Delegate Something New – Celebration

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Part 2

What a great second week of the program.

Almost everyone put a fantastic effort in using the multi-step Idea Generator to come up with new ideas for each step… I’ve learned a lot from you – reading all the comments and interactions… 

Thank you for playing full on… and if you didn’t yet… CLICK HERE to do it NOW.

We have a couple of participants that didn’t join the action, and if YOUR buddy is one of them – I expect you – as their accountability buddy – to remind them to get in line.

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It became my favorite day of the week – such a value exchange… DO NOT MISS IT!

And now it’s…

Time to celebrate

Remember – acknowledging, celebrating and “bragging” about our successes and milestones achieved is motivating for us and inspiring for others, and cheering others for their successes and progress is all about spreading love and kindness all around.

So today (like every Friday) – you get the opportunity to share your success or progress, brag about it while inspiring others.

This week is about the plan you came up with – to delegate something new – and how you are going to implement it. Let us know, commit, and inspire all of us to go for greatness…

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Part 2

What a great second week of the program.

Almost everyone put a fantastic effort in using the multi-step Idea Generator to come up with new ideas for each step… I’ve learned a lot from you – reading all the comments and interactions… 

Thank you for playing full on… and if you didn’t yet… CLICK HERE to do it NOW.

We have a couple of participants that didn’t join the action, and if YOUR buddy is one of them – I expect you – as their accountability buddy – to remind them to get in line.

If you missed the Wednesday Q&As – yet… CLICK HERE to check it NOW – tons of valuable stuff in there…

And now it’s…

Time to celebrate

Remember – acknowledging, celebrating and “bragging” about our successes and milestones achieved is motivating for us and inspiring for others, and cheering others for their successes and progress is all about spreading love and kindness all around.

So today (like every Friday) – you get the opportunity to share your success or progress, brag about it while inspiring others.

This week is about the plan you came up with – to delegate something new – and how you are going to implement it. Let us know, commit, and inspire all of us to go for greatness…

We’d love to hear from you in the comment box below:

  1. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
  2. What is the delegation plan (WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW and WHEN) you commit to implement?
  3. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
  4. How are you going to celebrate your completion of the second WOMB week?

Then read what other people shared, and feel free to cheer for them, ask questions, show them if they missed something – simply by replying to their comment below.

I am looking forward to read your progress and results and I’m already getting excited for next week’s assignment.

Until Monday…

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. 1. So much value of re-thinking what else can be delegated in business and private life.
    2. My delegation plan:
    WHY: Other people can do it better
    WHAT: Renovating the house
    WHO: This week hired a painter, now looking for other people
    HOW: Just called him, he worked for me before
    WHEN: Will be starting in august
    3. Delegation is not only for business. With a big project as a renovation of my house there's a lot that can be delegated.
    4. No celebration for this one, as I didn't finish in time and had to catch up with the program.

  2. I was behind due of illness. But back again.
    I did not celebrate anything, last friday but will again next week.
    I'm going to delegate part of making animations, but for that I first need new assignments.
    So all work in progress still...

    1. Hi Paul, glad to hear you're back! What part of making animations are you're going to delegate? Do you have a skilled and talented person in mind? Can he/she help you making the teaser animations for potential clients?

  3. Day 5 – putting it all together
    I’m going to delegate writing articles to a writer Laetitia because she can do it better than I can and I start next week. I think it would be a success because we have talked about it and she seems to understand what I want to tell in the articles. I will make a draft with the main issue and she will write it so it’s good voor SEO etc.

  4. Wat heb je uit de opdracht van deze week gehaald?
    - Geeft me helder dat kleine stapjes beter zijn dan veel en grote stappen willen maken
    Ik zat zelf op vakantie (last minute een week van zondag tot zondag) en ik had eigenlijk geen bereik (internet) en ben zelf aan mijn plannen uitschrijven begonnen. Alle ideeen op te schrijven

    Wat is het delegatieplan (WAAROM, WAT, WIE, HOE en WANNEER) dat u gaat uitvoeren?
    IK ga dit plan vaker gebruiken om dat me dit helderheid en structuur gaat geven.

    Wat heb je geleerd van het proces van deze week?
    Kleine stapjes maken sneller gaat dan van alles tegelijk willen aanpakken en doen.

    Hoe ga je je voltooiing van de tweede WOMB -week vieren?
    Eigenlijk heb ik dat gedaan deze week met de vakantie.
    Helderheid geven, geeft rust en meer kwaliteit

    I got a lot of tasks delectated which have been a stone around my neck for a longer time. By delegating these tasks I've created peace in my mind and thereby made room for the development of my business.

    WHY - More time for growing my business, crativity and fun
    WHAT - Everything which has nothing to do with my core business
    WHO - Different companies, ZZP-ers such as C.Luttikhuis Tekst, Afavorite, DROS, Liederholt Hovenier and there is more to come
    HOW - I have a very specific plan of approach described in the comment of Day 4 HOW.
    WHEN - Implementation has already started and is ongoing. Completion date for the tasks mentioned is July 14th.

    I've learned that when faced with a problem / challenge I can come up with a number of specific actions in one week when taking the time every day to ask myself the questions from this week assignment. That is a very powerful thought.

    I've also learned that by taking the train I free up many more hours a day to work on my business. Not only that but I also arrive calm and relaxed at work.

    The last thing I've learned is the power of a community and buddies. The fact that you meet up everyday and share your thoughts and challenges in a structured manner and take part in eachothers celebration works miracles for me. I feel I am part of a team and I love it.

    We have sushi (zalm lovers :-)) and a lovely Thaise massage.

  6. 1. This weeks assignment made me aware again about the need of outsourcing.
    What I learned from this week process that I find it difficult to outsource my VA work. I still struggle with this.

    2. Plan: The bookkeeping is one of my most frustrating tasks, it costs me time and negative energy. I need to outsource this. I have contacted my accountant to ask him for a price to do this. I have also contacted someone that can do these preparations on a freelance basis.
    At the end of next week I will have the prices and will be able to make a decision!

    What I learned from this week process that I find it difficult to outsource my VA work. I still struggle with this.
    3. Celebrate is not necessary yet...

  7. Just finished a fantastic talk with a german guy who is going to do my video editing, working on the website and lots of other stuff for my youtube channel company. It's quite concrete what we promised each other, but the main thing: we're doing this because we want to have FUN... not to make a lot of money... we're gonna work on 50-50 basis, so I am giving him 50% of the profit (everything that we will make that is more than the money I am already making. I loved talking with him, he already showed me a few things, set un an environment that we can work in together... I can't believe this is happening.

    And why he is doing it? Because he loves my vision and wants to hop on board. He wants to make a difference in the world, just like I do, and he loves the topic. This is sooo cool. I'm pumped, can you tell? 😀



    * CLARITY ON WHY it's important to delegate (create breathing space, gain financial freedom, allow me to grow as a leader & person)
    * More TRUST in myself regarding delegation
    * Insight that hiring people is a BAD IDEA at this stage and better alternatives - thanks to Nisandeh
    * RAW ROADMAP towards the point of delegation


    Delegate a big part of my core business to freelancers or an outsourcing company abroad
    ...with very clearly defined expectations, training and communication
    ... from mid 2023 ontward create breathing space, increase income, allow my company to scale and grow as a leader and person

    ## WHAT DID I LEARN? ##

    * How INCREDIBLY VALUABLE the IDEA GENERATOR tool is ---> I used to believe great ideas only came when I had a long holiday, but now I just sit for 10 minutes and I've got a list of good ideas. It also makes the decision process more conscious; previously a choice for an idea would be made without having a written overview of all the options, which left a lot of room for the subconscious to hide or push ideas it likes. (which is not always bad, but it's not the sc's job to do that alone)
    * That DELEGATION IS IMPORTANT and I'm perfectly capable of doing that
    * That SPENDING 10-15 MINUTES ON A TASK EVERY DAY IS GOLD. This works much better for me than sitting on something or an hour.
    * That RETROSPECTION (like we're doing now) is very valuable to do as often as we do here


    * I'm on the first day of 1,5 week of holidays, so that's already a great celebration 🙂
    * Eat an ice-cream (DONE)
    * Watch a movie

    >> NOTE: I'll be on holiday next week, will be back Wednesday 13th of July. Good luck and all the best and until then!

  9. I really love my progress this week. I had my call with the guy for sales last week Thursday, he will come back with a proposal later this week. Will keep you posted! It really helped me to make the list of what I need to do to make sure I can actually delegate properly (such as good instructions). I find this really hard!

    I also made a step in delegating some design work.

    I must admit that it really helps that I have closed a new customer last week, this gives me space.

    I also decided I am going to hire a cleaner for in 2 weeks, before I go on holiday. I will hire him (it's a guy!) for a whole day and work with him on cleaning the house so it will get the "spring clean" before there are people actually IN my house.

    I think it can also work to hire a cleaner every 3 months to do the hard work like chalk and fridge and so on. For the rest I'm fine myself but I find this a nice in between solution.

    1. Congratualtions on closing the deal with a new customer Gerdy. Well done!
      And on all the progress you've made last week. You've done an amazing job getting in contact with a sales guy, a cleaning guy and deciding on delegating design work. Looking forward to hearing about your progress and experiences.

      I hope you've celebrated all your wins from the WOMB 2 assignment.

  10. Delegate something new
    Working on my Business

    Day 1: Why to delegate (most important underlined)?
    1. Others are professionals on most of the stuff I can delegate.
    2. Delegation of activities that are a commodity will save time (after investing some once during the transaction)?
    3. Delegation of activities that are not in my core expertise and business will cost me more time and money when doing it my selves.
    4. Delegation is a means to expand my network.
    5. While delegating my new contact might have some additional ideas for more stuff to delegate.
    6. To do the stuff you could delegate will bring me further from my core business.
    7. Businesses that I delegate to have a quicker access to a network necessary then I have so it multiply the time saved.
    8. Some activities are frustrating and sucks up time and normally fall in the category of to easily delegate and when delegated makes the rest more joyful.
    9. If delegation cost 50 euro per hour and I can charge 100 euro per hour in the same time and I would take double the time I become actually a thief of my own money and life.
    10. I will learn new things while delegating.

    Day 2: What to delegate (going to delegate underlined)?
    1. Filling in and filing tax forms (will finalize current state first or before August).
    2. Financial Administration (follows after taxes).
    3. Website detailed design development (sketch in July and company select in August).
    4. Website maintenance (follows after detailed design and development)
    5. Newsletters design and sending
    6. Maintaining mailing lists
    7. Cleaning office space.
    8. Marketing & sales
    9. Secretary work (picking up phone, answering, e-mail, making appointments)
    10. Note taking and working out ideas.

    Day 3: Candidates for delegation of financial issues (selected first contact underlined).
    1. Small companies (zzp-er) local
    2. Small companies (zzp-er) via own network (advised)
    3. SME local
    4. SME-regional
    5. National company
    6. Web-based application.

    Day 4: How to delegate to a small companies (zzp-er) via my own network and advised by my direct network for delegating my fiscal economic administration (preferred underlined).
    1. Select from my network 10 persons and ask who they use and what their experiences are before contacting.
    2. Just ask my best friend that also own his own company.
    3. Talk to the guy my girlfriend is content about.
    4. Ask the chamber of commerce to give advice.
    5. Higher a student from University to do it.
    6. Pick random from the Yellow/White pages some small companies close and go for a cup of coffee.

    • Ask about what is needed to provide and prepare based on this advice.
    • Still do most of stuff myself and only delegate the finishing touch.
    • Find ways to collect and store information for administration and taxes for next year’s filing based on the best advice (can also be for an online administrative system.
    • Hire someone that can do the administrative work and advise me for a few hours a week.

    Day 5: Put together WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHEN
    1. Why:
    • Delegation of activities that are not in my core expertise and business and it will cost me more time and money then doing it my selves.
    2. What:
    • Filling in and filing tax forms (and smart gathering and structuring information.
    3. Who:
    • Select small companies (zzp-er) via own network and select based on their positive experiences they use(d).
    4. How:
    • Talk to the guy my girlfriend (small business owner) is positive about and then talk to at least two other companies (zzp-ers) and in the same time get insight what is necessary to provide and prepare based to make best use of the delegation.
    • When:
    • Update postponed work July/August.
    • Talks August/September.
    • Delegate contract September/October.
    The second topic was website design will follow this procedure the coming weeks to delegate website development.
    I'll drink a beer with my brother this evening and discuss the work done.

  11. Reflection WOMB week 2

    I learned from this assignment that I can delegate things in a much more focused way to grow my company. By working specifically on this week's assignment, I also opened a lock in my brain through Nisandeh's answer, giving me access to previously unknown possibilities for me to delegate tasks to my own A(lexander)-team. The idea of ​​building a community of my target group and expertise (which I can hire) at the same time and realizing the growth of my company and taking it to the next level makes my brain bubble with ideas. I have a lot of energy and positivity and I radiate that.

    I did good business at the annual and national congress of municipalities (VNG-congres). I have spoken in this network with other citymanagers and told them about my program. This immediately resulted in applications for people they felt would benefit from following my program.

    I have also concluded an agreement in principle with two recruitment and selection agencies (Zeelenberg and ABGL) to work together. We will work that out in August. At one office it concerns teamdevelopment of more than 10 councils of mayor and aldermen and mentoring of new aldermen.

    And at the other agency, it is about guiding experienced managers who have not (yet) been able to make the step to management level and who did not got selected during a recruitment process and want to grow in their role, so that they have a better chance and be more successful in a subsequent recruitment selection procedure. But it also concerns those selected who are offered expert guidance as new director or municipal secretary. Both are my specific target audience and ideal clients for the program I want to create in the WOMB2022 program.

    I have also spoken with municipal secretaries who want to book one of my workshops. And a mayor who asked me if I would like to guide his college of mayor and aldermen in their team development this autumn.

    The plan is that I will call the virtual assistant Amanda Egger on Monday morning to ask her if she wants to be my VA for the next six months. I just asked her via whatsapp.

    How I am going to celebrate the successes of week 2 is by doing absolutely nothing this afternoon with my brand new wife on the lounge sofa in the garden, being present for and with her and enjoying and spending quality time with her. Monday morning I hope to share and celebrate our progress and successes with my buddies Bas and Marcel in a zoom call.

    1. Really love the A team idea! I look forward to reading your developments with it.

      And a big step with delegation. Inspiring!

  12. week 2 day 5:
    WHY to delegate
    So I can work on my business and I can facilitate my team members so they can excel in the there expertise and fulfill their potential.
    WHAT to delegate
    Online space where we create and facilitate an online environment where IT-people can experience how they can communicate with them self, with the knowledge of them self and also in coexisting with their work environment.
    WHO to delegate
    I will delegate the creating of an online space to my IT-expert Tom. He has a lot of experience in IT and he easily can see what the potential is of each system and how things can work with new techniques. Furthermore he is a certified trainer of the BlueScan and can make relations and solutions between IT and Personal development with the BlueScan. Also I will delegate to my other team members to facilitate Tom and myself to create this great online program.
    HOW and WHEN
    Requirements for process
    1. Select development platform for VR. Tools can be AltspaceVR, Unity, Oculus medium and use this website for the analysis (7th July 2022)
    2. Create complete Journey and processes for the online environment and documentation (week 3/4 of Jul 2022)

    Process from perspective of the client
    1. Create central chillroom in VR. (week 2/3 of Aug 2022)
    2. Create an interface so you can fill out the BlueScan in VR online space and get the results for the next step. (week 1 of Aug 2022)
    3. Create 7 Avatars in VR (week 4 Aug 2022)
    4. Create a training how to read your BluePrint in VR (week 2/3 of Jul 2022)
    5. Create 7 Avatar rooms in VR with the chosen development platform. Use Color Charts as the basis of the rooms (week 3/4/5 of Aug 2022)
    6. Roadmap in VR (week 1/2 of Jul 2022)
    Test run and live run
    1. Test run with team to look at the process of BlueScan / Read Report/ Training how to reed your blueprint / Roadmap (week 4 of Jul 2022)
    2. Make changes based on the findings and complete documentation (week 1of Aug 2022)
    3. First run with IT-team (week 3 of Aug 2022)
    4. Make changes based on the findings and complement the process and documentation (Week 3 of Aug 2022)
    5. Second run with other IT-team (week 2 of Sep 2022)
    Refining and long term goals
    1. Trial runs with VR Rooms (Sep / Oct / Nov 2022)
    2. Live with VR rooms (Dec 2022)
    3. Production with 2 teams a month (Oct 2022 – Dec 2022)
    4. Complete VR program with 30 teams (2023)

  13. What did I get out of it? Delegation plan + i delegate a lot.

    What is the delegation plan? I've done enough delegation for now, going to settle in that new situation first.

    What did this weeks proces learn me? I need an empty scheduel. Delegating takes a lot of time in the beginning.

    How am I going to celebrate? I had an ice cream.

  14. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    Taking one week to think things over. In an organized way...step bij step. It deepens the proces.

    What is the delegation plan (WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW and WHEN) you commit to implement?
    I decided to outsource my website. I already did it this week. To a driven you team.

    What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    gave me satisfaction, the chance to chose a solution out of more.
    kind of convinced feeling that is is oke

    How are you going to celebrate your completion of the second WOMB week?
    I'm going to a museum and theatre on sunday.

  15. 1. What I got this week?
    Great talks and support with @Gerdy Heek, @Marcel Dassen and @Maru Lizarraga. And if course with my buddies @Lucie Huijs and @Logan Maxwell.

    Very clear focus on "should I be doing this or someone else?" (Or not do it at all)

    I am working more and more on systemizing and automating (which in my opinion is the bigger container for delegation as well)

    2. My delegation plan (in short):
    Answering some questions on bookkeeping and then delegating this month's btw aangifte.
    Writing down the exact offer I need from photographers and text writers and then reaching out to some to set up collaborations.

    3. What did I learn?
    I can always think of more possibilities.
    It is rewarding to reach out and to show up.
    Apparently I'm losing money because I was missing some sort of clever trick on my taxes.

    4. Celebration
    I'm writing this next to my partner in the car. We're going to visit my mother and many other family members this weekend. And to the sea tomorrow.

    1. Great to talk to you Max! Thank you for all the inspiration and future collaboration! Can not wait! I know a great photographer that Just came as refugee from Ukraine, she is really good, a true artist and good intro prices. I could connect you with her and help you negotiate an irresistible offer for you! Please let me know! Talk to you guys on Monday 🥳 Enjoy the weekend with your family and your beautiful girlfriend!

  16. 1. What did I get from this week’s assignment?
    By thinking about what I could delegate I got a better understanding of what I’m actually doing and where I can use assistance. It lead to a multitude of ideas and a shift in direction for me, which I’m really exited about.

    2. What’s my delegation plan?
    The most time consuming part of my business is the layout and formatting of books. And, even though some formatting jobs require the expertise I have acquired in the past decades, most formatting jobs are a lot simpler and could be done by less experienced formatters. So I’ve decided to outsource some of my formatting jobs to other freelancers and use my expertise to train new formatters and educate writers. I am going to write a book about layout and formatting, using Nisandeh’s course, and will offers workshops to train others. I will also organize workshops for authors to guide them on the path of self publishing. In addition to becoming a second source of income, it will grow my pool of people to outsource work to.

    3. What did I learn?
    I learned that I’m limiting myself by taking on every job I can get. I don’t mind working long hours, but it prevents me from taking a step back and look at what I’m doing. These past two weeks and the buddy sessions with Maria and Lucie (thank you both) have paved the way for a new journey I’m going to embark on.

    4. How am I going to celebrate?
    Right now I’m overflowing with ideas and steps I want to put into motion. But instead of rushing into this head first like I always do, I’m going to reward myself by taking the time to plan my next steps. I’m going to put all the steps I think I need to take on paper and order them into an action plan. This may seem like work, but I’m actually really excited about it. And I’m going take my time while listening to classical music.

    1. that's a great idea Arjen, to start delegating pieces! Can't wait to see the results! (Arjen is doing my book:))

  17. Wat heb ik uit de opdracht van deze week gehaald?

    Hoe belangrijk delegeren is (wist ik al, een ezel stoot zich geen twee, drie, vier keer enzovoort ...) en de verschillende niveau's van delegeren;
    dat is leren delegeren duurzaam wil blijven toepassen en dat ik daar heel alert op dien te zijn, want het is me niet eigen maar heel belangrijk; dat ik er elke week mee door wil gaan adhv een nieuwe taak;

    Wat is het delegatieplan (WAAROM, WAT, WIE, HOE en WANNEER) dat u wilt uitvoeren?


    * energieke opgeruimde schone thuisbasis voor ons leven en al onze activiteiten;
    * tijd en energie genereren om te besteden aan hogere doelen (eigen bedrijf, vrije tijd enz.);

    Welke taak?
    * duurzaam goed lopend huishouden;

    Aan wie?
    * Frans en Jeroen (waardoor er eenderde overblijft voor mij);

    Hoe wordt het een succes?
    * gezamenlijk ons realiseren wat we ermee winnen;
    * bespreken wat de kernpunten zijn waardoor het een succes wordt, daar consensus over hebben;
    * elke week op een vast moment even op een gezellige én constructieve manier pas op de plaats maken: zijn we content, zo ja waarom, verbeterpuntjes, waarom, hoe op te lossen?
    * ons succes vieren;
    * hoe? onder andere door familiefeestjes te organiseren, daar worden we alledrie gelukkig van;

    Wanneer beginnen?
    aanstaande zondag, dat ga ik dadelijk delen met de mannen, tijdens een door mijn man gemaakte avondmaaltijd.

    Wat heb je geleerd van het proces van deze week?
    Het proces was groter dan alleen delegeren deze week.
    ik kan mijn purpose niet ontlopen, als ik het blijf ontwijken & uitstellen word ik over de rand geduwd door het universum, flinke clash met teammanager deze week, die mondt wellicht uit in een exitstrategie. wat zegt de energie & het universum (onder andere)? 'Dit heb je zelf gecreëerd, omarm het, het is een kans, blijf stevig staan en wijk niet af van je principes.'
    verder deze week fijn gewerkt met alles andere collega's, en vandaag aan een losse klus binnen de organisatie, de nationale vitaliteitsweek&periode in het najaar. Dan begint de energie weer te stromen en ik word er heel blij van.

    Hoe ga je je voltooiing van de tweede WOMB -week vieren?
    met kaval spelen en dansen; met mijn man vragen om even te koken (is ie nu aan het doen); met morgen wandelen, lunchen en dineren met vrienden; met zondag kind aanmoedigen tijdens Kennedy-mars en naar bijbehorende feestelijke jaarmarkt (zei ik vorige week ook maar hij had zich een week vergist); met iedereen feliciteren met deze tweede week, in het bijzonder accountability-buddies Max en Logan.

  18. What did I get out of this week assignment?

    I have got a deeper commitment to my own business. And lots of inspiration.
    I got a deepening sense of how fundamentally I am affected by the catholic mindset, that talents are a gift and those should be used for others.
    Being a woman born in the 50ths implemented an off sense about how I should be in service. During the years I have got so much more understanding and inner freedom. Wisdom even. I am flabbergasted how I am still operating following these old inprints of my upbringing. "I do not need to play small in order to shine. If I shine, others can do that too". There is that famous saying again. Now not applying this to whatever other field in my excistance, but to the succes of my business. A bitter sweet mixture of happiness and sorrow is what I feel. For myself and others.

    This is only the second week. I have put my toe in the world of succes. Luckaly there are still many more months to go. I followed Nissandeh for years by reading and Iwent to a few of these big gatherings in Holland. Fascinated and oh no , not for me. Now I am raedy to dive in.

    The proces of this week is also intensive and time consuming. Puts more on my plate then was alraedy there. How to handle it all I wonder?

    I made the decision to focus on my website and on my abilities on the computer. I see these as a clear and concrete focus that has a lot more in its slipstream.
    With the help of my buddy I made the choise of leaving my websitebuilder with whom I have a long and dragging and expensive history. By august 1. My buddy is going to make a site for me . I started to investigate how people I respect do their websites. To stirr up ideas. By the end of my summer it needs to be a good and beautifull and working site. Maybe two even.
    I studied computerwork and will do that on a weekly base.

    Celebration will be leisuretime this weekend with my husband and our dog. Enjoying our place and the smells of the summer.

    1. I recognize what you write, Maria, that you have followed Nisandeh for years waiting for that one moment. We took this moment and now we will continue. We're going for it 😉 👍

      1. Thank you for your reaction Marcel. Thank you for making this bridge. I follow your comments now and have seen your website. Interesting!

  19. By monday I will have a proposal from an SEO specialist who will hopefully take over all the related tasks.
    No consulting from her end, but pure implementation 🙌
    This will free up a lot of time!
    I learned so much from other participants and loved their inspiring ideas and way of thinking.
    Thank you so much!

    Now I am on my way to italy to see one of my favorite artists. This is how I celebrate this week AND: the invitation to speak at a TEDx event, I got today 🤩🤩🤩
    I still can‘t believe it! 🤩

    1. WOW !!! Cornelia... That's such an exciting news!!!

      CONGRATULATIONS!!! Enjoy your time in Italy... when is your TEDx event?

  20. I am so thankful for the completion of this wonderful and intense second week. Infinite thanks to Vered and Nisandeh for another fantastic week!!! 🙏

    Hereunder my answers:

    1. This week I obtained strategic business knowledge. Especially through the Q&A, I could have a deeper look and understanding about how Nisandeh thinks. For some moments it shook me to the chore, but I feel that my business mind is growing thanks to the process. My brain is really working out.
    Further, I got clarity in the next steps to follow in building my business and I committed to new goals and deadlines. Finally, I got my first collaborations (barters) with some awesome members of our WOMB community 🥳

    2. Hereunder my Delegation plan:

    I commit to delegate strategically to:
    - make my vision come truth
    - build a sustainable and self-sufficient business (abundant fruit tree) that constitutes a great system of systems
    - make the “impossible” possible and have a worldwide positive impact in the lives of many babies, parents and families.

    As I see it now (please correct me if I am wrong), the most important strategic delegation in building THE BABY HOTEL, is the training of sleeping coaches. Off course I first need to learn everything about the business before I can delegate.
    However I commit to become an expert in both tactic and strategic delegation by starting with Tactic delegation FIRST (for example blog creation) and grow my skills from there.

    To WHO?
    My first strategic delegation will be to my former sleeping coach Trudy. I have a deep respect for her as a person and as a professional. Then I will delegate this training to the most brilliant trainees who will become trainers of coaches.
    Further I will delegate to mothers, motivated volunteers, fiverr, barters and further paid and non paid providers.

    I will delegate to Trudy by Co-Creating the training system and let her shine. My vision is that THE BABY HOTEL will become a platform where we can build a legacy and transform the world.
    This means that I will mostly delegate by providing people with a vision, a purpose and a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves, something that money can not buy.

    The long term strategic delegation requires time but hereunder I commit to the following deadlines:
    - Meeting with Trudy (July 5)
    - Requesting funding from Municipality of Amsterdam (July 7)
    - Creation of blog platform (July 22)
    - Publishing of first blog (July 29)
    - First webinar (September 2022)
    - First sleep coaching workshops (October 2022)
    - First training of coaches (July 2023)
    - First sleep coaching trajects (August/ September 2022)
    - First coaching nights at a hotel (December 2023)
    - First BABY HOTEL (December 2025)

    3. From this week’s process I learned the difference between tactic and strategic delegation and the thinking process of strategic thinking in general. It is becoming clearer to me how tu use the answering machine to find out if something is strategic or not.
    From Vered I learned the secret recipe to successfully work with volunteers! Simply Brilliant!
    From Nisandeh I learned 7 STEPS TO START A BUSINESS, which I commit to follow and implement with everything I’ve got!

    4. Tonight I am going to celebrate the completion of the second WOMB week by Bellydancing all the joy out of me with some friends! 💃🏻 Girls night out 🥳

    1. You are such an INSPIRATION Maru!

      it's so good to read how in-depth you're taking this program and your vision is exciting!
      Well done on your fantastic work this week.

      Go and have FUN belly dancing, girls night out is always a FANTASTIC treat... you DESERVE it!

  21. Even though I didn’t have anything to delegate at this point in time it was good to make it visible to myself what kind of things I do delegate right now. It was even more than I thought.
    But far more important, I started to think of all these delegations and how I’m handling them. For now, all seems fine until something goes wrong. Now I came up with new ideas to improve some things or even clearly notice some parts I delegate and where I might show more appreciation. Thinking more clearly about how it is or can become a Win-Win or rather a Win-Win-Win situation.
    So, I’m very happy I took the training instead of thinking I couldn’t really get anything from it because I got a lot.

    I’m also copying all the exercises and all my answers in one Word file. It’s already clear to me that after these 6 months, I could easily repeat all these steps again, week by week, and get new value from it. So, also getting curious about Nisandehs backend to this.

    I’m finalising the season and after tomorrow I don’t have formal classes anymore for 2 months. I’m going to celebrate by enjoying some evenings with my wife which have become less since our baby girl, her work, training and working on my business. 😉

    1. Hi Logan,
      I'm so happy to read that you are already getting so much out of the program only after 2 weeks in it.
      That's the power of when you start working ON your business it gives you a bird's eye view and things become clearer.

      Well done for the work you've done! Enjoy your weekend with you wife!

  22. Dag 5: Why, what, how, when implementation delegation.

    1. Adheera Westerman. Delegate making a new website because I have no clue technically
    2. Kyra Bout. Delegate making professional photo s for website and social media, because I have no clue technically
    3. Anita Amsterdam. Delegate filming and editing professional looking video s, because I have no clue technically
    4. tekstbureau Gort. Delegate editing of high- in- google- text for blogs and website, because 1 have not so much time (is for clients)
    5. Julia Dirven, Delegate cleaning of my practice, because i don t have so much time (is for clients)
    6. Marien van Raan. Delegate marketing strategy to a professional, because it is not my profession.
    7. Student Eric in my street. Delegate bringing leaflets to public meetingplaces, because I have no time.
    8. Moeder van Yort Santpoort. Delegate design of leaflet to professional designer
    9. Moeder van Yort. Printing leaflets to professional designer
    10. Eline Thoen. Delegate interior design of my practice to professional.

    Most important for now and untill august:
    1. Adheera. Delegate making a new website because I have no clue technically: voor 9-07-22 af
    Why: PR op orde brengen en e book voor emails opvraagbaar. People can find my product Happy Cells online.
    I can work with Adheera very well and her price is low and she makes it possible that I can change tekst and photos on my website myself.

    2. Kyra. Delegate making professional photo s for website and social media, because I have no clue technically.
    Why: It is important to look authentic and professional online, Fotoshoot before 9-07-22. I can work with Kyra very well.She does what she promises.

    3. Anita Neefjes. Delegate filming and editing professional looking video s, because I have no clue technically.
    Ask Anita to be part of my team for filming life events for in my online academy. She has professional equipment for filming and editing and we can work well together. She does what she promises. Call her before 9-07- 22. Set some dates for events together. Parts of the (edited) event-versions I can use for PR as well.

    The other seven delegating actions and selected people for it, I will contact next week before 10 july to plan actions in august and september. The people I selected I can trust and can work wth them very well. The delegated actions will give me space for giving more sessions to clients, which brings in more money.

    1. AWESOME Alma!
      It's so inspiring to see your commitment to the process and how fast you're implementing. That's what would make the difference!

      Curious to know how you would CELEBRATE the wonderful work you've done... you DESERVE it!!!

  23. What did you get out of this week:
    There is a lot more to delegate then I thought would be.
    And you just have to start to make it to a plan.

    Delegation plan:
    It is in more detail on the assignment page but in short: I want to recruite an intern to write and publish our social media content.

    What did you learn:
    Just follow the proces and you will come up with more than you expect

    This afternoon we will have a children’s party. I expect (the past thaught me this) that it will cost a lot of energy. So tonight I will celebrate this week relaxing with a nice glass of wine together with my wife.

    1. Thank Henny for sharing with us your insights and next steps of what you're going to do with this week's assignment.

      I LOVE how you're going to celebrate - ENJOY it!

  24. I like this programm because it maken me think everyday about me and my business in a way I did not do because I ‘just’ did the do things everryday I had to do. Things to do in the business is not the same than thinking about the business.
    I like the way of the little steps each day because I cannot do the assignment everyday and that is oké also. Than I will do it the next day.
    And it helps to do it with my accountable buddies in the sideline. Maken me more commited to do the thinking.

    How I celebrate?


    Cheers 🥂

    1. It's AWESOME to read your insights and plan on how to implement this week's assignment Sigrid.
      THank you for sharing it with us.

      However, I believe you DESERVE to give yourself a REAL treat for the work you have put in this week and celebrating it in a way that would truly make a statement. When we're not giving ourselves this moment of celebration we're not truly completing a cycle and we rob ourselves from further growth.

      Would love to hear how you would celebrate for YOURSELF!

  25. Proceeds of this week’s assignment
    * First of all I am very happy that I did it again: I completed the whole week's assignment.
    * Now I have two smart plans to execute. I still can't believe it

    The delegation plan I commit to implement
    It's quite extensive, so I won't repeat it here. It's on the delegating assignment page. In short I commit:
    * to approaching organisations
    * to asking my buddies and friends for help
    * to delegating to a salesperson according to the plan's conditions

    The lessons learned from doing this week’s process
    * I have learned to call for help
    * I have learned to receive gifts
    * I have found a reason and the strength to quit what doesn't work anymore
    * I can move mountains of work by following this method, planning the action, and JUST EXECUTING them

    How will I celebrate
    - By buying a book or two 🙂
    - Give myself two hours of rest today
    - By drinking coffee with my husband right after I posted this message 🙂

    1. LOVED your full planning Manny and see how you're already preparing Plan A & Plan B... AMAZING implementation

      Great way to celebrate! Go and ENJOY it!

  26. 1. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    • That the collective list of WHY delegate is quite interesting.
    • That several people here have the same issues with hiring committed people in the Netherlands, plus Nisandeh’s tips on tackling this issue

    2. What is the delegation plan (WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW and WHEN) you commit to implement?
    • Delegate parts of setting up and help running webinars. Started this week with delegating “getting me up to speed” to some webinar guru, with interesting results/insights.
    • I’ll delegate social media marketing in a later stage, and will follow Nisandeh’s suggestions for this on this week’s Q&A page (probably starting this process end of this month – assuming a lead time of 2 weeks to find a promising party and start first experiments).

    3. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    Strictly focusing on the process here (not the outcome, like in question 1):
    • That the brainstorm questions are not really equal, e.g.: it is easy to brainstorm “why” just in your mind, but “who” requires research.
    • That strict interpretation of the assignment reveals that, sometimes, tactical to do’s have planning priority over strategic items.

    4. How are you going to celebrate your completion of the second WOMB week?
    Today I have a marriage (not mine), and Sunday (and Monday) birthday parties, so plenty of celebrations already, and I’ll celebrate my progress and the general joy of working on my business in the slipstream of that.

  27. What did you get out of this week's assignment?
    An entire action list that makes it concrete for me how I will recruit and deploy a team of volunteers. That it is important for volunteers to feel connected to the vision I have. It's crystal clear to me now. How do we ensure that it is enjoyable for everyone in the workplace? When employees experience more pleasure in the workplace, they are more motivated, they commit to their assignment and they achieve better results. What this requires is that people are better controlled by their managers. It is my job to contribute to this. I get goosebumps when I share this message with a group of volunteers. We provide more fun in the workplace. I can already feel the adrenaline rising in me to inspire volunteers with my enthusiasm and passion. WOW !!!

    What is the delegation plan (WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW and WHEN) you will implement?
    1. I first start by setting up a page with a call on my website (today!).
    2. Then I will place a call on social media.
    3. I await the responses and also approach people in my environment directly to see what they can do about this.

    Then I'll let everyone know if it was a success or a flop. Even if it's a flop then I learn from my mistakes and get up again and try until it's successful.

    What have you learned from doing this week's trial?
    Continuing to come up with ideas and not stopping at the first solutions. There is always a better idea.

    How will you celebrate your completion of the second WOMB week?
    At the moment there is a lot of misery at home with our children and I find this the most difficult point. I'm going to discuss this with my sweetheart and let you know.

    1. Hi Marcel,
      I love your commitment to your vision and finding way to allow more people to support you in making it happen.

      As for celebration - don't forget you DESERVE it and it's CRUCIAL for YOUR success, so don't let the circumstances around you (and at home) determine things for YOU.

      When things are dark around you it's the PERFECT timing to create small celebrations as they are the energy you need in order to find a way beyond those obstacles.

      Curious to hear how you would celebrate with your loved one

      1. Thank you, Vered, your words still resonate in me. It gives me strength. Together with Vanessa we celebrated by playing karaoke. Singing duets together until a child demanded full attention. It was short, but we enjoyed it together.

  28. 1. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    There is more to delegate then I thougt there would be and therefor if I delegate stuff that cost me time or frustrates me I will be a better coach for my clients, partner for my husband, friend for my friends because of the overall good feeling it will give me.

    2. What is the delegation plan (WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW and WHEN) you commit to implement?
    I should not just hire a PA and ask her to do the billing and booking stuf but I should think ahead of what I want her specific to do and what kind of results I am expecting from it and hwo I am going to messuare the results oi thought it will bring me.

    3. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    Getting out of bed early and commiting is helpfull and gives me time and structure for the day.

    4. How are you going to celebrate your completion of the second WOMB week?
    I will take what I learned with me when I have my vision week and probalbly I will use a lot of post its on the hotel wall and try to figure out the bigger picture. What do I want, what makes me happy, what is the model for me that works for earning monny, is it the easy way ( payed by governement) or do I like the hard way (private clients). DO i want to continue what I am doing or start to developpe a new product/service.
    I am open to every outcome.

    1. Oh yes! I recognize the part about being able to delegate more than thought possible; and also thinking ahead much more, about expectations in delegating and so on. And ... you are already a great friend, Claudia 🙂 Have a phenomenal vision week!

    2. Great to read what you've written Claudia. Isn't it wonderful to discover that there is MUCH MORE that is possible for us?

      I definitely know the feeling that a Vision Week feels like a celebration. Some might think it's "work", but just the fact that you can give yourself a whole week on your own is certainly a reward for the hard work you've put in.

      Enjoy your Vision Week and open up for Magic to happen!

  29. 1. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    That I do not only delegate because it frees my time and energy… but also because they know better, they have the expertise and I can obtain better results.

    2. What is the delegation plan (WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW and WHEN) you commit to implement?
    I will focus on Facebook/Instagram Ads because I was considering creating the campaigns myself (again) but it is worth trying agencies' expertise to get better results.
    Facebook/Instagram Ads to sell my Amazon book in Spain during the summer (as a "beach read").
    I will audition 3 agencies
    I will ask about results to determine whether it makes economic sense - results will be measured in Amazon sales of my book. Also I will ask whether they take care of the image and copy.
    I have blocked my agenda on July 8 to start contacting them, in the meantime I am gathering the agencies' details.

    2. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    This week I have reinforced the idea that delegating is needed to grow. And I will do it, but cautiously.

    3. How are you going to celebrate your completion of the second WOMB week?
    I will shuffle some happy Spotify playlist and dance whatever song comes up.

    1. That's AWESOME Lola!

      it's so heart lifting to read how you take this assignment and make it practical and use it in your business.
      Good luck with your book's campaign!

      Enjoy your home party and dance your heart away!

  30. What I got out is I start writing and developing a new trainingsprogram.
    Made appointment with web text writer.
    - she is good at that
    - after my short holiday next week.
    I learned that delegating also gives me an impuls to keep going.
    And thanks to Nisandeh and Vered for their advise and valuable wise words to remove my doubts.
    How do I celebrate? I buy myself a gadget for my bike trip.

    Tomorrow I go to Sweden for a week with a friend on our motorbikes. I wish you WOMB participants all the fun and succes with your business. I'll be with you on Monday the 11th.

    1. So great to read your insights and the steps that you took to implement this week's assignment Rudolph!

      Happy we could all help you get over the bump (we all have those days...) and thrilled to read that you keep going... The world needs what you have to give!!!

      Have an AMAZING bike road trip in Sweden (I can still remember the days you used to go with Nisandeh and how inspiring and energizing those trips were..)) See you in a week's time

  31. Much to celebrate! I delegated a lot last week and actively asked people to support me. Thanks to that, I was able to finish great new products, stuff to sell and brochures. Almost ready for the fair!

    Of course it's a shame I didn't do my homework as I was told to do, but I implemented quite some things I learned from last two weeks WOMB and the Challenge. The result was a much much smoother process and less stress. That's quite amazing, isn't it?

    1. On Monday morning the MG-SPI got my mindset right and my goals, strategy and plans clear. I implemented it and as I said, my week was better organized. On Tuesday morning I had a Zoom session with my buddies. Thanks for the insights, Mariëlle and Paul! And for the supportive messages this morning!

    2. My plan is to catch up with the brainstorms coming Monday & Tuesday.

    3. Two things I learned about delegating last week: #1 Share your goals (I don't mean planning here) with the people that help you. It's so important you share the same mindset. #2 Your briefings should be super clear. It increases efficiency and prevents stress.

    4. I'm having a massage tonight 🙂

    1. It's so encouraging and inspiring to see your commitment to this process Ina!

      It's wonderful to read how immediately you implemented the main lessons of it... Have a FANTASTIC massage you certainly deserve it!

  32. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?

    I realised the following:

    Everyone is a genius. But if a fish is judged by its ability to climb trees, it will consider itself a failure for the rest of its life.

    Albert Einstein

    What is the delegation plan (WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW and WHEN) you commit to implement?

    This I will finish later today and post in the other place.

    What did you learn from doing this week’s process?

    It is okay to be a fish and have respect for the one that climbs a tree.

    How are you going to celebrate your completion of the second WOMB week?

    Spiritually: By thanking the universe for sending me the teacher I need so I can be happy.

    Mind: By accepting the gifts that come from someone who can climb trees, by implementing the knowledge that has been given.

    Emotionally: That sometimes it hurts being a fish.

    Physically: To get into my car to drive for 45 minutes to go to my favourite coffee shop to have the best coffee ever and enjoy the art of living from the owner who makes this delicious coffee.

    1. Oooh I LOVE your coffee celebration Nanda!
      And BTW: great idea to celebrate on different levels.
      Very happy to see the strength in your words.

    2. Great to read your insights from this week's assignment Nanda and I LOVE your quote..

      I think your way of celebrating on different levels is truly inspiring and valuable. What I like the most is your willingness to drive 45 minutes to celebrate, that's such a powerful message to our mind and soul that you're WORTH it!

      Go for it and have fun!!

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