Find Out What THEY Want

A tip based on personal reflection!

Now that you have a clearer definition of who fits your Ideal Clients VIP Club – look carefully at who are your current Ideal Clients.

You might be surprised.

Some of our Ideal Clients over the years were totally NOT in our definition…

  • A house painter – that followed every course and became an expert in a field you wouldn’t think expert position or authority matters;

  • A 13-year-old girl that followed our programs and became a published serial author;

  • A consultant that followed our programs to became a two-time Billionaire;

  • An 18-year-old, almost blind guy, that started following our programs being accompanied by his mother, and came to his own by following my foot steps (running a marathon, climbing mountains, publishing books, leading groups…) without using his eyes…

If you’ve been with us for some years – you probably met/saw these people – as we often celebrated them and brought them on stage as inspiration to others… but none of them fit (at the time) our Ideal Client definition…

But when we look at the qualities we look for in our Ideal Clients – they are easily on top of the list:

  • They trusted us enough to follow our instructions;
  • They put their ego aside and did exactly as we instructed;
  • They bought pretty much everything we offered;
  • They were grateful and expressed their gratefulness.

And the sad thing… 

They’re all gone now…
At one point, each of them spread their wings and flew away… to bigger, and bigger successes…

Well… this is not the sad thing.
The sad thing is that we had (and still have) more to offer them, but they’ll never benefit from it, as they’re gone on to other paths.

And it’s all our responsibility.

In those years, our main focus was on changing the world, so we put most of our energy in getting more and more people in…

We didn’t put enough energy in offering the “next step” to those Ideal Clients… so they left.

Today, our focus is different.

We’re not interested in quantity, but in long-term relationships.

We can help you reach success, BUT… we have what to teach you when you reach that success and it’s time to move “beyond success”… and there is NO ONE in the world that teaches will teach you this.

When you are ready for it… we won’t mess it up again.
We will be there to take you further than you ever imagined possible.

I hope you won’t make our mistake, and you will see your Ideal Clients as more than clients… As fellow travelers, which is your duty, obligation and destiny to guide and protect along the way, for as long as the path continues…

And now… it’s time to move to…

Your Ideal Clients – Part 2

Now that you know who they are, it’s time to get in touch with them and… Find out what THEY want.

Let’s start with your MINDSET…


When thinking strategically, which is what this program stands for, you never want to assume or guess. 

Your Ideal Clients will only stay clients as long as you give them what THEY want. 

They will be happy to tell you exactly what THEY want… all you have to do is… ASK.

Full disclosure: I have a severe allergy (or fear) of talking to people over the phone, so I almost always surveyed our clients using email or online forms.

BUT… the most effective way to gather that information is in one-on-one conversations…

  • Face-to-face during meeting with them
    E.g. after a meeting/session, at professional conferences, during networking events, etc…

  • Or… on the phone
    Or even better… on Zoom.

A 2-way conversation is so much better because you can clarify your questions, ask complimentary and follow-up questions, and most importantly… build affinity that a form or an email will never do.

This year I started with a few group brainstorming to ask my Ideal Clients the most important questions I needed answered.

We had several groups with 12-25 clients in each group and it was mind blowing enlightening… Each meeting took one hour and I got everything I needed – including, I believe, tons of affinity.

But more important… from these few brainstorm sessions came a few one-on-one sessions where some of the participants wanted to give me more in-depth feedback/input. 

I let them schedule a 15-minute session in my agenda, and each of these sessions was priceless and responsible to a lot of what you experience today in the Working ON My Business program.

This is a little of my experience… now it’s up to you…

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

I am going to find out EXACTLY what THEY want.

How’s that for a 5-day challenge?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

When you are ready to ASK your Ideal Clients the most important questions AND you are willing to stay open (ears, mind and heart), here is the 7-step process you should follow:

  1. Define WHAT you want to know
    Some desired outcomes could be: what they want, what are they passionate about, what frustrates them, what are their aspirations, what keeps them awake at night…

  2. Decide HOW to contact them
    Some possibilities are: email questionnaire, online form, face-to-face physical meeting, phone/Zoom call, multiple client meetings (physical or virtual)…

  3. Decide WHAT and HOW you’re going to ask
    I suggest you focus on 2-3 questions that the answers will deliver you the most information…

    You should come up with a big list of possible questions and only then narrow it down to the 2-3 most important questions.

    If you’re trying to get statistics, and you can ask a large number of clients – then multiple-answer questions would do the trick.

    However, I suggest, especially when it’s the first time you do it – ask open questions.

  4. Decide IF/HOW you’re going to incentivize them
    Normally, when I conduct a survey, I am fully aware that my clients are doing me a favor, and I am happy to thank them with a gift for their time and attention.

    Usually, offering the right incentive will increase the percentage of responses.

    However, in the brainstorm sessions I described above, I didn’t offer any incentive, reward or a “thank you” gift for joining those one-hour session.

    I believe we got a lower number of interested people, and about half of the people who said they will join the sessions didn’t show up.

    Both numbers would probably be higher with an exciting incentive.

    HOWEVER… I do believe that those people that DID show up represented better the qualities I look for in our Ideal Clients – and so, in this case, I believe it was a good idea not to offer an incentive – let those that really want to help (i.e. care about us) make the effort and give their time and attention for a simple “thank you” at the end.

  5. Create and test your questionnaire
    Email is simple – just write the questions and ask them to reply with their answers.

    If you’re using an online survey (Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, WPForms plugin for WordPress…) set the form up and test it.  Then test it again.

    If you’re going to interview your Ideal Clients in a physical or virtual meeting – make sure you have a way to record/collect the answers – so you don’t miss a thing.

  6. Conduct the surveys/interviews
    If you’re in a face-to-face conversation (physical or virtual) – make sure you listen carefully and ask follow-up, complementary questions, when appropriate.

  7. Collect and analyze the answers
    This sounds easy and straightforward, but make sure you read between the lines and that you pick up the language they use – it’s a treasure throve for your future marketing communication.

PLAN your actions in your agenda…

Your next step is to physically plan this process in your agenda.

Plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to follow the first 5 steps of the process above.

AND… You will need to plan time to conduct all the interviews (step #6) if you’re actually meeting the people (physically or virtually).

Realize that we’re exactly in the middle of summer.
That might make it a lot easier, or a lot harder for you to get the attention of your Ideal Clients.

You know them best – so you have to decide if you want to implement step #6 right now, or after the summer.

BUT… since we’re going to use the information you collected in step #6 and analyzed in step #7 – in the coming weeks – I suggest you try to get in touch with at least a few of your Ideal Clients for some quick answers – as soon as possible.

You will also need time to actually analize the results (step #7). 

As you can see… lots to do this time…

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT…

Take 10 minutes, right now, and…

  • Day 1 – come up with as many ideas as you can for WHAT do YOU want to know;

  • Day 2 – come up with different ideas for HOW you can contact them and choose the method you’re going to use;

  • Day 3 – make a decision WHAT are the questions you’re going to ask them and share it in the comments EXACTLY the way you’re going to ask them (so you can get feedback from the other participants);

  • Day 4 – make a decision if you will be offering an “incentive” or a ‘thank you” gift for participating in your survey.
    If you choose to use one – come up with at least 10 ideas for exciting incentives you can offer and choose your preferred one;

  • Day 5 – create and test your questionnaire (and then test again);

In your 2-3-hour Implementation Session – launch it:

  • If you’re using email questionnaire – send the email out;

  • If you’re using an online form – send the link to the questionnaire using email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn DMs, Facebook DMs or carrier pigeons…;

  • If you’re going for face-to-face meetings (online or offline, individual or groups) – send the message to the Ideal Clients you wish to interview, explaining the process, and asking them to “opt-in” to your process;

Each day share with us in the comment box your ideas, actions and commitment.

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your process and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Wednesday to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday (I’m curious to hear the strategy you’ll come up with).

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Day 5 – week 7 create and test your questionnaire (and then test again)

    I am really happy with my questionnaire. I have a sparringpartner who is brutally honest and it helps a lot. I have a timeline in which I will do things. Apart from the questionnaire I will organize brainstorm meetings with customers. First one in the first week of september. I will reward them with a giftvoucher, although I will not tell them beforehand in order to only get people that are true and sincere. It is not in the quantity but in the quality.

  2. Day 4. week 7. Decide IF/HOW you’re going to incentivize them
    I think the most important thing is to let people know that you appriciate them. Most people are really willing to help. Tell them how valuable you find it that they spend their time, helping you. That is worth more than any incentive.
    Ofcourse people like presents. But in my opinion they like it even more when it is a surprise. People that only fill in a survey because they want the incentive will not make an effort to answer truthfully. Ofcourse not all people are like that but in my opinion, people that fill in a survey because they really want to help you or because they think it is important that they are heard, are sincere. And that is worth more than any incentive driven customer. So I am not going to make a list of incentives, because I do not believe it works. At least, that is my experience. I have spent a lot of money on all kinds of incentives but you attract the 'wrong' customers that only want to get more...

  3. Day 4

    After a few busy days with cycling. (many people with repair and maintenance question have not taken any action.

    I'm going to schedule this one.

  4. Finding out what my (Ideal) customer wants.

    Day 1: What do I want to know from my ideal customers?
    • What they rate my services, what could been improved and or what can been added?
    • If I could offer any other services to them?
    • If it would be possible to increase the frequency of the services I offer?
    • I they are willing the write a testimonial on my social media?
    • If they are willing to refer me to others in their network?
    • If you are willing to develop products and services together?
    • If they want to go to my party?
    • What their future problems / opportunities are and how can I contribute ?
    • How often I want me to contact me?
    • In what way (channel) they want to be contacted?
    • With what material (content) they want to be contacted?
    • If they are willing to evaluate contributions and share mutual learnings?
    • If they would appreciated to get contacts from my network that might be of their interest?

    Day 2: How can I contact my ideal customers and what is the preferred way?
    • Face-2-Face with during a cup of coffee / meeting; (chosen)
    • Via a Teams/Zoom/Skype session;
    • By Linked-In
    • Via a phone call;
    • Via an e-mail;
    • Via a questionnaire announced by means of one of more of the above indicated manners;
    • During a project that I do with them;
    • By means of a hired analyst or customer relations officer;
    • Packed in the form of a gift of any sort (expecting they come back to me);
    • Responding (in a positive way on some of their external contact).

    Day 3: This is question I’m going to ask my ideal customers:
    • Looking at my services; How can we can we arrange a long term commitment and / or a partnership upgrading and fitting these services I’m, offering and working towards developing and executing new ones based on your future needs and my capacities.

    Day 4: What is (if any) the “incentive” or “thank you gift”, I’m going to offer to my ideal customers –for participating in the f2f session (for a survey a have to limited clients, so f2f works better for me)?
    • I would put in unbilled time in the ideation and pre-design stage (as they should do) and when mutual agreed discuss how to get paid for further investments in the design and development work.

    Day 5: Creating, testing and re-testing my questionnaire (pre-discussion);
    • Prepping this in my reserved time (thinking sending an e-mail ahead) and making appointments and preparing a small presentation.

  5. Day 2 How to contact them
    1. Client visit with one on one conversation
    2. One on one conversation during in-person events
    3. Video call (zoom, skype)
    4. Ask a mutual connection (for ex. From Linked In) to introduce them to me
    5. Send a Linked in message
    6. Send a FB message
    7. Find out their mail address and send them an e-mail
    8. Phone conversation (call them directly)
    9. Organize an online survey and ask them to participate in a mail
    10. Polls on FB
    11. Ask questions during a chat in FB groups
    12. Ask them to schedule a 1 on 1 call with me in an online agenda

  6. Day 1 what do I want to know:

    1. What are your business goals for the next year?
    2. And what are your goals and ambitions for the next 5 to 10 years?
    3. What are your current strategies?
    4. What is your biggest challenge in your business right now?
    5. What worries or frustrates you?
    6. Why does that worry you?
    7. What skills or information do you need now to solve those problems?
    8. How did you solve those problems in the past?
    9. If I create a service or course, what would you want me to include in there?
    10. What is the 1st step you want to take now, that will have the biggest impact?
    11. What would it mean to you if that is solved?
    12. On what specific topic do you need more information?

  7. Day 2, 3 and 4. Excuse me for being so late with this.

    Gain trust first, show interest in the person and their lifestyle and then get the information.
    Choice between calling and personal contact is up to the client's preference (with the limitation of physical ability).

    Question 1. how is your family composition? (But in the words that fit. If you see in the application 2 adults 1 child, that is the starting point of the question.
    2. What do you expect from your fellow travelers? (Group Travel). Are you looking for a lot of contact, or rather on your own with joint activities?
    3. What does quality mean to you?
    4. When is a vacation successful for you? What must be in it, what must you experience at least?

    A digital book with nice pictures to show how beautiful Bavaria is.
    Make 3 versions: S -M - L To make them even more inspirated for my travelproduct.

  8. Day 5 Create and test your questionnaire (and then test again)
    Done this week:
    * Asked my Mastermind groups and recorded their answers.
    * Asked the Whatsapp group and gave thank you gift to the first answers (during the weekend will email the gift to the second batch).
    My next challenges are:
    1. How will I use the answers I got, as I would like to create a new service
    2. What will I ask to the full email list after my August launch: because the question I asked to the Whatsapp group gave answers oriented to their overall hope and dreams but I would like to know more specifically how to better serve them, how I can help them

  9. Day 4 Decision if you will be offering an “incentive” or a ‘thank you” gift for participating in your survey.
    * For my Mastermind group NO, I will just replay their answers at the end of the month for them to compare how they feel about what they initially said
    * For the Whatsapp group YES I offered a personalized message from an oracle card deck
    * For the email list (next month after my launch) YES I will offer a mini audio masterclass / I am considering recording 3 versions depending on the answers they provide

  10. Ai, day 3

    1. What does Being Real mean to you?
    2. What is your biggest dream in this life? 3. Are you already taking steps towards fulfilling your dream?
    4. Which talents of your own do you use? 5. What is your biggest challenge towards your dream?
    6. Do you have talents of which you think: it is too late for that now?
    7. Do you have any idea how you could start developing them?
    8. Is there another question you would like to have been asked in this conversation?

  11. DAY 5 - Ask them what they want - Incentive

    I've decided to go for the interview marketing, as Nisandeh explained in this week's Q&A's. In the end, I'll ask them if there's anything I can do as a thank you. If they don't know, I'll have a tree planted for them.

  12. Day 4 the incentive is for me rihgt now a no.
    If the parents take the offer to have a parent moment for 2 ours in as group that will be an incentive aas they dont pay for it and I am there woith all my knowlidge. Incase a subject comes up wich needs more information I am willing to plan a workshop or training for that.

  13. Day 5 – create and test your questionnaire (and then test again);
    Created the questions and will use them next week!

  14. Day 4 – make a decision if you will be offering an “incentive” or a ‘thank you” gift for participating in your survey.
    If you choose to use one – come up with at least 10 ideas for exciting incentives you can offer and choose your preferred one;

    No, I will not offer an incentive. I do enough for my clients to ask them this question without them needing a reward.

  15. Day 3 – make a decision WHAT are the questions you’re going to ask them and share it in the comments EXACTLY the way you’re going to ask them (so you can get feedback from the other participants);

    How do you make sure you have a regular flow of new clients coming in each year/month?
    How do you fill your salesfunnel, how much time is involved in this?
    What will be the best part of sales if you did NOT have to be involved in this?

  16. WOMB WEEK 7, AUGUST 5, DAY 5/7


    Via Google forms I have created the following questionnaire:

    This questionnaire has been tested multiple times this morning by me and my husband from multiple email accounts. It is currently in the process of being double-tested.

    Once it is all is fine, I will be sending it via WhatsApp, Facebook and email.

    As previously announced, the link will also be placed in a special landing page and also in the the description of the YouTube video I am creating.

    Am so curious what the answers and results will be! Keep you posted.

    Nice weekend everyone!

  17. Day 3 – WHAT are the questions you’re going to ask them
    On day1 I already asked the questions exactly as I was going to ask them

    1.How did you learn about Ditha Bonita?
    2. Why did you come to Ditha Bonita?
    3. What do you think is the most important value of Ditha Bonita?
    4. What is your most important value and do you think Ditha Bonita is living up to that?
    5. Do you think it is important for a webshop to be sustainable or do you just look at the collection?
    6. Name 3 points you already like about Ditha Bonita
    7. Name 3 points Ditha Bonita could improve
    8. What do you think about the collection?
    9. Do you miss any brands in the collection?
    10. How many times have you bought something in the (web)shop of Ditha Bonita?
    11. In what year you first learned about Ditha Bonita?
    12. What could Ditha Bonita do to make you (or anyone else) a recurring customer?
    13. Do you think Ditha Bonita looks trustworthy?
    14. Do you have any advice for Ditha Bonita?

  18. Day 2 HOW to contact them

    1. Send people a survey through my mailing list
    2. Make a short enquiry for Facebook
    3. Make a short enquiry for Instagram (younger peer group)
    4. Invite people for a zoom meeting
    5. Organize an event and give them a survey
    6. Organize a customer afternoon with tea and cookies and brainstorm
    7. Set up a community in Facebook and ask questions in that group (is going to take some more time to set up)
    8. Ask friends and family to some up with ideas
    9. Set up a What's app group with customers (ofcourse i will ask them first)
    10. Ask Customers at the checkout whether I can send them a survey

  19. Day 1 – WHAT do YOU want to know

    1.How did you learn about Ditha Bonita?
    2. Why did you come to Ditha Bonita?
    3. What do you think is the most important value of Ditha Bonita?
    4. What is your most important value and do you think Ditha Bonita is living up to that?
    5. Do you think it is important for a webshop to be sustainable or do you just look at the collection?
    6. Name 3 points you already like about Ditha Bonita
    7. Name 3 points Ditha Bonita could improve
    8. What do you think about the collection?
    9. Do you miss any brands in the collection?
    10. How many times have you bought something in the (web)shop of Ditha Bonita?
    11. In what year you first learned about Ditha Bonita?
    12. What could Ditha Bonita do to make you (or anyone else) a recurring customer?
    13. Do you think Ditha Bonita looks trustworthy?
    14. Do you have any advice for Ditha Bonita?


    I'm driving back from Denmark to the Netherlands today. But tomorrow I'll create my questionnaires and Customer Satisfaction Survey Will create on with a QR code as that is easily accessible by phone. Have never done it before but cannot wait to try. I will use SurveyMonkey and MICROSOFT Forms for creating my survey's. Why both of them? SurveyMonkey offers more possibilities but is an Open Source product which is not allowed with the environment of many of my customers for security reasons. Microsoft on the other hand I find much less attractive but the majority of my customers use MICROSOFT so I'll comply to their requirements.

    As I use a platform from a provider I don't know if it is possible for me to add the questionnaire to the platform. I will therefore print welcome cards for my guests with the QR codes. I will use the data to continuously enriching my service.

    I will create the CSS in MICROSOFT FORMs. I hope I can find a manner to make it more attractive.

    I will create this questionnaire in SURVEYMONEY and offer it on LINKEDIN as a poll and as a QR code to my AIRBNB quests.

    I'll ask my accountability buddies to kindly do a dry-run (User Acceptance Test) with me and a couple of friends. After amending the questionnaire based on their feedback, I'll ask them to once again do the second dry-run.

    1. Thank you for mentioning forms (I start using it in my job this week and thinking about using it also for my questions .
      and thank you for mentioning MonkeySurvey and differences with Forms.


    1) Make a appreciation basket with fresh fruit, a map of the area, a card and merci chocolate for my quests
    2) offer a lovely breakfast free of charge
    3) Prepare a snack plate for them as thank you
    4) Offer them a nice wine, branded with a HappyHome label
    5) Get vouchers for the best home made ice cream in the neighbourhood

    6) Give thanks for the willingness to specify their wishes and make sure I exceed their expectations
    7) Explicit my knowledge and interventies to enable the company/organisation to re-use it.
    8) Offering him a Merci chocolate

    9) Offer people a 10% discount if or when booking my airbnb
    10) Offer them a free breakfast if and when booking my airbnb
    11) Send them a special danish treat as thank you with the HappyVillage logo

    I'll choose the following options

    1) Make a appreciation basket with fresh fruit, a map of the area, a card and merci chocolate for my quests

    6) Give thanks for the willingness to specify their wishes and make sure I exceed their expectations
    7) Explicit my knowledge and interventies to enable the company/organisation to re-use it.

    9) Offer people a 10% discount if or when booking my airbnb

    1. Come to think of it as thank you for replying to the HappyVillage questionnaire I will offer them the opportunity to either get a 10% discount when booking my B&B or 11) Send them a special danish treat as thank you with the HappyVillage logo. In this way they still get a recognition without having to book the airbnb and do I get them on my mailing list.

  22. WEEK 7, DAY 5 - test questionnaire

    Day 5 – create and test your questionnaire (and then test again)

    I understand the power of testing. The point is, I will only ask each of my eight ideal clients in a individual conversation. So I will start with my three most important questions and then let the conversation develop as it goes. During and right after each conversation I will make notes, so I can improve my line of questioning with the next call. I know these eight women very well; the personal approach (so not a standardized one) works best. That way, I can adapt my words, tone of voice etcetera to each and everyone of them.

    >>I am going to find out EXACTLY what THEY want.<<

    1. Thank you for your suggestions. I was also thinking about adapting questions from client to client.
      Two streams: one questionaire in Forms, and live conversations with fewer people.

  23. For us it is important to influence / transform our customers to ideal customers. Our products are largely offered to the market through partners.
    We try to use sales figures to see which products are popular and to create more of them.
    In order to retain and connect to our customers, it is important that we know what they want.
    At the moment we keep in touch through newsletters and through personal contact. In such a contact we usually ask for information in order to get a picture of our ideal customer.
    For now we have prepared a number of questions and will ask them via:
    - Personal contact
    - Soc media, based on photos, customers can easily respond.
    - A small survey in our newsletter.
    - And a question in every newsletter to adjust the profile. Then you can also start segmentation with the newsletter.
    - We will also ask a few questions on the opt-in form of our newsletter.

    We choose for a "Thank you" and not yet an incentive. Maybe later. We have planned to make a nice magazine, with a lot of tourist information. That will NOT be a free giveaway. It is a paid edition, but it will have a nice price. In future we can thank people with this gift.

  24. WEEK 7, DAY 4 - exciting incentives

    My decision is to not offer an incentive. I am going to ask my already ideal clients and they will happily help me out. Offering something would create a distance instead of making a connection. But I will surprise them in the near future with a substantial discount or a gift if participating as one of the first people in my new program.

    For the sake of this program, though, I will do the excercise.

    My 10 ideas for exciting incentives I can offer 

    1. free personal coaching session
    2. discount on my existing e-books
    3. a goodie bag
    4. personal discount on my new program
    5. ‘bring-a-friend-for-a-50%-discount’
    6. a small inspirational book (like Omdenken)
    7. free training in getting rid of fear of failure
    8. free participation in a special group meeting via zoom
    9. a book on a subject that really suits her
    10. a joint lunch
    11. a bouquet of flowers via Greetz
    12. a free DISC assessment to give away (or to use for your self)

    13. a signed copy of my first novel
    14. free access to my training Je Brein de Baas

    >>I am going to find out EXACTLY what THEY want.<<

    1. I very much like your list of incentives Manny. A number of your suggestions would also work very well for me.
      If you don't mind I'll add the below to my list of incentives:

      5. ‘bring-a-friend-for-a-50%-discount’

      6. a small inspirational book (like Omdenken)

      1. As for point 5 I believe 50% discount to be too much for both of us. 15% would be sufficient to my opinion. The pure fact that they get a discount is unique in itself.

    Thanks to Bas comment I recognize that I'm struggeling with formulating open questions for my B&B guest. Any comments from you all would therefore be very welcome.

    Please help me make your stay at my B&B as pleasant to you as possible? I've listed a number of areas for you to react upon. If you have any additional areas in mind which would be of added value to you, I would love to hear learn about more about it.

    1) Breakfast
    How would you liked your breakfast served? More choices possible.
    - I'll /Wel'll arrange for my breakfast.
    - I'll / We'll like served in my/our own area?
    - I'll / We'll like served in the main house
    - I'll / We'll like it served with other quests?
    - any other ideas you wish to share?

    Is there any special diet I should considerd?

    2) Additional services
    Is there any additional services which would add extra value to your stay? Below you'll find a list of possibilities. I'll welcome any other suggestions you might have. More options are possible
    - I'd / We'd love afternoon thee
    - I'd / We'd love drinks upon arrival
    - I'd / We'd love dinner
    - I'd / We'd love lunch to go
    - I'd/We'd love.....
    - How much would this/these additional services be worth to you?

    OPTIMIZEPEOPLE (Changemanagement assignments / knowledge management assignments)y
    3) When is my assignment a succes?
    4) How and where would you feel that my interventions have been successful?

    5) How do you feel about living an inclusive and active live across generations?
    6) How do you feel about being part of a community where people across generations take care off and look after each other?

    1. Hi Marie-Louise, I thought of these questions (they are merely suggestions):

      If you were to live in a happy village, what would it look like to you?
      How big or how small would a ideal happy village be for you?
      If you were a part of a happy villa community, what is it that you would like to receive from your fellow villagers and what would you like to offer to them?

      Very happy to see that you are keeping your focus on the HV!

      1. WOW Manny that are very beautiful questions. I will add them to my questionnaire once my vision on the HappyVillage is crystal clear as I believe that many people would now not have a clue what a HappyVillage is. They would probably believe it to be a camping of some kind.

        Thank you for thinking with me on this one.

    2. As for the questions for OPTIMIZEPEOPLE I am also going to create a Customer Satisfaction Survey for my customers to fill in half way through my assignment to make sure we both monitor if expectations are met and if not, what to adjust on time to ensure the assignment will be of satisfaction to the customer. This way I will ensure I get a positive review and I will increase my customers willingness to give me referals. From experience I know that my customers appreciate my willingness to reflect and adjust if necessary.

  26. Day 4 - Exciting incentives you can offer
    I’m not going to offer an incentive/gift. Probably even ask for a bit of money to join the teambuilding activity. But for training purposes, I’ll do the Idea Generator.

    1. Free clinic
    2. Personal instruction video
    3. 2 hours of personal training for free
    4. Video Course
    5. Webshop discount
    6. Some title within their group
    7. Goodie (keychain, towel, bag, umbrella)
    8. Membership discount
    9. Participation points (like the comments here provide certain gifts)
    10. Something special/extra for participants during the next paid clinic
    11. Discount on the next paid clinic
    12. Free personal coaching session
    13. Some discount/free stuff from third party/sponsor

    I really believe I should do something with 'participation points'. Giving points for joining classes, clinics, events, participating in Social Media activities, etc. Only have to think of a simple way of registering certain activities and their respective points.

  27. Day 4 – make a decision if you will be offering an “incentive” or a ‘thank you” gift for participating in your survey.
    If you choose to use one – come up with at least 10 ideas for exciting incentives you can offer and choose your preferred one;

    Yes I will use an incentive to participate in my survey for the clients I had in de past and the present.

    And these are the 10 exciting offers I can think of:
    1. Offer them a one on one session for free.
    2. Offer a 50 percent discount to join my next workshop
    3. Offer them an exciting vip workshop for free, only for those who fully participated in the survey.
    4. Offer them a unique usefull method to immediately deal with stress
    5. Offer them a 45 minutes for free massage.
    6. A unique experience with oorkaarsen to relax for free
    7. A special treatment with aromatherapie to relax
    8.a free chakra sound meditation to harmonize
    9. A special feet-treatment with metamorfose massage to relax deeply.
    10. Meet at a unque nature spot and have a walking coach session there.

  28. day 4
    How can I thank you?

    1. thank you very much, you realy helped me.
    2. You get my book "effectieve gezinscommunicatie' for free. (online is possible)
    3. get an half-hour free coaching
    4. your welcome for the 3 hour workshop together with other parents. for free.
    5. we do a parents information lunch
    6. your welcome at the try out
    7.bring a friend
    8. give jou two books. one to give to a friend or neighbor
    9. give a set off postcards (made together with the book)
    10. give my phone number so they can call when they have a question

  29. WOMB WEEK 7, AUGUST 4, DAY 4/7

    WillI offer an Incentive for filling-in the questionnaire/ having a phonce call?

    After giving it a deep thought, I have decided NOT to offer an incentive. Sleep deprivation is something so difficult that I prefer my ideal clients to fill it in because they care and have affinity with the problem.

  30. Day4 Decide IF/ HOW you're going to incentivize them

    1-free cookies and chocolate for the morning coffee/tea during the next meeting
    2- a free drink (soft drink and wine) at the end of your day before the next meeting
    3-one free trial electric car charger during the next meeting
    4-free use of the new hanging screen in the Great Room during the next meeting
    5- free fruit during the meeting
    6 voucher after a first reservation for a 2nd meeting with a 15% discount on the rental of the Great Room
    7-Umbrellas printed, as an autumn gift for the person who makes the reservation.
    8-delicious free cake for the morning with coffee and tea
    9-free pen and pen holder for whoever makes the reservations
    10- book Sound of Life for whoever makes the reservation

  31. Day 4 04-08-22

    – decide whether you want to give an “incentive” or a “thank you” gift for participating in your survey.
    If you choose to use one, come up with at least 10 ideas of exciting incentives you can offer and choose your preference;

    1. Offer lunch.
    2. Send my ebook Improve your conversation skills.
    3. Giving a chamsa (I always give away at the end of a coaching process).
    4. Give away a 1-hour coaching conversation to an acquaintance of his or her.
    5. To perform as a speaker for free at an association of which he is a member.
    6. Offer a gift card.
    7. Offer iTunes card.
    8. Invite home for dinner.
    9. Offer a communication style test to someone he or she knows.
    10. Offer a coaching session with his or her partner.

    I'm going to offer 4 and 5 as a choice. Either he chooses a coaching conversation for a friend or I act as a free speaker for an organization of his choice. I have already given 1 away for an upcoming appointment where I will reward the customer with lunch for his answers. In the meantime, a friend of mine has answered the questions as a test. I speak to them at 3 p.m.

  32. Day 4

    I juist had a ZOOM call with my allmost ideal clients.
    Anyway, I said thank you to the participants.

    Wat more can I give as incentive?
    I think of
    - Digital overview of supplements that are suitable for their clients
    - Digital overview kind of mini step-by-step plan or checklist what they can prescribe for which complaint
    - My book as ebook
    - A ticket by post
    - Flowers
    - Tea or something small to send by post / mail
    - Discount on a follow-up course
    - Free 1:1 session with me (short)
    - Discount on the half-year program that starts in January
    - New article that is relevant

    What do I choose? I think I would be happy to get a little present through mail like tea or something else small, so that is what I am gonna to do!

  33. WOW I just had a planned ZOOM meeting with 4 of my not-almost-ideal clients and I asked them the 3 questions. And their answers were so valuable! Super grateful for this program. And thankful for the answers. I am happy!

  34. Day 3. Which questions exactly
    1. What are the 3 bigger desires that you have in life?
    2. What would be the 3 things you would like to improve about your life or yourself?
    3. What would be the 5 things that would make a self-development program of top-value to you?

    Day 4. Possible incentives
    1. Modules or sections from my video courses (or the entire thing)
    2. Slide courses
    3. Cheat sheets
    4. Selected summaries
    5. Selected blogs (tuned into booklets)
    6. Hard-copies of my books
    7. Notes of programs of online “gurus”
    8. Products from my side hustle fun business (
    9. An hour of my time to spend on a consultancy challenge of choice
    10. An hour of my time for a personal lecture of choice

  35. Day 3

    HOW = call

    1-How are you, are you still in the same inspiring place where you used to be?
    2- Do you still provide the meeting location for external meetings? (if not, can you tell me who does that now?)
    3-Where do your meetings often take place at the moment?
    4-What makes you hold your meetings there?
    5-What specific wishes do you have when you are looking for a meeting location for your meetings?
    6-What are you most excited about during a meeting at the meeting location?
    7-What are the things you like most about a location? So in other words; What elements do you pay attention to when you are looking for a location?
    8-Which form of contact with the meeting location do you prefer while arranging everything? Is that e-mail, calling, whatsapp, Signal, facetime, or possibly in another way?
    9-Are you the one who has the final say on the choice of location? Or is that someone else and what is taken into account?
    10-How can I get you to hold your meetings here again?

    1. Hey Nanda,

      Love that it is such a positively framed list.
      If it was my list, I would add what problems they face at the moment.
      I could imagine that people start talking about their frustrations when they are asked about what they love, but then I would like to have some 'frustration' questions at hand.
      Hope this adds something for you.

      Gr Bas