Conscious Entrepreneur

Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life

Conscious Entrepreneur

The power and quality of your thinking is the most important factor in your personal journey to fulfill your greatest potential.

Our superior ability to think is what makes us the most powerful organism on the planet.

And yet… most people are average thinkers. Not because they don’t have the capacity to think better – but mainly because:

  • we were not trained to think critically;
  • we are attached to our opinions and automatic thinking;
  • we are lazy (deep thinking burns a lot of energy).

In order to fulfill your greatest potential and create your ideal life, you need to:

  • learn to think critically – so you can make better decisions;
  • improve your problem-solving ability;
  • question anything you know, told, and think;
  • boost your creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

In this one-year program, we will meet (by Zoom) every month to learn a new breakthrough thinking strategy/tool, which you will practice and implement in every area of your life – until our next meeting.

The program is limited to a small number of committed participants, and cost €2,475 (or 12 payments of €250).

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