My Resilience Blueprint – Follow Up

Thank You

For being with me in this fully-booked, one-time My Resilience Blueprint workshop.

I tremendously enjoyed sharing my insights and thoughts with you, and I could feel your energy and excitement…

That gives me a lot of hope that you will take the strategy and implement it, to create a better future for you, your loved ones, your community and the world.

Your Biggest Insights

I would love you to take a moment and let me/us know in the comment box below – the most important insights you got during the workshop (1, 3, 10 insights… anything you found extremely valuable).

Since it’s the first time I shared most of this material – your insights will tell me what I’ve done well and what I should have emphasized or explained better.

Also… when we all read each others insights, we might realize that we forgot an important insight, so you’re not only supporting me – but the rest of the group.

All Your Questions Answered

If anything was unclear during the workshop, or you got up in the morning and find yourself wondering, “what did he mean?” or if you have any other question relating to the material I shared during the workshop…

Please post it in a comment below and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

Top Commenters – last 30 Days

Thank You

For being with me in this fully-booked, one-time My Resilience Blueprint workshop.

I tremendously enjoyed sharing my insights and thoughts with you, and I could feel your energy and excitement…

That gives me a lot of hope that you will take the strategy and implement it, to create a better future for you, your loved ones, your community and the world.

Your Biggest Insights

I would love you to take a moment and let me/us know in the comment box below – the most important insights you got during the workshop (1, 3, 10 insights… anything you found extremely valuable).

Since it’s the first time I shared most of this material – your insights will tell me what I’ve done well and what I should have emphasized or explained better.

Also… when we all read each others insights, we might realize that we forgot an important insight, so you’re not only supporting me – but the rest of the group.

All Your Questions Answered

If anything was unclear during the workshop, or you got up in the morning and find yourself wondering, “what did he mean?” or if you have any other question relating to the material I shared during the workshop…

Please post it in a comment below and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

I’m looking forward to read your insights (and questions).

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. What a workout again.

    I know most of it and I have also followed many training courses from nisandeh. I see a lot of recognition in him and also get a lot of inspiration from it.

    The training was not very mind blowing.

    Well in the sense of seeing where I stand with regard to the 12 points you quoted in this training. Then actually only health is a higher positive score. and what is that if you have the other layer? They all matter in the end.

    So again great inspiration to continue. Further things to do. And think that I have been able to see and experience this again and not from too short but from gosh

    and what we get the week after Life is..

    Not good or bad
    if it is not there, there is suffering and acceptance

    Immediately a summary and lessons from last Thursday's last Q&A session.

    Too bad Nisabdeh is stopping. And somehow that touches me because he has done that more often in recent years and I am now hooked up again and I wanted to continue and was also connected from that idea.

    Somehow that does something to confidence. I really understood that you were now moving on with people who really go for it.

    I don't believe you'll stop either. and is not really clear to me.

    It's also okay to live is....

    I get the things I need in my path. I have so much luggage and tools in my backpack and I can use them everywhere and use them for myself and this world.

  2. Hi Nisandeh,

    I really liked the workshop. Most of it I agree upon and most of the advises I already implemented before. I is nice to share thoughts with those that think likewise. Making the list and score where I am was very useful and the thing that I did not thought about was energy. It scared my living in the Netherlands and seeing what happens in Ukraine this is something to fix. Will buy bottled of gas and relevant cooking device and and a large hoop of coals but if this enough I do not know. This stuff the buy in-case of emergency and making a list of skills that need attention.

    Thank you very much for the insights.


  3. dear all,
    I missed the workshop, due to several reason and I'm quite sorry about that.
    It is an inspiration to read your comments and learn from them.

    I loved the quote of Nisandeh "does this helping me or others or does it harm me or others." as a guideline to actions..
    A good one always..

    I cannot see which 12 areas you covered, but I see some area's that I'm building resiliance already.
    And I see already area's that I need improvement, just from reading your comments.. So thank you!

    I grow quite some food myself already for a few years, I'm building connections with people in my neighbourhood that want to be prepared too.
    I create compost and I am learning better and better how to grow crops around my house and in a little allotment.
    I have a (low tech) waterfilter and live close to a huge body of water that can be filtered for drinking
    and also used for watering the plants.

    I have food in the storage for a few weeks, but not for ever...

    Our solar panels do not have a battery yet, I'm researching how to change that.
    But I do have a separate electric battery and foldable solar panels charged and ready to keep the freezer going for at least a few days in case of a power cut and no sun.

    I see some preparation for when we need to leave, to have it ready the we would be needed to leave, I never gave that much thought.
    Good to think about that one..

    I some of you want to share notes of if there is a recording I would LOVE to hear or see this..
    But for now thanks a lot.. its helping me already..

  4. First of all I want to say thank you for sharing and clearly dividing the 12 areas.
    Not betting on conspiracy theory but on personal responsibility and awareness was the common thread for me.
    Last evening I went through the 1st 6 steps with my husband and son and we thought about where we stand and what we can improve.
    We have prioritized where we will invest first and it felt good that we already have a number of things in order.
    We talked about the vegetable garden and which vegetables / fruit we can grow and how we can store this in preserving jars as instead of juts grwoing what we like. So there will be a chanche in that comming season.
    We have looked at our power consumption and what it takes to have minimal power.
    We have been investing in gold and silver for some time now, but our exchange options could be better. We already purify water indoors and because my husband has 5000 liters of stock for his vegetable garden, we can use it in case of emergency.
    So for me having the blueprint makes is so much easier to go over all of it and see where we can do even better.
    As a result we now have each our own action to take this week and either order some tools or think about a solotion and next sunday will will go over the next 6 items on the list.
    As we are building our house in the mountains of Guenzet Algeria I will role out the blueprint there also.
    So again thank you for sharing the 12 areas because they are realy a blueprint for the comming years.

  5. Thank you for the resilience blueprint!

    Even though it was not meant to be a doom scenario, the fact that there's only 5 minutes left did leave me in a bit 'gloomy' mood for a while. I don't have a TV anymore because seeing what is happening in the world has a similar effect on me.

    - Life is not good or bad. Life just IS.
    - Resilience is like shock absorbers in a car. It will not make life's shocks disappear but the road will be less bumpy
    - Resilience is MINDSET + PREPAREDNESS (practical)
    - Resilience is the ability to HANDLE (I don't die) and to ADAPT (and still live according to my values)
    - When I need less, the quality of my life will improve
    - Resilient people don't complain and don't blame
    - Resilient people focus on what they can CHANGE and are GRATEFUL for what is good
    - There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!

  6. Thanks so much Nisandeh and Vered for last thursday.

    My biggest insights (partly also recognising and remembering) are the following:

    * no conspiracy, conspiracies feed fear
    * What's happening is mych bigger than that, it is not reversal now and it's to late for that;
    * governments ate busy with kind of prevention but it is to late for that;
    * the sign is that al kind of different disasters happen more and heather, AND disasters which did never happen before;
    * exponential patterns, almost not understandable for human brain AND not understandable on which point of the exponential line we are now;
    * so don't stop living responsible, recycling etcetera, but it won't prevent disasters happening more and heavier;
    * when and if complete chaos and disaster will be at its worse, not clear, now, this generation, faraway future, that's not clear, and maybe worse in other parts of the world;
    * 12 aspects;
    * where are you on a line from 0 to 10 for every aspect;
    * decide to make concrete improvements on every aspect, check every three months where you are;
    * build a community, help your children and relatives to get familiar with these idears too and help them to build a better boat too;

    * insight about buying gold, never thought about that. Where to start to get more familiar with that idear?

  7. Hello Nisandeh,

    I'm glad I joined your one time workshop about resilience.

    The thrust of your story was not new to me, but the urgency was. Your comparison to a stadium that seems to be slowly filling with water made it very clear to me how urgent it is. The tenor corresponds to what I myself have observed in recent years. I recognize what you're saying. I've been alert since a specific course at the University of Utrecht. The book we had to read that has always stuck with me was called "The rise and fall of great powers." I already knew then that Europe would decline. Unlike you, I am a macro-thinker, or rather a meta-thinker. That is precisely why I was happy with your workshop: you shared practical measures and I am less good at that. So I've already started. Thanks also for the question you formulated to help with this. "Is this helping me or others, or harming me or others?"
    In short: thank you!

  8. Thank you Nisandeh. It was all clear for me.
    The insights: exponential growth and understanding how fast things are deteriorating in the world. Don't live from fears. Focus on what you can change. Focus on what you are grateful for, choose the right mindset. Always ask yourself whether what I am doing is helping me or what I am doing with is not helping me in my life.

  9. Thanks Nisandeh for the great input and wakeup call. As with the others I think I am aware of likely disasters that may happen, and the need to work on a better environment at anytime. The pandemic caused the world to produce and throw away so much more plastic than ever before. Polution, cluttering of the earth, that is a horrible effect of the way of living, the consumer society we created. The plastic soup, the rivers and seas of plastic, an unimaginable horror we are responsible for. But resilience, for each of us personally. Can we survive? I scored pretty bad in several areas, and am grateful to realise that. Eventhough I don't care for luxoury and live a simple life in many ways, I will not last very long without acces to food and water. I don't grow my own food, and don't know anyone who does, so I wont be able to get food if the supermarkets close. For years I have flushed the toilet with water I collect from the sink. So I save on use of water, but what will I drink if the water is cut off? So I will look into a system that can purify water I can collect on my roof. Foodwise I ate a few nuts and carrots today with a different sort of attention, not just shoved it down, but I was aware I could find that kind of food in nature probably.
    Gold? I will look into that. Interesting.
    My mental resilience I score pretty good. I work a lot on finding peace and calmness when everything IS calm. And I am happy to feel strong in that field. Meanwhile I try to be prepared for shit when there is shit hitting the fence. Pivot Pim was a nickname somebody gave me in NYC 1982. Good to remind myself when things get tough. As a shock absorber. To be able not to suffer (so enjoy what is), and not focus on the negative, but collect the positive, and try to keep on making good decisions! I loved that one . When the mind is calm you make better desicions.
    I pick up trash eventhough it is like bringing water to the sea. But still, at least that is one piece of garbage less.. Yesterday I found a piece of fruit in the street, a kiwi somebody had dropped and that would very soon be smashed by a car. I picked it up, checked it and ate it. (Normally I would not have). Now the kiwi was of use, what is had been grown for in the first place. it tasted great and I was grateful!
    The ability to handle, and the ability to adapt and still live accordingly to your values, that was a great one! I can improve health wise, get outside more, sleep more, reconnect to my neighbours, think of the skills I have for bartering. I have a bag with clothes and medication and first need for whenever I break my leg and get in the hospital, so noone has to go through my closet to find my socks and toothbrush! The bag is hanging on my coat rack. But! ... noone has an extra key to my house! So let's change that asap! I have a list with all passwords on my table when I travel! (but still, noone has a key...) haha. I am interested to know if you don't have water now in Tenerife, how do you get water? Bottles I imagine? But how do you shower (cold), with grey water?
    Many fields to improve, and I am haply to have become aware. Thanks again.

    1. That’s fantastic to read the process you’re going through, Pim.

      I just wanted to mention something about food resilience.

      You’re living in a city - so in a case of real emergency, the interest of the authorities would be to get everything working again as soon as possible to the city (too many people crammed in a limited space is not a good thing…)

      However, supermarkets and other stores might be slow to refill and many people will hoard and queue up.

      So… simply make sure you store at home a couple of weeks worth of dried food (beans, lentils, peas, rice, pasta -if you eat it, fruits…), frozen food (vegetables, berries, meat & fish - if you eat it…) and canned food (not the healthiest, but great for short-term crises).

      Frozen is not a perfect idea, as when electricity goes down - you do have a problem… but again - for short-term crises - you should do fine.

      Ah… and about your question about our water situation in Tenerife.

      I probably didn’t describe the situation well.
      We do have drinking water. The best on the island, actually.
      We get the water to the house straight from the source of the only mineral water on the island (the only company bottling water on the island is in our village).

      So… we drink and shower from the water the rest of the island but in bottles. And it’s pretty much free.

      BUT… we do have a limited amount of water per year. Which is enough for domestic use, but NOT for watering our “farm” (700 fruit trees and a big vegetable garden).

      So, we collect about 50,000-70,000 liters of rain water every year in special ponds we dug in the ground.
      AND… during the summer months we buy around 75,000 liters of water that are delivered to us by lorries (15,000 liters each).

      This water is very expensive, AND, not very sustainable.

      My main work on the farm is to preserve water, retain as much of it in the soil and “train” the trees to use less and less as they get established.

      Hopefully within a few years, we won’t have to depend on bought water anymore.

      I hope that’s more clear now.

        1. thank you for being one of the pioneers to make the rest of the world conscious about what is happening. I liked the idea of the blueprint it’s a nice checklist to see if you are on track

  10. What you talked about is one of my 'hobbies'/ areas of interest- it was great to hear your take on it. And an inspiration to implement more. Eventhough some of my efforts, I scored pretty low on many areas... 😀

    Insights: 3 mindsets. i am working on this for over 20 years now- deliberately. What was new/ insightful, was these 3 presented together in this way: easier to remember and thus practice. How I am taught, what all humans want is to be fearless and have ultimate happiness. these three mindsets are a a great extension to that- to practice.

    The 12 areas/ blueprint are a fantastic list, again very usable. I have been one of the people that listened to your 'rants' about gold ;-), since 8 years I have been constantly buying gold and storing it in zwitserland also, besides some at home. So thank you for that- it gives peace of mind.
    Fantastic that you included community.

    My main areas to focus on are
    food: gonna refill my stock up to 14-21 days, I feel the urge to learn more about growing stuff
    water: going to buy filter pills. I am saving glass/plastic bottles already, to fill when necessary. I am going to stock 3 times as many.
    emergency plan, getting some essentials- they are overdate or maybe not working properly, also to discuss this with my partner. I have been wanting to do ehbo for years, gonna do it. Your simple tip of putting the passports together, and to have each others passwords- we need this in order.
    energy: was a bit of a downer hearing that my solar panels will not work when shit hits the van! hahaha. so the battery needs to come earlier.
    Barter: getting a plan. I do have some apartments, do you count that as well (i provide shelter)?
    I am very serious about these things- this was an inspiration.

    Maybe an indirect insight I had this morning in the bathroom. I would really love to change/ extend the house- the bathroom is 90s chique, lets say. But this morning looking at it I thought- a new bathroom is not gonna save my ass. So it put some of my desires at bay.

    I shared the list, mindset and topics with my buddies.

  11. Thanks Nisandeh, this was a good awakening call.
    Not totally new, a welcome reminder and an interesting point of view.

    It’s basically back to how it was when I was born. So I scored quite a few points AND there are things to improve ( a lot)
    Contact with neighbours is important in a little community. So that’s in the picture.
    The evening encourages me to go on on this path.

    On my age I don’t have to take a shower every day. I wash on a sink with cold water. I did let go of the cold shower and want to pick that up again.
    We collect water already.

    Have to learn a new skill. Want to learn something that might still be needed in my neighbourhood. So than we can trade.
    In a way I do this already with my neighbours vegetables for service.

    And… what to do when there is no more money?

    In your perspective, is ground as good as gold?

    I’m convinced to go of grit with water, electricity and gas. Do it step by step.

    Thanks for the 12 steps to focus on. It’s also kind of fun.
    The idea of a place in Scandinavia is very attractive. (As part of a survival plan

    1. You’re asking, Maria, Is land as good as gold?

      If you’re growing your own food on this land, and if you keep enriching the soil (instead of depleting it with normal chemical agriculture) and if the land is yours - I believe it’s BETTER than gold.

      Although some gold (or silver) is good for barterability in case money is no longer available or worth anything.

      1. Thanks for writing down the word barterability. I really never heard of it and didn't recognise the word during the workshop. Will assess it.
        And thanks about the information about land. I look with new eyes at our (small) proporties on Bulgaria. We always forbid that chemicals were used on the ground.

  12. My biggest insights:

    - Have to work on a plan to become less independent from money in banks.....
    - Will work on a plan to buy some farmerlike real estate plus land with some good friends in another country like Norway or Sweden (climatwise and economically a good idea). We were already talking about the subject this summer!
    - Have to work on a plan what if there is no electricity for some time (solar battery system).
    - have to check on our emergency planning, do we have everything ready? A house of a friend just burned down, that a small example of a crisis...

    At some point in the workshop you started to sound like a caveman on his vulcany island.
    Overall it was very generous of you to share your insights on the 12 area s. They were very valuable for creating a kind of personal sustainable future with my family and friends. Thank you!

    1. At some point in the workshop you started to sound like a caveman on his vulcany island.


      Not sure what you mean by caveman, Alma…

      We actually live in a very big, luxurious house.
      More than we need (and more than we wanted… we just fell in love with the place, so we took it).

      There are advantages for it, though…
      For a few years we constantly hosted 6 volunteers who helped us make this Garden of Eden in return for meals, a bed, and some teachings…

      We could easily make our extra space available to rent on AirB&B and similar, but we value our peace and quite and aloneness too much.

      But in case the shit will hit the fan - we have a clear plan who to bring in to live with us to create a tight community of mutual support.

      PS. I lived in a cave once for a few weeks… I loved it!

      1. Morning Nisandeh,
        clear answer. By caveman I meant the part where you told us that you spend a lot of time in your tree house.... Would love to do that as well. have to create (inner)space for that.

  13. You're banging my head on this for quite some time - and I like that I see that I did change a lot even though I didn't believe a thing of what you said in the beginning:D

    So that was my first insight- I'm doing quite well. There are two things that I want to improve. One of them is water- it's on my list for a while to find a filter thing and I should buy it finally. Ordered one yesterday.

    Next one is the emergency plan- especially together with my kids. Crucial- and I was too lazy to think about it. Should work on it.

    Thanks a million, it was great to have the overview again...

  14. I've been thinking about this subject and I loved getting some more perspective on it. Also, it's not something to worry about but to accept and hopefully welcome it with a plan in place.

    The part of the stadium filling up really gave me insight into how quickly things can go. It's fun if it's your business growth but less fun on the subjects you put out. I know now we have about '5 minutes' left. We see things happening, a lot of different things. What '5 minutes' comes first we don't know and we don't know how quick tho's '5 minutes' will be, but they are coming.

    I tried to talk about this with my wife... she doesn't see anything. Not the first drop, not a pool, not even anything getting close. Makes it a bit harder to deal with. I can, and will, teach my kids about it. Love the idea to camp in the house without electricity.

    Also, I'm not sure with skills really will help me out if shit hits the fan... As a martial artist I can't fight guns and sport won't be something to barter. I need to learn other skills as well. Wanted to do that for some time but never had a clear purpose. Now I going to look for some fun things that are useful in 'apocalyptic' situations.

    For the first time in the last years, I finally don't see the need to complain about the government. Even if the best minds would come together in the Netherlands, they won't make it in time for a lot of 'problems'. Probably not even if the whole world would come together... Earth will survive and people with a plan hopefully will too.

    Changing long hot showers for shorter cold showers... Oh, this will be a fight with myself 😀

    Last but not least, as soon as I have money I can miss, I'll change that into gold.

  15. Thanks a lot Nisandeh for sharing your insight in such an enthousiastic way. I enjoyed it, and time flies when listening to you.
    Insights: small steps can already make a change. I plan some concrete actions as well:
    Visit the eco-farm in my neighbourhood regularly instead of now and then.
    Reach out to my neighbours in our flat to brainstorm about an emergency plan.
    Reconsider our food and drink pattern.

    A few remarks to clarify:
    Exponential growth never will end in a vertical graph. It depends on the units at the x-axis that makes it looks ike that, but it will have a real (high) value for any value on the x-axis.
    My final remark is on the wealth preservation. I think that you best can spread your savings in gold, money on different banks, your house, and obligations or shares in the stock-exchange.
    I am looking forward to insights and remarks of others.

  16. What I liked is how enthusiastic you told about your insights and a subject that clearly has your heart. I recognized a lot, because I basically share the same views. What I also liked is that it was no doom story. And I wholeheartedly agree. Ofcourse, what is happening now in the world is awful. It feels as if we are ready to embark on the ark and all around us rain is starting to fall and not stopping. And the ark is your preparation. I do not believe the world will end as the pessimists tell us. But I do believe that the world as we know it, will end. Has to end, because we cannot go on in the way we are treating the world, the environment, animals, eachother. It gives us an opportunity to learn (from past mistakes) and I hope, once we are through the transition, history (for once) will not repeat itself.

    1. Hi Marielle,
      I enjoyed your comment. And I agree wïth almost everything. Only I doubt that history never repeats. I think that it is already repeating itself. Certain kinds of animals (like human beings and dino's) are growing too much and too fast and nature will react to restore the balance. At least that is my point of view.

      1. Hi Tineke,

        Thank you for your comment. What I mean, saying hopefully history does not repeat itself, is that I hope we will have learnt from our mistakes. Like the unnecessary wars, the way we treat our environment, the way we put 'ourselves' first, the way the riches in the world are not fairly divided, and so on. But of course that is Utopia, because we are human and so we will make mistakes and history will repeat itself. But one can always hope...

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