Publish An Expert Video


In this Build Your Expert Position block of the Working ON My Business program we are NOT going to cover HOW TO write the book you conceived last week.

If you wish to write your book using my proven method, then head to the Business University course: Write Your Book in 28 Days.

HOWEVER… in the BONUS workshop of September 29, I will share my NEW and very different method to write a very specific expert book (in the direction of: What to Expect When You’re Expecting), answering EXACTLY the questions your audience is asking, in the shortest possible time, and with the minimum effort.

I will give you more details in a couple of weeks, but if you’re interested – make sure to RESERVE the evening of September 29th.

One of the easiest, fastest ways to show your expertise!

There are three main ways that sharing your expertise through video can help your business:

  1. Get discovered more
    Sharing videos demonstrate your expertise while giving you an extra vehicle to communicate to and get seen by potential clients.
    Especially on social media – video is king.

  2. Stand out from your competition
    Are your competitors using video to share their expertise?
    If not, not enough, or not very good – then you have a golden opportunity here.
    If you need to choose between two experts (on any topic) who have the same qualifications, but only one is using video – which one would you choose?
    The expert that has video content who shows they know their stuff, or the one that doesn’t?

  3. Establish trust and connection
    When you demonstrate your expertise in a video, it builds the sense of know, like and trust between you and your potential clients.
    Video gives you an opportunity to tell your story, to provide the viewer an insight into what’s important for you, and why you do what you do.
    Authenticity and transparency are important more than ever when establishing credibility and connection – get that right – and prospects will buy… from YOU.

Video is no longer only one piece of your overall marketing plan. It became the central piece… especially in social media.

These days, if you aren’t creating videos, you’re likely falling behind. 

But don’t get frustrated. For most videos, the more simple and raw it is, the more authentic the content seems … and that’s what really matters to your prospects and clients.

And to get you started…

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

Are You Camera Shy?
Here are 5 tips how to overcome your camera shyness or anxiety:

  1. Know WHY you’re making the video in the first place
    For any video, start by writing down your goal, and then list 3-5 key take-aways you want the viewer to remember.
    Knowing your key points increases your confidence, simplify your message and reduces the chance you’ll be all over the place.

  2. Imagine you’re having a 1-on-1 conversation
    Identifying a specific person you want to talk to takes away the pressure of talking to hundreds of viewers – or zero viewers.
    Even if no one’s watching your videos at first, still imagine how connecting with only one person would make it all worth it.

  3. Shift the focus from yourself to how you can serve others
    Too often we get caught up in our own fears and insecurities that we forget that we have a chance to make a difference in someone’s life with our message.
    You’ll be able to put aside your own nervousness when it’s in service for someone else.

  4. High quality content is more important than production value
    That means you don’t need a fancy set, fancy camera, or fancy wardrobe to show up and deliver something your audience will enjoy.
    Because if what you share is truly helpful, people overlook all of that because they like you and are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

  5. Build up your confidence & consistency first
    Instead of obsessing over stats and views
    When you’re first starting out, give yourself at least a dozen videos to get comfortable and find your style.
    Success for you means showing up when you planned to show up. Analyzing stats and metrics comes later once you have a small library of videos to review.

Easy to say, maybe a little harder to do…

But you’re in the program to grow beyond your comfort zone, don’t you? So… let’s move on…

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far.

How’s that for a 5-day challenge?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

Here is the 5-step process you could follow in order to produce a great expert video:

  1. Find your compelling WHY
    Come up with as many ideas as you can to: WHY is it important for YOU to publish a video on your topic of expertise?

  2. Come up with a list of Frequently Asked Questions
    Those are questions you’re asked often that you know answering them can make a difference for your audience (i.e. potential clients);

  3. Choose one question to answer 
    From the list you created yesterday, choose one question you know you can deliver tons of value on, and come up with the 3-5 main take aways you want your viewers to remember;

  4. Practice in front of the camera
    Watch these few video filming tips:

Then… set up your mobile phone or digital camera and with only the question in mind and the 3-5 main take aways.


  • Imagine an interviewer is asking you the question;
  • Record yourself answering it (try to keep it to 5 minutes or less);
  • Watch the recording;
  • Make notes of what you can improve;
  • Choose one thing to improve;

Repeat those steps 2-3 more times.

  1. Record your final video
    Make sure you’re dressed up properly for your purpose / audience;
    Choose a quiet (audio as well as background visuals) place, with good light;
    Put your phone or camera on a tripod or a stable surface in the height of your eyes;
    Follow the tips I shared in the above video;
    Record your answer to the question you practiced;
    If you’re happy with the result, congratulate yourself, upload the finished video (minimum or no editing, please), and share it with your subscribers and clients;
    If you’re not happy… do it again… it’s less than 5 minutes…

Ready to get to work?

PLAN your actions in your agenda…

Your next step is to physically plan this process in your agenda.

Plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to follow the process above.

AND… You will need to reserve 2-3 hours if the video needs some editing (you can do it cheaply and quickly at, to create a YouTube channel (if you don’t have one yet) and to send a message about the video to your list.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT…

Take 10 minutes, right now, and…

  • Day 1 – come up with at least 10 answers for why do you want to publish a video on your area of expertise;

  • Day 2 – come up with at least 10 specific frequently asked questions you’d love to answer;

  • Day 3choose one question from yesterday’s list and come up with the 3-5 take aways you want your viewers to remember;

  • Day 4 – practice recording the answer to the question a few times… each time learning from watching yourself and improving the next “take”;

  • Day 5  record your final video – but don’t be afraid to make a few takes before you’re satisfied.
  • Feel free to upload the best RAW version to YouTube as UNLISTED (so only people with the link could watch the video), and share the link to the video in the comment box – if you want to get some feedback from WOMB participants.

In your next 2-3-hour Implementation Session – do minimum editing (or let someone else edit your video) just to clean it up a bit – and only if necessary.
If you don’t have a YouTube channel – make one.
And after you uploaded the final version of the video to YouTube – share it with your clients and/or subscribers…

Each day share with us in the comment box your ideas, topics and actions.

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your process and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Wednesday to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday (I’m curious to hear the goal(s) and plan you’ll come up with).

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Day 2/5

    When is a wine ‘good’?
    When is a wine ‘bad’?
    Which country produces the best wines?
    Why is one wine more expensive than another?
    What do they mean with the old and the new wine world?
    How is rose wine made?
    How does a wine become sweet?
    What are tannins?
    What is a “corked” wine?
    What is better? Natural cork or screwcap?

  2. Day 1/5

    To get discovered more
    To establish trust and connection
    To get more valuable content on my Youtube Channel
    To stand out from my competition
    To establish my expert position
    To serve a wider audience by sharing knowledge
    To get more opt-ins
    To get more paid clients in both live and online trainings
    To attract more ideal clients
    To build a legacy

  3. >>I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far<<

    Day 4 This is my 5th recording to the question “Why should I become an Airbnb host”?

    This is the link ( ) to my first video ever. And eventhough it is very far from perfect I am so happy and proud that I’ve stepped beyond my comfort zone and just did it. I’ve read somewhere that if I worried about how I looked on films I should just forget my own ego and get on with it. This is why I’ve posted this video eventhough it needs a lot of fine tuning

    This is what needs improving
    • I need to look fresh and energetic
    • My make up needs fixing
    • The lipstick is too dark
    • The wire behind me should be removed as should the tag
    • The film should be shorter and more dynamic
    • Besides from this, I'm good. I've posted it eventhough it is far from perfect.

  4. HappyHomes
    >>I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far<<

    Day 3 This is the one question I will answer
    23. Why should I become an Airbnb host?

    These are the 3-5 main take aways I want my viewers to remember

    1. It is a great way to meet new people
    -are you are social person who like to meet new cultures or other people, this is the perfect way to do so. At home. In your own environment.
    - do you find it hard to meet new people, this is the perfect way to connect. Start small so you feel comfortable about it.

    2. It is a comfortable way to generate an extra income
    - Do you find it challenging to make ends meet, welcoming Airbnb guest in your home is a very nice way to make an extra income
    - Are you saving up money for a special trip? Lounge set? Laptop? pet? Redecorating? Etc. Opening your doors to Airbnb guests is an easy and nice way to reach your goal faster

    3. It is a lovely way to share your hobbies with other people
    - Turn your hobbies into a money generator. Inviting people to join you in your hobbies on Airbnb is a very easy way to earn an extra income.

    4. It is a way to make new friends

    - Do you like to meet people but find it difficult to find someone to connect to, as an Airbnb host people visit you and makes it possible for you to connect.
    - Sharing you hobbies are an beautiful way to make new friends

    >>I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far<<

    Day 2 This is my top 20 FAQ’s based on questions asked my target audience

    1. How do I get an accommodation??
    2. What if my room is not big enough
    3. I find it difficult to have strange people in my house
    4. How do I make my room ready for guests?
    5. How much can I earn?
    6. Do I need to pay tax on my income?
    7. How do I set the price?
    8. What do I do about check in?
    9. Do I need to be home when my guests arrive?
    10. Which check in hours should I maintain?
    11. How much time should I have between visits?
    12. Should I go for long or short stays?
    13. How do I attract business people?
    14. Which kind of audience can I aspect?
    15. What if my house is not anything special?
    16. I only have a very small room?
    17. I only have one bathroom?
    18. How many guests may I accommodate?
    19. Where do I start?
    20. I find it scary to start?
    21. How do I become a Super Host?
    22. What is a Super Host?
    23. Why should I become an Airbnb host?
    24. What is so interesting about Airbnb?
    25. What if people don’t behave?
    26. What makes a stay special?
    27. My neighbourhood is not that special?
    28. What do I ask per night?
    29. Do I need to serve breakfast?
    30. Which kind of breakfast should I serve?
    31. How do I decorate my room?
    32. I only have a small room. Is that still interesting?
    33. I want to start in order to make more money, but I don’t have any spare guestroom?
    34. What do they mean with events?
    35. How do I create a sightseeing book?
    36. How to I tell my guests what to see and do in the neighbourhood?
    37. Where do I start when I want to be an Airbnb host?
    38. What if the customers do not pay?
    39. What if the guests make a terrible mess of my house?
    40. Can I make a living as an Airbnb host?
    41. Do I allow pets or not?
    42. Do every camping allow commercial rental?
    43. Do my guest need to have their own entrance?
    44. What is the minimum I need to offer?
    45. How do I get started?
    46. How do I make an account?
    47. How do I create a Airbnb page?
    48. Do I need to create one account per room?
    49. How often do you get selected a super host?
    50. What are the criteria to become a super host?
    51. Why is it important to be a super host?
    52. Which benefits does the title super host bring?
    53. Does Airbnb allow any mean of payment?
    54. How do I know that my guest will pay?
    55. How do I know if my guests a reliable and kind guests?

  6. >>I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far<<

    Day 1 This is my compelling WHY it is important for me to publish a video on my topic of expertise

    1. It is much more personal
    2. I make contact at an emotional level
    3. It make me more approachable and trustworthy
    4. My target audience will get to know me
    5. It will establish my expert position
    6. When communicating my compelling WHY in a passionate and expert manner I will gain the attention of my audience
    7. When my compelling why is attractive enough it will boost my conversion
    8. It will give my brand a voice and a face
    9. In connection with blogs it will create brand exposure
    10. It personify my business
    11. And makes it easier to enter into conversion with my target audience
    12. If done well with compelling headlines and descriptions it will be a great way to orchestra my search optimalisation

  7. Day 3
    1. Choose one question to answer
    What's the story behind the name?
    a. Ditha was the name of my mother. Her name was Edith, Ditha for short. She died much too young. I would have loved to start the business together. It made me realize life is short. Do not wait for 'the right time' to fulfil your dreams.
    b. Ditha Bonita means: beautiful Ditha. Bonita is the Spanish word for beautiful. The combination has a nice ring to it.
    c. Ditha Bonita is a homage to Ditha. She had a wonderful sense of style and she was a good person who always said: treat people the way you want to be treated. It is still an important value for me.
    d. From day one I decided that every person in the chain, should earn sufficient wages
    e. Every person, animal and our environment deserves our respect

  8. Day 2 – come up with at least 10 specific frequently asked questions you’d love to answer
    1. What is the story behind the name Ditha Bonita
    2. Why did you become a (web)shop owner
    3. What is you philosophy?
    4. Why do you think sustainability is so important?
    5. What is Sustainability
    6. How come sustainable products are so 'expensive'?
    7. What is the difference between cotton and biocotton?
    8. What is your personal story: who are you?
    9. What does vegan mean?
    10. How do you know whether something is sustainable
    11. What is greenwashing?
    12. What is ecovero?
    13. What is hemp in clothes?
    14. What can I do as an indiviual to make the world a little better?
    15. Why do I have to care about the environment when most companies still polute?
    16. What does the GOT's certificate mean?
    17. What are the pro's and con's of the different materials for clothing?
    18. How and why did you start becoming more conscious/ sustainable?
    19. What is your top 3 of favourite products?
    20. What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

  9. Day 1.
    Find your compelling WHY

    I have a webshop and I sell actual products. Tangible products. Video is the best way to let the world know you exist.
    1. The best way to show actual products
    2. Show my new collection
    3. Show combinations you can make with the different clothes
    4. Make a how to video, explaining how to use certain products
    5. Great way to tell something about a sustainable subject
    6. It is a great way to show your expertise
    7. It is a great way to build trust
    8. It is a great way to show people the person behind the shop
    9. It is a great way to show people you are legit
    10. A video is a great way to tell/show a lot in little time

  10. Day 3

    Which question am I going to answer in a video;
    What can I do about a bloated stomach?

    Take aways
    1. Do not swallow extra air (chewing gum, straw, light food, carbon dioxide, chewing gum)
    2. No sweeteners like polyols
    3. Eat slowly, chew well, mindfully
    4. Watch your triggers and personal food sensitivities
    5. Eat more prunes or kiwis 🥝

  11. Day 2

    List of FAQ
    1. How much lactose can I eat?
    2. Am I not allowed gluten?
    3. Which probiotics are good?
    4. What can I do about a bloated stomach?
    5. I keep having complaints despite my diet, what can I do now?
    6. I have loose stools. How is that possible?
    7. My stomach hurts immediately as soon as I eat. How is that possible?
    8. I've tried everything but nothing helps. What now?
    9. I already eat so little, should I eat even less now?
    10. My stomach hurts like air and belching. What can I do?

    This points are from my head.
    I have a document with all the FAQ and other questions so a lot to talk about

  12. >>I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far< I give them one to download
    b) Having filled in the names of all your employees expertise/domein/department, you set the value to measure against -> I give them an examples of values to determine the worth of the knowledge
    c) This is how you see which knowledge is at risk -> I give them a ONE PAGER with an example of a skillmatrix/knowledge card, with anonymus employees with values filled in. Below is an explaination how to read the value and insights of the skillmatrix.
    d) In the bio of my film will be a link to all the above templates (only available for people who sign in with their mailadres). There will also be a link to an online skillmatrix which can be filled providing realtime online insights 24*7.

    1. Part of my text got deleted.
      This respond relate to
      Day 3 – The one question from yesterday's list and 3 - 5 take aways I want the viewers to remember

      I had chosen KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT - OptimizePeople
      2) how do I see where my business is at risk

  13. >> I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far<<

    Day 2 – These are the 10 specific FAQ's I would love to answer

    1) how do I see which employee possesses which knowledge
    2) how do I see where my business is at risk
    3) how do I prevent a brain drain
    4) How do I measure the business risk
    5) How do I ensure continuity
    6) How do I transfer knowledge from one employee to another
    7) How do I ensure an employee is billable within a week
    8) How do I transfer tacit knowledge
    9) Which knowledge domains are crucial for my business
    10) How do I reduce knowledge loss following outsourcing
    11) How do I prevent vendor lock in
    12) Why is knowledge management important
    13) How do I ensure I have the required knowledge to fulfill my stratic goals

    HappyHome (Airbnb)
    14) How do you become an Airbnb host
    15) Is my house suitable for an Airbnb
    16) How do I decorate my room
    17) What is expected from a host
    18) How do I make my Airbnb attrative to guests
    19) How much tax does it cost me
    20) How much money can I make
    21) How do I decide on my price
    22) What do people expect when they come to me20 ...
    23) what is expected of me as a host
    24) How do I set up my site
    25) What do I have to do about check in and check out
    26) What do I do about clearning the place
    27) How do I find a suitable place for an Airbnb
    28) Do I always have to book through Airbnb or can I also welcome my quests in a private manner
    29) How many rooms am I allow to rent out through Airbnb

  14. >> I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far <<

    Day 1 My compelling WHY (this is WHY it is important to ME to publish a video on my topic of expertise)
    1) I love what I am doing
    2) I know so much about it which I would love to share
    3) My customers are struggeling and I know how to help them
    4) It is so much fun to be creative
    5) My field of expertise add so much value
    6) I have develop a framework which is unique in its sort
    7) I have answers to the questions my customers are asking me
    8) My customers pay me much money for my knowledge
    9) Eventhough I find it exiting I would love to show my knowledge in "Public"
    10) I would make me proud to visible - never thought I would say this
    11) I have a feeling that once I exit my comfort zone there is no stopping me
    12) This is the beginning of my Money Three - I love to create based on the pain my customers are experience.
    13) It make me so happy to find solutions to my customers problem
    14) I love to empower my customers and make them succesfull

  15. Day 1
    1. Prospects also like to watch video instead of reading
    2. To show my expertise and knowledge
    3. Is also 'hot'
    4. Can be used in multiple ways. So on social media, in mail, in an online program
    5. It can clarify an answer to a question
    6. You can get more potential customers who prefer to watch video
    7. People can get to know me better
    8. For marketing and promotion

  16. Day 4 practice
    I must say I scripted… because it had to be super brief, Instagram Reels cannot be of 5 minutes so I had to be very precise.

  17. day 4 en 5
    I love to do it and again I saw many obstacles.... pfff.
    But I will share one of the video's and post it with a blog the coming week.
    I can celebrate the progress I made
    Being on stage, feeling more confident during and because of this program
    Keeping in mind: working smarter not harder.
    and trust that I can do that even when I am more visible and get more attention.
    I can handle it. pfff

  18. I want the video making a habit, especially to do it more easy and less time consuming


  19. Part 2.Day 5 – record your final video – but don’t be afraid to make a few takes before you’re satisfied.

    Yes I am satisfied with the expertvideo I made. Including a call to join my workshop.

    I am not satisfied that i struggled with you tube today. And did not manage to upload the video. Learned a lot though from tutotials, and with some help I will succeed later in a few days to create a private you tube account.

    The shared videoresults of some of the participants were very inspiring.

  20. • Day 4 – practice recording the answer to the question a few times… each time learning from watching yourself and improving the next “take”;
    More complicated than I thought. On paper it looks different to actually “telling”’ it on video.

  21. Find my compelling why
    My why is maybe a strange why, but here it is. “Why not. I have nothing to lose, maybe people will like what I have to say." Anyway I will try it and will not overthink it too much. So I will make a script. Then I will try to open a Youtube channel ( never had one before) and try to add it there as unlisted. First I will come up with questions to answer.

  22. Question with take aways: "How do I bring some humor and lightness into my presentation?"

    1. People love stories so focus on the stories behind the facts.
    2. Tell about your own pitfalls and what you learned from them.
    3. Don't confuse humor with joking or telling a joke. You've probably once made a blunder that made you a little embarrassed. Tell it with light self-mockery. Practice this story a few times.

    Your audience will love you for this and immediately reward you with their enthusiasm. And this in turn boosts your confidence.

      1. Ha dag Marcel, fijn dat je verantwoordelijk houdt voor mijn uitspraken.
        Ik ben bezig met verschillende video opnamen. Nog niet alles is af. Wat ik je hier laat zien is een presentatie in interviewstijl. Dir is de volledige opname (11 min) die nog zal worden geëdit naar een video van ca 3 minuten. Zoals je zult zien is deze opname gemaakt in mijn eigen virtuele studio.


        Groet, Rudolph

  23. Day 5 – record your final video – but don’t be afraid to make a few takes before you’re satisfied.

    Today I recorded a few takes, but I couldn t find enough time to make the final version. I will do that tomorrow.
    Saw some very inspiring video s of other participants. Will watch them again to give some feedback.

  24. Day 3:
    What means that a cable is microphonic
    Day 4: recorded it
    Day 5: haven't found the time to edit it, will be for this weekend.

  25. WEEK 12 DAY 5 – record your final video 
    Video uploaded on YouTube as UNLISTED

    Please, take into account that this video is made out of my holiday home; I don't have the proper instruments and circumstances to make a video that is professional enough. Still, for the purpose of this assignment, I have uploaded it and I now share the link with you. Thanks for watching it :-).

    >> I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far. <<

    1. Hi Manny,

      You come across as very warm and caring. That will certainly come across strongly to the target group you are targeting. You yourself set an example by this of what it means to be loving with yourself.

      Now my tip:

      I learned this myself during the media training I had years ago. Blink your eyes a little more often. You are close to the camera, which makes your eyes look even bigger. There are times when you do this and then you immediately see the difference. The effect on the viewer is if your eyes are wide open and you don't blink, you appear tense. Large, staring eyes nonverbally point to startle or panic.

  26. Day 5 09-09-2022

    – record your last video – but don't be afraid to do a few takes before you're satisfied.
    Feel free to upload the best RAW version to YouTube as UNLISTED (so only people with the link can watch the video) and share the link to the video in the comment box - if you want to get feedback from WOMB participants.

    After a very instructive week and after practicing a lot with recording yesterday, I present the result to you today. I am also very curious about your results. That way I get to know you better. I look forward to your comments:

    1. WOW , that looks so professional Marcel! I think it looks very authentic, and you picked a topic that people will definitely react on. Very good how you did the call to action also at the end.

      1. @Marcel I think I have one point on how to improve the video. Your title is not very clear. What is the video about? Yes, dominant people. But that in itself doesn’t say much. So- I’d suggest to change the title a bit so it’s clearer why you should watch the video. Maybe “how to deal with over dominant people?”

        1. Thank you Gerdy,

          For your positive comment. I am going to adjust the title and think about it carefully so that the title immediately attracts attention.

  27. Here is my video! YAY. Proud of it. If you watch it, it's in dutch- please like it- if you're interested in the topic, make sure you subscribe because I'm planning to do more videos. If you have constructive feedback: love it! Please leave it here as a comment!

    1. Hi Gerdy,

      Picture and sound are top. The way you present it is good. The following is intended to be constructive:

      Only after more than 2 minutes do I understand what it is about. You are misleading me with the black screen. Why bother with a black screen? The exercise you mention gets me interested: it's a great method to get to know each other better.

      This is also my tip:

      Start with the exercise and say something about yourself and ask the viewer if he or she has this too? Do this a few times and then ask how was that for you? Then what do you think is the effect during an online meeting ect.

  28. Day 3 – choose one question from yesterday’s list and come up with the 3-5 take aways you want your viewers to remember;

    Why am I so tired?
    1. Difference between ways off being tired.
    2. Exercise to feel the difference.
    3. To understand that each form off tiredness comes from a different cause.
    4. To understand that each cause has his own solution.
    5. To give examples for each solution.

  29. Day 2 – come up with at least 10 specific frequently asked questions you’d love to answer;

    1. Why am I so tired?
    2. Why don’t I get what I want?
    3. I don’s know which choice I have to make for my career?
    4. What is talent management?
    5. Why Human Talent management instead of Human Resourch Management?
    6. Why Organic Management?
    7. I have a problem to keep employees.
    8. How can I get more satisfaction in my profession

  30. Day 1 – come up with at least 10 answers for why do you want to publish a video on your area of expertise;

    1. To demonstrate that I have value.
    2. To help potential clients with simple things, so they start to trust me.
    3. To make that the people know what I am offering.
    4. To show the potential clients that I can help them.
    5. Fun – makes people laugh While it is a serious subject.
    6. That people have a nice time to watch the video
    7. That people recognize themselves.
    8. Share- people share the video because it’s funny and serious at the same time. Maybe it can help other people of they van laugh about it.
    9. Make people think unconscious about the subject
    10. To help the people to learn more about personal leadership in a easy and relaxed way.

  31. Week 12 - 3 van 5

    *** How do you, as a Citymanager, initiate a sustainable change / movement in a municipal organization?***

    Part 1 - Introduction & hook
    These are the things we are going to cover in this video:
    1. Municipal organizations serve democracy, but are not itself a democracy.
    2. Municipal organizations are inherently administratively complex. Going through (or having to go through) a change as a municipal organization is therefore certainly not self-evident or successful (pain).
    3. My Solution-oriented step-by-step approach SAMEN method.

    Part 2 - Requirements and Steps:
    1. S: Apply Synergy
    2. A: Paying attention to talent
    3. M: Management team becomes a collective, a close leadership team.
    4. E: Making expertise important again.
    5. N: Exploring new ways of working.

    Part 3 - summary and this is the first step to do (implementation):
    1. Summary
    2. First step: Create synergy between better service and organizational development
    3. Pep talk

  32. Day 3:
    Day 3 – choose one question from yesterday’s list and come up with the 3-5 take aways you want your viewers to remember;

    What are the sphincters in the human body and why are they so important?
    3 take aways:
    What is the meaning of the word sphincter?
    Which are the sphincters in the human body?
    Why are they so important?


    On horse-human relationship and interaction

    1. How do I become the human my horse wants to be with

    2. Help, I’m afraid of my horse

    3. Help, my horse runs away/ I can not catch my horse
    4. How to help my horse heal from trauma

    5. What is the positive effect of horses on humans
    6. How can I listen to my horse

    7. How to find confidence in my horse

    8. How can I learn the language of the Horse
    9. How can I synchrorize with my horse

    10. How can I improve my Equine Partnership

    11. Does my horse love me?

    On horse training from the ground

    1. How can I improve my horses’ balance.

    2. How to teach my horse true self carriage
    3. What is the essence of the gymnastic exercises

    4. What is the effect of my breathing, energy and posture on my horse

    5. What are the natural asymmetries of the horse

    6. How do I start to play at liberty with my horse
    7. What exercises can I do with my horse
    8. How to train/do/learn Shoulder in

    9. How to train/do/learn Haunches in

    10. How to train/do/learn Half Pass
    11. How to train/do/learn Piaffe

    12. What is collection and why is it important
    13. What are the benefits of lateral work for horses

    On horse riding

    1. My horse doesn’t want to stand still

    2. How do I become a Confident Rider 

    3. What are 10 ways to improve my ride
    4. How can I smoothly ride my side movements

    5. Why is spinal alignment important for rider and horse
    6. How can I invite my horse to come to the mounting block
    7. How can I ride shoulder in/haunches in/half pass

    8. How do I teach my horse piaffe

  34. Day 4 – practice recording the answer to the question a few times… each time learning from watching yourself and improving the next “take”;

    This is really helpful for me:. Keep it simple. Answering one question.
    Yes, i can do this! 😍

  35. WEEK 12 DAY 4 - practice recording the answer to the question

    I wrote a script, practiced speaking it out loud, and then took some takes. I've made and published videos before, I'm comfortable enough with this. However, I am not sure if I will publish this video. Maybe later, when I've worked out my plan for my new ideal client and VIP product.

  36. WOMB WEEK 12, SEPTEMBER 8 2022, DAY 4/5

    Practice recording the answer to the question

    Although I have not recorded the answer to my FAQ chosen question, I took a moment to analyze “takes” I have done in the past (see two examples of short videos I made by clicking links below). These are my insights:

    * I feel more comfortable when I prepare the RAW structure of the video
    * I perform better when I don’t prepare too much and let room for improvisation to glow
    * I prefer to film alone and do my thing while none is watching 🤪
    * I need to “warm up” in order to get in filming mode. I do this by being playful (silly) with the camera, then serious
    * surprisingly, playful stuff that seemed stupid at first, turns out to (sometimes) be valuable
    * The more I do it, the more I like it
    * Need to work on my “lightning”. Great artists know exactly what light suits them and their purpose the best
    * Less is more (in content) but more is more in sincerity and openness (at least it works for me)
    * What I think it is going to be a “Hit” is never IT. The hit always comes where I expect it the less and for the less expected reasons. So need to study the Hits more and better
    * From now on I will make the videos with my Target Audience in mind. So far my purpose was to share what I had to say with everyone who would be interested

    Hereunder the links of my two short videos (1 min. Each):

    One minute biggest insight of the E-Myth

    Success doesn’t happen overnight
    What started as a silly/playful warming up video, turned out to be a hit on Facebook. Totally unexpected!

  37. WEEK 12 DAY 3 - 1 question & 3-5 take aways
    Choose one question from yesterday’s list and come up with the 3-5 take aways you want your viewers to remember;

    #14 How should I deal with the mistakes I've made in my life?

    1. Your successes are based on your mistakes.
    2. Why you should shift from guilt to gratitude.
    3. Active acceptance is key.

    >> I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far. <<

  38. Day 3 – choose one question from yesterday’s list and come up with the 3-5 take aways you want your viewers to remember;

    I would start with "should I forbid my participants to turn off their cameras"

    1. No. Becuase: if only one or two does it they might be in bed with COVID or having kids running around and don't want to disturb, OR, of more then you are boring.
    2. Find ways to have them turn on their camera. Biggest advice: make it interactive and make THEM work instead of listening to you.
    3. Find ways to keep the energy active- ask questions, let them talk, set rules and OWN. THE. Meeting. meaning: you make up the rules together, and you stick to it. think of rules such as: you can talk for max 2 mins.

  39. Day 2 – come up with at least 10 specific frequently asked questions you’d love to answer;

    ha. OK here they go:

    1. How do I do a hybrid meeting where everyone is involved?
    2. How do I keep my team members loyal to each other and the company?
    3. How can I make sure we keep the same level of working together when we work remote most of the time?
    4. How can I make sure participants are actually participating in a meeting?
    5. How do I do a brainstorm well, especially online?
    6. How do I get my people back to the office?
    7. How do I make sure when my people are not getting back to the office that they feel part of the team and know where to find each other?
    8. How do I use the benefits of online meetings to create an effective online team?
    9. What ideas do you have to create connection online?
    10. What ideas do you keep the energy active in an online meeting?
    11. What can I do to quickly get to know each other better?
    12. What can I do instead of using 30 mins of our time to all introduce ourselves, where everyone is falling asleep/ checking out?
    13. How do I make sure that the actions we decide on are actually done if we are not live together to keep each other pushing and awake?
    14. How can I do a management meeting online?
    15. What tips do you have to do a hybrid meeting effectively?
    16. How can we make sure that a decision we make is supported by everyone?
    17. What are the benefits of online meetings over live ones?
    18. Would it be a good idea to do complex meetings such as the farmers with the Nitrogen online? (yes it would)
    19. What are rules to think about when we go in an online meeting?
    20. What dresscode should we have?
    21. Should I forbid my participants to turn their screens on black in an online meeting?
    22. Can you show us how.... (fill in pretty much all the functionality in teams/ webex/ google meet)

    I think I have enough to make 3 videos a week for a year...

  40. WEEK 12 DAY 2 - FAQ
    Come up with at least 10 specific frequently asked questions you’d love to answer;

    1. What can I do to live the life I want?
    2. What makes me serve others all the time?
    3. How can I makes others listen to me too?
    4. How can I make my own choices and still stay connected?
    5. What do I actually want?
    6. Where do I find peace?
    7. What if my children keep calling on me?
    8. I'm afraid of ending up lonely. What can I do?
    9. I have worked hard and achieved a lot. What now?
    10. How can I live more from love?
    11. How do I find meaning after motherhood and career?
    12. What if there is more life than this?
    13. What if there is more than this life?
    14. How should I deal with the mistakes I've made in my life?
    15. How do I get rid of my guilt?
    16. What if I never find love?
    17. I have always been independent; how do I stay that way in my new relationship?
    18. What else can I do with my knowledge, experience and qualities?
    19. Where can I find like-minded people to exchange ideas about spirituality?
    20. How do I get rid of that critical voice in me?
    21. How do I deal effectively with disrespect towards me?
    22. I am ready for a new life. How to create that?

    >> I am going to publish my first/best expert video so far. <<