Delegate Something New

Last week we started training your brain’s creative muscles using the Idea Generator.

This week we’re going to use this powerful tool for an important strategy that is the next step in working smarter, not harder.

Each day this week – we’re going to break down this strategy into 10-15-minute Idea Generator brainstorms.

While using the Idea Generator you need to make sure your brain “sweats”.

In one “sitting” you should come up with at least 10 ideas. If 10 ideas popup easily – come up with at least 5 more ideas after you think you can’t come up with more ideas.

From now on – you have this powerful tool in your tool box – and you should use it to:

  1. Train your problem-solving and creativity muscles
    I use this tool almost daily to keep my brain sharp and flexible.
    Simply ask a question/problem and take 10 minutes to come up as many ideas/answers/solutions as you can.
    When you run out of questions, use the question “What questions/problems should I work on in the next days?”. Set your timer for 10 minutes, and get to work…

  2. Solve any WHAT TO DO, ONE-STEP problem
    Anytime you need an answer or a solution to a non-complex question or problem, instead of looking for one answer/solution, clearly state the issue, set you timer to 10 minutes, and come up with at least 10 possible ideas.
    E.g. ideas for blog posts, money-saving ideas, ideas for new success habits

  3. Solve HOW TO DO, ONE-STEP problems
    Anytime you’re struggling with a more complex challenge, problem, obstacle or setback in business or life, clearly state the issue, set you timer to 10 minutes, and come up with at least 10 possible solutions.
    Then, repeat the exact same process with the same issue 5 days in a row (like you did last week with your current business struggle).
    E.g. HOW to WOW your clients, HOW to manage your time better

  4. Solve WHY-WHAT-HOW, MULTI-STEP problems
    Anytime you’re trying to answer a strategic question or solve a strategic problem, use this multi-step approach.
    Break the question/problem into several sequential questions/problems (using WHY, WHAT, HOW and similar questions to help) and solve them one at a time…
 This week we’re going to use the multi-step process to get you start (or improve your) delegating

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Part 2

A quick reminder: Master Entrepreneurs are those that go from where they are now to where they want to be in the minimum amount of steps. That’s what it means to work smarter.

When you get there – doing business becomes easier, life is more flowing, you get results faster

The second habit you must “install” to become a Master Entrepreneur is Using OPT and OPE.

  • OPT stands for Other People’s Time
  • OPE stands for Other People’s Expertise

Another way to describe OPT + OPE is called… Delegation.

Delegation basics

Thinking of delegation might make you nervous, especially if you’re used to doing things on your own, having complete control and considering perfection the ultimate goal… But you can’t be a team of one forever.

By delegating some of your tasks and responsibilities to someone you trust, you’ll be able to spend more time on the things that require your core expertise and build a more sustainable business.

Throughout the program we’re going to use the MG-SPI system for success

  1. M for MINDSET
    To be successful in anything you do – you need to have the “right” mindset;
  2. G for GOAL
    If you don’t know where you’re going, you have very little chances to get there;
  3. S for STRATEGY
    If the goal is your destination, then the strategy is the vehicle to get you there;
  4. P for PLAN
    This is your roadmap – how are you going to “drive” your “vehicle” in order to get to your destination;
  5. I for Implementation
    You can have the most supporting mindset, the clearest goal, the best strategy in the world and a perfect plan… But without actually taking action – following the plan – you will NOT achieve your desired success.

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

Thinking of delegation might make you nervous, especially if you believe that:

  • I’m the only person who can do this” – if this is right – then that’s your core skill/quality and you should keep doing it – BUT… not more than 2 or 3 tasks in your business should be in that category…

  • It’s easier and faster to do the task myself” – it’s probably true at the beginning – but when you change your mindset to “I can teach someone to do this” you release your need for control – and your business can fly;

  • They might not do it right” – it’s probably true, but this is your perfectionism talking. Change your mindset to “Different isn’t wrong and done is better than perfect” and you’ll be amazed of the results;

  • What if I delegate and it fails” – it can happen… it will probably happen… but you shouldn’t let your fear of failure stops you from growing your business – remember that “There is no failure. You either succeed or you learn“… and that applies also to those you delegate to;

  • I tried it before and it didn’t work – don’t let your past bad experiences kill your chances for a better future… Remember – “Your past does NOT equal your future“… Try again, start small, and follow these 10 ideas how to delegate.
And… my favorite…
  • I can’t afford it” – in this case you probably want to change your mindset to, “I can’t afford NOT to delegate…” (think about it).

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

I am going to become great at delegating.

How’s that for a 5-day challenge?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

If you are doing everything yourself – then this week will be about taking the first step in delegating… If you’re already delegating regularly – then this week you will learn to delegate strategically.

And again, we’re going to use… the Idea Generator

Remember – your brain is an answering machine… so let’s give it a great question each day of the week:

  1. Day 1 – WHY delegate
    Come up with as many purposes for delegating in your business (e.g. save time, increase focus, decrease frustration, decrease mistakes…)
    Remember… when you run out of reasons/purposes – you need to come up with at least 5 more.
    Write them ALL down in the comment box below.
    Then choose the most important 2-3 reasons. Write them down.

  2. Day 2 – WHAT to delegate
    Read the most important 2-3 purposes you chose yesterday and come up with a list of all the tasks and responsibilities that you could delegate to achieve those most important purposes.
    Make sure you keep going for 5 more when you run out of ideas.
    Write them ALL down in the comment box.
    Then choose ONE task/responsibility you’re going to delegate and write it down.

  3. Day 3 – WHO to delegate to
    Remind yourself of the task/responsibility you’re going to delegate and come up with a list of people/companies (names or professions) that you could delegate to.
    Make sure you include in the list both free and paid options, both low cost and more expensive.
    Write them ALL down in the comment box.
    Then pick your best person/company for your current situation and write it down.

  4. Day 4 – HOW to delegate
    Remind yourself who are you going to delegate to, what are you going to delegate to them, and why… and then come up with a list of ideas HOW are you going to make sure that the delegation will be a success (goals, expectations, training, briefing, reporting, feedback…)
    Write them ALL down in the comment box.

  5. Day 5 – putting it all together
    For the Friday Celebration post a clear, concise plan – WHY are you going to delegate, WHAT task, to WHO, HOW you’re going to make sure it’s a success, and WHEN are you going to start…

PLAN your actions in your agenda…

Your next step is to actually plan this process in your agenda.

Plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to follow the process above.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT…

Take 10 minutes, right now, and…

  • Day 1 – come up with at least 10 ideas WHY to delegate and choose the 2-3 most important ones;

  • Day 2 – come up with at least 10 ideas WHAT to delegate and choose the ONE task/responsibility you’re going to delegate;

  • Day 3 – come up with at least 10 ideas WHO to delegate to and choose the person/company you’re going to delegate to;

  • Day 4 – come up with at least 10 ideas HOW to delegate

  • Day 5 – put it all together WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHEN…

As soon as you have them… write them down in the comment box.

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your process and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Wednesday to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday (I’m curious to hear what you’ll come up with).

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Ideas WHAT to delegate:
    1. Cleaning
    2. Administration
    3. Managing mails and responding to mails
    4. Post social media posts from my content
    5. Finding matching photo’s with my texts
    6. Develop content ideas together
    7. Customer service
    8. SEO
    9. Mail campaigns
    10. Creating social media ads

  2. Ideas WHY to delegate
    1. To be more effective
    2. Save time that I can spend om my unique abilities/talents
    3. Save money, because time is money
    4. Create synergy of several minds working together
    5. Increase growth, both of my business and personally
    6. Create jobs for others
    7. I can reach more people with my expertise
    8. Be more focused on my expertise
    9. Other people have better skills in some areas (OPK)
    10. I can Delegate what I do not like to do
    11. I can Delegate what I am not good at
    12. Other people do it better and/or quicker

    My top 3:
    1. Increase growth, both of my business and personally
    2. Save time that I can spend om my unique abilities/talents
    3. Have a bigger impact with my work

  3. Day 5– put it all together WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHEN…

    WHY: Other people can do it better
    WHAT: Renovating the house
    WHO: This week hired a painter, now looking for other people
    HOW: Just called him, he worked for me before
    WHEN: Will be starting in august

  4. Day 4;– come up with at least 10 ideas HOW to delegate
    3.Ask for recommendations
    4.Offertevergelijker websites
    5.Hire a VA then delegate the HOW
    6. Barter (not my preference because of time)

  5. Day 3– come up with at least 10 ideas WHO to delegate to and choose the person/company you’re going to delegate to;

    1. Bookkeeping - Already delegated Bookkeeper
    2. Facebook Ads - Already delegated Agency
    3. Facebook Comments - Already delegated Virtual Assistant
    4. Insta post - Already delegated Virtual Assistant
    5. SEO for website -
    6. Cleaning home for more free time - Already delegated
    7. Gardening for more free time - Already delegated gardener
    8. Groceries delivery - Picknick and AH
    9. Renovating the house - This week hired a painter, now looking for other people
    10. Desk research - via Fiverr

    Delegated this week: 9

  6. Day 2/5;– come up with at least 10 ideas WHAT to and choose the ONE task/responsibility you’re going to delegate;

    1. Bookkeeping
    2. Facebook Ads
    3. Facebook Comments
    4. Insta postindustrieel
    5. SEO for website
    6. Cleaning home for more free time
    7. Gardening for more free time
    8. Groceries delivery
    9. Renovating the house
    10. Desk research

    Going to delegate this week: 9

  7. Day 1/5 – come up with at least 10 ideas WHY to delegate and choose the 2-3 most important ones;

    1. Save time (OPT)
    2. Use other peoples knowledge (OPK)
    3. Use other peoples skills
    4. Save money, others can do it cheaper (eg. Fiverrr)
    5. Different view/angle, more creativity
    6. I can focus on most important things in business
    7. Saves me headspace
    8. Other people can do it better
    9. Other people can do it quicker
    10. Less workload for me

  8. Waarom Delegeren

    1. Tijd besparen
    2. Focus vergroten
    3. Frustratie verminderen
    4. Fouten verminderen
    5. Ik kan dan meer doen waar ik goed in ben.
    6. Iedereen in zijn haar kwaliteit
    7. Groter bereik dan ik alleen iets doen
    8. Rust creëren
    9. Wel zelf maar niet alleen
    10. Meer kansen

    Belangrijkste 3
    1. Tijd besparen
    2. Focus vergroten
    3. Frustratie verminderen

  9. Why delegate?
    I'm the bottleneck
    Since I fell in mid June I can't do many things
    I dont like doing some things
    I don't do some things as well or as fast as others
    I need to focus on what I am good at
    I need to focus on what brings money
    I need to get to money earning jobs .uch faster
    I need to feel that I'm doing things that matter to me and others
    Its good to give others a job they can do well.

    What to delegate?
    . Cleaning
    . Gardening
    . Dog nail trimming
    . B&b breakfast (or fridge and toaster in room)
    . Painting
    . Website
    . Administration
    . Social media growth

    Who to delegate to?
    . Painting to vikki
    . Garden to youth
    . Website to cato?
    . Cleaning partly to Graham. Partly to ???
    . Moving furniture to youth
    . Administration of Chiswick to Graham

    . Gardeners now
    . Dog trimmer now
    . Painter now
    . Find website developer next week
    . Social media at end if summer

    1. LOVE your commitment for the process Clair and willing to catch up with last week and going into full on Implementation!

      Well done!!! and feel better...

      Looking forward to read your steps on this week's assignment.

  10. WEEK 2 - DAY 5 - Putting it all together

    WHY Delegate?
    - Important part of the road to financial freedom
    - Creates time to breathe and stay in touch with the moment
    - Allows me to grow as a leader and as a person

    WHAT to delegate?
    * Book-keeping (done)
    * Core business

    WHO to delegate to?
    * Freelancers OR outsourcing company abroad (Vietnam, Ukraine or Argentina)

    HOW to delegate?
    * Clear definition regarding expected results, throughput times, tracking progress, feedback loop, compensation, retrospection, celebration
    * Train developers to work with my systems
    * Protect my systems, make sure insurance is in place, if applicable
    * Make sure there's a continuous stream of well described tasks to pick up

    WHEN to delegate?
    * Mid 2023

    Steps towards this moment:
    * Check-up with my contacts in Vietnam, Argentina and new contacts in Ukraine to get a picture of most attractive companies to outsource to (2022)
    * Check the costs of hiring junior/medior front-end developers in NL (2022)
    * Build my systems, component library, bigger portfolio of work (2022)
    * Switch company name to Frontend Factory (2022)
    * Create website (2023)
    * Start blog (2023)

    BONUS, Regarding the delegation for home tasks:
    What? Cleaning the house, doing the laundry
    Who? Check with neighbours, check helpling
    How? Clear expectations, agreements on how to enter the house, sign contract, define compensation
    When? After my holiday (mid july)

  11. Week 2 - 5 of 5

    I can focus better on growing my business by using other people's time (OPT) or other people's expertise (OPE): by delegating.

    The most important task to be delegated is to answer emails, make appointments and carry out other administrative matters. For this I am going to hire a VA (OPE).

    I will also work out the other tasks to be delegated in the coming months. I am very inspired and also a little nervous about developing my own A-team.

    I have previously worked with Amanda Egger (VA) / Assistanz. I was impressed by her efficiency and speed of work.

    When Amanda wants to work with me, I take the time for her to explain what I want and how I want it. I also tell her my vision.

    I approach her Monday morning July 4, 2022.

  12. Day 5 WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHEN…

    Day 5

    WHY: to grow and expand, to systemize and be consistent, and to create passive income.
    WHAT: First thing: Sales. Next thing: trainings.
    WHO: Sales: Niels.
    HOW: To make a clear plan for both warm and cold contacting.

  13. Day 4- HOW to delegate?

    I talked with a student to have him do the sales calls for me. This will be my first step.

    There are different parts in this delegation.
    1: practicalities such as how to pay him. I will let him work for me on a part of the profit. Meaning, if he sells a book package of 40 books (x25 = 1000 euro) he gets for instance 20% of the turnover 200 euro.

    I will need to think how to pay him- after the company paid would be good but that’s quite late… hmm

    He might want also an hourly rate but then a low one (we’ll see). I want him to work on a part of the turnover to feel the responsibility and make sure he feels that it delivers him something extra when he does well.

    2: HOW to delegate – content wise?
    • I need to think of who I will let him contact. My contacts? Cold contacts?
    • Create call scripts – test them
    • Train him in communication styles and in listening (he’s already good)
    • For warm:
    o Make a VERY clear I.O.
    o invite the people I interviewed for the book launch
    • For cold:
    o Make a list of interesting clients
    o Create messages for LinkedIn for cold
    o Create a free giveaway for the messages
    o Create a strategy for LinkedIn
    • Create feedback structure
    • Create document for results
    • Decide on proper KPIs
    • Let HIM come up with the plan (He knows exactly how to do it)

  14. Day 5

    I put together all the pieces and I am really looking for someone to help me run my webshops. So far no luck but I will keep on trying. I am glad I was able to take care about the phone (I have a great phonecare service). I also have the best bookkeeper, really pleased with her. There is someone helping me with Google ads. So all in all I have delegated a few tasks. However, for the biggest task, I have the most problems finding someone. It is the biggest challenge but I will succeed. I have to in order to be able to grow.

  15. Day 5: it happens this Sunday: the administration to book bills etcetera am I going to give to my wife. She likes it, she says, and for me it is really something that makes me happy to look for it!

  16. Why?
    - to increase the quality of my products
    - so I can focus on my added
    - to have more time for me, the baby and my wife

    What to delegate?
    - bookkeeping
    - support with photos and texts

    Who to delegate to?
    - Martine for bookkeeping.
    - I have 2 photographers in mind already
    - Marcel is sending me a list of possible text writers and photographers in his network.

    How to delegate?
    -I reached out and got some homework. Do the home work.
    -agree together which parts to delegate to Martine
    - have her do the btw aangifte as a start.
    -when that works. Look forward to the rest of the year together and get help on income tax.

    Photos and texts:
    -write down very clear instructions on what the photographers and writers should deliver.
    -talk the offer through with them.
    -do a test run for one of my own sites
    -agree on a feedback system
    - start offering to clients
    -get feedback and see where to improve

  17. Dag 5 - alles bij elkaar zetten voor de vrijdagviering post

    Waarom delegeren?
    * energieke opgeruimde schone thuisbasis voor ons leven en al onze activiteiten;
    * tijd en energie genereren om te besteden aan hogere doelen (eigen bedrijf, vrije tijd enz.);

    Welke taak?
    * duurzaam goed lopend huishouden;

    Aan wie?
    * Frans en Jeroen (waardoor er eenderde overblijft voor mij);

    Hoe wordt het een succes?
    * gezamenlijk ons realiseren wat we ermee winnen;
    * bespreken wat de kernpunten zijn waardoor het een succes wordt, daar consensus over hebben;
    * elke week op een vast moment even op een gezellige én constructieve manier pas op de plaats maken: zijn we content, zo ja waarom, verbeterpuntjes, waarom, hoe op te lossen?
    * ons succes vieren;
    * hoe? onder andere door familiefeestjes te organiseren, daar worden we alledrie gelukkig van en meer mensen met ons;

    Wanneer beginnen?
    aanstaande zondag, dat ga ik dadelijk delen met de mannen.

  18. Day 5 – putting it all together - a concise plan

    WHY - More time for growing my business, crativity and fun
    WHAT - Everything which has nothing to do with my core business
    WHO - Different companies, ZZP-ers such as C.Luttikhuis Tekst, Afavorite, DROS, Liederholt Hovenier and there is more to come
    HOW - I have a very specific plan of approach described in the comment of Day 4 HOW.
    WHEN - Implementation has already started and is ongoing. Completion date for the tasks mentioned is July 14th.

  19. Day 5 – putting it all together

    WHY - More time for core business
    WHAT - Assistance during training
    WHO - Students
    HOW - By giving out certificates for different levels, so progress is rewarded.
    WHEN - Next season (September)

    I already have assistant instructors (more than I actually need) so I have more free hands during training. At this moment I don’t give out certificates but young students love any kind of certificates. So, in conjunction with the belt system, I’m going to introduce different instructor levels with certificates. This way I hope to keep them engaged for the long run.

  20. Day 5 – putting it all together

    For the Friday Celebration post a clear, concise plan – WHY are you going to delegate, WHAT task, to WHO, HOW you’re going to make sure it’s a success, and WHEN are you going to start…

    1. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    There is more to delegate then I thougt there would be and therefor if I delegate stuff that cost me time or frustrates me I will be a better coach for my clients, partner , friend for my friends because of the overall good feeling it will give me.

    2. What is the delegation plan (WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW and WHEN) you commit to implement?
    I answered this today in a separate Comment just before this one. I have very clear actions for next week to ask 3 people to help me out with videoshooting, remake website, and take pictures needed for my website and social media. Actions are in my agenda.

    3. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    Getting out of bed early and do my committed actions is helpfull and gives me time, positive energy and structure for the day. Being in action and getting results is great! I stop victimizing myself. I grow in taking actions and stop thinking to much.

    4. How are you going to celebrate your completion of the second WOMB week?
    Thank my family for supporting me with flowers and a nice baked apple pie.

    1. This is so AWESOME Alma!
      It's really inspiring to read all your insights and actions.

      It's refreshing to see how your celebration includes others in it, however, I'm wondering what can you do that would give YOU a REWARD for all your hard work?

  21. WOMB WEEK 2, JULY 1st, DAY 5/5


    I commit to delegate strategically to:
    - make my vision come truth
    - build a sustainable and self-sufficient business (abundant fruit tree) that constitutes a great system of systems
    - make the “impossible” possible and have a worldwide positive impact in the lives of many babies, parents and families.

    As I see it now (please correct me if I am wrong), the most important strategic delegation in building THE BABY HOTEL, is the training of sleeping coaches. Off course I first need to learn everything about the business before I can delegate.
    However I commit to become an expert in both tactic and strategic delegation by starting with Tactic delegation FIRST (for example blog creation) and grow my skills from there.

    To WHO?
    My first strategic delegation will be to my former sleeping coach Trudy. I have a deep respect for her as a person and as a professional. Then I will delegate this training to the most brilliant trainees who will become trainers of coaches.
    Further I will delegate to mothers, motivated volunteers, fiverr, barters and further paid and non paid providers.

    I will delegate to Trudy by Co-Creating the training system and let her shine. My vision is that THE BABY HOTEL will become a platform where we can build a legacy and transform the world.
    This means that I will mostly delegate by providing people with a vision, a purpose and a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves, something that money can not buy.

    The long term strategic delegation requires time but hereunder I commit to the following deadlines:
    - Meeting with Trudy (July 5)
    - Requesting funding from Municipality of Amsterdam (July 7)
    - Creation of blog platform (July 22)
    - Publishing of first blog (July 29)
    - First webinar (September 2022)
    - First sleep coaching workshops (October 2022)
    - First training of coaches (July 2023)
    - First sleep coaching trajects (August/ September 2022)
    - First coaching nights at a hotel (December 2023)
    - First BABY HOTEL (December 2025)

    Once again my infinite thanks to Nisandeh and Vered for this amazing week! I have learned SO MUCH, you guys are simply wonderful. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for what you are doing ❤️

  22. Putting it al together

    I want to delegate the writing and publishing of social media content to an intern because in a way they have better knowledge about this line of work than me. And besides that there can be more stuff done when working together.
    It will mainly be writing posts and blogs and posting them on our social media platforms. And further more the intern can give us advise about the social media strategy and help us with setting up vlogs and online training.

    Success will be there when we create the boudaries for succes and give enough space for creativity and experimentation.

    In two weeks we will start to make a description and profile fort he assignment. After the summer holiday we wil recruite the intern.

    1. Waarom niet nu al voor eindige van de school en met de startvan het nieuwe schooljaar. Het s goed dat de scholen het a weten wat je zoekt en nodig hebt

  23. HOW to delegate
    Write and publish social media posts and keep track about the popular topics on social media.
    I want to delegate this to an intern because in a way they have better knowledge about this line of work than me. And besides that there can be more stuff done when working together.

    How are we gone do that:
    1. Make a clear list of tasks that will be done by the intern
    2. We will create a profile fort he assignment
    3. Search for the intern by posts on LinkedIn an approach our network with our question
    4. Speak to suitable candidates and hire the best
    5. Together develop a social media strategy
    6. Create a definition of done
    7. Define moments for retrospective/feedback loop
    8. Deliver topics and outlines for posts and blogs
    9. Decide on wich media platforms we want to be visible
    10. Give the intern room for creativity and experimentation
    11. Celebrate our successes

  24. I delegate because I can not and will not do it all by myself.
    I am not good in everything and I am too expensive to do it all.
    I can delegate a few things to start with responding on comments and chats in my Facebook page.
    I will ask my VA to do this to because I already pay her for planning and posting on Facebook.
    And I will do that when the first time I meet her in July.

  25. How to delegate
    1. Hire a VA
    2. Hire a blogger or social media expert
    3. Hire a accountant
    4. Search for a stagiair
    5. Put a vacature online for help in a specific topic
    6. Ask for help
    7. Use Asana, boards etc
    8. Mindset - know, feel and believe that I dont have to do it all by myself
    9. Talk with other enterpreneurs how they delegate to come up with new ideas
    10. Just dont do it anymore and say to the person who you delegate to that he or she is better in it

  26. celebrate:
    what task: re-organizing my blogposts
    why: lots of content to re-use
    who: marloes
    how: organize them in categories
    when: next week

    total time involved: 1-4 weeks

    I'm happy with this assignment. It 'forces' me to think about it, to make a decision, dare to ask some-one, and delegate it.
    I understand I can do this with lots of tasks.
    Happy me.

  27. WEEK 2, DAY 5 – Putting it all together

    PLAN 1
    WHY: I will achieve my goals faster.
    WHAT: The one thing I really need to delegate is sales.
    WHO: Talking to my buddies made clear that there are a few steps I need to take first. After that, there is a part of the sales proces I can delegate: others can get me at the table with decision makers. I fact I will ask my buddies to introduce me to HR managers within organizations.

    HOW & WHEN: this is the actual plan:
    1. watch the video 'Irresistible offer' - DONE
    2. apply the method in this video to my company - TODAY
    3. make a slide deck based on that in PowerPoint - THIS WEEKEND
    4. share this slide deck with my buddies - NEXT TUESDAY
    5. receive and process their feedback on it - COMING WEEK
    6. align the content on my website - JULY
    7. align the content on my LinkedIn profile - JULY
    8. select orgnizations I would like to have as clients - AUGUST
    9. ask my buddies to introduce me to key people in HR at organizations where millennials work - AUGUST
    10. prepare myself well by delving into the specific organizational needs where these officers work - SEPTEMBER
    11. call these people to make an appointment - SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2022
    12. present my irresistble offer in the conversation SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2022
    13. close the first deal SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2022

    PLAN 2
    WHY: I am going to delegate, because it frees my mind
    WHAT: The one thing I really need to delegate is sales
    WHO: A dedicated salesperson, yet to find

    HOW & WHEN: this is the actual plan:
    1. develop a front-end service (around €250) - JULY 2022
    2. develop a back-end service (around €1,500) - JULY 2022
    3. align my website to these services / products - AUGUST 2022
    4. describe the outcome I expect from a salesperson, regardless of how he/she does it - AUGUST 2022
    5. find and contact a sales person - SEPTEMBER 2022
    6. explain what I want, including the revenue distribution - SEPTEMBER 2022
    7. agree how long we will do this together - SEPTEMBER 2022
    8. review the FE and BE services together - SEPTEMBER 2022
    9. Delivering more value than expected to the sales person when executing the sales proces - Q4 2022
    10. Delivering more value than expected to the client when executing the frontend service - Q4 2022
    11. offer the back end service to the client - Q4 2022
    12. ask for review and referrals when satisfied - Q4 2022

  28. I choose “write and publish social media posts and keep track about the popular topics” and "create an online platform" to delegate.

    Who can I delegate those tasks to:

    1. Kracht Communicatie – Nadine Folkers
    2. Stagiair HBO Marketing & Communicatie
    3. ZZP-er via shout out on LinkedIn
    4. Professional copywriter like Aartjan van Erkel
    5. Social media marketer employed
    6. Developer website – Wouter Siteur (Website Academy)
    7. – Karin & Liza for more social media attention for our box
    8. S2Uitgevers – Noor Lotstra
    9. Search for “het schaap met de 5 poten”
    10. Hire SEO specialist

  29. Because of our wedding day of Miranda Steenvoorden and me today July 1, my comment of the 5th assignment this week will be tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I will also share my successes, because they are already visible two weeks after the start of this program. Me happy!

    1. HAPPY, HAPPY WEDDING DAY, Alexander

      Treat yourself and each other with respect. And remind yourselves often of what brought you together. Give the highest priority to the tenderness, gentleness and kindness that your connection deserves. When frustration, difficulty and fear assail your relationship, as they threaten all relationships at one time or another, remember to focus on what is right between you, not only on the part that seems wrong. In this way you can ride out the storms when clouds hide the face of the sun in your lives, remembering that even if you lose sight of it for a moment, the sun is still there. And if each of you takes responsibility for the quality of your life together, it will be marked with abundance and delight.

      ~ Native American blessing

        1. Thank you so much, Sigrid! All the thoughts and best wishes of others are lifting us up. We enjoyed our wedding dag enormously.

          And one of the things I learned from Vered en Nisandeh that choosing each new day for each other is key! And that we do since 2015 and this we confirmed with our wedding vows.

      1. Thank you dear Nisandeh and Vered,

        We are still reminiscing about the special wedding party that we had prepared for the guests at t