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Most people leave the “safety” of working for a boss, and start their own business in pursuit of more money, freedom, fulfillment and contribution.

However, very quickly many discover – that in reality – freedom and money turned into being overworked and underpaid, and fulfillment and contribution come with tons of frustrations and sacrifices…

If you recognize any of these – then let me show you WHY you are struggling. It might be painful to read, but if you stick with me until the end of this page you’ll find a light at the end of this tunnel… 

I can help you bring back YOUR dream business


In order to have a chance of success, you need to target clients that fulfill three important criteria. Even if one of these criteria is missing – you will struggle, fail or give up:

  • Your client needs to experience real pain
    Physical pain, stress, fear, worry, broke, not enough clients, not enough love, not enough sex… if you can solve any of these – you’re on the right track.
    Our average client suffer from: not having enough clients, working too much, getting paid too little, information overload, overwhelm, and no balance between work and private life… These are real pains.

  • Your client must have money to afford you
    If you have a restaurant, even if your client is starving, if they can’t afford to pay – they’re not good clients. 
    Understand this – it’s not how much money your client has – but how much money they can afford AFTER they paid their lifestyle costs.

  • Your client is easy to target
    If you can’t find where your potential clients are “hanging out” online (LinkedIn, Facebook groups, discussion forums…) or offline places (sports events, professional conferences, gyms, networking events…) – then you’re going to struggle forever.


If your client fulfills ALL 3 criteria (and one more we’ll discuss in a future article), then the problem you solve must fall into one of 3 categories:

  • Wealth (B2C or B2B) 
    This is when you help individuals earn money or save money.
    It can be directly (how to get more clients, how to ask for a raise) or indirectly (IT automation solution that saves them on personnel, team building training to help teams perform better).

  • Health and wellbeing
    This category includes physical health (physiotherapist or personal trainer), mental health (psychologist or support groups), emotional health (therapist or anger management classes) as well as personal development (life coach or addiction therapist) and spiritual growth (meditation center or spiritual teacher).

  • Relationships
    Marriage counseling, singles events, parenting classes, communication workshops, conflict mediators and any other relationship pain you solve. 

If the problem you solve doesn’t fall into one of these categories – it doesn’t mean you can’t be in business. It means you’re going to work very hard for very little for the rest of your life.

If you passed both client and problem criteria – congratulations. You are one step closer to your dream business than most entrepreneurs out there.


You’re most likely offering a solution that is quite similar in features, benefits, price, communication and delivery to pretty much everyone else in the market.

In the eyes of a prospect – a life coach is a life coach is a life coach – no matter what education, experience, knowledge or methodology you have…

And when a prospects (who doesn’t know you yet) can’t really make a difference between you and any other consultant/designer/therapist/app developer/lawyer then you became a commodity.

And the only way for you to compete as a commodity – is on price.
This is NOT GOOD.


Everyone else in your market is doing the same… having similar product/service, similar features/benefits, similar pricing, similar communication… so everyone else is a commodity too.

Here’s the light at the end of the tunnel: with the right mindset, goals, strategies and plan – you can easily create a new remarkable product/service (or modify your existing product/service) to stand in a category of ONE.

A category of ONE – means that a prospect can’t compare you to ANYONE else. So they will make their buying decision based on value instead of price.


In the coming 6-month program, Quantum Leap, I’m going to take you through an intensive process which will transform everything you think and do in your business, and will result in a new (or improved) product that will sell at a very high price (10-25 times your current fee) to a select group of VIP clients – generating for you at least €120,000 in NEW business in 12 months.

Did I mention I guarantee this result?

Follow the program and you will, at least, generate €120,000 in NEW business in 12 months or I will personally help you get there.

In this article we covered the criteria for your business success (who is a good client and what is a good problem to solve).

But why would a product/service that cost €10,000 (for example) be:

  • 10 times easier to sell (to the right client) than a €500 product;
  • 100 times more valuable to THEM;
  • and would transform every area of your life (besides your wallet)

Think about it for a while… this will blow your mind…

I will share my insights in the next article (coming soon…)


And because of my personal involvement with every participant, the number of participants I can take is very, very limited.

We can only consider those who complete this 4-step application process:

  1. Fill in the form below
    If the program is for you – you will get a choice of a few date/time slots for a Zoom call with me.
  2. Pay €100 commitment fee
    You will get the €100 back after you show up to our Zoom call.
  3. Show up for the Zoom call with me
    That’s when I explain the program, give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, and you get to ask me any question you have…
  4. We agree if the program is right for you
    If yes (and what level) – you register and we’ll deduct the €100.
    If not – we’ll stay friends and we’ll refund you the €100.


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