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Important Announcement - April 2022


In order to deliver YOU the most value YOU want and need, and to make sure we don’t invest our time and effort on those people who are not ready or interested in the value we have to offer – we are going to make some important changes to the way we work together with you.

From May 31 everyone on our mailing list will have to choose one of 4 plans:

  • The GOODBYE Plan – where we’re going to say “adiós” and “bon voyage” to those who are not active, engaged or interested in our content, programs or activities.
  • The STUDENT Plan – where we’re going to offer free and paid educational programs – for those who are serious about gaining knowledge and skills to grow their business.
  • The NETWORKER Plan – where we’re going to provide free and paid challenges and networking meetings with other like-minded entrepreneurs – for mutual support, accountability, brainstorming and potential partnerships.
  • The COMMUNITY Plan – where we’re going to offer a balanced mix of learning, networking and engaging in free and paid membership programs.


Our mission is to build the ultimate online community for small entrepreneurs.
So, getting the right people into the Community Plan is our highest priority.

Help Us Give You the BEST

You have the power and the opportunity to input, impact and influence our relationship and cooperation from now on.

In the coming days we’ll conduct several brainstorm sessions (over Zoom) with those who are willing to be part of this change process.


Please fill in your name and email, and let us know which date/time you’re available to join the Zoom brainstorm session.

The session will be lead by a professional and will go on for 75-90 minutes.

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