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10X Your ROI (Return on Investment)

Here’s a little known fact…

It takes the same resources to create a good ad, a good email, a good blog post, a good video… as it takes to create a GREAT ad, a GREAT email, a GREAT blog post, a GREAT video…

But most entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners are often satisfied with “good” or simply don’t know how to move strategically from good to GREAT.

In the 10X Your ROI workshop I will show you EXACTLY how to get 10 times the results from EVERY action you take in your business – an email, a blog post, a sales conversation, a facebook ad, a social media post, a youtube video… ANY action!

It’s a strategy no one EVER talks about (well… very few even know about it), and when you apply it to any action you take in your business – you’re going to start getting results you never knew possible.

When, Where…

The 10X Your ROI workshop takes place over Zoom.
On Tuesday, March 29 at 8pm CET (NL, DE, BE, ES) and will go on for 2 hours.

A ticket for the workshop is €197, but if you fill in the form before the 22nd of March, you get a FREE ticket – while giving FREE tickets to your friends.

A true GET a gift, GIVE a gift action of love.

A Birthday Tradition

Every year, around my birthday, Vered (my wife), claims that I’m the worst person in the world to give gifts to… After 28 years together – she still can’t find anything “in a box” she could give me…

But that’s not true. I LOVE gifts. I just love giving them.

For years, we have a  family and business tradition…
Every year – on my birthday – we give gifts to others: strangers in the park, our students, poor communities around the world…

And this year – we give YOU a FREE TICKET to the new 10X Your ROI workshop

The workshop costs €197 – but during my birthday week – you can get it… for FREE… My birthday gift.

That means BEFORE March 22

And to make it extra special… I’m going to ask you to give it to someone else too… Share the gift with at least one other person who owns a business and could use a serious boost.

It can be a friend, a colleague, a family member, maybe a LinkedIn contact…

You can give this gift to one or two people (so, please choose those you believe will actually use this gift) . A golden opportunity to make other people happy just like Santa Claus or Sinterklaas.

Please fill in the form below, and we’ll send you a €197 gift voucher for the 10X Your ROI workshop. Your friend(s) will get a short email with an invitation to check this page… (see the email text below). 

Thank You for Sharing the Love!

Just for Fun... My 46th Birthday Gift

The Email Your Friend(s) Will Receive


Dutch Version

Hoi {your friend’s name},

Het is waarschijnlijk niet jouw verjaardag, maar wel die van Nisandeh Neta. Hij geeft daarom zijn workshop “vertienvoudig je ROI (Return On Investment)”ter waarde van 197 euro over hoe elke actie die je doet in je bedrijf het tien keer beter doet, GRATIS weg.

Het is een live workshop in zoom, en ik ben erbij.

Ik denk dat jij het ook geweldig gaat vinden.

Via deze link vind je meer informatie, en kun je je gratis toegangskaart krijgen (tot 22 maart):

Hartelijke groet,
{your name}

English Version

Dear {your friend’s name},

Maybe it’s not your birthday, but it’s Nisandeh Neta’s birthday and he is giving away for FREE a €197 “10X Your ROI” workshop on how to get every action you do in your business to perform 10 times better…

It’s a live Zoom workshop, and I’m going to be there.

I think you’d love it too…

Here is the link for more information, and to get your ticket for FREE… (only available until the 22nd of March):

Warm regards,
{your name}

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