Muriël Versluis

  1. Muriël is such a joy to work with! She speaks to the point, is direct yet respectful and knows how to help you become a better salesperson. I did not only grow business-wise but also on a personal level. I'ld recommend her to anyone!

  2. A powerwowan that is spot on, with humor and helps you create a positive mindset to get the costumers you want with tools that fit you!

  3. Muriel is energetic and enthusiastic. She doesn't let you get away with excuses en confronts you to improve. She is eager to help, yet will not pamper you and knows what she is doing. A nice colleague to work with, friendly and positive, open for advice and also gives you constructive feedback. Resilient and focused on her own next steps and therefore Lead by example!

  4. Muriel is truly one of a kind.
    She's very straight forward, genuine and has a great sense of humor.
    Muriel understands as no other person the true essense of running a business: sales.
    She's very knowledgeable and experienced and the number one Sales trainer I would recommend to anyone.

  5. I wholeheartedly recommend Muriel Versluis if you think selling is scary, boring or simply not fun.

    Muriel has the gift to help you over and through this. And she does it with confidence, flair and tons of humor.

  6. Muriël is a unique person and not a ‘standard coach’, she absolutely does not adapt as a coach. She is a person who stands for her mission; get the best out of you! She knows how to get the best and tips those things that matter to you and not as a general fact. She also knows very well how you behave the best in different (outlined) situations and from those learning moments she draws out your strength to do what you have to do. In short; a power lady who makes you shine! Even if you think will this all work out..? Believe me: YESSSS it will!!

  7. Muriël is a one-of-a-kind Sales expert. She actually helped me transforming my “sales is scary” mindset into ‘sales is fun’ thanks to her down to earth and humoristic approach. She made me believe that sales is something you can learn by doing. So I did! What I like most about Muriël is her unconventional view of entrepreneurship. That makes her special in my opinion.

  8. When it comes to sales, Muriël is definitely the one you need. Sales is like a second nature to her, and she has the talent to make sales attractive for those who used to be afraid of it. She has a very clear and direct way to communicate, and is able to make a quick analysis of your needs.

  9. Muriël is a very talented woman. She knows what's in the salesperson's mind but also in the prospect's. For me, it helped me to get rid of some limited beliefs I had. Don't think FOR my cliënt but WITH my cliënt. Listen, feel and act.

    Muriël is a very enthusiastic speaker. Very open and honest. You'll always get answers to your questions. She is very inspiring.

  10. Muriël is spreker en workshopleider geweest op het Succesvol Verkopen Evenement van Haar manier van werken is recht door zee en praktisch. Ik beveel Muriël met SalesDIVA van harte aan als expert op het gebied van verkooptraining.

  11. SalesDiva! Muriël is an incredible trainer. I've had the privilege working with her during her recent 1-day sales training. She knows what she's talking about, she's very experienced, and she's an excellent saleswoman. She delivers great insights, no-nonsense practical tips and tricks to directly implement into your sales or business, that help you take big steps forward.

  12. Muriël is a real sales lady/ Diva. What you see is what you get.
    Her distinctiveness is that she also knows how to transfer her knowledge , experience and mindset to others. She is authentic, straightforward, honest and has a good sense of humor.

    In short, because of her characteristics, she is a fantastic and personality. That is why I enjoy working with her.

  13. After following Muriël's masterclass, I gained insight and even more important tools to deal with my discomfort around sales and convert them into action!

    Muriël's masterclass made me see sales differently. Currently, I enjoy approaching customers and performing sales talks.
    But most important, by using Muriël’s method, I am able to help and support even more customers and offer a solution for their pain!

    Muriël is the example of someone with a nonsense approach. She is an inspiring trainer/coach and her energy is contagious!
    In Muriël’s trainings she uses many concrete examples which make her trainings not only fun but also extremely applicable in reality!

  14. Muriël knows what she has to offer and stands for her expertise! She is open minded and to the point. Her knowledge and experience is inexhaustible and therefore a source of inspiration. She puts her finger on the sore spot, but also offers solutions to help you further in the field of sales and mindset!

  15. Muriël is a power woman, straightforward, honest, open and clear language. I got to know her through my platform INTO business. Ultimately I chose to increase my sales skills through her. A world will open up for you after following the masterclass with Muriël, owner of SalesDiva! Educational, confrontational but always constructive. Fueled by her years of experience in sales, she is the right person to develop and improve yourself.

  16. Working with Muriël hasn’t only changed my business but also my life. Sales is absolutely fun now. I have far more (ideal) clients and therefore also more revenue. Now, I can live life on my terms. Muriël knows a lot about mindset and she always has plenty of examples. She can really give you insights into your way of thinking and behaviour. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who genuinely wants to sell their products/services with integrity. She tells you the realistic story about growing your business and her no-nonsense mentality is amazing. Her energy is truly uplifting .

  17. Muriël Versluis is an amazing coach who brings out the best in people. With her humor and straight to the point approach, she knows how to pin-point exactly where the problem lies and give the exact advice and tools to solve it.
    She is personal, precise and pit-full (maybe a new word, but I think it suits her) and just a great person to have on your team!

    1. Muriël is an inspiring woman and she easily sees through situations and offers a no nonsence solution to uplift your (sales) skills. An example for many people!

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