Double Your Income – Preparation #9

Marketing Assessment​

Part 9 - Your Product(s)/Service(s)

What do you offer the marketplace…

  1. Describe your product(s)/service(s);
  2. How does your main product/service appeal to your target market?
  3. What challenges does your target audience have that your product/service solve?
  4. How does your product/service stand out against the competition?

Let us know the answers in the comment box below.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to see you in the Double Your Income workshop,

Nisandeh & Aramik

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Part 9 - Your Product(s)/Service(s)

What do you offer the marketplace…

  1. Describe your product(s)/service(s);
  2. How does your main product/service appeal to your target market?
  3. What challenges does your target audience have that your product/service solve?
  4. How does your product/service stand out against the competition?

Let us know the answers in the comment box below.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to see you in the Double Your Income workshop,

Nisandeh & Aramik

  1. 1 6 month coaching that's it
    2 I don't know
    3 a bad relationship/ they live together apart
    4 I don't know / How can I check this and were?

  2. 2. We reach out with the specific solutions they need in their domain.
    3. Via a tailored-way solution we deal with their problems.
    4. The competition has no programs comprising human and digital skills. They focus only on digital systems.

    1. About #3: This is about their challenges. What are. the common challenges and problems of your Target audience?

      #4: so how do you make use of this important advantage in your USP and Business Proposition?

  3. Future customers can choose between 3 programs depending of their needs. We give free animated webinars to create awareness, 2 paid online webinars and one life Masterclass. Furthermore, we organize a virtual digi event on 12 09 22 with several speakers and where useful topics will be raised.

  4. 1 I give services to health issues by means of Chakra therapy, Barefoot running training, Macrobiotics (yin and Yang), and different old wisdom concerning health
    3 self-care/self supporting in the field of health and life
    4 The product/knowledge about this is not so commonly known so I think there is not much competition.

  5. 1. Ik heb verschillende producten/services
    - leerlingen begeleiden met Reken en/of Taalproblemen. Kijken wat et kind nodig heeft en de juiste manier vinden waardoor de leerstof wel aanslaat en het kind succeservaringen heeft en dit kan toepassen in de klas. Onderzoek bij kinderen naar de oogsamenwerking en primaire reflexen. Daar een programma voor geven en een regelmatige terugkomst in de praktijk om te kijken hoe het gaat en nieuwe oefeningen meegeven.
    - Cursussen geven aan professionals op het gebied van Bewegend Leren, Beelddenken, Oogsamenwerking en/of Primaire reflexen. Dit gebeurt in de praktijk of op locatie. Onderwijsdagen en studiedagen verzorgen voor schoolbesturen over bewegend leren.
    - Educatie leermatten voor rekenen of taal ontwikkelen en deze verkopen aan praktijken en scholen. Bijvoorbeeld een Breukenmat of een Werkwoordenmat.

    2. Men vindt mijn producten handig en kleurrijk. Meteen overzichtelijk ( niet allemaal even overzichtelijk)
    - De cursussen vinden ze praktisch en meteen in te zetten de volgende dag.

    3. Cursussen:
    - Er is enorm veel te vinden en te downloaden over bewegend leren. Echter soms kan het te veel zijn.
    - Men weet niet op welke manier ze het beste kunnen beginnen.
    - Ze hebben nog niet een lijn in het bewegend leren en willen dit graag leren.
    - Ze willen graag succeservaringen bij hun leerlingen en weten dat bewegend leren hen kan helpen maar hoe?
    - de materialen zijn meteen te gebruiken en in te zetten.

    4. Er is enorm veel competitie en ik zie ook hele mooie materialen bij andere bedrijven.
    dus deze vraag weet ik eigenlijk niet te beantwoorden.

    1. Great @Gabrielle.

      #4: So how can you use all these competition in your advantage? It is not a bad situation, you know.

      Just think about a bit for a while and let me know what your thoughts are 🙂

  6. 1. high-level coaching for busy caregivers of people with dementia to BE LESS STRESSED AND ENJOY LIFE AGAIN and HANDLE ALL OBLIGATIONS WITH MORE EASE
    2. the TA develops less stress, more energy.
    Increase more:
    knowledge of the disease
    happiness and fulfilment
    trust and courage to face the inevitable
    restore health
    clearer head
    better sleep
    positive thinking

    Decrease or get less…
    worrying and arguing

    3. lack energy and time
    unable to find solutions
    unable to say "NO"
    unable to focus

    4. one of a kind: led by a medical doctor, one-on-one coaching, self-experienced.

    1. Fantastic list @Naomi!

      #3: So how many free product have you already created for these problems?

      #4 : So how can you Position yourself better so your Uniqueness would become much more remarkable?
      (you will love the 8 strategies that Nisandeh is sharing... Especially about "Geomatic Growth" ! )

  7. Our main service is: we help organizations to set up and guide through a transformation to business agility.
    Which means
    - we help set up a transformation team and train them to build change capabilities, learn what an agile organisation means and so on so they become the accelerator of change and are able to lead the transformation themselves. (create an iterative approach based on employee experience and make the transformation people led)
    - Train the leaders of the organisation in their new role and behavior
    - Strategy sessions with the board and leaders - Defining purpose, vision, mision, values, principles which leads to the strategy for next 3-5 years
    - Strategy to execution - setting up visual governance which helps the organisation to align all the teams to the purpose
    - Designsessions on way of operating (way of working, new operating model) and new concepts, processes
    - Onboarding of people in the new organisation

    Starting from next month:
    Public trainings based on the 7 elements of the People Journey Circle. a methodology I developed during the last 10 years leading agile transformations.
    - In person training (Cohort) full programme - covering 7 elements - 10 weeks (certified)
    - e-learning per element (7 in total)

    Until now we got good recommendations for our consultancy
    the public training is not started yet. we are running a pilot at the moment to gather feedback, learn and improve

    Organisation want to create agility but don't know how
    Got stuck in their business agile transformation
    Face resistance in the organisation
    Leadership is not committed to change and expect people to change
    Execution lacks behind and don’t know how to align the organization
    Organisation still works in silo's
    Ego centric Behavior
    Organisation's copy paste what others doe and therefore do not succeed in the transformation

    What we mostly hear is that we do not push what we think is necessary but lead organic change with involvement of people in the organisation so they want to change and be part of the new organisation. It is not the hard way.

    1. Very impressed @Alize.

      It sounds like that you know what you are doing and creating a lots of great Good Will and results with your solutions.

      I love your last sentence! "We lead organic change... It's not the hard way".

      Looking to hear more from you tomorrow at the training!

  8. i offer the service to get the back-office, staff and using systems back on track. If all this elements connect well, the work that needs to be done will take less time. the saved time can then be spent on other customers and also on maintaining customer relationships. Also investing in figuering out wich system works the best for your customers and for you company will make all the task easier to be done.

    i don't know if my service stands out actually.

    1. @Vartien:

      1) So you are a VA-service? ( I would really be clear on this one)
      2) How does your TA think of VA's and services/products like yours?
      3) Is time the only challenge your Target Audience has?
      4) So can you find out? Are there any criteria in the market place? (maybe look at your biggest competitors?)

      I used to check my biggest competitors and Find out their most expensive product and then giving that specifiek product FREE to my Target Audience... I would do a research if I were you to just find out Why and HOW your competitors and your TA work together .

      ps: You are doing just a great job by engaging with us! Looking forward to see you on the 12th!

  9. Hai
    My product is a masterclass, then a training, then they can do a deepening training and they can get help to set up lessons for kids with autisme.

    The Main product is starting up now. The masterclass Ape als to most of the partispaters.

    The challenge is to correctly help a Child with ADHD or autism to a Swimming degree. These kids are titels to be Bussy, load, moterskils are pore and always Moving around. This I explain and give tips how to handel this.

    There are some other training, but not a lot. My Advanced is that is speak from theorie and dromen experions as a Mother and Swim Teacher wiht 25 years Experience.

    1. Great done Maaike!
      2) So what does your Target Audience think of your services and product?
      3) Great. So do you focus on the Swimming teachers or the swimming pools or the parents of the children with ADHD/Autisme?
      4) are there any more advantages with you and your product in your market place?

  10. dentist Business Mentor
    2 giving lectures to sell their luxury products, communicating, voyage of the client, agenda, scripts , dental leadership, teamwork, financial ownership
    4. there is one bigger organisation for 20 years, they organise a lot, have their own magazine, professional organasation run by a dentist and marketeeer. name Dentiva
    20 smaller companies, with 1 or 2 people

    1. Great @Ron!

      1) So what are your products and services as a mentor?
      2) Only giving lectures? R u sure? 🙂
      3) So what is the right path here? Which comes first?
      4) So how does your company stand out?

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