run and pivot when needed.
    • Give before receive.
    • Not all clients are the same.
    • Working daily on your business makes sense and keeps the focus where it should.
    • Ideas can always be generated and more is possible if you do no pause and judge all the time.
    • Writing a book is more easy than I thought .
    • Partnering can make 1+1 together more than 2 .
    • Keep regular contracts with your clients makes sense.
    • Recording a YouTube is easier than I thought.
    • Generating text from YouTube for blogs and book chapters / paragraph is easy and fun .
    • Hearing and reading about what others have done is learning full.
    • Facilitating change processes is more powerful than sending information.
    • Think before you act.
    • Leaving some customers makes more room for those that matter.
    • Social media can be a powerful tool to use wisely.
    • Outsourcing is important why not do it, so do it.
    • Automate stuff is useful to free-up time.
    • Generate am “automatic” business before you stop to keep a cash-flow going based on previous work done.

  21. Day 1 – Make a list of all the things you appreciate, love and admire about yourself:

    • I am transparent
    • I am good at analyzing,
    • I am optimistic,
    • i believe in doing good is meeting good,
    • I have no fear connection with money, it is a resource and there is always enough,
    • I like to share what I have (resources, materials, knowledge)
    • I am not the most pationt girl
    • I like my ability to enthousiast others

    Day 2 What I appreciate about you all:

    First of all my buddy`s Alma en Chiquita:
    The commitment that you shared made me go the last part, the flowers send to me for beeing sick I never forget that
    Manny, your insight about facebook and the message you posted there I copied
    Lucie, your movie with the horses made me almost want to connect to horses eventhoug my whol life I dont like theme.
    If my knee allows it, I want to try horseback riding

    To all the others, your ideas, your struggle, your opinion, comment whether it was in the WOMB or in the hotseat, it's a gigantic beacon of questions.
    I hope that we will continue in some way and looking forward to meet you in januari

    Day 3:

    The hotseats... I only posted a question once but learned so much form the questions others asked and the awnsers you Nisandeh gave.
    The notebook is fullof usefull stuff!

    Day 4 – Make a list of all my insights, lessons, habits and understandings I have gained from my participation in the WOMB :

    Bussines wise:
    The idea generator
    The ROI,
    2 kinds of peasants, he who has to plant again and he who plants a fruit tree
    Who is my ideal client,
    Start with the trickiest idea
    Less is more
    Create systems
    Working on your business
    Strategic questions are not on google
    Become an expert by sharing knowledge
    New, more less and stop system
    What a website should do
    Delegate what you dont like, want, cost to much time
    Vision quest

    I am my own succes
    I am the best at procastionation
    I need to put my self on the first place
    I am good in what I am dooing
    I need time to think
    I chanched eating habbits
    I chanched my buying stuff habbits
    Aks for help and got a PA
    It is oke to say no
    I created more me time without feeling guilty

    1. Dear Claudia,

      I live the thorough manner in which you’ve listed all the business insights you’ve gained through these past 6 months. Manny of them I recognize and I will had them to my toolkit.

      Thank you for being part of my business journey so far. We will meet again Wednesday in Conscious Entrepreneur and again on Sunday December 17th when working on our new goals for 2023 together with Pim, Yildiz and Gerdy. I look forward to learning about your new goals.

  22. Day 3

    I am really grateful for all the hot seats of the past half year. There were so many questions every time and most of the time I saw my question or something similar in the list. The most important question I had, Nisandeh answered in our private session. I am so, so, so happy with all the insights I got during that session. It was a real inspiration. Already busy calculating and going over the ideas. So excited about 2023!

  23. Day 1 – Make a list of all the things you appreciate, love and admire about yourself
    1. Willpower
    2. Creative
    3. Optimistic
    4. Good listener
    5. Generous
    6. Honest
    7. Respectful
    8. Principled
    9. Helpful
    10. Cheerful

  24. Day 5.
    When I have to mention 1 big thing that was extraordinary worthful: the VIP product! This way of making a irrestible offer to my clients. I celebrate everyday and of course this weekend with all the parties I sure will celebrate further also because of this weeks movement.

  25. Day 4.
    I really learned a lot. It is incredibly difficult to just list the insights, new ways of working, new ways of thinking and new ideas I have gained. It is simply too much to list. What is most important is the realization that this has been a uniquely wonderful time to evaluate. If I can put even 10% of everything into practice with my new business, even then I am convinced that my life will be great!

  26. Day 3: Insights
    “The idea generator” was a very useful tool for coming up with answers to my questions.
    Automate and delegate tasks is a great time saver, as well as saying more know. I’m still not completely there, but I have made progress.
    I learned to say more no to people and freed up more time.
    I defined what I really think is important in my business, and am more focused on that now.
    It is very important to define who your ideal clients are and what you can do for them. And you should see your clients as more than ideal clients, but rather as fellow travelers that you should guide and protect. This is why you should find out what they really want. If you ask them questions, make sure you have some kind of incentive to thank them for their effort of answering your questions.
    I have to be more specific about defining my ideal clients, discover what they want and what characterizes them. And I improved my positioning statement.
    I have to focus on giving my ideal clients a WOW experience. For this I need to work out a great offer to give them more than they expect.
    I need to expressing my gratitude to my clients and surprise by giving them gifts and surprise trainings etc.
    Other insights in the expert block: The value formula. Your knowledge can be divided in building blocks to re-use in different trainings.
    The expert book was great, and very insightful, not just for writing a book, but for writing and organizing content. Formulating the questions was very insightful too.
    In order to become known as the expert in your field, you need to ask yourself what specific and achievable goals will represent for you becoming the known expert in your field, and design a plan to grow your expert position.
    From your expertise you can develop lots of products and services, if you think to come up with topics, and if you structure all the knowledge that you have.
    Making my first video was a profound learning experience in and of itself!
    Evaluating all the things in your business is crucial. And we need to act more consistently on them. I evaluated things that do not work, sort of work and work well. I did that and found that a lot can still be optimized in my business. So I made an action plan to work on these, and evaluate the results again. That is Bizkaizen in its purest form for business!
    I also learned, that when we get stuck in our efforts and want to give up, we need to acknowledge for ourselves what we accomplished so far. That gives us the courage to keep going,. And I learned to that celebrating my successes very often is the best way of acknowledging them.

  27. Day 2. What I appreciate about the other participants
    First of all, thank you Vered and Nisandeh for your ongoing support and dedication to this group. That was truly amazing, and a huge example and inspiration to us all.
    As for the group, I have never been in a group that was so positive, open-hearted and supporting as this one. That was great. It give me a feeling of belonging. And I loved your commitment, your dedication to your business. Only by all of your insightful answers I learned a lot!

    1. Day 2 Identify what you appreciate about the other participants

      1. I learned so much in this group
      2. All the participants were so open and honest
      3. I felt so safe in this group
      4. I have never been so open and vulnerable in a group and that is thanks to all the participants
      5. Everyone was so helpful
      6. It was great to read all the insights of the participants
      7. I loved the enthusiasm
      8. I love the idea of buddies and I am really grateful for the warmth and interest. I will thank them one by one and personally

  28. Day 4. I did and changed a lot of things.

    It’s about priorities and sticking for them for a predetermined amount of time. I have a great plan? Let’s go for it and stick to it at least 3-6-12 months.
    Schedule time for what I think is important. If it is working on my business, family time or playing games. My schedule gets things done.
    I love my recreated positioning and sharing it with the world.
    I was introduced as someone who helps coaches be professional today. It really sounds good when someone else says it.
    I have made a choice in who my target audience is. And it resonates. I work with independent coaches and trainers
    My youtube channel is online. Go and subscribe <3
    I have created partnerships with 2 other people to do a completely new training for next year. This coming thursday is the first information evening. I am still writing everything down, but have a look at the announcement page: (It has a great comic)
    As I write this, I realize I can create WOMB style online groups for it. Very interesting.
    A whole Mlist of FAQ questions to answer
    There are a bunch of unfinished video’s on my computer.
    And 2 are online at youtube and 1 at instagram.
    I got a lot of insights from the brainstorm with all of you.
    Keep it simple
    Trust that I know a lot
    I have a bookkeeper who helps me to get the right answers to all my administration questions.
    I sent quite some things to fiverr. With the thing that I used most being a Google docs style.
    The idea generator for being super productive was really good. I will make that a yearly habit.

    1. Hi Max,

      It has been such a pleasure being traveling the WOMB journey with you. Having experienced you commitment and wealth of ideas and knowledge during the 90-days challenge is was very interesting to experiencing you “working on your own business” taking it to the next level.

      Having read your text for day 4, I immediately checked your website for upcoming trainings. Beside from the fact that I like the manner in which your website had been set up, I could only find events and trainings from the past not the future.

      Once your new agenda is ready, please do share it with me. I’d love to join to ger my website up and running. I also like what you write about creating a Site comparable to the WOMB site.

      My mail address is or through LinkedIn

      1. I updated the calendar on my website immediately 🙂 Thank you for looking at it!

        My approach to creating a group like this would be through Buddypress (it's a wordpress plugin). I used it before to create a platform for sharing successes in different trainings. There were a lot of groups that needed to have access to private spaces. If you want the loginless access Nisandeh uses, you will need to do some custom work. Let me know if you need more support.

        I also updated the menu to make the Ondernemende Coach easier to find.