RP#01: Remarkable Product – Introduction

Create the Product that Sells Itself

This course teaches you the secrets of developing a remarkable product or service that gives your customers a WOW experience.
You will learn how to exceed expectations with a product or service that is remarkable, desirable and, therefore, highly profitable.

Lesson 1 - Introduction

Where to now?

We would love to hear from you!

  1. What was your biggest insight from this lesson?
  2. What action(s) are you committing to – in order to implement this insight?
  3. Do you have any question or you need any support regarding this lesson?
Let us know in the comment box below…
  1. Biggest insight: my service or product doesn't necessarily has to be the best, it just has to stand out, give something memorable.

    Action: I will be observative during this course to find ideas I can 'steal' from other industries than mine.

    Question: how can I loosen up and think out of the box again?

  2. Working on a remarkable product. Biggest insights: 1- don’t give them too much to choose so stand out, and 2: dare to be different.

    I commit myself to dare to be different in the training I’m giving coming Thursday.

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