DYI in 8 Months Recording

Exclusive Training for the Community of Aramik

WOW… We had a fantastic Double Your Income workshop (well… at least I had a fantastic time… 😅).

Here are some things to complete your experience:


In case you missed (part of) the workshop here is the recording
(it’s 11 minutes longer than promised – meaning – 10% over-delivery… 💪)


Aramik and I are excited for the possibility to have you with us in the next eight months, and personally make sure you double your income (probably more) in the coming eight months.

We created a special offer for you, that was never offered before… CLICK HERE to read all about it.

The offer is limited in time – it’s gone on Saturday (May 14) at 7pm and includes 3 different levels (to fit your wants, needs and financial resources).

You get 13% discount for Level 1 and 30% discount for Level 3.

Here is your recording


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Please post any question you have about the 8 conversions in the comment box below and Aramik and I will answer ALL your questions on Monday.

Live fully, stay awesome,

Nisandeh and Aramik

2 thoughts on “DYI in 8 Months Recording”

  1. Wim van den Assum

    Dear Nisandeh and Aramik,
    On the same day marianne and I followed your very interesting workshop the municipel government asked us for an immediate talk about a plan we introduced to the municipel government a year ago for a natural living community on our land. For that item we are in a roller coaster now and that plan will take a lot of our time in the coming year. Despite of your irresistable offer I cannot join the workshop which you introduced together with Aramik with all your love.

    Thanks to You both for the amazing workshop and I will keep you in mind.

    Kind regards,
    wim van den assum

    1. Aramik Garabidian

      You are so welcome @Wim! and WOW ! So miracles are still happening? Congrats!

      Go make the difference and keep us posted!

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