Creating Time

In the last weeks you started working smarter by looking for opportunities to delegateautomate and use the Productivity Matrix to become more productive

If you chose to introduce 1-2 NEW actions (hopefully a process to delegate and a process to automate), 3 actions to do MORE of, 3 actions to do LESS of… and at least one task, action or activity to completely STOP doing – then give yourself a big pat on the back! You are on the right path for success.

An observation (possible warning)…

Before we go on for the integration of the the Work Smarter, Not harder block of the program, I would like you to share an observation we had reading your daily input…

This is meant as an observation and NOT a judgement.

It doesn’t mean YOU personally – but have a look if you tend to do this some time… it’s something we noticed  after reading 1,441 of your comments on the last 4 weeks’ assignments pages (YES… we read every single one of your comments)…

It seems that sometimes, some people, have the tendency to come with brilliant, super powerful ideas of what they CAN do/change/implement, but when it comes the time to choose one and commit to it – they pick an action/activity that will not make the biggest difference…

So, some participants (NOT everyone), some of the time (NOT all the time) get a perfect score for creativity and problem solving but only an average score for making difficult decisions and commitment.

If that’s you… just realize… It’s just another habit you picked a long the years, and as I mentioned last week… Bad habits die hard.

So… Let’s use this week’s assignment to develop awareness, notice if you tend to fall into this habit, and if yes… Do. Something. Different.

OK… Enough pep talk… time to get you working ON your business

Work Smarter, Not Harder – INTEGRATION

You’ve just completed the first month/first block of the Working ON Your Business program…

YIPPEE… Well done!

You are one of the 40 committed participants that have survived the first month of the program (out of 42 that started the program). You should take a moment to acknowledge yourself for your commitment and dedication to YOUR business and YOUR life.

This week is an important integration of everything we covered in the last 4 weeks AND an essential preparation for the next 20 weeks of the program.

We will use the coming week to implement as many of your commitments from the last weeks, in order to CREATE TIME you didn’t have before. You will need this time in order to implement the weekly assignments during the next blocks of the program.

You MUST complete this week’s assignment,
BEFORE continuing to the next weeks of the program.

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

Time is your most precious resource

Take a look at this  90-second video clip, where two of the most successful people in the world discuss this precious resource…

Set your GOAL for this week…

Your goal for the coming week is to systemize, schedule and commit to invest 10-15 minutes every working day AND 2-3 hours EVERY week to work ON your business.

So, the result of this week is that EVERY working day in your agenda has a block of 10-15 minutes to work ON your business, and EVERY week in your agenda has a block of 2-3 hours to work ON your business.

This might sound easy or difficult… depending on how busy are you.

BUT… The idea is NOT to add that time to your already busy schedule.

The idea is that you have to free up this time BEFORE you can use it to work ON your business…

So, your actual goal for this week is to find way(s) to free up these few hours EVERY week – before you can block them to working ON your business…

Are you up for the challenge?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

Your task this week is to free up this time – systematically and strategically, so you have daily 10-15 minutes blocked and once a week 2-3 hours blocked.

The best strategy I know to achieve that is to use the STOP and LESS categories of the Productivity Matrix.

This is NOT an intellectual exercise to THINK about.

This is where you actually DO what you need to do in order to free that time, and block it in your agenda ALL THE WAY until the end of December, and commit to use it ONLY for the Working ON Your Business assignments.

PLAN your actions in your agenda…

Your next step is to actually plan this process in your agenda.

Plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to follow the process below.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT…

Take 10 minutes, right now, and…

  • Day 1 – come up with a plan how are you going to do it, and share it with all of us in the comments block below;

  • Day 2 – put that plan into action, and let us know how it worked in the comments section;

  • Day 3 – (and ONLY during this Wednesday) – post the question you want me to answer during the “What Would Nisandeh Do” Zoom session of Thursday;

  • Day 4 – we’re going to meet in the evening for about 90 minutes to answer as many of your questions as possible (as well as introduce a new part of the program);

  • Day 5 – we’re going to ask you to fill in a feedback questionnaire for the first block of the program AND you’re going to acknowledge yourself and celebrate everything you achieved/learned these first 5 weeks.

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your process and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Thursday evening LIVE to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday (I’m curious to hear what you’ll come up with).

Live fully, stay awesome,


    AIM for this week: Free up time, systematically and strategically to work on my business.
    RESULT: Time blocked in my agenda until and including the month December: 10-15 minutes DAILY. 2 hours WEEKLY

    Feedback questionnaire has been filled together with all the reasons why I would promote the W.O.M.B. Program.

    AIM for this week: Free up time, systematically and strategically to work on my business.
    RESULT: Time blocked in my agenda until and including the month December: 10-15 minutes DAILY. 2 hours WEEKLY

    Eventhough I did not post any questions, I've participated in the Q&A with Nisandeh. As did my Buddies Nanda and Manny.
    My take away from this Q&A were the answers to the Q&A stated for day 3 plus

    4) Work only with the customers that bring me joy
    5) 30-40 well paying customers who are 100% committed are worth more than > 1000 who you need to push or carry through
    6) Say goodbye to customers who are not participating.
    7) Busy is the new stupid - the power of an empty agenda
    8) The power of sustainable partnership - Nisandeh wants us all to become succesful so we can work together for the following 5-7 years to come
    9) How to get the right price for your training


    AIM for this week: Free up time, systematically and strategically to work on my business.
    RESULT: Time blocked in my agenda until and including the month December: 10-15 minutes DAILY. 2 hours WEEKLY

    Eventhough I did not post any questions, I've participated in the Q&A with Nisandeh. As did my Buddies Nanda and Manny.
    My take away from this Q&A were

    1) Write a book which I would love to read myself on how I develop my business
    2) Understand how to ask the right questions (don't waste anybodies time by asking questions which can be found on internet and take your self serious by asking questions which will make the expert sweat).
    3) The power of asking the right questions

    1. Love to talk with you and Nanda about the 'right' question. In my opinion there are no wrong questions, although a lot of people might disagree with me on that. I do think there are effective and less effective questions, though 🙂


    AIM for this week: Free up time, systematically and strategically to work on my business.
    RESULT: Time blocked in my agenda until and including the month December: 10-15 minutes DAILY. 2 hours WEEKLY


    Below is my plan of approach and the steps I'll take this week. I've started with point 4 Stop Procratinating (PRIORITY MATRIX - STOP). I started this morning at 7:30 am by doing all the assignments which were still pending. In this manner I'm up-to-date and ready to cruise with the rest of the WOMB community. Today at 11 am I'll join the ZOOM session of Paul to braintorm on how to use Webinairs for his target audience.

    The rest of the week I'll work my way through LESS, MORE and NEW. Leaving NEW until the last day as this will cost me more time and energy and I wish to hit my target my the end of the week.

    4) Stop procrastinating - DONE!

    5) Use time on social media not supportive to my goals
    4) Spending time on activities / people which do not bring me closer to my business goal
    12) adding too many tasks on my own name instead of delegating

    5) Own up to my dream by formalizing my burning WHY
    6) Get my manifest on paper (explicit) and out of my head (implicit)
    1) Complete on the business plan for my Happy Villages project

    8) Work on my business on a daily basis
    1) Write blogs on Happy Villages / B&B

    1. Wauw, Marie-Louise, I am looking forward to seeing you 'cruise', and not just with the WOMB community, also with your plan for Happy Villages.


    AIM for this week: Free up time, systematically and strategically to work on my business.
    RESULT: Time blocked in my agenda until and including the month December: 10-15 minutes DAILY. 2 hours WEEKLY

    Day 1 / 5 – MY PLAN ON HOW TO DO IT
    1) I've made a block called FOCUS TIME every morning between 7:30 - 8:00 am for the whole week
    2) I''ve made a block called W.O.M.B. - FOCUS TIME every Friday between 3-5 pm.

  6. Week 5 - Day 3 -> to late for posting, was on vacation.

    Week 5 - Day 4 -> Was on the training in the evening. Very valuable!

    Week 5 - Day 5 -> WHOOP WHOOP! completely back on track in this weekend, after missing almost 2 weeks.
    First brainstorm meeting is planned and I already 4 people signed up.
    Decided to start giving webinars, to gain more clients for animations.
    I also decided today that I am going to pick up trading again.
    I invested a year in 2020 and I didn't become profitable, but I think I quit just before I was going to hit succes.

    I celebrated yesterday by having a glas of wine at diner and enjoying a movie in the evening.

  7. Week 5 - Day 2 (caugt up after vacation)

    I have blocked ecery day from 12:00 - 13:00 to work on WOMB and implement the commitments I choose.

  8. Day 3. I have a few questions but they are personal. Having to do with the fact that I am selling products and not services. Going over them in my mind. One of these wednesdays I going to ask them.
    Day 4. It was an important and insightful evening. I am glad I was able to attend
    Day 5.
    Celebrating the fact that I am working really smarter. I'll admit it is a bit more difficult now it is vacation time. But thinking about what I am going to do, making plans and actually working on my business instead of working in my business gives me intense satisfaction. I cannot wait to see the fruits of my work. I am not there yet, but I am really glad that I am able to structure my work more..

  9. Day 2 – put that plan into action

    Made a realistic To Do list every day. Normally I just put everything on it that comes to mind. The result is that I get tired just by looking at it. Or I start and get frustrated if I do not manage to do everything on the (long) list. So in doing not more than 3 things every day from the list, I am really happy that I can manage. It is so simple why did I not do this before.

  10. On day 1 I chose to improve content and use vloginstead of blog. On day 2-3-4 I improved and had a feedback group.
    What I learned is how difficult it was (this week) to change my routine/habit. (to put in the WOMB time.
    I did WOMB time every day but not on the planned time.
    I planned to little time for thinking, creating and sending. I learned that I need space and time for that.
    I take that with me to the next week.

    What I took from yesterday meeting:
    * got inspired to niche up (the ideal client)
    * how to use and combine positioning and experience (these both came out of the SUPER model)
    * the importance of habits and routines
    * never take the shortcut ( its something different from don't work harder work smarter)
    * stick to the strategic questions
    * less is more
    * Ask for leads-raise the price-let them come more often-do all three
    * use the quadrant for more arias in life
    * love your clients

    my celebration is an evening with friends
    Have a Wonderfull weekend you all. See you on Monday

  11. Filled my agenda with promised committed actions.

    Celebration of this week:
    I will take my family to Oceanopolis in Brest, Bretagne France, we will visit and learn about sealife and hopefull innovative projects on biodiversity and generating electricity thanks to using tides- differences of the sea right here.

  12. Implement "free time creation".

    Monday. Had a pdf, asked the job student to put it in excel. Now it is also a table for the automation, and it is faster to look up information.
    Went to a location to assess the situation, vowed I would never do that again. No more 1:1. With the current automation step, I can delegate this part. Idiot proof data gathering. Good to relive the why of it all.
    Jobstudent failed totally. Need to understand why she drains me and the previous one gave me energy.

    Tuesday. Had to think about pricing, the specific offer and the business model to go along with it. With 100 clients, I could get to 3M. Including DFY services. Thought about what it takes to delegate those. Had Jurriaan go through the first batch of questions. Was easy and gave correct results. So any jobstudent with a car will do. Still pondering on a way to do 2.5M without any DFY. Would that be possible? What would it look like? Drew some variations of a team organigram. Not ready to implement, did a reach out to 2 people who might be a good fit to run a ream for me.

    Wednesday. Started a new phase (5) of the automation project. Did my part, had a call with the fiverr subcontractor and fixed an issue with off the shelve software so we don't need to develop it ourselves.

    Thursday. Had the cardealer take care of going to the obligated technical checkup. Saved me about 4 hrs, costed 88 euro, made about 1200 in those 4 hrs. Need more of these easy wins.
    Did a test to use in English and translate it back through deepL. Worked like a breeze 😀 Writing a book series suddenly is feasable. It took me 3 minutes for half a page, so 200 pages is about 2000 minutes or 33 hrs. A short 30 page plus graphs book would be 5 hrs. Highly doable. (Testing is implementing to me. If I know it works, I just swab out my how to's)

    Friday. Will implement phase 4, finish the last new assessment, and check in on phase 5. Need to write some copy, will use otter and english.

  13. Day 1
    My plan is to restart using my Hemera journal in a more consistent way, included scheduling this program and my 1-3-5 actions for the day. Also included my health and relationship/social goals.

    Day 2
    I've started to schedule out in my daily/week planning in the Hemera journal

    Day 3
    I didn't post a question, though did enjoy the value of the meeting

    Day 4
    Today I got inspired by the comment of Manny Moerman and changed the pinned post on my Facebook page on how people can contact me.
    Because I'm not just into social media posting, my social pages aren't much alive. Really like this idea!
    Then, I deleted both the Facebook and Instagram app from my iPhone, so I won't be able to waste my time scrolling on these social media timelines.

  14. By being aware of the quadrant and what I want more of in my life, it happens. In my conversations with clients and other people. Creating a team and atrack what I want. Scary but awesome.

  15. Day 2-4
    Due to an unexpected vacation with my wife this week (we have a few days added to our long weekend) it is a bit difficult to carry out the daily routine as planned.
    nevertheless I try these days to start the day with a moment of reflection. I notice that this creates peace and creativity. But also the need to be able to give more time to myself and my wife.

  16. Day 1. Plan
    I had the idea for a long time to create a daily routine and a daystart. For now I will combine the daily start with a WOMB moment. So to make is more specific; I start my day at 8.30 with a daily.
    Besides that I want to plan the 2-3 hrs a week on Wednesday morning.
    I put alarms in my phone to remember me.
    The creation of this time wil be a challenge. Most important is to minimize the task swithing. It can probably save me 30-45 minutes. Because of my daystart/daily routine I can plan the “things to do” in a bette rand effective way.

  17. Day 2 – put that plan into action
    I did it and it worked great! I blocked the time and worked on getting clients. And I said more “no” to people, thus gaining more time already. This gives me a lot of joy. If you really think it through, you can find chunks of time in your day.

  18. Also on day 3 and 4 it worked to keep up with the plan to invest the 10 minutes at the given time.

    Yesterday I also worked the 3 hours on the business, according to plan.
    Registered a couple of domains. Checked a webdesigner. created an ideal client profile sketch.

    Let next week come!

  19. Really happy with the integration week! I have been working on automating email sequences this week. Not completely done yet, but it helped me get an overview of all my online courses and what 'journeys' people can take through various courses. I can see already how this is going to save me time!

    Next month I will be moving from my furnished attic apartment to an unfurnished sunny place with a balcony. This means I will not have a TV anymore and I will keep it that way! That will save me about 1-2 hours per day!!

    I will add the 15 minutes working on my business to my morning routine and I have blocked the monday morning (after our weekly ‘buddy call’) until the end of this year in my calendar.

Except for next week, because I will be taking a well deserved holiday break.

  20. Day 2
    Agenda is as full as ever but more items in it that I really needed to finish. More things done because saved half an hour by eliminating a non-productive task.

  21. Day 1 – come up with a plan to block your agenda 10 - 15 minutes every day to plan my actions

    1. Get up early and make a to do list in my agenda. If I do not do that, the day will go by and in the evening I will think: 'Oh no, I have forgotten all about my plans. It is so easy to just start working because there is so much to do.
    2. Start on monday and than work my way around the other days. Make a plan and stick to it.
    3. Block the time in my agenda
    4. It works better if you have a fixed time of the day to work on/with your plan.
    5. I work in and on my business every day. It just has to be structured.
    6. Not just write it down, do it one day and forget about it the next day
    7. It all comes to focus and sticking to the plan.

  22. My question to Nisandeh: when it comes to the most important tasks that I need to do in order to really take a step forward in my business, there is a resistance in me somewhere, which makes it very difficult for me to actually start that task. What is the way to start right away or what is the way to find out what the personal resistance is and how to overcome it? Thank you very much in advance for your response!

    1. I can relate to this question, tnx Peter for asking.

      For me I have an additional question about prioritizing all that needs to be done, how can you maintain overview and stick to the plan, do the thing that was planned to do and not do all other "important" stuff. Sometimes it feels like escaping? Bad habits die hard, what to do about this contra-productive attitude?

  23. Day 1 – come up with a plan how:
    I’m going to block 15 minutes time at noon each day without distraction, to work on my business. On this time, I will put an alarm on my phone so I am reminded to do this.

    On Saturday I will block a time of 2 to 3 hours to work on my business. Also with a phone alarm in place.

  24. 18-07-22 day 1
    Friday was my most unmotivated day of the week and I did housework. I am now going to use all of Friday to work and move the housework to Saturday. Furthermore, I have found that I usually did nothing useful during the time between 11:30 and 12:00. I now reserve this half hour for fixed to use for WOMB .

    19-07-22 day 2
    My biggest insight from last week is that I work too reactively without a plan. After my holiday (since 18-07 I have been on holiday with my family) I force myself to make an action list for this day in the morning. Coach conversations and WOMB times are now fixed and I add a number of tasks every day. Those tasks of which I already indicated last week that I will do more. I know that discipline works in the form of loving yourself instead of being strict with yourself.


    Posted my questions at the Q&A page of this week. Looking forward to the Hot Seat tomorrow! 🔥

  26. Wednesday week 5
    Today I spent my block working on my business/creating time on speaking with my fellow VOF members on the strategy and planning of getting people involved in the new Leergang. I also shared about my participation and commitment in this programm with you and what that brought me so far. Only by doing that a stream of creativity and ideas came up. Followed by what we want and when we can commit to. It is practising partly what we do in this programm. Thank you! Also I worked on the building plans of our place in the Altiplano of Granada for the comming weeks. Last but not least I worked on the first draft of my new website thanks to my budy Arjen. It where productive hours. Is this working on or in my business I wonder? Is this creating time or using time?

  27. Sorry for the late reply. Have been ill with Covid and today is the first day I can bear sitting behind a monitor for a short time.

    Planning some time in the calendar was easy. I usually get up at around 7, feed the cats and the dog and then walk the dog. So, I'm going to use the time immediately after that to work on my business. I have blocked 15 minutes each day from 8:15-8:30 and from 9:00-11:00 on Sunday.

    My actions for these blocked times:
    - Plan activities for the week (on Sunday)
    - Recruit formatters
    - Write formatting book
    - Create formatting workshop
    - Continue working on formatting templates
    - Write one post on social media each week (automated cross posting)

    Most important for me is the "stop list" of last week. I have this printed out and will check all activities against that list.

  28. Day 3 Question:
    My book Opgelost! is translated in English. I'm proud of. Transforming conflicts into freedom, connection and love.
    How do I publish it? Where? What would be a good marketing strategie to get it launched?
    I realize that underneath this is a fear of success/greatness. But playing small doesn't serve me anymore.
    So asking is a step to be more visible.

    1. Congrats! That is wonderful news your book is being translated in English. I can relate to what you are saying about being a bit fearful for greatness. The Calimero effect. You are so right, staying small is not going to lead you anywhere. You did a great thing. Writing a book that is now being translated. You can be proud of that indeed. Wishing you even more greatness and growth.

  29. I wanted to register a new web domain. Then this company offered me a deal. I normally don't look at these, because it was not what I came for.
    Now, thinking to delegate and do things within 2 hours a week I have it a second look.
    There offer was a year free webshop and website and seo and creating a small website and webshop for 125 euros. Now this is very cheap and i don't know the quality. I lack a bit of trust in that this could be something. On the other hand it could be a nice experiment.

    Suddenly I fall into fear and feeling insecure- which i did not anticipated on. I literally do not know what to do, afraid of making a mistake. It is a very small example, but I think this, in small, is what is withholding me to grow in my business on a larger scale.

    Not to make a discussion as such, but how can I break this cycle?
    Perhaps it a question for "what would nisandeh do", but I thought to share it here instead.

    1. Hi Bas,

      Is it because it is cheap that you are hesitant? Why did they make this offer? Perhaps to gain trust? To have businesses giving them good reviews? You know why it is so cheap? If it is to undermine the competition, then I would be careful. Never heard of a website ánd a webshop for only 125 euro's though. Are they students? Maybe you can get a reference from other companies they worked for? Whatever you do DO NOT sign any contract. Make your own rules. Like a trial for three months? Just to see what the results are? Make sure there are no small prints...


  30. How can you make a remarkable product out of anything?
    This is my big queation for my product stressrelease and for my product parent academy, wich will cover a lot of parent - child related topics, even biodiversity and reforesting).

    I was in musee d Orsay in Paris yesterday and got inspired by all the remarkable and famous products, not only paintings (paint and a brush), but also sculptures (clay etc.) and furniture (beautiful wooden shaped and useful artlike products).

  31. Because I planned the 15 minutes each day in my agenda, I do the task. I almost did not do the task today because I did first other tasks and after that I was in the beach till late in the evening.
    So tomorrow it wil be a great challenge for me to work 2,5 hour at least in my business.

  32. Day two week 5
    This day I spent on getting home again. Manny hours of travelling. Although there is plenty of time because of cancellations and waiting hours, It is hard to focus. So I spent my timeblock with reading comments of others. And have first impressions of my new website.

  33. Day 2
    put that plan into action:
    more difficult then I thought this will be to stick to my own agreement. I don't like to be put in a box. Even if I created it myself.
    I make a plan, then I change it, because something else is better at that moment.
    In the mean time I can be proud of the sense of awareness and the steps I 'm taking. F.i. working on my linked in account and ask my students for a recommendation. I always forget that, and it is easy to do. I will make a system of it. At the start of the courses to link, at the end to ask for the referral.
    I need to put it in a system/agenda or something to make it a new habit, that I can delegate too.
    Work in progress.

  34. day 2
    first day to put my plan into action.
    I got up early and got phone calls from early on.
    After that I was in another flow and forgot all about the plan.
    This plan has to become a new habit

    tomorrow a new try

  35. Day 2.
    I sat down and because my list of things to work on was not ready, that's what I worked on.

    For this week I will continue like this:
    Tomorrow is my long session. It will be about automating everything I can for the rest of the summer, starting with all the emails and autoresponders.
    Thursday morning is for adding all my clients website to an "upchecker". (I realised this morning how valuable is that I know it right away when something changes)
    Friday morning is for writing an away message for when the baby arrives.

    As for last week's implementation. Not playing the game has been very easy. It's a lot of time spent differently.

  36. Day 2
    Made a scheme of all the tadaa things I have to do for my business and private life and orderd theme to a day of the week and colored every day and every evening I put it in to my remarkable for the next day.

    I even contacted a VA and although she can not help me she will look in her network to see if there is someone she knows who can fit the profile.

    I noticed that by starting this way of working, much morfe strucutred it gives me a feeling of more freedom.

  37. Yes, I have planned this week 2-3 hours. Next week 15 minutes a day.
    I am exited if I can make it for this week. Next week will be no problem.

  38. Day 1
    Plan time for working on my business:
    Every monday from 10.30 till 12.00 hrs.
    Every workday 15 minute from 11.45 till 12.00 hrs.
    Two times a year: whole workweek on my business. (I do this allready for about 4 years)

    Day 2
    At the moment I am in one of the two 'workweeks'. Usually the week just before my summer holiday and the week after Sinterklaas in december. I use these weeks to work on my business. Developing new courses, deciding what to stop etc. This works well for me. I is harder to plan time for that ervery day but I am going to do that for sure.

  39. • Day 2 – put that plan into action, and let us know how it worked in the comments section;
    I put the plan into action and I discovered that is was not as easy as I thought. Without really thinking about it I was doing it again. I am now making a conscious effort to redirect my attention to my business. I need to make more amendments to my routine and prepare what I want to do and have a plan fort his.

  40. Just had the first meeting with a business partner about making podcasts. Today we have determined the different podcast topics and made a schedule for the period after our holidays mid August - December. A 2.5 hour live meeting and a 1-hour online session every week.
    In the past I have made successful sales scripts for professional video productions with this business partner. So this is going to be another success.

    Intention of the day: Connection.


    I put the appointments with myself in the calendar on my phone. This feels good!

    Furthermore I made sure that I won’t be tempted to post on my company page on facebook again. Not by deleting the account, but by removing all posts but one in which I make clear that people can find me through my website, LinkedIn and mobile phone. Why didn’t I just delete my account there?

    Well, first of all I needed a kind of closure. I saw every single post in the last 7 years and noticed that they did hardly do anything. Almost no views nor interactions. I needed to see that I wasted so much time there. So now I am absolutely certain I won’t go there again.

    Second: I don’t want other people to be able to use the company name on facebook.

    Third: if someone finds me there from now on, they know how to reach me and that they will be very welcome.

    It is such a relieve. It not only saves time, it saves my reputation as well! Because I want to be considered a serious partner for organisations. Now I will focus on them.

    1. That’s a great idea, Manny…
      I was planning to delete all my social media accounts (which I anyway don’t use for a long time), but didn’t want them to be open to be grabbed by someone else…
      You just gave me the idea how to do it.

      I’m so happy with this group… I learn something new every day.

    2. Manny this is such a great idea!
      When my new website will be online I will make a simmular post.
      It takes of pressueare to post a blog or what ever, it saves time and atrackts more people to the website.
      Thank you for sharing this idea.

      1. I agree!

        I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ if I am ready to do so because I see in the analytics that still many people find us through Facebook but indeed it takes a few hours every week to create, make and post comment. And interact. To make one clear post is like a landing page. Magic!

  42. Day 2 

    – put that plan into action, and let us know how it worked in the comments section;

    Today I arranged with a couple of team members a Weekly time to meet it turned out that we can get a lot done in 15 minutes.
    What it made me realise that I have to be very clear to what I want them to do and for each of them find a method how to get them engaged and feel safe and motivated.

    Today I also did some soul-searching to try to find out why I start thinking about the same thing over and over again. I realised that if I keep myself in the same position where the problem was created it would be difficult to solve it so my invitation to myself is to put myself in a different position.

    I asked Nisandeh today if I could leave a voice message and talked to Friend about this and she said why don’t you use your microphone on your iPhone so that you can dictate what you want to say. Well looked it up how to do this and there you go you now get away longer message from me because I dictated this one.

    Where I would normally spend about 30 minutes just to type this very short answer it now only took me five minutes to create this message.

    A huge Time saver for me and way more relaxing to do it this way.


    Today I am a bit stuck because I don’t really have a plan of action that I can implement today. In moments like this, doubt assaults me and I start hesitating every move I make. This doubt makes me run for confirmation. When I don’t have it, I stop, because I don’t know anymore if I am on the right track…

    While writing this assignment, I am doing my utmost to put myself together and continue. This week’s exercise is making me realize the things I need to work on/improve in myself.

    For now, I will earn time by empowering my daughter to be more independent in the appropriate stages of her development. She is 1,5 years old now, so she is totally capable to play on her own on a daily basis for at least 10 to 15 min.

    This is what I have done today to start making it happen:

    - Establish a self-playing time moment in her daily routine, always at the same time/sequence of events
    - Give her cues that clearly announce that it is time to play (for example, specific music, specific doll)
    - Create a Montessori display space for her at home where she can grab her toys independently and put them back
    - Tell her that it is her self-playing time very enthusiastically! 🥳
    - putting an alarm that indicates when playing time stops
    - Celebrate her for having accomplished the goal, and telling her she is such a big girl

    Even if today she played alone for only 3 minutes, she did it! The system seems to work. By being consistent, I am confident that her self-playing time will increase 🙏.

    However, I still need to earn that couple of hours… Thinking out loud: I don’t watch TV, or surf on the internet, neither social media, I don’t know what else I can stop…

    Perhaps that online bellydance class that I give on Monday evening. I give it for a couple of years already and it is currently my only source of income. But it is literally exchanging my time for money and, although I enjoy it, it is not in line of where I want to be with my business. By stopping that lesson right now, I would definitely have earned all the WOMB time per week.

    Scary but worth it. Yesterday was my last class then. Will inform my students about it.

    What a great but tough exercise this week! 😅

  44. DAY 2. As for today’s assignment, it was appropriate to reflect on Nisandeh’s thoughtful response to my input from yesterday. By way of the money analogy, I considered what I might have done wrong. A couple of thoughts were:

    1. I do have a lot of time, because I “waste” very little to none of It on the usual suspect time “wasters” (e.g. social media, tv, news).

    2. That said, I had set the wrong impression that I was using time that I didn’t use for anything else. My time is always filled. However, it is always filled in relevant areas, which is an entirely different thing than that every minute is spent in a relevant way. I spend nearly all of my time in 3 categories: developing business, interacting with people (maintaining relationships, or supporting others, etc), and developing myself. It is easy to tell myself that this is good use of time. However, due to Parkinson’s Law that I referred to yesterday, I don’t set enough limits to how much time any “action” within these categories may take. Because again, the area may be highly relevant, but not every minute in it is. The upside is that it is very easy to regain time.

    3. This is also why last week’s reflections on what to do less (or stop) triggered the awareness that I, per immediately, should spend less time on responding to messages every morning, less on researching stuff that seems relevant but is not strictly needed to know at this moment/day, revisit stuff less (like these WOMB -pages; in the first weeks I checked them 3 or 4 times a day, now I’m back to 1), and help people less (and be less pro-active in offering it). This already easily earned me the hours sought after in this week’s assignment.

  45. week 5 - Dag 2 - zet dat plan in actie en laat ons weten hoe het werkte in het opmerkingengedeelte;

    Ik vindt het heel fijn om in een structuur te werken dit geeft me helderheid en tegelijk een soort van rust.

    Ondanks de structuur voel ik ook enorme vrijheid en plezier. Mijn plan wordt steeds duidelijker en krijgt vorm. Nieuwe ideeen, bijzondere ontmoetingen.

    De structuur benauwd me ook wel eens. Als een juffrouw die zegt je moet wel dit doen Leo. Luisteren.
    En ja, ze heeft (had ) gelijk, alleen wel naar mezelf. Naar de business die ik heb en mijn persoonlijke zorg en ontwikkeling.

    Vanmorgen dus het ritueel na meditatie, wandelen honden, lichaamsoefeningen nu even zitten. Vandaag verder met diverse fietsreparatie's aan huis. Dat wordt een mooie uitdaging met de warmte die er al is en verder nog verwacht wordt. Goed drinken, genieten en geen stress.

    Intentie van de dag. (ik heb meestal 3 woorden die ik mee neem in de dag) als ik het even niet meer weet helpen ze mij verder. Achteraf altijd kloppende keuze.

    Ik volg oa de myja kalender en de maya wijsheid. Dit is de Toon 10 en Witte hond energie van vandaag

    Focus vandaag op wat zich in mij manifesteert. Ik maak deel uit van een groter plan en ben een instrument voor creatie. Wat ooit een verlangen was. krijgt tastbare vorm door mij. Hoe en met wie geef ik vandaag vorm en inhoud aan wat eerst een idee was?

    Gebruik daarbij de kracht van bezieling en spreek vanuit mijn waarheid. Laat de woorden vanzelf komen. Zo breng ik een frisse wind en die zorgt dat niets blijft zoals het was --- DNA affirmatie vandaag: "Ik ben mijn eigen vader". Als ik deze zin meerder keren uitspreek, geef ik de boodschap door aan iedere cel van mijn lichaam. Dat helpt om in mijn kracht te komen.

    Daarnaast neem ik liefdevolle zorg en zachtheid me.
    Heb een mooie dag

  46. Day 2

    Didn't follow my plan because of the 'holiday-schedule' I'm on. Worked earlier because I will be doing fun stuff with my family later today. But in a school week, it should work fine.

    I'll be on a physical holiday next week for 4 days. Depending on the assignment I'll do it over there or catch up later. Just need to figure out if I can 'earn' some time during the holiday or better the week after. 😉

    1. SIDE NOTE:
      4th Thursdays 'What Would Nisandeh Do' and some Courses are on the same day/time.
      Thursday, Oct. 27 – 8pm – 10pm CET
      Thursday, Nov. 24 – 8pm – 10pm CET
      Thursday, Dec. 22 – 8pm – 10pm CET
      OR are the WWND on different times? Couldn't find the time for the WWND sessions.

      1. Here are the dates/times of the hot seat sessions (please add them to your agenda):

        Thursday, July 21 – 8pm CET
        Thursday, Aug. 18 – 8pm CET
        Thursday, Sep. 15 – 8pm CET
        Thursday, Oct. 13 – 8pm CET
        Thursday, Nov. 10 – 8pm CET
        Thursday, Dec. 8 – 8pm CET

        These sessions are planned to max 90 minutes (if there will be enough questions).

        You can find all the dates of all the program activities here: WOMB -p1-060622