My Resilience Blueprint

My Predictions for the Next Decade…

  1. Every year we will experience at least one major, global “disaster”
    (e.g. 2020 COVID, 2021 COVID, 2022 War in Ukraine)
    It might be economic, health, political, social, climate, terrorism, war…;

  2. We will experience more and more extreme climate events (floods, storms, droughts, fires…);

  3. The world will have less (nourishing) food available because of climate extremes and the dependency of countries on other countries to supply (some of) their food staples, which will increase food prices worldwide;

  4. The world will have less (cheap) energy available (real scarcity or manufactured), which will increase energy prices worldwide;

  5. As a result of the above factors – in the third world more people will die of starvation and diseases than ever before;

  6. In the developed world, as food AND energy prices increase people would shift their consumption habits and will purchase more essentials (e.g. food & energy) and less luxuries (e.g. flights, hotels, restaurants, new cars, fashion, consumer electronics…);

  7. As companies will feel the loss of consumers, they’ll get leaner (e.g. airline will get rid of planes, equipment, lines and personnel), increase their prices dramatically and serve only the richer clients – making their services even less available to the average consumer;

  8. This will result in a positive loop as both consumers and big companies will use less energy, and their footprint on the planet will decrease;

  9. Hackers will regularly manage to disrupt essential services – energy and food distribution, defense systems, communication (including the internet) and financial institutions – to a point that could easily escalate into major, global, real disaster;

  10. Terrorists will regularly manage to destroy or cripple essential services and infrastructures, which could/would escalate into major, global, real disasters;

  11. Even in the developed world short-term disruptions (up to 7 days) of essential services – electricity, gas, fuel, water, food, internet… would become more common, while longer-term disruptions would become a real possibility…
    Those disruptions could be caused by climate phenomena, terrorist activity, hacking for ransom, social unrest, or war;

  12. Bitcoin and other virtual coins would become the favorite medium of exchange and financing of criminals, terrorists and banana republics… which would force most world governments to make them illegal – which would crush their value to zero;

  13. The realization that democracy is a luxury we can’t have in a world that is hurtling into disaster will begin to wake up individuals, societies and nations – and a process towards less democratic governments and societies (just like in an army or a company) will begin.

My message

I am not sharing these predictions with you as a message of doom and gloom…

It’s a simple observation…

As we keep driving in a breakneck speed on the road we’ve been accelerating for decades, we will drive humanity over the cliff

I am optimistic

The coming storm is not necessarily a “bad” thing…

I believe that the coming storm is going to be rough and painful, but after the storm – humanity will come out better, stronger, healthier and kinder.

And yet… when the storm hits and the ocean gets really rough, there is nothing we can do about the ocean.

What we CAN do is… 

Build better boats…

And that’s what the new workshop My Resilience Blueprint is all about.

How can YOU build a better boat, so if and when the ocean gets really rough… you will be doing OK, and have a safe place for yourself, your loved ones, your community…

My Resilience Blueprint – November 24

In this workshop I will share with you what I see coming, what signs you should look for, why it’s a good thing, and…

I’ll give you the resilience blueprint I developed for Vered and me over the last seven years, so you can (if you choose) prepare yourself for whatever may happen.


This workshop is NOT for everyone!

  • If you believe that all is well in the world – this workshop is NOT for you;

  • If you believe that there is nothing you can do, except wait and hope – this workshop is NOT for you;

  • If you believe that it’s someone else’s responsibility (the government, God, other people, …) to protect or save you if/when the shit hits the fan – this workshop is NOT for you;

  • If you believe in any conspiracy theory (9-11, COVID, Chemtrail, Illuminati, etc…) that is the cause for the state of the world – this workshop is NOT for you;

  • If you believe that, for whatever reason, you will not be affected when the shit hits the fan – this workshop is NOT for you.

If you still want to join this 2-hour workshop, which might confront you, but also give you the blueprint of what you CAN do to start building a better boat, then please fill in the application form.

Application for the Workshop:
My Resilience Blueprint

Shortly after submitting your application, we will let you know if you could join the workshop on November 24 or not.

Until then…

Live fully, stay awesome,


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