Paired Comparison Analysis – Test Page

Paired Comparison Analysis - Test Page

Enter your research

This is where the user is going to enter all their options, for example

Option 1 – Banana

Option 2 – Orange

Option 3 – Strawberry

Submit button

This is where the user is going to get one comparison after another, and each time he needs to choose one of the options… for example:

What do you prefer Orange or Strawberry?

What do you prefer Banana or Orange?

What do you prefer Strawberry or Banana?

Now the plugin will calculate and sort the options from the one with most points, to the one with the least points.

And now the user will have to fill in the following form to get the results…

The user puts their name and email address, and the plugin needs to fill in the hidden fields (PCA-1, PCA-2, PCA-3… PCA-10)

PCA-1 is the “winner” option (with most points).

The hidden fields are already in the form.

No need for the plugin to show the results, if we use the form – as the form will do it automatically.

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