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Thank you so much for reserving your place in the Zoom workshop Level Up My Business, taking place on Thursday, December 22, at 8pm CET.

During the workshop you will learn several advanced business growth strategies I have never shared before.

How to prepare?

In order to make sure I can give you everything you need to know in a 2-hour workshop, you will need to complete the following preparation assignment.

This is a mandatory requirement, and if you won’t complete it BEFORE the workshop, unfortunately – you will NOT be able to participate

So, please, take it seriously.

Please answer the following questions on a document on your device, and when you’re done, copy-paste your answers from your device into the comment box below:

  1. Make a list of all your self-sabotaging patterns that you’re aware of (e.g. procrastination, perfectionism, fear of failure, lack of purpose, distraction, self-doubt, laziness, ignorance, envy, comparison, blaming, safety…);

  2. Come up with a strategic plan how can you handle these sabotaging patterns / habits – next time they show up;

  3. Make a list of all the things you appreciate, love and admire about yourself as an entrepreneur;

  4. Come up with a strategic plan how can you use and enhance these qualities to help you grow your business;


To complete this assignment you should reserve a couple of hours – so don’t postpone doing it to the last minute.

WHEN we receive your answers in the comment box, we will send you the login information to the Zoom meeting room. 

Please be patient as this might take some time (we are reading every single comment).

If you posted your comment and didn’t hear from us with the login information by Thursday (December 22) at 5pm, please contact us by WhatsApp or text at: +31-6-43766590.

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I’m very excited and looking forward to meeting you in the workshop.

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Self-sabotaging patterns & strategic plan
    1. Procrastination (Netflix, Disney+, Social Media, etc)
     Planning designated moments to work and to procrastinate.
    2. Distractions (ADHD’s uncontrolled creativity machine)
     Using a software tool to organize my ideas and plan them instead of diving into them right away.
    3. Multitasking multiple business/ideas/hobbies
     Planning time or periods to work on certain things and prioritize better what to do now, what to do later and what to stop doing.
    4. Postponing endlessly but staying busy with it in my head
     Using a software tool to organize but also deciding better if it’s worth holding on to. If I keep postponing, it might not be worth it, or I have to find out what stops me from doing it right away.
    5. Perfectionism is still a big factor but gets less of a problem.
     'Something' is many times better than 'nothing' at all.

    Appreciate, love and admire about yourself & strategic plan
    1. Always been good with self-reflection (acceptance-wise) but now getting also better with feedback from others.
     Ask others for feedback on my plans and tips to improve my business/time management.
    2. I can be quite a useful lazy person
     When I start to self-sabotage I have to consider if I’m getting useless lazy. If so, change my mindset.
    3. It’s very easy for me to get people to share with me anything and everything
     I should consider doing more full coaching sessions with students since there is much more money to make than just martial arts lessons.
    4. I’m a brilliant instructor. I can explain why I do things and teach others how to teach in multiple styles to suite the different students.
     I should train far more assistants to take of my workload so I can focus on better-paying projects.

  2. 1) Ik heb weinig energie om dingen te doen, kom maar met moeite vooruit, al heb ik wel steeds een beeld voor ogen, waar ik naar toe zou willen. Dit was eerder niet zo, ik heb een tijd volledig vanuit mijn kracht kunnen leven & ik ken de oorzaak van de stagnatie ook wel, maar het is lastig om er helemaal uit te komen, er zit nog steeds iets geblokkeerd. Het nog niet helemaal kunnen achterhalen, wat de exacte blokkade is, maakt soms moedeloos & dan verzand ik al snel in uitstel-gedrag, gewoon maar bij de dag leven. Meestal wel vanuit het idee, ik probeer in elk geval, wat ik wèl kan doen nu...maar dat is op dit moment dus maar iets een kwart van, wat ik èigenlijk zou willen!

    2) Ik gebruik mijn zelf ontwikkelde methode, Luisterend Lijf, om saboterende patronen in mezelf op te ruimen. Het is een combinatie van dans/beweging. zang/geluid, intuïtief systemisch werk, meditatie & soms, als het weer het toelaat...de natuur. Zodra ik merk, dat ik ergens in vast zit (ook al is het midden in de nacht), maak ik tijd om hier mee bezig te gaan & het helpt me altijd om meer helderheid, overzicht te krijgen, me weer beter te gaan voelen.

    3) Waar ik van hou in/aan mezelf, wat ik bewonder aan mezelf:
    - dat ik een doorzetter ben & niet opgeef, ook al zijn de omstandigheden ronduit belabberd.
    - dat ik dingen tot in de kern blijf onderzoeken, tot het opgelost is.
    - dat ik open/transparant ben & in staat om contact te onderhouden met andere mensen, al zijn er strubbelingen.
    - dat ik een visie/missie heb, daar trouw aan blijf.
    - dat ik met mijn methode vaak mensen help, die behoorlijk uitzichtloos vast lijken te zitten & hen toch weer in beweging/vertrouwen weet te krijgen, door hen aan te spreken op hun zelf-herstellend vermogen, hen de tools daarvoor aan te reiken.

    4) Ik heb ontdekt, dat als ik dingen laat ontstaan, ze het beste werken voor mij. Het leven ontvouwt zich, via mij & wat ik de wereld in te brengen heb, zal zich ook op die manier ontwikkelen, heb ik eerder in mijn leven al eens ervaren. Wat niet wegneemt, dat ik er zelf ook iets in te doen heb: steeds goed luisteren naar mijn intuïtie, of iets wel/niet goed voor me is & bijdraagt aan het grote geheel. Daar tijd voor blijven nemen, om dingen te doorvoelen/onderzoeken, daarin zo dicht mogelijk bij mezelf blijven, is de basis, weet ik ergens. En vanuit daar kan alles ontstaan, waar ik van droom! (Ik heb me alleen - als gevolg van energetische schade - een flinke tijd niet goed mezelf kunnen voelen...daar zat alles op vast, helaas!)

    1. Nog bij 3) Waar ik van hou in/aan mezelf, wat ik bewonder aan mezelf:
      - dat ik vrij gestructureerd/geordend leef, maar dat toch ook weet te combineren met leven vanuit het moment.

      4) Naast dingen vanuit het moment kunnen laten ontstaan, is het wel belangrijk om ook een bepaalde structuur te hebben, heb ik ontdekt: daarom leef ik volgens een dagelijkse routine, niet zozeer op tijd, maar vooral in het uitvoeren van bepaalde acties. Elke avond op een rijtje zetten, wat ik de volgende dag wil, helpt me erg om in beweging te blijven & dat vastleggen in mijn journal, om het ook daadwerkelijk te doen. Verder: onderhoud ik mijn contacten zoveel mogelijk, zet ik mijn energie in op het leggen van andere waardevolle contacten & sta ik open voor nieuwe ontwikkelingen, mogelijkheden.

  3. Self sabotaging patterns:
    1: I think I allow myself some free-time, (strolling on internet) but it is actually procrastination, postponing sometimes even for ever! Tasks that may be done in a few hours, or half a day, I postpone so long, until there is no need to do it anymore. And the stupid thing is, once I start the task I always actually enjoy doing it.
    2: Always 'having to sort out and clean up mess', runs in the family. repeating family pattern.
    3: Not good at taking criticism IF it feels like being corrected. Professional criticism I can handle, but authoritarian behavior I dislike and then I just shut off. But I'm learning to deal with it. So it does not stop the flow.
    4: Distraction and frustration if someone is 'wasting my time'. In a life where Time is such a big issue, and I always struggle with it, It is frustrating when tasks are required (by others) that are simply stupid and wasting my time!

    Strategic plan could be:
    - Plan ahead. Devide my time in enough rest and enough time to prepare. Do the tasks that are really important immediately at the beginning of the day. Then work down the list. And transform procrastination-need in cleaning and clearing out time.
    - Reward myself with something else and at an other time! (find it first). Maybe: A biketrip for fun instead of biking to my destination, because I start to enjoy that.
    - If criticism feels really as some disguised assertiveness, be silent and just say: 'let me think about this. I'll get back to you'.
    - If a task seems really really stupid, see if somebody else can do it. faster and better.

    What works well with me:
    - I can handle things eventhough they get under my skin.
    - I never get angry! Never mean, insulting.
    - Always will try to approach things in a friendly way, and pass on his tone to the people that work with me. We all enjoy when the atmosphere is positive and productive. (Today we were all singing a silly Toupim company-song)
    - I pay compliments but am also realistic and honest.
    - I have perseverance
    - I don't work for the numbers, but for the results.
    - I grow.
    - I started this assignment 'in time' (although it is late at night!)

    How can I use thes skills in a strategic plan to grow my business:
    - Be at ease with having more employees and collegues then ever before, because I can handle it.
    - Keep discussing with my partner over and over.
    - Be smart and look at the numbers f.i. every week!
    - Devide tasks, and check the results, and keep the team happy and excited.
    - Celebrate more with everybody in the business, team, clients, ambassadors, supportteam.

  4. My weak points/self sabotaging patterns:

    1. Too much dependency from emotions and my relation.
    2. Overloading and then collapsing
    3. Feeling helpless with practicals and doing it half or too late or fucking it up
    4. Complete vision of my work, lots of pieces in two different cities
    5. Procrastination for a good website and flyer.
    6. Low self esteem.

    Strategies to overcome my weak points:

    1. Movement, connection, structure for my day, and a daily plan with enough joy and connection. If I feel not so god, completing at least a minimum of tasks on this day.
    2. Planning and taking enough time for preparation. Planning time for resting and resourcing.
    3. Getting help. Making a plan with small steps and follow it.
    4. Having a vision day and make a visible vision of my life and work.
    5. Doing it in the beginning of January and pay a friend to help me. We made an appointment for the 9th of January!
    6. Taking time to read the comments of my students and to get aware of the results of my work.

    What I love about myself as an Entrepreneur:
    1. I am this since 25 years and always trust to do what I love. I have stability in teaching massage. I never gave up and navigated through a lot of change.
    2. Touch is my passion. Movement is my passion, being in the body is my passion. I can use my body for reaching my clients and for teaching.
    3. I can touch peoples hearts with my words.
    4. I love working together with friends.
    5. I have optimism and trust and never give up, I go with the change when it is there.
    6. I have deep acceptance and love for people, and a lot of deep experience in healing process and regularly exercises.
    7. I created a lot of helpful, creative, pragmatic, practical offers for my clients. I am by their sides.

    How to use this for my business:

    1. Being visible in social media and in my website, and so on with my long term experience, and that I am teaching.
    2. and 6. Creating events and opportunities for new clients, to meet me personally, and to feel me in to get me to know.
    3. Using my ability to write and my words in my products and in my website. Maybe having a blog.
    4. Creating and leading seminars together with one of my best friends, what we already started in2022.
    5. Going on with what I want to create now and trust the change and the future and myself. Not stopping anymore in the worry of it will change anyway.
    7. Continue with the offers which worked already very well and being courageous to raise my prizes. Offering my clients long-term work together.


    1. Procrastination
    2. Poor communication
    3. Aversion against exposure
    4. Bad planning
    5. Fear of success
    6. Asking too low prices
    7. Perfectionism
    8. Taking risks


    - Prevention:
    • Prioritize tasks
    • Speed up implementing, start immediately
    • To Do list every week and every evening
    • Plan procrastination days
    - When procrastination pops up:
    • Figure out why
    • Break up into smaller tasks
    • Wabi sabi, don’t be a perfectionist
    • Set a timer
    • Reward myself after completing difficult tasks


    • Begin in the morning
    • Fixed communication blocks in planning
    • Switch off phone & mail in between
    • Do it every day to keep momentum
    • Prioritize
    • Make a call instead of mail


    • Team up/outsource to VA
    • Plan it
    • Just do it
    • Maintain an idea log (notebook & digital)


    • Increase buffers and take them serious
    • Record time spent on the different activities
    • Avoid procrastination

    FEAR OF SUCCESS (I’m the horse that refuses to jump)

    • Increase self-confidence (Acknowledge Diet, use my testimonial jar)
    • Practice visualizations of my success (trip to Japan, MX-5, being in the media/newspaper, having my social workshop, stepping into my own well equipped studio in the morning)
    • Remember myself: the best revenge is massive success (Frank Sinatra) (and visualize myself showing it to …)
    • Find ways to beat my demons (Mr. Shame, Mr. Guilt, Ms. Self-doubt)


    • Sound boarding with professionals
    • Calculate healthy profit margins
    • Know my prices by heart
    • Do negotiation training
    • Increase self-confidence (Acknowledge Diet, use my testimonial jar)


    • Apply Wabi Sabi
    • Say positive self-affirmations (like: the concept is brilliant, the big picture is good, etc)
    • Take a break and some distance (also literally)


    • Manage my challenges, create transparency:
    o risk assessment
    o best case/worst case scenario’s in time and money
    o risk management



    1. I successfully make designs that touch the soul
    2. My clients confirm that they benefit from my products
    3. I can rely on my skills and knowledge as a designer
    4. I can rely on my empathic capabilities and connect to people
    5. I’m a good storyteller
    6. I see myself making progress – it’s great, makes me proud
    7. I am proud of the diversity of my work
    8. My work is what I want to do
    9. I’m honest
    10. I like to enter into new challenges and I take risks
    11. I’m good at inventing and creating technical solutions


    • Use this skill to create visuals for social media etc.


    • Ask my clients to write testimonials and post the testimonials on my website and/or social media
    • Make an interview with a happy customer and post it


    • Expert position – use my skills and knowledge for posts and articles on social media and in the media


    • Build more self-confidence in approaching people (and tackle procrastination in communication)


    • I should visualize my progress and pin it to the wall


    • Keep my work diverse by outsourcing and automating boring and repetitive tasks


    • Remind myself of this when things don’t go smoothly


    • Guideline: Don’t deviate from my basic personal principles.


    • Reminder to stay open for new ideas, materials, tools, techniques
    • Use this quality to stay future proof
    • Use this quality to stay ahead of the competition

  6. Right, first of all: thank you for this rudimentary wellknown Eyeopener most of us forget whilst being busy.... (really!).
    So here it is. (in English and in Dutch further down)

    Self-undermining patterns and a strategic plan on how to deal with them:
    - Laziness
    - No discipline
    - No planning / business plan / marketing plan : No Purpose
    - No patience
    - Too much pleasing leads to customization
    - Easily distracted, too many interests
    - No trust, so no staff
    - Enough is enough
    Strategic plan should consist of following topics:
    - set fixed time per day/week/month in agenda
    - business-marketing plan = basic!
    - recording wishes and scheduling in time
    - over-scheduling time so that there is time for other things
    - if planning/forecast then calculable; find a partner
    - How much do you want at least, what do you need

    The things I value, love and admire about myself as entrepreneur, and a plan how to use them:
    - Creativity
    - Right to self-determination
    - Financially better
    - No control, independence.
    - Versatility
    - More attention to happiness
    - live my own life instead of being lived
    - Enough is enough
    A strategic plan on how to use and improve these qualities to help me grow my business
    - Detaching from busywork, outsourcing, develop solutions
    - Sparring and getting ideas, traveling
    - Organizing sales/marketing
    - Balance Independency vs Belongingness
    - Focus on design instead of execution
    - M = capacity OK / B = where do you want to belong NOK / A = Autonomous OK
    - Plan better and wait less from day to day what's to come
    - How much do you need at least, what are you going to do with the surplus

    zelfondermijnende patronen; een strategisch plan hoe je ermee omgaat;
    - Luiheid
    - Geen discipline
    - Geen planning / businessplan / marketingplan : Geen Doel
    - Geen geduld
    - Teveel pleasen leidt tot maatwerk
    - Snel afgeleid, teveel interesses
    - Geen vertrouwen, waardoor geen personeel
    - Genoeg is genoeg
    Strategische plan bevat de volgende onderwerpen:
    - vaste tijdstip per dag/week/maand in agenda zetten
    - business-marketing plan = basis!
    - noteren van wensen en inplannen in de tijd
    - tijd over-inplannen zodat er tijd komt voor andere zaken
    - indien planning/forecast dan calculeerbaar ; partner zoeken
    - Hoeveel wil je minimaal hebben, wat heb je nodig
    Alle dingen die je waardeert, liefhebt en bewondert aan jezelf als ondernemer
    - Creativiteit
    - Zelfbeslissingsrecht
    - Financieel beter
    - Geen aansturing, onafhankelijkheid.
    - Veelzijdigheid
    - Meer aandacht voor geluk
    - Eigen leven in plaats van geleefd worden
    - Genoeg is genoeg
    Strategisch plan hoe ik deze kwaliteiten kan gebruiken
    - Loskomen van busywork, uitbesteden, FO's maken
    - Sparren en ideeen opdoen, reizen
    - Sales/marketing organiseren
    - Onafhankelijk vs ergens bijhoren
    - Focus op ontwerpen ipv uitvoering
    - M = capaciteit OK / B = waar wil je bij horen NOK / A = Autonoom OK
    - Beter plannen en minder van dag tot dag afwachten wat komt
    - Hoeveel wil je minimaal hebben, wat ga je met het overschot doen

  7. My self sabotaging patterns are:
    - Always coming up with new exciting plans and ideas
    - Taking the time to learn and figure out things for myself when I could also let someone else do it
    - Putting the standard to high.
    Strategic plan for dealing with these patterns:
    - Asking myself if something is ‘good enough’ before developing something new or when I put the standard high.
    - Asking myself if I have to do things myself, or just like to do it? Secondly, do I have the time.

    I appreciate the fact that I really want to push myself to deliver the best results for my clients in my work for them. I am very focused in that sense and it is easy for my to establish next steps based on expected impact/effort. I also appreciate that I always have ideas on how to make things fun for everyone.
    I can use these qualities strategically in seeing myself as my own client. This way I am not only helping my clients determine the best focus, but I can do the same for myself. I would like to plan more offline meetings with clients, so they can enjoy our cooperation even more.

  8. self-sabotaging patterns

    -stucking in patterns that are psychologically comfortable
    - ignorance
    -Working on low priority staff
    - Spending too much time on my mobile phone (especialy facebook)
    - not having a higher purpose
    - Fear that someday a competitor will come better and get all of my customers
    - If some monhts I hit my money goal earlier, in the middle of the month or in the 20th day of the month then I sit back and I say ‘’ ok we are done for the rest of the month…’’

    strategic plan

    -Set higher money goals
    - Keep in distance my mobile phone when I work
    - Try to find a learn what I do not know on my business
    - To find a higher purpose (Something that will drive me to act like a lion…)
    - Try to innovate day by day so if any competitor try to steal a customer of mine to be very difficult

    the things you appreciate, love and admire about yourself as an entrepreneur

    - Startuper (I did something new in Greece and even in the world…)
    - Innovator ( I have added new services compatible to the main service that will help my customer to go closer to its target…)
    - Relationships with the best building material suppliers in Greece
    - Free Time !!!
    - I determine the way and the hours I work
    - Generating new ideas to help my clients sell their products, so furthermore to live their families
    - Playing key role in the construction field of Greece

    strategic plan how can you use and enhance these qualities to help you grow your business

    - Generating daily new ideas in order to give value to my customers
    - Trying to help everyday as much material suppliers as I can
    - Except of the weekend I ll try to get another one day off, Wednesday.
    - Write down 10 ideas each day to make my business better (marketing, customer service, more infos to my customers)

  9. Self sabotaging habbits/patterns,
    - No agenda,
    - Starting focussed on a new project, Than being distracted by online orders ( most of the time customers ask items which are out of stock),
    - Putting the project aside I was working on...... and make the online order.
    - Those projects need different material and tools.... So very slowly ( weekly ) I happen to create a total chaos. Which takes to much time to tidy up.
    So I pretend it's not there and continue with job 1. And after a week, my creativity suffers, because the chaos in the workshop also gives chaos in my
    - I tend to take very interesting orders, red carpet customer orders, very challenging orders......Those orders create focus ( for the order) not for the chaos workshop....

    Strategic plans;
    - When distracted by partner or family member, first tidy up the project working on. If not..... tidy up before going to bed.
    - Bookkeeping/administration, each month and hire staff to finalize it.
    - If the chaos to big, hire staf, to tidy up the workshop.
    - Receiving online orders.....Don't say yes before having checked stock and if not in stock... answer politically correct.
    - Make a year's planning, with the associated tasks, with deadlines. Hire staff for the tasks, you can/ want/need to delegate.
    - If someone ask a favour using the Dutch word 'even' . Use the answer,
    What an interesting task, thought, project, I'm going to think about this, I'll answer you next week.
    Because it always takes more time than expected on forhand.....
    - Shedule free time every time to get down to earth. Meditate, sport, working in the garden, cookie baking.

    What I appreciate, love, admire about myself.
    - my creativety
    - my ability to turn problems into opportunities.
    - my positivity in life, despite losses continue living.
    - my teaching abilities.
    - my humor.
    - my multi tasking skills..... hahaha.

    To grow my business....
    I actually do not want my business to grow. I would like to lift it to the next level.
    whatever level is the right one.
    Thinking how I want to life the coming years and what I have to do to achieve it.
    Being able to enjoy the grandchildren, and at the same time being creative, travel the world to all the interesting fairs with my art products
    and teach workshops to inspire my customers

  10. 1. Zelf-saboterende patronen
    • Focus
    • Afleidingen van buitenaf
    • Stay in line

    2. Strategisch plan om sabotage aan te pakken
    - Focus:
    • Dagelijkse planning maken,
    • Geactiveerd,
    • Opmerken,
    • Meditatie
    • Implementeren
    - Afleidingen van buitenaf,
    • Vasthouden aan je eigen weg
    - Stay in line
    • Creëer paden waar je niet van afwijkt.
    • Creëer deadlines en houd je eraan.
    • Vergelijk,
    • Herkader het en zie het als inspiratie

    3. Dingen die je waardeert, liefhebt en bewondert aan jezelf als ondernemer;
    • Volhardend,
    • Betrokken,
    • Innovatief,
    • Investeer in mezelf,
    • Creatief,
    • Kwaliteiten te verbeteren

    4. Strategisch plan
    Dagboek: sterke punten verbeteren en mijn zwakt momenten overwinnen.
    • Lopen
    • Yoga
    • Meditatie
    • Schrijven; Boeken / Bloggen

  11. Here are the words of my self-sabotaging patterns : procrastination, perfectionism, self-doubt
    Strategic plan: is this my strategic plan? Maybe. I know my connections grow, so I am creating a positive environment. An I begin to get recognition in my artistic work. I am very well aware of, that artistic work is an area, that differs from a business world. At least, I have a different way of thinking, or maybe a lack of thinking. Most important for me is to be connected and feeling connected. To know and trust myself , to become more conscious.
    I know I dedicated my life to art. That means a lot of hard work, and for me a baize life. But I never gave up on that. Integrity, consistency and reliability are key words that are connected to me.
    My strategic plan to enhance these qualities to help you grow your business: Staying authentic and I will follow a one-year program from January on to develop qualities on social media, develop tools and make them my own. And I show my face more, by writing.

  12. 1) The self-sabotaging pattern that I am aware of is procrastination, I tell myself that I will do it later and then forget about them or get distracted...
    Another self-sabotaging pattern I have is wanting to have things perfect and only then will I share it...
    Fear of failure is also something I have sometimes...
    Also, I get easily distracted and compare myself with others...

    2) The next time these self-sabotaging patterns/habits show up I think the first thing is to recognize is that they are blocking my higher vision and potential and to understand that I can go beyond these limiting beliefs and connect with my higher vision and the reason behind WHY I started to create my business which is to help people to deepen their yoga and meditation experience so that they can shift their consciousness into a higher vibration of inner peace and trust.

    3) All the things I appreciate, love, and admire about myself as an entrepreneur are that I am very passionate about what I do and I live what I teach and preach. I am warm and open and always take the time to truly listen to people and their needs.

    4) How I can use and enhance these qualities to help grow my business is to share my passion and don't care too much if it's good enough or what other people will think about it...
    Also, keep being open to people and take my time to get to really know them...

  13. self-sabotaging patterns
    Panic that there is enough time and at the end small jobs will be done instead of big jobs
    Postponing things when not feeling ready, especially admin tasks
    Lack of focus to stick to the plan
    Think and research endlessly, trying to find perfect solutions
    Start more projects than have time to finish.
    Overwork when really need to step back and see the big picture.

    Realise and admit what’s the available time per day
    Plan based on above the day and allow 1-2 hrs for not planned emails etc
    Focus, take a deep breath and focus
    Don’t jump from one project to the other. Break it down to smaller tasks and take breaks
    Allocate time to think, observe and see the big picture

    things you appreciate

    From nothing and with no investment I put my brand in the picture with big companies approaching us. I like to try and test different things for the business. Some were successful and some were a disaster. I want to believe I am an experienced seo person and it helped with the business. To get position #5 in google.co.uk for “plus size babydoll” for example, and being above big players, is a good feeling. Innovation and problem solving, probably, with our double layer nighties to hide imperfections but to still be sexy.

    strategic plan
    Keep innovating and keep listening to customers. Act fast to changes and adapt. Focus and be part of different marketplaces to increase awareness. Introduce live shopping and test it. Plan ahead and meet the targets. Create a knowledge hub around relevant subjects to become authority in the sector.

  14. 1. Make a list of all your self-sabotaging patterns that you’re aware of (e.g. procrastination, perfectionism, fear of failure, lack of purpose, distraction, self-doubt, laziness, ignorance, envy, comparison, blaming, safety…);

    Low self-esteem AND exaggerated self-esteem
    Lack of urgency / Giving up

    2. Come up with a strategic plan how can you handle these sabotaging patterns / habits – next time they show up;

    Distraction and procrastination: a routine of reflection / focus / action. This happens many times a day, and the result is that currently I get things done. Lots of things. Could always be more, but much more than before.
    Lack of urgency / giving up: here my dedication helps a lot, especially in regard to liforcengine. I am dedicated to such an extent that giving up is not in my dictionary anymore – except in short moments of weakness.
    Low and exaggerated self-esteem: meditative state. It puts ‘me’ in the middle as just consciousness. When one of both disbalances occurs, I recognize it and get back to my true nature.
    Fear: I recognize that there is always a thought prior to the emotion and just let go of that thought in favor of trust and surrender to the situation as is.
    Shyness: I make use of it to recognize where I am in my genius-zone and where I’m not. I accept shyness when it occurs, but also just go on. It usually disappears when it is confronted by reality. But I also make a mental note in order to ponder upon later.
    Laziness: here creativity comes to the aid, and trusting my capacity to work explosively. No one notices my laziness: I always deliver on time. And sometimes it’s not a bad pattern at all, because it enables me to recharge.

    3. Make a list of all the things you appreciate, love and admire about yourself as an entrepreneur;

    Boldness / courage
    Inspirational abilities
    Honesty / ethics
    Trust and surrender

    4. Come up with a strategic plan how can you use and enhance these qualities to help you grow your business;

    The beauty of my work, both as a copywriter and front-man of liforcengine is that I fully get to put these traits to work. For me and for my fellows.
    Visionary / Inspirational abilities: these enable me to build the vision of liforcengine and get 30 professionals to join this project.
    Creativity: liforcengine is the fruit of my creativity. Both in the basis of the idea and in the elaboration.
    Honesty / ethics: I’m extremely sensitive to these traits. They keep my life meaningfull for myself and all others with whom I interact. The result is ‘ease of living’, since this is the way of the least burden and pushback.
    Independence: everything I create is based on my own thoughts and conclusions. I take nothing for granted, but surely like to learn. But no mindless copying.
    Intelligence: I keep learning, relating and pondering. Intelligence is not thinking only, it’s as much a way of life. I try to be as little dumb as I’m able to.
    Trust and surrender: I love my daily life and I am acutely aware of the abundance in being able to say that. This awareness is the fruit of my trust and my surrender to ‘what is’.

    How does all this help me grow my business: both coping with the ‘self-sabotaging patterns’ and celebrating the ‘a.l.a.-traits’ are central to my way of dealing with liforcengine as a grand project and Taalbouw as my daily business. Every day I learn, I still do, and I welcome all the changes in the world around me. I foresee that next year this attitude will come to full fruition.

  15. self-sabotaging patterns
    Fear of loosing everything if things go wrong
    And confirmation

    strategic plan
    Compare with who I was and what my business was a few years ago
    Make a list of all the things that could go wrong and find a solution
    Just make a strategy and look for someone that has done that all ready to go over that.
    Make a list of reasonable goals with actions and go for it.

    appreciate, love and admire about yourself
    Very persistant, with my business and my clients.
    Very creative
    I am a great goalsetter

    strategic plan:
    Use my creativity to come up with a strategig plan
    Use my goalssetting strategies make the goals
    Use my persistance to work them out

  16. Self-sabotaging patterns 
    - nihilism
    - self-doubt,
    - procrastination,
    - perfectionism,
    - comparison,

    Strategic plan to deal with saboteaours
    - nihilism: daily journaling as prevention, when triggered, notice, Wim Hoff breathing
    - self-doubt, daily journaling as prevention, when triggered, notice, and do it even if in doubt
    - procrastination, create simple daily routines
    - perfectionism, create deadlines and observe them. use my buddy for this
    - comparison, re-frame it and see it as inspiration

    things you appreciate, love and admire about yourself as an entrepreneur;
    - very persistent, committed, innovative, invest in myself, caring, creative,

    strategic plan to enhance qualities
    - journal: notice how I'm enhancing my strengths and conquering my weakness.
    - exercise: give time to my brain to rest and to my body to become more vibrant
    - create a habit of writing: to serve my people and to think better

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