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Your Expert Position – Part 3

I hope you started working on identifying the best FAQs for your expert video.

Just in case you didn’t start yet (or you missed it today)… CLICK HERE to do it NOW.

Remember – this week’s assignment is answering a different question in the process – each day.

  • Did you give the process a try?
  • Do you have any question about the process?
  • Did you get stuck anywhere?

This is your opportunity to ask any question related to this week’s implementation assignment – to make sure you get the maximum out of it.

It’s also a golden chance to help someone else – by reading their question in the comments below – and offering them an answer, an idea, an encouragement…

If you have any question regarding this week’s implementation assignment or you need some support – let me know in the comment box below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you can offer an answer or support to anyone – please reply to their comment below.

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Your Expert Position – Part 3

I hope you started working on identifying the best FAQs for your expert video.

Just in case you didn’t start yet (or you missed it today)… CLICK HERE to do it NOW.

Remember – this week’s assignment is answering a different question in the process – each day.

  • Did you give the process a try?
  • Do you have any question about the process?
  • Did you get stuck anywhere?

This is your opportunity to ask any question related to this week’s implementation assignment – to make sure you get the maximum out of it.

It’s also a golden chance to help someone else – by reading their question in the comments below – and offering them an answer, an idea, an encouragement…

If you have any question regarding this week’s implementation assignment or you need some support – let me know in the comment box below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you can offer an answer or support to anyone – please reply to their comment below.

I am looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday (I’m curious to hear what solution you’ll come up with).

Until then…

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. This is a big challenge for me😊
    But I understand that it is important.
    So, this week I order a book about video and book a masterclass for writing a Videoscript at Elisabeth de Videovakvrouw.
    This week I cannot implement a video, but the process is started.

  2. Dear Nisandeh, on Monday I thought about "adapting" the challenge and instead of a short video recording an epic masterclass to use as a new freebie/lead magnet/optin to grow my email list.
    But I will not do it this week, this week according to the assignment I will make a short video for Instagram Reels.
    I will record the masterclass soon, and I was wondering: shall I offer it available as soon as they give me their email address, or shall I set it as a webinar that they have to choose date/time to view it? Do you have any opinion about these two different ways of delivery?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. It’s a good question, Lola…
      But its one of those questions that there’s no way for anyone to know the answer in advance.

      There are so many parameters at play (your target audience, your subscribers’ engagement, then video topic, the video production quality, timing, perceived value and dozen(s) others…

      I would always prefer in this case to simply test…
      A simple A/B test where you get 50% of the opt-ins to get it immediately and 50% as a webinar… with clear goals you’re trying to track will give you a clear answer very quickly, efficiently and with minimum cost.

      I’m curious to hear the results of your testing experiment.

      1. Hi Nisandeh, thanks a lot, yes the best is to test.
        My plan is:
        1) create the video presentation of about 45 min / 1 hour
        2) give it first organically (no ads) in a way that it can be immediately watched
        3) when I am ready to try Ads since I will be investing I will also try to offer it in "webinar mode" that is to choose the time when to watch it, and will do the A/B test.

  3. Hi Nisandeh,

    As you know, I will focus on a new audience (ladies in their late fifties). As VIP product I will develop a retreat; my client magnet / FE product will be my book. My idea is to organize a crowdfunding to get it edited and published through POD. It will also service as a pr-tool. For that I will follow the course Crowdfunding Mastery in the Business University. My questions:

    Do you think this is the right strategy? Is there something missing in it?


    1. I’m not sure, Manny, what do you refer to when you ask, “is this the right strategy?”

      A retreat to your ideal clients as a VIP product can be a fantastic idea, assuming that your (new) target audience perceive it as a fantastic idea… you’ll have to check.

      Your book as a client magnet seems like a very good idea (getting qualified prospects opting in to your mailing list).

      Your book as a Front-End… I don’t think so…
      Front-End needs to SELL your backend, and I can’t see a book doing it.
      You’ll need something that you actually meet your prospects, and after blowing them away with value (getting them to know you, like you, trust you) then you deliver your irresistible offer pitch.

      Crowdfunding to fund the editing and publishing… I don’t believe it’s the best strategy, for two main reasons:
      1. Crowdfunding needs to be exciting… editing and publishing your book is not an exciting thing;
      2. Crowdfunding requires either a large and engaged mailing list or an extremely “sexy” cause that the media would love to talk about (or preferably both).

      Just my 2 cents, of course…

  4. Hi Nisandeh,

    From last weeks' Q+A there was the tip to do a think tank on the question:
    How do I get the book in the right hands. Here my answers:

    1. I send it to multiple known (to me) people
    2. I send it to a list of managers that fit the target audience
    3. I added a note to why this would be valuable to them
    4. I added sticky notes on the set to which card/ page some info was valuable to them

    and writing this- I notice I did not do any follow up. Or at least not much.
    I also don't know if it actually got into their hands.
    So wait in front of their house/ office?

    5. give two copies to people (live), to ask give it to someone they think it is important to, with the question to tell them why it would be important/ valuable to them
    6. Get (myself) invited to a congres (to speak) and use it as a business card
    7. Always give it away to potential clients
    8. use it as a give away for some action from the other person (1-1 talk, endorsement, interview, fill in an questionnaire)
    9. this can also be on Linked In (or so).
    10. we give a free workshop when someone buys 15 of them- but maybe we should reverse that

    Am I thinking in some accurate way?

    1. I love your ideas, Bas…

      I would suggest that you prioritize them from the one that is most likely to bring you the results you’re looking for with the least investment (time, effort, money) to the one that is least likely to get you the results and/or the highest investment.

      Then implement one idea at a time…
      Making sure to repeat, multiply and leverage the best performing ideas.

      One thing though…
      Make sure that you figure out what is “THE RESULT” you want to get from this action.
      Getting the book in the hands of people - that’s the easy part.
      But what then?

      The book is NOT going to make them read it.
      The book is NOT going to make them call you.
      The book is NOT going to ask them to refer you.
      The book is NOT going to sell your product.
      The book is NOT going to close a deal.

      So, be very clear what is the result you want to achieve at the end.

      And then take a piece of paper.
      On the top of the page write “getting the book in the hands of the right person”.
      On the bottom of the page write “that person is signing the deal” (just an example for the end result).

      Now use the rest of the page to write ALL the steps YOU need to do to get from the top of the page to the result on the bottom of the page…

      I hope that helps.

      1. Thanks.

        I think this is also what I mistook. I need to follow up and follow up and follow up.
        That is not my key quality, I am easily distracted.

  5. It is said that if you have a YouTube channel and you share the videos on Facebook, for example, that does something with your algorithm? So you become less interesting on Facebook. it gets demotivated.

    Vimeo is then said.

    What is your advice and experience with it?

    1. In principle, you should upload a “native” video to each platform.
      So, instead of sharing a link to a YouTube video on Facebook (which Facebook has no interest in sending traffic to YouTube - so they seriously limit the exposure of that post) - simply upload the same video to Facebook…

      So one video “lives” on YouTube and another “lives” on Facebook.

    2. Hello Leo,

      Basically Facebook wants to serve you Facebook video and not lead your away from the platform. Facebook has all these fancy things to keep people watching in their site.

      If you upload a link to YouTube, people will only see it if you are in their feed. If you upload a video to Facebook, it will show in their feed+Facebook video+autoplay after other people's videos. It will stay open after people scroll down on their page. Stories and reels can also be on Instagram at the same time(so you can target different platforms with one upload).

      Hope that helps.

  6. I was wondering how you deal with what you share in Video content and what not. You want(ed) to sell a training in the end.
    A lot of what you teach is available in free videos.

    1. I wouldn’t try to sell a training at the end of a video (unless it’s a well designed product launch sequence of several videos - often 4).

      The best thing a video can sell is a free offer to get them the next step after the video - live with you (a demonstration, a free class, a consultation, an assessment…)

      But to answer your question…

      Your FREE content should TELL them WHAT they need to do to solve the specific problem/challenge you address in the video (or whatever free content).

      Your PAID content/product/service should SHOW them HOW to do it, to get the results you promise.

      1. For me as a martial artist I see some challenges there for general martial arts stuff. Should be fun to crack that formula for my business.
        For the more mental stuff that shouldn't be to hard.

  7. Hi Nisandeh,
    Can you explain what you mean by ‘take aways’ for todays assignment for thinking about the video? And how do you use these ‘take aways’?

    1. "Take aways" mean the key facts, points, or ideas the should remembered from the video.
      Usually people can remember 3 main things from any conversation or presentation.
      So, if you choose to put more than 3 - make sure that the first 2 and the last one are the most important - as those they'll remember.

      How to use these take aways is simple... The structure of your video can be something like:

      Part 1 - introduction & hook
      Here are the things we're gonna cover in this video:
      1. xx
      2. yy
      3. zz

      Part 2 - the content:
      1. xx
      2. yy
      3. zz

      Part 3 - summary and this is the first step you should do (implementation):
      1. xx
      2. yy
      3. zz

      I hope that helps

    1. I also use Vimeo for my membership sites, Alexander...
      I think it's more professional and more reliable for this purpose.

      But in order to share your short expert with the world - YouTube has the advantage that it's the second largest search engine on the internet, and it belongs and is integrated extremely well into the largest search engine in the world (especially if the title and description of your video start with the words "How to...")

  8. As I announced Monday I have the following question:

    How is it possible that my video was recorded by RTL4 and broadcast on TV and later repeated on TV, has only been viewed 200 times since 2020 and has not yielded a single customer? Despite everything appearing to be shot so perfectly, the video doesn't work. I think everyone would benefit if I get an answer to this.

    I also thought about it myself and that this is because the video has too little value. Still, I'm surprised that TV's impact has been so low.

    This is the text accompanying my video on Youtube:

    Of the nearly sixty thousand coaches in the Netherlands, Marcel Dassen gave an interview about coaching for RTL4. According to Marcel, we are missing an enormous economic potential, a loss of billions. In an environment where you enjoy your work, productivity also grows.

    That responsibility lies with the executive in the Netherlands or whether people allow themselves to be guided by the pressure they experience, so that they only work harder instead of smarter. Marcel Dassen allows organizations to work smarter with Authenticity in view, so that managers get more pleasure from leadership. More fun means more creative thinking!

    Curious about how you can enjoy leadership more? Develop authentic and effective leadership as you progress from specialist to manager.

    Call Authenticiteit in beeld: (0183) 76 90 18 or go to

    1. I think you're missing an important Marcel (and anyone else who expects miracles from a piece of content)...

      A piece of content, no matter how great it is, will rarely become viral on its own, and will rarely convert a stranger into a client.

      So... no - it has nothing to do with the value you deliver in the video (or any other piece of content) and nothing to do with the production quality.

      It's YOUR job - no one else's - to get the video viewed by as many qualified prospects as possible.
      YOU are the one that needs to market, distribute and "sell" the heck out of any video/piece of content.
      It's not RTL's job, or YouTube's, or Google's, or God's...

      And it's definitely YOUR job to make sure that each piece of content has irresistible calls-to-action throughout.
      I didn't check your video - but I'm willing to bet that no irresistible calls-to-action exist in it.

      I hope it helps...
      And on to the next video...

      1. @Nisandeh So, if I understand correctly, just like with a book you have to 'sell' your videos and/or channel.
        Also, I find it hard to get an irresistible calls-to-action in my content that actually makes people do something. Asking them a question doesn't give responses under my content. Do you have some advice on that part? Especially getting responses in the comments.

        @Marcel: I checked your website quickly but couldn't find the video. I think I would put if quite upfront if RTL4 would have any recording of me.

        1. Yes, Logan…

          In an ideal world, you would put valuable content out there, and the gods of the internet will spread the word to all the right prospects, and they will all consume it in it’s entirety and engage with you and the other prospect, and would immediately take action on whatever call-to-action you include.

          There’s one place that it would work this way… it’s called La La Land.

          However, since most of us live in the “real” world, for us mere mortals the process looks a bit different.

          We put tons of time, effort, and expertise (and often money) to create the best piece of valuable content out there (book, video, course…)

          We upload it online, hoping that Google, YouTube, Facebook or whoever runs the internet that day, will take notice and spread the word. Just to discover that nothing happens. Nada. Zilch. Niets.

          We also find out that the few people that actually found our amazing, wonderful content, will rarely (as pretty much never) will read it, watch it or listen to it till the end (or usually pass the first minutes, pages…)

          And then we find out that to get people to engage (comment, for example) is like asking them to pull their own tooth when it’s connected to a wild horse… not many volunteers…

          And if anyone survived all these… the chances that this person will contact us directly for whatever next-step we have to offer them are lower then the chance to win the lottery…

          I don’t know if you recognize it, Logan (or anyone else)… but that was my experience since 35 years (long before the internet, and haven’t changed since).

          Did I depress you enough?
          I hope so…
          Because now you have only two choices:
          1. Give up
          2. Tell the “real” world to go f*** itself and do it anyway.

          If you choose for option #2 - all you have to do is ask yourself, at EVERY step, HOW can I make it happen.

          So, for example…

          How can I get my enormously valuable content in the hands of my most ideal prospects?
          Easy… make a list of a 100 of them, and go to their home or office and deliver it personally.
          And if you can’t give it to them personally, give it to their secretary and swear him/her on their lives that they’ll deliver it as soon as humanly possible.

          How can I make sure they actually consume the content?
          Email them, call them, pay them another visit - and make sure they start consuming, then consume the next part and the next part. Let them know about specific “secret” or tip on page 37, or minute 14…
          (You can even “threaten” them that their livelihood, health, relationship… depends on them actually hearing your information… assuming it’s true).

          How can I get them to engage?
          Bribe them… give them something for commenting, or sharing…
          Make it easy for them, but still challenging.
          Asking them what’s their favorite color is easy but not challenging.
          Asking them how does using their favorite color in their daily life make their life better is easy to observe, but still something they have to do and think about.

          How can I get them to act on my call to action?
          Make it irresistible.
          “If you think the idea I shared in this video can make your xxxx better, let me personally help you implement it in a FREE one-on-one demonstration…”

          I can go on and on, and I’m aware that I went overboard (hey a man needs to have some fun, no? 😜)
          But I’m pretty sure you get the point…

          Now make up the choice: give up, or f*** the “real” world “rules…

          1. The “real” world can go f*** itself 🤣

            Thank you very much for this kick in the butt 💪🏻 very valuable!

          2. WOW ! This is like the choice between the blue and the red pill in The Matrix! I also choose for the f*** the "real" world pill ;p XD

        2. Thank you Logan,

          I will go for an irresistible offer instead of promoting myself. You find the video on the page of Authentiek en effectief leiderschap in the menu.

      2. Thank you Nisandeh,

        You have taught me two important lessons with your answer and your mentoring session:

        1. Better investing very well in one relationship than having 1000 contacts without a relationship.
        2. Investing in a relationship means giving as much value as possible making it a lasting and loyal relationship.

        So it's about the quality of a relationship that you achieve by giving quality.

        As far as the video is concerned, it is therefore a combination of drawing as much attention as possible to something that deserves attention.

        Yes, I fully recognize that there is no call to action with an irresistible offer. I will go for it in the next video!!!

        1. I guess the formula is always Result = Value x Number of people benefiting from it.

          So, on the VALUE part - make sure the video delivers tons of value, by answering ONE specific BURNING question in a short format (try to keep it under 5-7 minutes).

          For the NUMBER OF PEOPLE - Make a list of ALL the people you who you think should see the video, contact them, and ask them to watch the video. Then ask them if they liked the video to share it with others.
          Then… find any place your target audience is hanging out online, and find ways to put your video in front of their eyes.

          But remember… in your case… you don’t need a 1,000 views.
          You need 1-2 of the “right” views.
          So don’t get caught in the numbers.

          In your case, I might even make a list of 25 potential clients you’d like to work with.
          Then I’d research what might be an issue they’re struggling with, that you can help.
          Then I’d record a personal 5-minute video to each one of them, addressing them by name, sharing the challenge you thought they might be dealing with, offer a valuable tip they can easily and immediately implement, and then tell them that you’d be happy to explore with them if you can be of help for them, and that you’ll give them a call to discuss it in 2-3 days.

          Lots of work?
          Not that much… but definitely more than creating one generic video.

          Chances of success?
          Probably a 100 times than the generic one.

          1. WOW , that's an impressive answer, Nisandeh.

            Unbelievable the possibilities this creates. That is super personal and absolutely tailor-made. I'm going to get started with this. The most challenging in this is not the video but getting behind the struggles and making the right selection of the 25 potential clients I would like to work with. I start with five and then I build this step by step to 25. Thank you so much, Nisandeh!!!

  9. I have questions about introducing myself as an expert. Both for video and other mediums.
    1. For soaking engagements. When someone else presents me, should I prepare a different thing for them to say than when I do the introduction? One thing I can think of is asking them to also mention our personal/professional connection next to whichever expert qualifications I offer them.
    2. When doing a training or presentation. How much time should I spend on the "Earn the Right" part?
    3. A lot of my video's are going to be nice and short, so I can use them for youtube shorts and instagram reels. Should I spend any time introducing myself? Or should I do that at the end?
    4. As for the content of my introduction. At the moment I also give some personal info, like hobbies and that I just became a father. The goal is that people can connect with me on another level than just personal. When I am establishing myself as an expert, do you recommend doing this?

    1. As for question three Max, I once saw the tip that you should never start a video by introducing yourself. You should immediately grab the attention and make the viewer curious that this video contains valuable information by providing the answer/or a solution later in the video.

    2. To your questions, Max:

      1. Definitely... Someone else introducing you is a hundred times better than you're introducing yourself.
      Assuming that:
      * they're doing a good job introducing you
      * that the audience actually know/care/trust the one who introduces you
      In my experience the more personal they are about you (in relation to your profession - not to your friendship or family connection) the better.

      2. They asked Abraham Lincoln (who was a very tall man) how long should be a person's legs.
      He said something like "long enough to reach from the body to the earth".
      I think this is the same here... As long as it takes to do its job (earn the right) and not a minute longer.

      3. From my experience with YouTube videos/channels... You shouldn't have ANY introduction at the beginning. Get straight to the pain point and promise a solution in the video.
      Somewhere later in the video you can do a 10-second introduction, although after experimenting with hundreds of videos - we dropped that and simply put a lower-third (text on the lower part of the video) with our name and URL.

      4. On YouTube videos, from MY experience, no one cares.
      But it's so easy to test...
      YouTube shows you exactly how many views you have every second of the video.
      You'll see clearly when you're losing views.
      So try different things, but after EACH video is out - study YouTube statistics carefully, analyze the video and make changes accordingly to the next videos.
      The more videos you make and publish, the more insights you get, and the better your results would be.

      I hope those help.

      1. I say (these days) put you name in text. I did consider that and looked at Fiverr of some styling (you have the whole thing in your company colours) but I don't know how you call that texty thingy down the bottom. Does it have a technical name? 😅

    3. 1. If you would ask me. Always introduce yourself. I ask other instructors to let me introduce myself so I can do that the way I want to. Some times I get a small complimenting introduction start after which I do the rest. But most people in my field don't know how to do a propper introduction.
      3. I'm just starting with video but at this point I'd like to start shortly with the subject followed by my introduction and then go straight on with the subject itself.
      4. I think it depends how you want your audience to see you. I personally would consider the value of my personal story. If I would make a video towards parents of students, it helps making clear I'm a parent myself without saying so. But towards students it wouldn't do much other than spending their time. Some things might also be a bit strange if you use it still (years) later.

    4. In videos, I never do this. If you are looking for an answer to a burning quesiton, you are really not interested in who is giving it, at least not in the beginning. I'd say make sure that you have videos that are so interesting that people will stick around on your channel and at one point they'll go to your "channel page" and find your "who am I" video.

      Better make sure there's a link in the description to it- or what you CAN do is- say if you want to know more, go check this video and put the video in the video (you can do that in youtube)

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