Franck Fielemon

  1. Franck has lots of skills in sales, marketing in general and LinkedIn marketing in particulier. He has a keen talent for commerce in general but his most valuable asset is: he cares. He goes to extremes to help his students and people he coaches. I do recommend him highly.

  2. Franck is an expert in sharing insights, free information on how to use LinkedIn, helping people to grow their businesses.

  3. Franck is absolutely a specialist in what he does. His tips and insights have already helped me a lot. And I really appreciate the personal, involved approach. I would recommend Franck to anybody who want to grow their business.

  4. I recommended Franck as he is an expert in his field. What I love about Franck is that he is empathic, patient, supportive and professional and really committed to your success.

  5. Frank taught me to optimize my LinkedIn profile and how to best design and place the content so that you get a wider reach.

  6. Franck shares his years of experience in sales to people to want to build their own business. He and his team thought me also how to use LinkedIn, for more visibility on LinkedIn.

  7. With his expertise he helped me building a successful business. I am very happy with his drive and consultancy on social selling in general and LinkedIn specific.

  8. Franck Fielemon is really an expert on Linkedin. He really inspires you to get out the best of your business. He has very professional and practical recommendations, based on evidence based results he and many of his clients reached and are reaching. He really is interested in to you as a person and business wise, a very nice and helpfull combination. If you really want to grow, get new clients and get the best out of Linkedin, Franck is the best person to teach you how to do it!

  9. Franck helped, and helps me continual with my online capabilities on LinkedIn. He really is of great help to me. My effectiveness on the social media increases every day! So, I can absolutely recommend Franck!

  10. Frank is not only a nice and warm person; he knows what is talking about. He has experience everything by hemself and that is why you can trust him. Working with him is nice because he is always positive.

  11. Franck Fielemon taught me how to write attractive and inspiring content, which resulted in two new prospects for me.

  12. Hands-on, practical and concrete, but also strong on the long term perspective. Relevant and especially up-to-date tips given by a driven and engaged expert. Maybe the most important thing: he can listen...

  13. I would like any entrepreneur to have Franck's guidance. He is a good sparring partner, positively critical and always alert if the steps I am taking are helping my entrepreneurial goals. Because of his guidance I get into action, and I am also doing the right things, which made me take several loose ends and change them into turnover!

  14. Franck is a coach with a really personal interest in his coachee. He is down to earth, is honest, helps to put things into perspective. He is the one and only Linkedİn expert who can make the connection between the business and the personal. Thanks to him, I fall in love with LinkedIn and know how to use it to make connection with leads and customers. But most of all, he is just a nice guy and a great person to work with.

  15. Franck is truly the best in his field: helping you get clients with Linkedin
    Just look at his track record building his successful business, omzetcoach and using his expertise to help other entrepreneurs build theirs.

  16. I highly recomment Franck! He is currently helping me, and I am happy he is my coach. He is my roadmap to relsults and valuable insights.
    Should have done it years ago.

  17. Franck is a nice guy. He listens very well to what you say and is empathetic. Franck showed me how to use Linkedin in order to attract more people to my profile and extend my network. He loves being surrounded by other people and co-operate with them. After the start of the pandemic he proved to be even more successful online. He is very creative and has lots of positive energy.

  18. I highly recomment Franck for his expertise and loyalty. besides being a expert in his field, Franck is a great human being.

  19. Franck is a person who really listens to me and tries tot help me with his team and with his own expertise on LinkedIn and social selling. And always from the heart. Good man!

  20. I vote for Franck, he is perfect in the guidance of customers in LinkedIn, sales- and marketing. I recommend him on his loyalty, his support, his personal approach and his being 'real and realistic' He is 'there', steady and by that it's very nice to be supported by him'.

    1. Francks passion for numbers and his knowledge about Linkedin makes him an expert. He helps, listens and shares his knowledge what makes him a pleasant man to work with. Businessminded and human; a valuable combination.

  21. I Learned from Franck to Use LinkedIn to acquire customers and turnover. With great results and turnover. I recommend him as an expert in your team so more people can benefit of his experience, creativity and drive.

  22. Hands down the most result driven LinkedIn expert I know.
    After 1 session we had a complete set of posts, from profile to value sharing to “harvest” post and everything in between.
    This brings LOTS of new clients & revenue in our business.
    Already for years!
    We at least 100x this investment.
    Highly recommended!!

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