CM#01: Introduction to Crowdfunding

The Ultimate Funding & Marketing Strategy

In this course you will discover how to generate funds AND... tons of hot leads, activate referrals, generate free publicity and engage prospects and clients.
But the benefits of a well-executed crowdfunding campaign don’t stop here. You can collect accurate market data, generate massive back end sales, attract powerful joint venture deals, build brand awareness and much more.

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Where to now?

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  1. What was your biggest insight from this lesson?
  2. What action(s) are you committing to – in order to implement this insight?
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  1. Crowdfunding is more about the marketing than the actual product.
    There is one big mistake I must not make, one of the settings is essentiel.

    I am going to lesson 2, as action and set up the Indiegogo account to see if this is the right platform for me.

    I don't know yet if my idea is the right to use the crowdfunding, so can't wait to watch the next video.

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