Rowan Blinde-Leerentveld


About me

As a parent of special needs child I have to make difficult decisions often. 

We are in the habit of choosing those treatments with maximized positive impact now and in the long run. 

This is no different than what we do for our clients. 

We provide them with the solution that gives them the maximized positive impact now and in the long run and keep them focused on this.

What I do

We help entrepreneurs in the service industry with getting more clients online. Our clients are very good at what they do, and their clients are always very happy with them. They come to us, because they would like to get more clients through online marketing. More often that not, they have already tried many different approaches, non of them profitable.

By definition, we will look beyond just getting you traffic. We start by measuring what drives your performance an focus on building on what works best.

My areas of expertise
SEO, SEA, E-mail Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Social Media Marketing.


February 20

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