RP#01: Remarkable Product – Introduction

Create the Product that Sells Itself

This course teaches you the secrets of developing a remarkable product or service that gives your customers a WOW experience.
You will learn how to exceed expectations with a product or service that is remarkable, desirable and, therefore, highly profitable.

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Where to now?

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  1. What was your biggest insight from this lesson?
  2. What action(s) are you committing to – in order to implement this insight?
  3. Do you have any question or you need any support regarding this lesson?
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  1. After the Working on my business training, I asked my clients what else can I do for you. And now, just a month later, we started with a team of Virtual Assistants to improve the lifes of entrepreneurs. I do want to stay ahead of all the other VA's out there (because I agree, on the outside we look barely different than someone else). So that is why I chose this course to work on.

    0:00 It will be fun
    1:29 Lots of ideas and examples coming your way - you are the translator
    2:40 Write your ideas down
    3:01 Standards. comparing to the average. Stop wanting satisfied clients. Create raving fans
    5:30 contents
    Measuring WOW
    6:40 generate million dollar ideas every 5 minutes
    7:10 Nisandehs 5 steps to create a remarkable product

    7:45 Why you should have a remarkable product
    7:50 1.There is abundance of products out there
    8:36. 2. all the others look the same
    9:50 3. too much choice. too little time
    11.00 4. People come back again and again
    12.14 5. People talk about it
    13.01 6. People share on social media
    Examples will follow
    14:00 7. Your clients will forgive you when you make a mistake
    14:47 8. team stands behind it
    15:44 9. practically sells itself
    16:45 10. You can charge higher prices.

  2. Biggest insight: my service or product doesn't necessarily has to be the best, it just has to stand out, give something memorable.

    Action: I will be observative during this course to find ideas I can 'steal' from other industries than mine.

    Question: how can I loosen up and think out of the box again?

  3. Working on a remarkable product. Biggest insights: 1- don’t give them too much to choose so stand out, and 2: dare to be different.

    I commit myself to dare to be different in the training I’m giving coming Thursday.

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