Double Your Income – Preparation #10

Marketing Assessment​

Part 10 - Pricing

What is your pricing strategy…

  1. Explain the pricing structure for your products/services.
  2. How do your prices compare to your competitors?
  3. Do you offer discounts and promotions?

Let us know the answers in the comment box below.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to see you in the Double Your Income workshop,

Nisandeh & Aramik

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Part 10 - Pricing

What is your pricing strategy…

  1. Explain the pricing structure for your products/services.
  2. How do your prices compare to your competitors?
  3. Do you offer discounts and promotions?

Let us know the answers in the comment box below.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to see you in the Double Your Income workshop,

Nisandeh & Aramik

  1. Het is 225 excl. .
    Ik heb geen idee, waarom ik dezelfde prijs vraag. Bij mijn online cursussen doe ik dit niet.
    Waarschijnlijk ook omdat ik met een aantal cursussen samenwerkingen heb met andere instanties en dan staat de prijs al een beetje of helemaal vast.
    ik heb daardoor mijn eigen cursussen ook rond die prijs ingeschaald.

    Mijn leermatten zijn bijna allemaal 4 x de inkoop. Echter bij sommige producten heb ik het gevoel dat ik die prijs er niet voor kan vragen en dan doe ik het 3 of 2 keer.
    Maandelijks zet ik een product in 'the picture' en daar geef ik dan een behoorlijke korting op. Bij elke product is dat anders en ik heb daar eigenlijk ook geen beleid in.
    Ik merk dat ik veel op mijn gevoel doe.

  2. 1 no structure, a coach told me to choose an amount, I did, the coaches I spoke to, nobody says anything about pricing or the do's or dont's
    2 every body sells something different and coaches told me not to compare to others
    3 Not yet, but I know I have to do it, but I don't know how and with what promotions?

    I have a question about BTW on my website. Do I have to mention an amount with or without BTW? Everybody tells me something different

  3. I offer tailor-made services so the price depends on how many people are involved.
    I'm reflecting on the prices for the online webinars and I think 97€ for the basic knowledge and 197€ for the advanced knowledge on cybersecurity, phishing, spoofing, ransomware, etc. with hands out.
    The Masterclass: don't know yet.

  4. I am not there yet. I have free content and will give live trainings in future for running barefoot in groups of 10 people for € 25,-- p/p. And plan to give retreats with courses of macrobiotic knowledge for € 300,-- p/p with free camping for a weekend. I will give discounts for the second workshop of € 50,-- and for the third workshop I will give a lot extra sporty gimmicks.

    1. thanks for your honesty @Wim.

      + So why 25? and not 15? or 55? or 100 pp?

      + And what is the 300 euro based on? what is your profit margin there then?

      + And how doest your competition do? Is this also what Wim Hof does? 🙂

      1. 10*25= 250,-- for 1 hour. I train every week 2 hours with a trainer for € 80,00 a year. Because I learn them something special i think they will pay € 25,-- After they have trained a Year we will organize bigger barefoot running events. The price for that event depends on the facilitie's I like to go with that.

        The profit margin will be around 70%

        Macrobiotics is all about the order of the universe. it is about Yin and Yang. Five elements. Natural living and understanding the basics of nature. It is not like Wim Hof But. For competition I have to search for. I think we are pretty unique in this.

  5. Voor de cursussen vraag ik per dag per cursist 225 euro per dag ( van 10:00 t/m 16:00 uur) ongeacht welke cursus.
    Hierin zit de lunch, de materialen, het cursusboek dan in verwerkt.
    Voor de materialen kijk ik naar de inkoopprijs en dit verdubbel ik dan soms 2 keer en soms 3 of 4 keer.

    Ik denk dat ik vergeleken met mijn competitors met Bewegend Leren cursussen onder de prijs zit van de anderen. De cursussen over oogsamenwerking en reflexen zijn verglijkbaar met anderen.

    Ik geef maandelijks een korting/ actie op mijn matten.

    Wanneer ik op locatie een cursus geef aan meerdere mensen geef ik ook een korting aan de organisator.

    Voor de leerlingen heb ik een vaste prijs die vergelijkbaar is met andere RT-ers in mijn omgeving.

    1. Thanks @Gabrielle.

      + So is the 225 ex or inc?
      + Why do you charge the same, no matter which course they take?
      + some times you do 2x, some times 3x or 4x? where does it depend on?

      + So why do you operate underneath the prices of your competition? Is it a consciouse choice? so yes: why?

      + Monthly Discounts of how much?

      + and how much % discount do you give the organisations then? Do you also give that to the participants?

  6. Hello Nisandeh and Aramik, at his moment moment the only thing I do is giving lectures.

    My priice is not fixed by myself.
    This week I asked 2000 euro for 2 hours. People refused.

    1. So how can you improve on this @Ron?

      If YOU are not the one choosing Your price, how do you want to become the #1 Expert?

      So did you have an Irresistible offer on that 2000 euro? and Did you ask them afterwards why they said no?

  7. I do not have a pricing structure as yet. But do have some ideas based on my previous services. I have 4 free e-books and subsequently 4 masterclasses also for free. After the masterclass clients can sign up for a DIY program for a price of at $325
    These programs last for 4-6 weeks.
    As I plan to give workshops or do talks in front of larger audiences I will need to figure out what the competition charges, what I think my worth is and how I am going to market myself
    I am not so keen to give discounts but do like to give some kind of promotion by adding bonuses to what I already deliver

    1. Super @Nathalie.

      I would definitly do your research and come up with ways to Overdeliver upon your competitors offers. With the right model, i am sure you are going to be successful.

      Not so keen on discounts? why?

      1. I feel discount somehow gives the impression that the original price is too high. I also do not want customer A paying X and customer B paying X-15%.
        I do like discounts for high volume sales.

  8. Working on it. But I have different freebies.
    Then a BE for €97 (1,5 day or 5 week course).
    Then a HE for €4996 (1 year program, with one-on-one coaching etc)
    LE €996.

    Haven't found any MD serving this particular niche (caregivers of people with dementia). There are some nurses or caregivers who target the same TA, but I go much deeper.

    The LE you can consider a discount. I want to start first with a beta group for half the price.

    1. let me check Naomi:

      + Your 1ste BE of 97 euro : Is this online and automated?
      + What does your LE include then?
      + and how many sessions is your year program? Only live or online of hybride?

      + GREAT! So you are the only one on your fields... that's Good and Bad News... 🙂

      + Ok, why only the LE with the discount?

  9. The pricing structure is project based mostly
    full transformation
    sometimes workshops as add on

    still bit struggling with the pricing for the new public trainings, want to offer discount when you take of more e-learning for instance. so after 3 or 4 you can do them all
    Also like to do promotion with it. or challenges in community where people make a change to win a free e-learning.

    1. Euhhh @Alize : What kind of pricing do you have then? Can you show me an example?

      + So how is it comparing to your competitors?

      + And how does these challenges work in the community? do you have any results and conversions with it?

  10. i am not yhere yet. but i think i am going to work with the following systems: monthly subscription and tailor-made package.
    my competitors als work with one or both this systems.
    no i won't offer discounts and promotions. i will ask them if they want quality or discount.

    1. Great @vartien!

      1) I love monthly subscription models.
      2) Oh really? I see and hear so many VA's working per hour? Am I wrong then?
      3) That's Interesting... 🙂 So giving discounts means LESS quality? and Quality means No discount? Can you explain your thoughts?

  11. I have the incompany training that is a fixed Price per person.

    And I offer courses that people have to sign up to, they get a masterclass Price live and also when they look the Recording there is a special Price

    My prices are on the High end Within this segment

    1. Great @Maaike:

      1) So what are your actual prices like? (echte prijzen?)
      2) So how high end are your prices (in vergelijking tot jouw concurrenten?)?
      3) So do you do any other discounts besides in your master classes?

      1. 1) Incompany: €250 pp
        Signe up through masterclass: van €597 to €397
        2) Most courses I have seen for a Day training is €175-€295 .
        3) not yet

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