Evaluation Time

It’s time to get strategic…

Those have been 18 intense weeks of working ON your business…

And after reading and evaluating everyone’s input, strengths, weaknesses and goals, we designed the last block of the program to deliver you the most value… 

IF… you are willing to do the work.

The next 7 weeks will be dedicated to make you more and more strategic when you approach your business and planning your strategies, products, activities and tasks.

It’s the last stretch of the program, and also the last 2 months of the year… so I totally understand if you’re tired or feeling like you’re losing steam.

I felt this way each time I ran a marathon just a few kilometers before the finish line.
It’s FEELS very physical – tiredness, soreness, pain, exhaustion, shortage of breath, lack of energy…

But in reality… it’s just a mind game – a question of making a choice and recommit.

How do I know?

Because I finished every single marathon I started, even though each time around kilometer 37 – my body said “Enough! I can’t do it!”

So, if you are in this space right now… the only thing to do at this moment… is…

Make a conscious choice:

  • Either you quit the program, and take a break until the end of the year.

  • Or… you breathe deeply, recommit, and go for it 100% for the last 7 weeks left.

It’s your choice and I respect whatever you choose.

If you wish to call it quit – just send us a WhatsApp message or an email, and we’ll remove you from the program.

However, if you wish to continue, we expect you to participate fully in the program for the coming 7 weeks.

No stories. No excuses.

There are 7 more assignment weeks

You’ll have to do them ALL. FULLY!

There are 2 more Hot Seat sessions:

  • November 10 – at 8pm
  • December 8 – at 8pm

Make sure you are present.
Make sure you are asking a question.

There are 3 more bonus workshops:

  • My Expert YouTube Strategy – October 27 – at 8pm
  • My Resilience Blueprint – November 24 – at 8pm
  • Level Up My Business – December 22 – at 8pm

You do NOT have to join any of these… these workshops are OPTIONAL.

BUT… if you do choose to join any of them – each has an OBLIGATORY preparation assignment, which you MUST complete to attend.
So, again… choose wisely!

Assuming you’re committed to complete the program till the end…

Let’s start with…

Putting your business under a microscope

The longer you own your business, the more chances are that your business is not optimized to deliver you the best results.

It might be because your target audience has changed over the years, or maybe the preferences of your target audience have changed, maybe the economy or technology or society have changed to affect your business, maybe (hopefully) you have changed as an entrepreneur…

No matter what the reason(s) for the change(s)… the fact remains… most businesses operate on less than they potential… 

Imagine a sports car driving mostly in the city and on busy roads, or a drafty house losing heat in the winter, or a person eating mostly junk food…

The potential for greatness is there… but (some of) our strategies, tactics, approaches, products, actions and habits are not empowering us to achieve and experience that greatness.

So, this week… it’s time to take an honest look at your business…

And evaluate…

What is so great about your business, what is not so great, and what is… well… killing your business.

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

It’s simple.

Be open, be curious, be honest, be daring…

And… most important… do NOT put yourself down at any moment.

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

I am going to evaluate my business honestly – the good, the bad and the ugly.

How’s that for a 5-day challenge?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

Here is the 5-step process you could follow in order to achieve that goal:

  1. What is your vision for your business;

  2. What are your main values in your business;

  3. What is it that you do – that does NOT produce results;

  4. What is it that you do – that produces MOST of your results;

  5. What is it that you do that produces SOME results and MIGHT be worth improving.

PLAN your actions in your agenda…

Your next step is to physically plan this process in your agenda.

Remember – the whole purpose of the Working ON Your Business (WOMB) program is to get you in the habit of investing EVERY DAY 10-15 minutes working ON your business…

So, my suggestion, don’t do all the exercises in one batch – but stick to the “schedule” I recommend… It will build the right habit, that would serve you for the rest of your business life.

Plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to follow the process above.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT…

Take 10-15 minutes, right now, and…

  • Day 1 – Write down in one sentence what is your vision for your business.

    For example, my business vision is: Creating a Better World by Empowering People to Fulfill Their Greatest Potential.

    Your vision statement doesn’t have to be perfect, but give it a good try and post it in the comments box (and ask for feedback if you want one).

  • Day 2 – Make a list the 3-4 most important values for YOU in your business.

    For example, MY values are: making a difference, happiness, creativity and personal growth.

    Your values should guide you as what you’d like to achieve/experience/give in your business.
    When you have them – post them in the comment box.

  • Day 3 – Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that do NOT produce results in your business.

    For example, in my business: Facebook and LinkedIn marketing produced zero ACTUAL results, we had several products (e.g. the resiliency training) that didn’t sell at all, and me blogging every week stopped delivering results a few years back…

    This is a hard assignment.
    It’s hard to look at something you invest a lot of time, effort and possibly money, and honestly say “actually, it doesn’t work”.

    But this is crucial…
    You have limited resources (time, energy, money) and you must be able to identify, admit and “kill” non productive “weeds” in your business.
    Please share your list in the comment box.

  • Day 4 – Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce MOST of the results in your business.

    For example, in my business: Regularly creating irresistible offers to my list is the best marketing strategy by far and the mentoring program is the best money generator program we have… and focusing on a 100 Ideal Clients deliver us a hundred time more results than when we were focusing on 12,000 non Ideals…

    Everything in your business (and life) follows the 80/20 rule… Which means that the majority of your results is created by a small number of actions/clients/products and strategies. 

    Your job today is to identify those few that generate the most, and share them in the comment box.

  • Day 5  Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce SOME results in your business, and they might be worth optimizing.

    For example, in my business: email communication wasn’t performing so great, but it was the only way we communicated… This year we chose to optimize our communication and moved (partly) for WhatsApp communication… the result… a huge improvement in opening and clickthrough rates.

    This is a tricky assignment.
    It’s hard to be objective and look at something that generates some results and be able to decide, should I “kill” it so I can dedicate more resources for what brings me most of the results, or does it have potential – if I optimize or improve it.

    But it’s important to make that distinction…
    If you’re not sure… go back to your vision and values – they should guide your decision.
     share your list in the comment box.

Each day share with us in the comment box the lists you wrote.

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your process and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Wednesday to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday.

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Dag 3/4. What isn't and is working?

    Follow up calls/mails
    Website home copy
    Listen and ask jow to help
    Invoice cta - what else can I help you with?
    Giving crucial tips on how to fix something, especially during a first call
    Vip stuff
    Logo in front of them all the time < do more
    Fomo content 1 off emails
    Real estate trainings as network moment
    Call them: would x help you?
    Market knowledge products (sneezable products)
    Reseach products
    Jobstudents and how to find them
    Online team
    Fiverr talent
    Having lunch
    Doing nothing
    Wealth dynamics and i tjing
    Reading, trainings
    Think weeks
    Implementation sprints
    Writing process
    Knowing what i want
    Freelance crew
    Growth experiences
    Market research
    Trust intuition
    Go outside
    Current freelancers
    CE buddies
    Food choices
    Respect the zone of genius,drop what is the opposite
    Easy and fun money is ok mindset
    The car.
    Medical support team
    Cleaners from time to time.
    Interim payrolling

    Not working:
    Bring a friend
    Book writing
    1:1 work
    Having an office
    Guest blogging and magazine articles
    Buying stuff, show succes actions

    Not sure,gonne try this
    Mailings 2×/m as newsletter, paying and free content
    Zoom demo's
    Courses (failedbefore, now it might make more sense.)
    Use fiverr as promo tool by making work public
    Interview retail and real estate magazine
    The open office downstaires
    Workshops at home

    1. Looking at it from a higher level, what did most was write and send out a 1.5m proposal. It got me thinking differently, seeing how to scale the business where before i could not see it.
      Who do i need to become to run a multimillion business? That was the game changer. And based on a 3' item in some OC training yearsago: "i would not start a biz that hasn't got the potential of 1m a year at least". Bang. That was great content 😀

      The other thing was: dare to jump. Dare to try, even if success is not guaranteed. That stretched me big time. Coding what might not work at all.

      A new coach that works with the higher level clients was also key. A structure for food, sleep, movement and a think habit.

      Growth and "working for the business" has not been about the small bits and pieces. Not about the tactics in my company.

      Has been about creating the space for growth. If your bubble is tightly filled, nothing will move the needle. I need people and situations that get me more space.
      WOMB was great for me most weeks when topics asked about how to fill space, but brilliant when topics created space.

      I've listed some tactics to do more or try out in the previous post. There as well, expansion or not is a better high level indicator. Do stuff. Try it, evaluate it.But it helps to think tactics as well some times 😀

      1. Day 5. Do more:

        Automations. O boy, the value those bring.
        Marketing in generel. Top topic 2023.
        Team. Definately spend the next weeks on this topic. Great progress so far, good experiences.
        Calling topics a year focus and putting it in the planning tool ask kpi's.
        Be in the present and enjoy other people.

  2. Day 5 - SOME Results

    I’ve tried different strategies that didn’t succeed as mentioned on day 3. A few opt-ins or a few sales on very expensive ads doesn’t count for me as some result, but as no actual result.

    What did bring me results in my early years was blogging about wines I’ve tasted. It made me hired as an expert and advisor. I’ve stopped blogging years ago due of lack of time

    Putting events on Facebook delivered some results

  3. Catch up time.

    What is it that you do – that does NOT produce results;

    I spend way too much time on emails.
    LinkedIn posts
    Videos (but just started so it's a bit early to say it doesn't work)

    What is it that you do – that produces MOST of your results;
    Giving trainings and then give away the book to those who are interested

    What is it that you do that produces SOME results and MIGHT be worth improving.
    both of the ones before could give a lot more results and are definitely worth improving.

    1. What was also not working: letting someone else call and offer a workshop together with the book.

      There might be other strategies that probably would also work (calling everyone who worked on the book and offer to bring them one and have a FREE workshop together with it)
      I still have a list of hot leads that I should follow up and I still haven't....

  4. Day 4: Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce MOST of the results in your business.
    • Getting back to old clients to ask what they are doing and offer them a coffee and talk.
    • Sending some ideas or reports based on my ideas that they might want to have a look and in the same time ask how they are and if I can be of any help.
    • Asking if they want to contribute to an article of proposal based on previous work can be in combination with the two above.

    Day 5: Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce SOME results in your business, and they might be worth optimizing.
    • Compliment and comment on LinkedIn messages regularly in combination with the two above (most results).
    • Going to symposia where I find older clients to say hello and get back to them in one or more day afterwards.
    • Sending out e-mail and asking if they are following up on previous advises and if they need help with the implementation.

  5. Day 5 – Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce SOME results in your business, and they might be worth optimizing

    So, services that produce somer results are for instance being 'open' for some of the time. I used to be 'open' all day for 4 days a week. I was not happy with the results and it took away my freedom. So shopping by appointment is working much better. Still, there are some customers that like the idea of coming to the shop spontaneously. So I am thinking about pointing out two days to be in the shop for spontaneous visits. E.g. a morning and an afternoon. Still thinking about the right day and the right form. Another strategy is organizing events. These events went quite well in the beginning, until corona. But maybe I will think of new events with Sinterklaas and X-mas coming up.

  6. Day 4 – Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce MOST of the results in your business
    1. Blogging
    2. Newsletters
    3. Google Ads
    4. Personal Service
    5. Shopping 3.0 (shopping by appointment at a time convenient for the customer instead of the other way round)
    6. Personal phoneservice instead of an answering machine

  7. Optimise:
    The contact and potential of my network and their networks
    Getting more serious about potentional working together idea's that are floating in the air
    Writing blogs and articles
    Finding platform that are in line

  8. Day 1
    My vision for my business:
    My vision for my business is to help childeren and there parents towards there full potential in life

    Day 2
    The 3-4 most important values in my business.
    My values are my abbility to listen and analyse a problem and respect the client and make theme see their owm possibilities

    Day 3
    All the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that do NOT produce results in my business.
    - Advertising in local papers, communitiy guide,
    - Facebook post did not get me anny client
    - Organize free information events
    - Offering co workership to others

    Day 4
    All the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce MOST of the results in my business.
    - Stay consistant in what I deliver for clients
    - Have ambassadors propose new clients
    - Work for free and still deliver quality to a client
    - Start renting a room in an office building years ago
    - Setting up a healthcare cooperative and doing tenders
    - Buying over 650 games/materials to work with
    - Start working with stagiaires
    - Taking the step from self-employd to become a BV
    - Working with the Profit First system and pay myself first after taking off VAT and a percetage off profit
    - Give monney to charities
    - Find a PA who dos the work I dont like and takes a burden off my shoulder
    - Working with a tada list and plan for it every day and time schedulle the work.
    - Working with pomodoro technique for stuf I have to do but creates a feeling of doing boring stuff

    Working in groups instead of working with individual clients is like 80/20 rule but feels like 90/10 and sofar is the best dessicion I made

    Day 5
    All the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce SOME results in my business, and they might be worth optimizing.
    - Start building an emaillist
    - Start making youtube movies with the new concept from Nissandeh and put theme out
    - Putting information on my new linkedin pagina for the Interactie
    - Blogging and share pictures about what we do and the results we get with the childeren
    - Working on the book with my collegas about testing and executief and cognitief functions and how to improve theme.

  9. Day 4 – Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce MOST of the results in your business.

    Because I am starting, that's a difficult question to answer.

    But what I know for sure is that I had some of the best teachers to learn me skills in yoga, natural health, dance, music,personal power&colours, and WOMB 🙃. They are experts in their field and practice(d) what they preach.
    So implementating these methods is the centre of my business. And I will develop my own content.

    I want to develop offers for ideale cliënts.

    I have to let echo in my system what Nisandeh says:
    'Everything in your business (and life) follows the 80/20 rule… Which means that the majority of your results is created by a small number of actions/clients/products and strategies.'

    To begin with, I will focus on the method for personal power and colours.
    Which has also principles of working ON my business in it.
    Building (online) Communication with outside world and possible ideale clients is an important Goal.

  10. Day 5. Things that produced some results, but worth improving: LinkedIn has produced some results for me. Through LinkedIn, I got a lucrative new client this year!. But I think it can create better results. So I need to optimize my use of social media. I need to do more networking, this has produced great results in the past. Ask for referrals. Do more online marketing. I have too few services, I need to enlarge my products and services range.

  11. Day 5 produce SOME of the results

    - Webinars, did deliver some valuable contacts but very few clients
    - Automated emails and follow up at download of “inkijkexemplaar” on website
    - LinkedIn post on specific product (cardset) did work but other post didn’t bring in new clients (only interesting comments and some contacts).
    - The website had some results (selling cardset) but need to be improved

  12. Day 5 - Produce SOME results

    YouTube used to bring in some new clients so I’m happy for the session this week! I will for sure use this strategy and even though it’s not for short term sales, I definitely see the long term relationship it can build with ideal clients.

    When I do live clinics, they normally fill, and I loved doing the midweek retreat. Both bring in OK results. I would love to do more ‘live’ events as I love teaching and working with people and their horses. I could have someone film the clinic and then turn that into another online product to create more results out of this.

    My 2 new courses that I created this year have produced some results when I launched it as a pilot course for my existing clients (who already followed the True Connection course). I have not done any promotion of these courses and I want to create a free lead magnet for these courses to get more results. 

  13. 1. What is your vision for your business;
    My business vision is: Creating an enjoyable, ethical and resilient world, by helping people to become more energy independent, sustainable and educated on power generation, usage, storage and heating.

    2. What are your main values in your business;
    Trust, sustainability, simplicity, resilience, profitability.

    3. What is it that you do – that does NOT produce results;
    - Honestly, the follow-up on client visits is horrible. By postponing follow-up, often also due to a feeling of insecurity or lack of material etc. I lose trust and feel obliged to lower prices, I feel ashamed etc. this attitude really needs to stop and certainly doesn’t produce results.
    - Small projects for a small price.
    - Doing work as a sub-contractor without proper price.

    4. What is it that you do – that produces MOST of your results
    - Installing solar panels, preferably close by (regional)
    - Work with specific partners that give a lot of clients
    - High end installations

    5. What is it that you do that produces SOME results and MIGHT be worth improving.
    - Work as a sub-contractor. I was offered really high prices for consultancy-like work. What we see is that “knowledge” in the market is quite poor, if we make flawless installations, it’s worth paying a higher price for that. Better though, is pursue our own projects.
    - Doing heat-related work. For example, Triple Solar is combing PV + T (and/or rethinking the electricity/heat installation).
    - May be even start doing projects with windmills.

  14. Day 4. Things that produce most of the results in my business:
    Focusing my time and energy on income producing activities, works well. Listing in a directory of service providers works, I regularly get new clients from there. Getting repeat orders from clients Showing appreciation to my clients with small gifts.

  15. >> I am going to evaluate my business honestly – the good, the bad and the ugly <<

    WEEK 19 / Day 5 – List is my list of all strategies, tactics products / services and actions that PRODUCE SOME RESULT in my business and which are worth optimizing.

    Garden House
    • Automate all communication
    • Set up social media strategy
    • Offer breakfast ready in the fridge

    My House
    • Prepare the three rooms for rent
    • Set up social media strategy
    • Automate communication
    • Offer breakfast in the fridge

    Optimizing my service for both my Garden House and the three rooms in my house
    • Serve breakfast on my veranda or in my living room for all my guests during the weekend
    • Install a small kitchenette for all rooms to use
    • Offer lovely events like
    o Guided tours in the forrest
    o Walks on Stravaza
    o Picknic baskets
    o High tea at 3 pm
    o Drinks at 5 pm
    o Friendsgiving (cooking together and dining together)
    o Celebration of birthdays the Danish Way
    o Experience HYGGE with me as Danish Hostess
    o Card nights
    o Philosophy evenings
    o Campfire get together

    Additional target audience
    • Families
    • Business peoples
    • Group of friends
    • People who love to socialize with others
    • Singles who wish to experience the gift of caring

  16. >> I am going to evaluate my business honestly – the good, the bad and the ugly <<

    Day 4 – Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce MOST of the results in your business.

    At the moment my Garden House clearly generate the biggest turnover with its
    91 % occupancy rate. And this is even without any additional promotion other than people searching on Airbnb.

    I have many additional products I can deliver whereby I can increase the price. Next to that I can start using Social Media actively which will ensure a 100% occupancy rate.

    Next to the Garden House I have 3 rooms in my house which I can advertise on Airbnb and social media which will generate a turnover from which I can richly live from. The products I generate for the Garden House can also be used for the additional rooms. Plus I will add three new groups to my target audience.

  17. >> I am going to evaluate my business honestly – the good, the bad and the ugly <<

    WEEK 19 / Day 3 – Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that do NOT produce results in your business.

    We have just been told that we are not allow to accommodate long term stay in our chalet. This does not just relate to working emigrants but also to people who needed a long term stay during e.g. the rebuilding of their house.

    We needed to reconsider whether the chalet would then be as beneficial as we wished it to be. After considering carefully and brainstorming over different options, we’ve decided to keep it but to adjust our product to serve a different target audience. At this point the Chalet has a 45% occupancy.

    We need to develop new product based on the wishes of the new target audience, and to choose a different communication and social media strategy. And to be quite honest: I love the challenge and have all the faith in the world that this is going to be a success.

    In my Garden House I do accept long term stay and now know a 91 % occupancy.

  18. >> I am going to evaluate my business honestly – the good, the bad and the ugly <<

    WEEK 19/ Day 2 – This is my list of my 4 most important BUSINESS VALUES

    1. LOVE (Leven Vanuit Liefde )
    2. CONFIDENCE (Leven Vanuit Vertrouwen)
    3. A CALM MIND

  19. Week 19/ Dag 1 Evaluation Time

    >> I am going to evaluate my business honestly – the good, the bad and the ugly <<

    Day 1 – This is my VISION for my business

    My Business Vision is: Creating a PLACE Where People Feel Welcome and Appreciated

  20. Day 5. Make a list of all the strategies, tactics, products/services and actions that produce SOME results in your business, and they might be worth optimizing.

    - Have an expert interview in different local newspapers.
    - look into my email list and keep building it, including opinionleaders in communities
    - whats app for more regular short messages and links to information about events
    - more strategic networking with CEO s and senior managers and managers/family docters in "multi servce practices".

  21. Day 3. Things that are not working in my business:
    Having a profile at freelance job sites has not worked at all for me, it has just made me lose money. My website does not work, I need to totally change it. Having no automation in place does not work. I have to no digital products, I need to create those.

  22. Day 3:
    * doing too much things at once, don't make enough choices, don't plan enough free time to relax, don't plan enough free time to work in and on my business, don't focus enough because of lack of choices and doing to much, postpone because of lack of confidence (which is a stupid irreasonable habit), doing to much things for other people in my family and friends, lack of delegating.
    Because I'm a starter (still almost working fulltime for an employer), I don't regret products which didn't work. (Although I do regret things which didn't work in my regular field - but that definitely is not only or almost not my circle of influence - although we tried very hard to make our circle bigger). And if something didn't work, it were my habits and not the product;
    I invested a lot of time and money in training during decennia of years. I don't think I regret any of those. It gave me a lot of very usefull knowlegde and skills. I always knew my regular work was not forever. Maybe last years I invested more in getting coaching, was it usefull? I think so, it helped me stay strong in a complicated field of work.


    Again, taking my previous mindfulness-company as the subject.

    - The actual workshops themselves - presenting and sharing the techniques
    - Being listed in the brochure/agenda of the location where I organized my workshops
    - This generated 90% of the clients and costed almost nothing, great!
    - But if would do this again, I'd make sure this was less and most of my clients come from something I have control over

    - Taking the subject out of the airy-fairy / 'zweverigheid' by
    - Using a science-based approach
    - Telling people my background is in business
    - Caring a lot about my clients
    - Making it my own - not sticking to the standard MBSR structure, but being authentic
    - Organizing an introduction evening to get people to know and trust me


    - Newsletters - too irregular, no CTA, no link to read further on the website, no videos etc.

    In addition, I didn't have a FEBE structure, did it for 'everyone' - no clear TA etc.

    1. Not to forget....having a clear flyer at the location, with a picture of me, clear list of the benefits of the workshop and a very good illustration that made the concept clear without words.

  24. Day 5 - what produces SOME results in my business

    The only service I am currently offering is mastermind groups.

    The only content I am currently publishing is Instagram posts (carrousels and reels) 3 times a week with daily stories.

    I do send weekly emails to my list and when I am launching (I launch new mastermind groups every trimester) I email more often, typically a 9 emails sequence.

    I cannot think about anything to kill, my business is quite lean and minimalistic.

    I expect to grow organically and add more mastermind groups and when I have enough groups/clients I will leave my job and have more availability for group traveling.

    But honestly I cannot find anything to kill at the moment, I have been killing enough (blog, podcast, youtube, selling my book, workshops about my book…) to focus on the mastermind groups and a target audience of women entrepreneurs.

  25. Day 5.

    This is the biggest, if not the only real, business issue I have. Throughout my career, my business success has always been the result of direct customer contact: (cold) calling -> making an appointment -> sit at the table. What I now run into is that I no longer want this and am looking for other strategies. I haven't found a solution or made a decision yet. Still in progress so to say.

    I am not averse to customer contact, quite the opposite. What I have in mind with the WOMB process is to build brand awareness so that contacting customers and prospects goes more smoothly; my reputation precedes me. That I prepare customers and prospects for contact from my side, instead of surprise surprise, hello customer here I am, you don't know me but now I'm here to show you that you need me.

    So a new approach.

  26. Day 5 28-10-2022

    – List all the strategies, tactics, products/services, and actions that will deliver SOME results in your business, and may be worth optimizing.

    Podcasts: I want to use this more because it provides me with inputs in companies. It shows my skills of asking questions and therefore resembles my coaching conversations. I have two new series that I want to add to the The Authentic Leader series: Help, my boss doesn't understand me and I will be using the audio recordings of the Q&A video series that I will start January 2023. I have yet to come up with a name for that.

  27. It's not much of a list.

    Most results in sales is with direct contact with client or prospect. Pick up the telephone and make appointment.
    In terms of product it is coaching / consulting.

  28. Day 5 To improve:
    • More products
    • An extra employee (I expect next week to finish the procedure😊)
    • More video’s
    • Develop a product for houseowners. The plans are almost ready, we hire a student for the most tasks.
    That makes it easier/faster to acquire more houses.
    • More direct bookings. We are developing a new strategy, with training from an expert. We can start at 1th of Jan.

  29. Day 4 The most results.
    • More new better houses, more products
    • Our 20/80 houses. They bring 80% of our turnover.
    • Repeat bookings that brings “direct bookings”, mostly via our newsletter

  30. 5. What is it that you do that produces SOME results and MIGHT be worth improving.
    Doing my own marketing and generating leads instead of outsourcing it.
    Stay generating leads with LInkediN, invest more time so I get more results
    Network more

  31. 4. What is it that you do – that produces MOST of your results;
    Being honest, say what you think. Do what you say.
    Being persistant, always look on the positive side

  32. 3. What is it that you do – that does NOT produce results;
    Split my attention to too many things. Being too emotionally attached to results and taking too much responsibility if it does not work out.

  33. Day 5.

    Get the book/ box in the right hands. We send the box to different people, but no or too little follow-up.

    Show up to more network/ meetup gatherings. Make it a strategy.

    Closing the deal; no deal without someone to sign/ pay at the table, more context over content here too. I love to help a bit too much sometimes- and not always that is working (sometimes it does).

    I am triggered by the youtube strategy. I want to learn using these analytics.

    Website(s) needs improving

    Strategy on holidays and rest.

  34. Day 5
    1. make video's ( 1 or 2 times a week and stay consistent)
    2. inform college's about products and workshops
    3. Make the 1 on 1 as a know like trust strategie
    4. take a fried (reward that)

  35. Day 4
    The most results.
    1. Give a workshop and ask to take a friend
    2. The question: make a list of friends/family, who would you award this information?
    3. offline training
    4. 1 on 1 meeting (before a workshop or training)
    5. Ask people for help for book-content (helped selling)
    6. Be seen I video's

  36. Week 19 - Day 5 of 5

    Strategies, products that sometimes yield results?

    Publication book (sells well, gives expert position, but no translation to training yet, not done yet)
    Publication Ebooks opt-in (read a lot, but download stagnates, see marketing that sometimes
    Gifts (birthday present)
    Websites (traffic is low)
    Email / LinkedIn Marketing (little result, but not consistent)
    Funnel (ebook, Free Growth Conversation, paid mentor program)

    When I look at it that way, and analyze the overview, the coherence in the strategies and products is missing and I especially need guidance to get it in a consistent line and none of the things have to be 'killed' yet.

    Although I am considering not doing interim assignments for 3-6 months next year. (best running product….).

    What to do? Optimizing and adapting to the vision seems to be the motto, but how and what would Nisandeh do, I wonder. I will submit this question in the Q&A for the hotseat session November 10th. What must be done by me and what can I delegate and automate?

  37. DAY 5. List of things that produce SOME results in my business, which might be worth optimizing:

    * Announcing events via specialized event platforms like Eventbrite

    * Working with “sponsors” (Ambassadors) who can sell my products/services to their audiences

    * Blogging and vlogging on a weekly basis (optimizing the right questions with the methods Nisandeh has taught us)