Elements of Success

Elements of Success

Elements of Success

Turn Your Wishes into Reality

Creating Success Is Easy – When You Know How…

Any creation, from getting a raise to becoming financially free, from improving your health to opening your own company, follows the same five- step process.

Elements of Success: Turn Your Wishes into Reality describes each of those steps in detail and reveal how you can master each one of them with minimum friction, minimum effort and maximum results.

When you understand how you create your life – every second –then you can master the process of success and consciously direct your life to fulfill your dreams and desires.

This innovative book explains why success happens and offers a simple, effective program that will allow you to create the life you wish for.

What the World Success Experts Say about ‘Elements of Success’

“This practical, fast-moving book gives you a step-by- step plan you can use immediately to achieve greater success in every area of your life.”
Brian Tracy
one of the world's leading authorities on success and personal achievement and author of The Psychology of Achievement, Goals, Maximum Achievement, Create Your Own Future, Million Dollar Habits, and many more...
“I am impressed by the authority and heart with which Nisandeh Neta presents these powerful and practical principles. Practice these important ideas, and your life will change for the better in amazing and wonderful ways.”
Alan Cohen
author of 20 best selling inspirational books, including: Dare to Be Yourself, A Deep Breath of Life, The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore, and Mr. Everit's Secret...
"People need this material. We know the elements of failure and negative thinking, now let's learn the elements of success."
Dr. Joe Vitale
author of The Seven Lost Secrets of Success, Spiritual Marketing, How to Attain Your Desires, and more...
"Three phrases describe this book. One: a fascinating explanation of the power of visualization and the development of the collective mind. Two: the cooking metaphor used throughout makes the ideas inviting, an easy read and enables memorable visualization. Three: the illustrations and audio experiences make it practical and useful."
Dr. Stephen R. Covey
author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness
"Nisandeh Neta is on the most important of all missions in life. He has dedicated his unstoppable spirit to igniting YOU! One of the greatest gifts we can receive is to find a teacher and mentor who sees our possibilities, often when we don't yet see them ourselves. In Elements of Success Nisandeh becomes that master teacher. Seize the WOO (window of opportunity) TODAY to immerse yourself in this terrific book."
Brian D. Biro
author of Beyond Success, The Joyful Spirit and Through the Eyes of a Coach
"Elements of Success provides a clear step-by-step guide to taking control and responsibility for becoming the person you want to be. It is simple without being simplistic - a recipe for personal happiness that only needs one additional ingredient: you."
Douglas K. Smith
one of the world’s top management thinkers, author of Make Success Measurable!, On Value and Values, and more...
“Those who consider it difficult to change consciousness from futility and failure to victory and triumph should read Nisandeh Neta's book Elements of Success: Turn Your Wishes Into Reality. His recipe for success is an easy to follow step by step process that will help you create a joyful masterpiece. Bottom line: It's simple when you know how.”
John Randolph Price
author of 17 books, including: The Abundance Book, Living a Life of Joy, Empowerment, The Alchemist's Handbook...
“Elements of Success is a comprehensive success manual that leaves no stone unturned. In this easy to read and easy to follow book, Nisandeh Neta leads the reader step-by-step through the process of turning dreams into reality. Nisandeh is a master of self-development principles and a gifted teacher who inspires people to achieve success, meaning, and joy in their lives.”
Jeff Keller
Author of Attitude is Everything
"Elements of Success is a beautiful blend of the essential ingredients for a happier, more successful life. This is a powerful step-by-step system anyone can use to create and enjoy more success in their life."
Jim Donovan
author of Handbook to a Happier Life, Reclaim Your Life and This Is Your Life, Not A Dress Rehearsal
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