Naomi Dongelmans

Health, wellness & dance by Dr Naomi

About me

Hey there, I’m Dr Naomi.
I am a general practitioner in The Netherlands, bestselling author, international speaker, health coach, dancer and location manager of the caregiving organization ZorgMies Maastricht.

I want to inspire caregivers like you. And I want to give you the tools you need to live the happy and healthy life you want.

I develop programs to help caregivers focus on their health, fitness, and well-being choices; the things we have control over.

My intention is to provide information, tips, tools, resources, community, and support along with the inspiration and motivation to put daily wellness actions into practice.

What I do

Coaching for Dementia Caregivers through the Caregivers Toolkit.
I help busy caregivers of people with dementia be 100% less stressed, and enjoy life again so they can handle all obligations with more ease.

My areas of expertise
Dementia, Caregiving, Gut health, (long haul) COVID.


December 15

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