Double Your Income – Preparation #8

Marketing Assessment​

Part 8 - Target Audience

Please describe your target audience…

E.g. B2C – age, gender, location, income, profession, education, interests, shopping and buying habits, etc…

B2B – industry, location, size, stage (startup, growing, mature), annual marketing budget, challenges, etc…

Let us know, in the comment box below, if your target audience is B2B or B2C and what are their main characteristics…

Thank you, and we are looking forward to see you in the Double Your Income workshop,

Nisandeh & Aramik

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Part 8 - Target Audience

Please describe your target audience…

E.g. B2C – age, gender, location, income, profession, education, interests, shopping and buying habits, etc…

B2B – industry, location, size, stage (startup, growing, mature), annual marketing budget, challenges, etc…

Let us know, in the comment box below, if your target audience is B2B or B2C and what are their main characteristics…

Thank you, and we are looking forward to see you in the Double Your Income workshop,

Nisandeh & Aramik

  1. B2C

    45 women, income 100K, entrepreneur, highschool, expensive lifestyle , wellness, fancy car: porsche carrera cabrio, plastic surgeon stuff, "keeping up appearances, brother and sister mariage, no intimacy anymore, buy expensive clothes, shoes and birkin handbag

  2. female; age 40-50; middle managment; health care; Eindhoven Tilburg; € 48000,--; MBO/HBO; Tennis, running, biking, hiking, nature; H&M, Glossy magazines, National geografic, Bres, onkruid, naturalfoodstores.

    Looking for a change in life; has problems with the all day boring life of working for a boss. Asking herself why and what for she is on earth. Has eating disorders and some health issues. Is a bad sleeper; much worries. Looking for a change but does not know where to start.

  3. My target audience is B2B (cultural heritage organisations and EU agencies)
    Their problem is fear and frustration not knowing how to start with digital transformation, how to create structure, how to deal with rules related to GDPR, how to ensure cybersecurity, how to bring awareness, how to get primes, etc. How to link public in a digital way to musea.
    We give tailor--made solutions and unburden them.

  4. Target:
    Vrouwen rond de leeftijd van 35-50 jaar; leven in Overijssel/Gelderland; getrouwd, werken parttime, hebben nog schoolgaande kinderen; rijden in een Hyunda, Toyota, kleine auto. Gaan op vakantie naar Italië, Frankrijk. Hebben een eigen woning. Twee of meer kinderen. Ze houden van theater, wandelen en vakantie.
    - Werken in het basisonderwijs of hebben naast hun baan in het onderwijs een eigen praktijk om kinderen te begeleiden. Zijn naast hun baan ook thuis bezig met het uitzoeken, voorbereiden van lessen voor hun leerlingen.
    - zijn creatief, behulpzaam, open, positief,
    - zijn ook veel op Facebook en Instagram te vinden. Zoekend naar ideeën.
    - hebben op school een scholingsbudget van 500 euro voor eigen ontwikkeling, maar kunnen ook meer krijgen bij de keuze van de juiste cursussen.
    - Hebben ze een eigen praktijk dan kiezen ze hun cursussen heel precies , namelijk wat heb ik nodig om de kinderen in mijn praktijk zo goed mogelijke te begeleiden. Hun budget kan dan liggen tussen rond 2000 - 3000 euro voor cursussen en materialen per jaar.

    1. Super @Gabrielle! Well done!

      + Which one is "Most likely to buy from you"?
      1) The part time Entrepreneur or the Employee working in the school?

      + What are their biggest problems and challenges then? and how do YOU solve these for them?

  5. My target audience is B2C:

    Mother has too little self-image and is insecure inside. She suffers from a lot of stress, which causes headaches, abdominal pain and other ailments. Age: 40-55 with 2 children aged between 8 and 18, her husband has a good income.

    Mother runs an independent business (live or online) with at most one employee. She is higher educated, Loves nature, hiking, horses, dogs, cats, jazz music, plays guitar and piano and natural food. Loves to meditate and sing, but has no time for that anymore.

    Addiction to chocolate and conviviality (too little time for conviviality). Buying behaviour: only necessary, simple clothes and shoes, the occasional book in the spiritual field, which she does not read completely.

    1. Great @marianne!

      So what are her biggest problems and challenges?

      What are their main emotional problems?
      What are their mental problems and pains?
      What is keeping them awake at night?

      1. Biggest problems and challenges are insecure inside for there big work (= real choice what work to do and probably switch work)

        Great emotional pressure; company and family can no longer fix.
        Mental pain: adolescents go their own way, man goes away a lot. Feels alone. Problem with a headache that prevents you from working in a focused way. Physical problem with abdominal complaints and/or headaches that prevent them from working in a targeted manner. Lying awake: emotional problems in family, fear not enough customers, not enough money, and threat of war

  6. B2C (but in the future B2B as well).
    Women of 40-80 years old, able to use a computer, most of the time hardworking, perfectionists, overwhelmed right now since the caregiving part is exhausting.

    1. @Naomi : Can I challenge you to think further to target better and define your TA much focused?
      Here are my questions for you:
      + Where do they live?
      + What kind of Job/business status?
      + Male or female?
      + kids? what age?

      + What are their hobbies?
      + What do they read? watch? ware? Shop?
      + Where do they do their groceries?
      + Where do they go for vacations?
      + any networking clubs?
      + Any sports? (dancing?:))

      + What are their main emotional problems?
      + What are their mental problems and pains?
      + What is keeping them awake at night?

  7. B2B ; company who grew very strong from self-employer to a company with more clients and staff. Location: Apeldoorn en Enschede. Size: growing. Marketing budget: € 1000-2000 a year. Challanges: they find it hard to deal with all the new facets of there growing business, like staff, clients and what systems meet the need of the work they have to do, how to combine all this elements so the business runs smooth.

    1. Well done @vartien.

      Just a check: Apeldoorn and Enschede???? Uhh.. These are 2 total different cities... why did you choose them?

      Size = growing, how big?

      Budget = just 1000 euro PER year? that's less than 100 euro per month...

      And in which industry/sector are they right now?

      1. Actually i just 'chose' this ones. I also don't know in which industry/sector my clients are.

        Growing: from a self-employ to a company with 3 staffmembers.

        And i don't have a clear idea about how much marketing costs.

        So a lot to figure out yet.

  8. Hi!
    I have recently started to redefine my target audience to see and feel who I want to work with
    So far I have: BC woman, married, age 45-60, lives in EU, drives a peugeot 308, volvo XC60 or BMW X3, her husband works at an international company and has a higher mgt position, they have a minimum of 4 kids partly still in highschool. She works parttime in a middle mgt job, earns euro 4600 gross/month. Their combined income is euro 14600 gross/month. They live in a free standing house or a semi-detached house at the outskirts of a city
    She has a higher education in international relationships or something similar
    She is not religious but does believe there is more between heaven and earth. She would like to invest more time to discover this though
    Her hobbies are reading, playing sports, cooking and being creative. She goes to the theater, movies, musea, listens to podcasts, goes out for dinner with her girlfriends , watches netflix series and recently started meditating a bit
    She goes to a larger supermarker chain but also loves to go to retail shops and markets
    She loves to travel far and adventurous, is fascinated by other cultures.
    She buys magazines randomly, not often maybe 1x/month or when going on holiday. Magazine vary from cooking magazines to fashion to lifestyle

    Her SM go to channels are Facebook, instagram and linkedin
    She has an apple iphone and laptop
    Most of her shopping for clothing is done online but maybe 3x per year she goes shopping with a friend or husband
    Shoes she never buys online
    She loves to go to the gym, frequents HITT and strenght classes. She finds it very important to be fit

    1. Doing a great job Nathalie 🙂 Very well done !

      I do would recommend you to be more clear and concreet about her likes and dislikes

      If I am right, she does read magazines of her own choice, so there must be several magazines you can come up with.

      Also the cities where she could live, the country she is living, the area's... I would really take a chance on just naming them.

      And well.. What are her main frustrations and pain? What are the things keeping her awake at night?

      1. The IC is a bit of a shy individual. She knows there’s more to life and especially for her but doesn't know how to grasp it. She deep down is a feminist and realizes she had been snowed under by many elements : her own beliefs, family life and everyday chores and tasks which she has been using as an excuse not take responsibility for her own life and happiness. She wants to come out of her shell but is scared and finds it hard to get to her strengths. She works occasionally on a very cool project, has been working part time but nothing that really made her heart beat faster.
        As she is getting older she lies awake with various questions roaming around through her head: is this it in Life or is there more? Why didnt I do more? I feel so useless. What can I do to feel more valuable? She feels frustrated and often sad.
        She doesnt like superficial people but seems to be confronted with them too often. She hates gossip, dislikes senseless tv, is not much into big groups, but does like to socialize, has a few good friends.
        The magazines she reads vary : Porter, Vogue, Delicious, Bon appetit, Harper's bazaar, Elle, Vanity fair, Ophrah, Psychology, Happinez, Time magazine.

  9. target: dentist 32 yrs old, man, 8 year working as a dentist. living in surrounding of 30 km from Amsterdam,
    university, skiing, sailing, surfing, cars, buying from internet
    b2b dentistry, startup, growing, 30k marketing. budget,

    1. Well done @Ron.

      So can you tell me more about their problems/frustrations they are facing right now in their business?

      So how many of this Target Audience is there right now in the market place?

      And how many do you want to target per month/year to become your paying client?

  10. B2B, Public industry - Financial, Pharma, sports, large international (working globally) they are mature in their current way of working what they want from us is moving to a different way of working so you also could say starting. They budget is huge.
    The challenges they have: Want to have more flow in their organisation or as we say it step out of the siloed way of working, reduce time to customer, create alignment companywide, execution is lacking behind, want to change the company culture but don/t know how, high pressure which causes burnout or resignation of people,
    The biggest challenge? the influence of the eco-system on their businesses. Customers and employees who want to do business with or want to work for organisations that are meaningful. Employees want to do meaningful work and contribute to a higher purpose. Therefore organizations need to rethink the way they work and operate and more important need to change the way they collaborate, behave and lead.

    1. Great @Alize.

      Just a check: Am I corect to read 3(or more) different kind of Target Audiences?

      + How do you find and target them right now? what are your main 3 Strategies to get to know them?

      + How big is your mailinglist with these Target Audience?

      + How often do you communicate (send a mailing) to them?

      + So how "known" are you in their "top of mind"? Do you consider yourself (in their eyes) as the go-to-expert or do you have lots of competitors and big fishes around you?

      1. Hi @Aramik, No there are not 3 different kind of target audiences. Maybe I can better divide them in organisations above1000 people (part of global organisation) Private sector. I do not target public sector although sometimes I get a response from them and I know there are a lot of changes going on in this sector but it is very time consuming. Not only to cary out the whole transformation but also to start.

        Until now I got most connection via conferences, networking, via via
        I also have a free offer of a business agility quick scan which people can download for free via my website (advertising via linkedin) People leave their mailadres.
        I mostly work with linkedin

        My pain point where we need to pay attention to is the mailing - stay in touch part
        Our project take that long that when we start a new transformation it almost always takes 1,5 year. So We do not have that much space for a lot of big clients unless we start to collaborate more with freelancers or hire people internally. We are at that decision point at the moment. Especially because of the training programme we are starting to offer.

        We consider ourselves as the go-to-expert in the field of people led transformations. Yes there are big fishes in the market. The only thing is that most of them spend more attention to the hard part of the transformation and we combine that with the people side of change. Next to that our added value is that we have gained expertise by being part of a transformation ourselves in big companies. Not only as a coach or consultant, but as an internal employee or lead, leading the transformation from the start. That makes a difference.

        1. Woow @Alize!

          Thanks for your extended comment, WOW !

          So let me check:
          + how many leads per month do you get from your Networking?
          + And how many via your Free product?
          + and via LinkedIn ads?

          and ofcourse: How many of those (in %)eventually become paid clients?
          about your main Pain point:
          + What do you think you need then? Do you think hiring new people and collabration with freelancers will be enough?
          (why not thinking of doing JV-partnerships with your biggest competitors?)

          + So you have amazing USP's as YOU are an example of change yourselves. So how do you make advantage of this USP?

  11. B2c are female swiminstructurs in the Age of 30-45 , they ar Living in the South of the netherlands, they are traint at MBO level, She is on payroll with the Boss. Has a famaly with Children Works part-time, there intrests are other Sports, the shape there body is in and there close famaly.

    My English wrighting is not so Great, I Hope you understand it.

    1. Totally clear, Maaike...
      Can you tell me how many of this target audience are already paying clients, and how many would you like to have as paying clients by the end of the year?

      1. I have now 2 incompany trainingen on date and, 5 or 6 people how want to be at a training.
        I want to give 4 training in a Month with 15-20 persons

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