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This is a private environment for the Double Your Income, Double Your Profits participants (both the one-time workshop participants, as well as the 8-month program participants).

This month’s focus is…

Increase Your Prices

Just a quick reminder:

  • You can increase your price by 10%, without a fuss. 
    Probably no one is going to notice/care.
    If you do see the need to communicate about the increase – simply tell them that the 10% increase just covers the increase in costs in the last xx months/years.

  • You can increase your prices by more than 10%.
    In this case you need to add value, to change the name to something special, and to communicate the increase.
    Make a big thing about the new and improved product/service, its benefits, and why it’s so much better than the old one…

  • You can double your prices AND grow the number of clients.
    This is an advanced and longer-term strategy.
    If you’re in the 8-month program – we can work on implementing it in your business in one of the mentoring sessions.

It’s Time to Implement

Let me know in the comment box below how you implemented price increase in your business… Share your results… Ask any question about increasing your prices… And if you can support anyone by responding to their comment – please do!

I’m looking forward to support you in doubling your income and growing your impact and contribution in the world.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh Neta

  1. Since the one time workshop double my income, I have been focussing on my newsletter, with explaining a question of a customer, announcing a March bonus for customers buying kits from the website, which gave me extra sales. And March is not over yet.
    I am working on new covers of the manuals of the some of the DIY Kits I sell, and will ad extra material Which gives me the chance to raise the price with 20 %.
    I asked the buyers of the March sales to comment on the bonus I added with their order and will use the pictures in my April newsletter.
    As you suggested in one if your replies I could ask more if I would make exclusive pieces. And I realized that insight came right in time. I changed the the plan and the lithographer adapted it as well the printer. I will make a very limited exclusive production of my new book. It will give much more fun and creative inspiration to make. More income and more free time. Printing deadline end of March.

  2. What a great session that was, last Thursday! Very inspiring! I could see more of our group very enthusiastic! Thank you so much!

    There was already a plan to increase the price a bit. So after the first DYI session we increased the price with a small 5% (4,42%). But small is better than nothing. We have planned to increase within a year, maybe sooner once the website is renewed and some of the other changes about to be made have proved to be good changes. That way we can see what is the result of each step.
    But while preparing for the session by answering the questions, and during the last session, I had a big aha moment and came in a new mindset and understanding of how we should see the value of our product, and that was a welcome and exciting step forward! We are going to look into how we can implement this, while keeping the moral standards we set. But it is very good to hold up to the light!

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