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You MUST COMPLETE ALL 5 PARTS of this week’s assignment, to continue participating in the program.

So… in case you didn’t start yet (or you missed it today)… CLICK HERE to do it NOW.

If your buddy/buddies did NOT do their part so far – make sure to remind them, or we will have to remove them from the program.

Remember – this week’s assignment is answering a different question in the process – each day.

  • Did you give the process a try?
  • Do you have any question about the process?
  • Did you get stuck anywhere?

This is your opportunity to ask any question related to this week’s implementation assignment – to make sure you get the maximum out of it.

It’s also a golden chance to help someone else – by reading their question in the comments below – and offering them an answer, an idea, an encouragement…

If you have any question regarding this week’s implementation assignment or you need some support – let me know in the comment box below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you can offer an answer or support to anyone – please reply to their comment below.

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  1. Dear Nisandeh,

    I was taken aback when I received your 'Goodbye' message. Will you share with us what new path you will be taking?

    Your message brought up 2 questions:
    - How do you use a vision quest to get clarity on what is truly important in life?
    - Sometimes I get a 'goodbye' message, but they are merely designed to get you to open an email. I have 5000+ people on my email list, but 1000+ have not opened any email for a year. Do I send them a 'goodbye' message, something like 'If you don't open this email or click this button I will not bother you with my emails anymore'? Or do I just delete them (that will improve my open rate😄). They have not unsubscribed either. Is there another way to find out if these people (my C-list) could still be potential clients? What would Nisandeh do?

    1. It’s not a “state secret”, my new path…
      But since it’s so new and different, I’m not feeling yet like sharing it with the world.

      It’s also going to be so irrelevant to our current audience, so I guess I’ll keep it to myself.

      But… During The Breakthrough workshop, on January 13, as it’s gonna be my final farewell… I’ll be happy to share my new direction with the participants… (just before getting on a plane… 😜).

      To your questions:

      How do you use a vision quest to get clarity on what is truly important in life?
      Normally, I would isolate myself for one week (shorter period doesn’t work for me).
      Meaning - no contact with people, no phone, no WhatsApp, no internet… just me.

      I will have one question I want an answer on.
      I will usually write it on a big flip chart paper and hang it somewhere I can see it most of the day.

      And I’d just spend time thinking about the question…
      I’d meditate, I’d walk in nature, I’d cook, I’d sleep…

      And whenever any idea would pop up in my mind, I’d write it on a post-it note and stick it on the walls or on the flip chart paper.

      Questions I asked before were:

      “How do I transform people’s lives in masses, quickly?”
      (that’s when I created the 3-day Breakthrough to Success training),

      “How can I stop working so hard and multiply my impact?”
      (that’s when the Business Bootcamp was born).

      Usually it takes me 4-5 days to get clarity on the answer, and then 2-3 days to work on the details.

      The first few days are the most frustrating, usually, as my mind is exploding with irrelevant thoughts, or nothing at all, and it feels like I’m wasting my time.

      But I learned to relax with that and recognize the signs (especially hours and hours of sleep)… and TRUST that whatever needs to come will come.

      Often I set an intention at the beginning of the vision quest “Show me what I need to see, teach me what I need to learn”, and I repeat it often in my mind.

      What to do with subscribers who stopped engaging?
      In the past, my answer would be, leave them on your list.
      They don’t cost you anything, and you never know when a subject line will catch their eye, and they’ll take action.

      I had one such person who was on our list for years, deleting every single email before opening it. One day she got an email with the subject line “will you Write Your Book this year?”.
      She opened it, joined the Write Your Book course, then all the other courses, and brought 13 people to different trainings, some of them are very active till today, and brought people themselves.

      What was my investment…? Nothing.
      Yet, the return on investment was astronomical.


      It’s not working this way anymore…
      ISPs became more and more sophisticated, and if you’re having a high rate of people not opening, the ISPs will block more and more of your emails (that’s especially true to free email providers - gmail, yahoo, etc…)

      Also, the more subscribers on your list, the higher your monthly costs for your email software.

      But, mainly, having a large, unresponsive list gives you false/unrealistic expectations and bad data when making decisions.

      So, today, I’m very adamant on keeping my list lean and clean…

      Anyone who hasn’t opened an email in 6 weeks will get a “friendly reminder”, a couple of weeks later a “friendly warning” and a couple of weeks later a “goodbye” email (with a link to join the list if they want to).

      Of course, this is now a maintenance procedure, AFTER we did our big cleanup at the beginning of this year, when we removed 96% of our subscribers (more than 12,000 of them).

      I’m making more money today with 412 subscribers than we made in the last few years with almost 13,000.

      When you divide your yearly income to the number of subscribers you have - you know how much each subscriber is worth for you (on average).
      I want that number to be as high as possible.

      Just one thing…

      Don’t confuse an “if you’re not engaged - we’re going to say ‘goodbye’” email and “I’m closing business, and I wanted to say goodbye” email.

      Hope that helps…

      1. THANK YOU Nisandeh🙏

        Thank you for taking the time to answer my (late) questions with so much depth and sharing your own experiences! It certainly helps to make some decisions.

        I LOVE the vision question idea! I try to 'solve' things too much with my head. Trust the process.... I will plan my own vision quest!

        I have been on your email list for many years. I think the first training I did was the Discovery with a group of 20-30 people in Amsterdam. I wasn't 'active' for years, but then joined the Business University and the WOMB . That's exactly why I have been hesitant to say 'goodbye' to non-active people on my list. I will add this to my 'declutter' list!

  2. Question is about YouTube

    You can change the channel is the tip and multiple channels I understand. How do you do that? can this be done on 1 and the same email address?

    Is the video for answering questions just talking about it or can I also record a video where I address the question with a video if it's about changing a front tire for example?

    Then show this on video. There are many questions of how do I do that? and then visual material is interesting in addition to the possible writing of it.

    1. I don't know if I understand your first question, Leo...
      If the question is - should you have different YouTube channels... the answer is "that depends".
      I would recommend a very clear keyword per channel... so not to confuse YouTube.
      If you can put all your content under that keyword - great. Otherwise - different channels.

      If you can have several YouTube channels with the same email address.
      I'm not sure... Never tried that.

      About the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) videos...
      You absolutely can do a video SHOWING the answer (like how to change a tier) - that would be a great YouTube material.

  3. I do not have any questions about this week's assignment. I think it is very clear, as it is every week. So I will start by saying how grateful I am, I get to be in the programme. It has brought me a lot. And when I decided to follow the programme and have the opportunity to stay in touch for the coming five years, as you promised beforehand, I was really, really happy. I was really sad when I received the email yesterday, saying the Breakthrough in january would be the last time we would see you. Or the last time 'our paths would cross'. That is a shame. I know this training was a pilot but still I hoped it would be something permanent. I respect your choice but I am truly sorry about your decision.

    1. I really appreciate your feedback and acknowledgment, Marielle.

      With the world changing so fast those days, I needed to re-asses where I am (and my contribution is) needed most, and I believe it’s not in business education.

      Everything I shared with you in the WOMB exists in our Business University courses, for generations to come.

      But my presence is needed somewhere else…

      I was struggling with it for a few years now, but only in the last month (took a month-long “vision quest”) it became clear… so the decision and the new direction are still very fresh…

      1. +1 for what Marielle said about being grateful. Makes me even more grateful to have been able to learn so much from you in the past months.
        Thanks for sharing so much with us and helping us on our paths.

        1. +1 . I am also very grateful Nisandeh!
          And so glad to see you in January.
          Still I will be curious about your new path and hope to see you some day in the future again.
          --- but this is not the end----

      2. And much respect for the courage and bravery to leave something behind to create the space and time for something new to emerge.
        I know from experience it's not an easy decision, but always pays off in multitudes.

        I wish you lots of inspiration, love, wisdom and happiness with your new direction.

  4. If you were to do a second WOMB . How would you change the program?

    - I would move a lot of the assessment exercises to the front and start with elimination, then automation, then delegation. Then ideal client and expert status. Interested to hear how you (Nisandeh and all the other participants) look at this.

  5. I really need to spend more time on marketing and working on older and newer contacts. It is far too ad-hoc currently.
    I struggle in contacting my contact very regularly, this is also a bad habit I have with friends and family. The regular excuse it too busy.
    I was planning to make a list of all the friend and family are in my 20% top and started sending them a short message, did sent out a few and will continue, but I find this difficult.

    I'm in need of strategy to regular contact business contacts. What are good practices do capture this?

    1. Great question, Marcel...

      Here is the strategy I have used and taught for years:

      Divide ALL your business contacts into 3 lists:
      1. The A LIST - those are the ones that have the most potential to generate you income (mainly existing clients and big ex-clients)
      2. The B LIST - those are the ones that have some potential to generate you income (mainly ex-clients that didn't buy for a while)
      3. The C LIST - everyone else (mainly prospects that didn't buy yet)

      Here's your system:
      1. Contact EVERYONE on your A LIST once a month (mix up a phone call, a zoom, a LinkedIn personal message, an invitation to coffee, etc...) - Always provide them some value, and check GENTLY if there's anything you can do for them (or for anyone in their network).
      2. Contact EVERYONE on your B LIST once every 3 months - similar content/medium as above.
      3. Contact EVERYONE on your C LIST at least once a year - similar content/medium as above.

      When you systemize it, and schedule it in your agenda for a year in advance... you will find out that not only you don't forget and neglect your contacts anymore, but the busy excuse will go away... AND probably the most important - you will stay in those people's top of mind awareness, which will result in new and repeat business on a regular basis.

      I know it's simple, but it works.

      Give it a try...

      1. This helps me also.
        I do that in my 'Penny' for my prospects of networkmarketing, but nog for my prospects and clients of my own FODMAP business.
        Something to think about and to do.


    2. Dear Nisandeh,

      Thanks for this answer.
      I'll work in the ABC list and did put reminders in my agenda to work on the what and how. I'll work out the A's (did put a reminder) this month.



  6. While working on the assignment this week, I find it difficult to decide to eliminate something that is not working because of two reasons:

    1) Perhaps I have not tried seriously enough (then how can I expect it to work?)

    2) Perhaps I tried in the wrong way, for the wrong reasons (then off course it won’t work either

    In both cases I can not say the thing is not working because it is ME who is not using it in the right way.

    So I am a bit stuck in the discernment of whether eliminate something or givi it a second try (using different perspectives/ methods, reasons, etc)

    For example:

    You write: “my LinkedIn account brought me nothing (not that I ever tried to make it work).”

    Can you please share the reasons why you decided your LinkedIn account would not work for you although you didn’t try to make it work?

    I would love to read about your thinking process and your way to discern (as a reference), off course I need to develop my own judgement.

    1. I think I answered your question, Maru, in my answer to Gerdy - earlier today.

      And specifically about LinkedIn - I didn't try to use LinkedIn as a business tool.
      I opened my LinkedIn account a few months ago in order to be able to connect with two top world experts that I lost contact with over the years.
      They both contacted me the same day I opened the account, and we exchanged more personal forms of communication.

      I should have closed the account that day, but... forgot.
      So, now I did.

      And WOOHOO... Facebook account removed today too.
      I think there are still some residues - old, inactive pages/groups...
      Need to find the time to remove those too.

      But at least, under my name, I think I cannot be found anymore (although Facebook says it will take up to 30 days to remove me completely).
      That was already a few years on my list of incomplete projects... and it only took 5 minutes to do it... 🙈

      1. Thank you for your reply Nisandeh. I agree with Rens that it takes a lot of courage to disappear from Social Media. You are an inspiration for courage.
        Only when you write: "But at least, under my name, I think I cannot be found anymore", I get shivers...

        May I ask: is this decision related with your Resilience Blueprint? If so, how?

        I admit I do not understand this decision. I also do not need to understand because I totally respect your choice. The thing is, as many others that love you, I can not help myself feeling sad and nostalgic about this choice. Especially because unfortunately I can not be present at your farewell event since I will be in Mexico for the operation of my father 🙁

        1. You know where to find me, Maru.
          I don’t disappear from the face of the Earth (yet).
          But I’m taking a different path (totally related to My Resilience Blueprint).

          I’m also disconnecting from the internet (not just social media) as much as I can (that was the biggest insight/realization/commitment from my treehouse retreat)…

          It’s time for me to live the lifestyle I always dreamt of, and maybe help a few others to do the same…

          1. Thank you for your reply Nisandeh.

            I can’t wait to hear everything about your Resilience Blueprint! Will do whatever it takes to be there!

            I would love to be part of the lucky ones who can be helped and inspired by your new path. ❤️

          2. WOW Nisandeh!

            That you shut yourself off from the internet as much as possible is a tough choice and at the same time I realize that I hadn't even heard of the internet until I was 30 years old. What a flight and impact the internet has taken. What was your and my life like before the Internet era? For me it was a lot of sports, seeing a lot of friends, watching TV and listening to music. That was it! I suspect you want to go back to basics for yourself and the people close to you.

            Through the internet I discovered you and the Business Bootcamp and am grateful to you and Vered for all the wise lessons. Without the internet this would not have happened. I share some of your wise lessons with my coaching clients. Without you I would now have a hobby and not a business. This was my very first lesson from you. I remembered them all but finally implemented as much as possible through the WOMB . Thank you very, very, very much.

          3. I’m not saying the internet is bad, Marcel, and I know fully well that I wouldn’t have in my life what I have without the internet…

            But I think that I (we) became addicted to the internet, and we don’t even realize how deep the addiction goes.

            For me this thought is in front of my eyes all the time, “How come that we can’t live without a tool that didn’t exist 20 years ago?”

            I choose to deal with that addiction right now, knowing that I can’t completely disconnect, but limit it to the absolute minimum necessary.

            And parallel to that… slowly… create a lifestyle that is… different.

            Thank you so much for the beautiful words and acknowledgment.
            I’m grateful for you being in my life…

  7. Technical Question about Morning Fame:

    Dear Nisandeh,

    In your Expert YouTube workshop you mentioned to us that you have several YouTube channels. One per expertise/theme if I understood correctly.

    I want to start two YouTube channels. One as a hobby (talking about eternity) and the second one about parenting with the eye to build a community and create some business in the future (when time allows it).


    How do you use Morning Fame for all your YouTube channels?

    In other words:

    * Is it possible to use one Morning game account to analyze a multichannel account?

    * Or is it designed to have one membership per channel?

    Many thanks in advance for your reply,


  8. Hi Nisandeh,

    These last weeks of the program I'm focussing on a business that is not born yet.
    My whole life has changed due to some lesser known techniques I've used in the past years and I'd love to share this.
    See below the input from the positioning/vision assignment for this business.

    I do not have a clear target audience yet.
    The trap would be to present the techniques as a *method* and have it available for everyone, just like with mindfulness.

    After all I've learned in this program, I believe it would be much better to choose a specific target audience and focus on using the method to solve their issues instead.

    I'm quite overwhelmed with all the possibilities there:

    * Just like with mindfulness, there is a huge amount of audiences that could benefit from it
    * The method could benefit from having previous experience with mindfulness or meditation, so there's also the option to attract people that have that
    * But it's not a hard requirement, so there's also the possibility to integrate mindfulness/beginner's exercises into the method to make it more available for conscious virgins

    One thing I have noticed on my own path is that it really really helps to have enough time to use the techniques in daily life. So people that have a fully packed agenda or people with a big family are not wise to choose as a target audience.

    Where would you start in choosing a Target Audience? And do you have any other tips?

    Thank you.

    Vision/Positionining statements:
    "Creating a better world by empowering people to live their best lives."

    "I believe the most important thing that creates the problems we face in life is a lack of understanding of our subconsciousness.
    I believe that if we learn about this and how to work with it, we can overcome these problems and live a life full of happiness and wonder.
    I believe that in doing so, we create a better world, as the problems of the world are nothing but the sum of our individual problems."

    1. You did a "touch and go" on this one, Rens...

      Since it's a new business venture, you have all the freedom in the world to experiment.

      Here's what I'd do:

      1. I'd identify one specific HUGE benefit the "method" helps (e.g. avoid burnout, de-stress, get enlightened, improve relationship, reduce dementia... whatever...)

      2. I'd identify one specific SMALL target audience that painfully suffers from the issue you picked above (CEOs, athletes, super models, retirees... etc) that can and are willing to pay good money to solve this issue.
      Make sure that you also filter for enough free time (CEOs and working single moms - might not fit, retirees - might be a better fit) and for previous experience with mindfulness (if you decide that this is an important prerequisite).

      3. I'd interview 100-200 of these potential client about the "issue", the prices they pay for having it, their urgency in solving it, and their willingness to pay for a solution...

      Based on the results of step #3 - I'd make a go/no go decision.

      If it's a "no go" - you can go back to step #1 and/or step #2.

      If it's a "go"... congratulations!
      You have a new business with a very decent chance to be successful.

      I hope that helps.

      1. Awesome, this helps a lot.
        Lots of thoughts about it....I'll let it soak and see what comes out.
        Thank you!

        What did you mean with "You did a 'touch and go' on this one, Rens..." ... I looked "touch and go" but it didn't help in understanding.

        1. I meant that you already knew what you need to do... "I believe it would be much better to choose a specific target audience and focus on using the method to solve their issues instead..." but you didn't make a decision to commit...

  9. I am a bit surprised with the concept of “decluttering people” in general, especially in the private realm.

    In business is a straightforward concept for me: <“to fire him/her”, but…

    What to do about a family member or a close friend who’s friendship/relationship seem not to be longer working?

    I would first give the person a chance and try to fix what is wrong. If it does not work is good to part ways. But I have no idea how to declutter the person, especially when is, for example, somebody real close like parents in low (random example 🤗).

    What I am doing now is to keep the relationship superficial and polite? But somehow it feels so wrong.


    *Why does Nisandeh declutters people?

    *How do you do it? (Eg. stop/minimize contact)

    *When do you realize is the time to do so?

    Many thanks in advance 🙏

    1. I'll try to answer these sensitive questions, as best I can, Maru:

      Why does Nisandeh declutters people?
      Nisandeh does NOT declutter people.
      People are not things (to me) and I can't declutter them.

      However, people form relationships.
      And I'm all about relationships (any relationships - business, friendship, intimate, family...) that actually work and beneficial for all parties involved.

      For me, there are ONLY one-on-one relationships.
      I don't have A relationship with my parents - I have one relationship with my mom, and one relationship with my dad (which changed form since he died).
      I don't have A relationship with my 40 WOMB students - I have 40 relationships with actual people...

      For me - it's not about the person, but about the relationship with that person.
      As long as the relationship works for me, I'll do whatever in my power to keep it alive and growing.

      When do you realize is the time to do so?
      When the relationship stops nourishing me.

      How do you do it? (Eg. stop/minimize contact)
      At first, I'll do what I can from my side (including trying to wake the other person up) to try and make the relationship work.
      If I can't or the effort and heartache is bigger than the benefit I get - I'll stop.

      I don't "declutter" the other person, and I don't blame the other person.
      I simply let go of the relationship.

      If I still have to see and interact with that person, then I'll make it clear for them where are my boundaries, what am I willing to talk about and what not, how often I'm willing to see them, etc...
      This part is completely theoretical, because I can't think of one person in my life where either one of us let go of the relationship - that we're still in contact. 🤷🏻‍♂️

      My 2-part philosophy:
      1. I believe in fixing things that are broken... Including relationships.
      2. I believe that life is too short to live in misery...

      So, I'd give #1 a good try, but if it doesn't work... I let go.

      1. Thank you Nisandeh. I am so happy to read your reply. It felt so wrong to use the term “decluttering” people. Indeed people are NOT things to declutter.

        An open discussion and setting boundaries is a great thing to implement when things are not seeming to improve.

        Thank you for your answer. Always very valuable 🙏

  10. I have 2 online-courses that bring me some results.
    The only marketing I do is on my newsletter and through giving trainings in front of my target audience.
    I tried launching but this consumes so much energy.
    What would you do?
    Stop having them on my website, even if they bring some results?
    Offer it in cycles?
    Change the offers as long as people buy?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Here's the secret to what you do with a good product that doesn't sell well, Cornelia...
      (it's a secret... almost no one does it... and it's crazy...🤪).

      You give it a new price.
      10 times what it was before... or 20 times... or more...
      It doesn't matter.
      It didn't sell before, it's not going to sell now... but now it's worth a s**t ton of money).

      Now you use it as a bonus for whoever buys one of your sellable ("normal") products.

      So, basically... you're selling your normal "Toyota" product with a bonus of a "Ferrari" (that you couldn't sell before anyway).
      Your sales of your "normal" product(s) (now with the new, very expensive bonus) are going to grow dramatically.

      Just my 2 cents...

  11. I have decided what to STOP doing: my whole business. Just for the time being. I was going to open my next trimester (December, January, February) of mastermind groups and I have decided not to offer it. And I will be minimally posting on Instagram. I am just too tired. I have a full time job in addition.
    Something did happen: as a promotional action to sell my mastermind groups I created an (almost free, just 7 EUR) group activity to close 2022 and plan 2023, and it is taking me too long to create the content so that took away all the joy and energy I had to sell my next trimester of mastermind groups.
    So Nisandeh and Vered: I am stopping what is not working, and that is my whole business, basically.
    I am not sure I have a question to post but I just got a Whatsapp message that 'In order to stay in the program you need to post your input to ALL 5 days of this assignment - THIS WEEK!" so here I am posting so I will not be removed from the program.

    1. That’s a total valid decision, Lola…
      Although, as I understand it, it’s not yet a decision to quit the business, but just to “freeze” it (or take a break).

      Personally, I don’t think it makes sense to continue with the WOMB for a non-existing/frozen business.
      The coming weeks will be very practical - and you’ll need to make decisions, execute them and report on them - in an existing/working business (even if it’s a startup).

      So, maybe the best thing you can do for yourself and your (future) business - is take a real break.
      Focus on resting, recuperating, thinking, brainstorming…
      And when the time comes - get back to business (old or new) with renewed passion, energy and creativity.

      I hope that helps…

  12. I am having a few things that are not giving me a lot of value yet, but this is probably also because I am not having a proper strategy. Mailing list, website, blogging, LinkedIn, YouTube... LinkedIn is giving me a bit more exposure than my mails and for the rest I also think that those things simply take time. It feels a bit premature to delete all of them. Instead of that I think it might be better to come up with a good strategy on HOW I will use it.

    Is this the right way to go? What do you think?

    1. You don’t have to delete them permanently, Gerdy.
      But, if I were you, I’d freeze all of the above.
      Start from a clean slate.

      1. Pick one (e.g. YouTube).
      2. Create a strategy (e.g. FAQ videos as I described in the YouTube workshop).
      3. Commit to an experiment period (e.g. 6 months).
      4. Set a goal(s) for that period (e.g. xx videos published, xx average views on a video, xx opt-ins as a result of views, etc…

      Then go and…
      5. Implement and don’t stop until the period is over.

      Keep learning, correcting, tweaking - but don’t stop.

      After the period is over…
      6. Evaluate, and then decide if to keep, expand or kill that one.

    2. Great question Gerdy. I recognise that I have a lot things not bringing results because I am not fully involved in it.

      I have learned from a pro gamer to focus on one thing for a certain time period. That will increase one skill to a better level. Then the next time period, focus on the next. The first skill will be better than before and not need as much attention. Then next time period, either improve the first skill or work on something new. Every time you level up a skill, you level up your overall gameplay (or business power).

  13. I find it difficult to decide not to blog more or less, because my target group hardly reacts to it. I'm not over that yet. I don't really know how to look at this.

    blogging as a strategy doesn't work (anymore). I haven't been doing it consistently for the past year. I see its value as a strategy. in implementation it is super difficult. I notice from my target group that people find it difficult to respond and interact in public on a website. yet I haven't eliminated it until now because it was a marketing strategy I learned in the business universe.

    what would you do nisandeh? should I instead post more articles on Linkedin? Or give it a try anyway? or is there something else what you might consider? could you please give me advises or thoughts to think about.

    1. Let me try and get it clearer, Alexander.

      Blogging for me has two purposes - none of them is direct selling.

      1. Purpose #1 - get THEM to ENGAGE.
      2. Purpose #2 - build your EXPERT position.

      Blogging, the way I did it and taught it all these years, is directed to one specific group of readers - your mailing list subscribers. NOT TO STRANGERS (through search engines, for example).

      If you’re blogging and not sending the blog link to a substantial mailing list - you’re wasting your time, and you probably should stop it (or do it the way I teach it).

      If, however, you do blog like I teach:
      1. on a regular schedule (every 1, 2 or 4 weeks)
      2. consistently (e.g. every single Tuesday at 8:15am)
      3. send it each time to a substantial mailing list (at least a few hundred subscribers)
      And you don’t get results - you need to ask yourself a few questions:

      1. What results do you expect?
      (I’d look at engagement as the most important one)

      2. Do people click from your emails to the blog?
      If not enough - the problem might be the opening rate (i.e. your subject lines suck) or click through rate (i.e. your call to action is not working)

      3. Do people read your blog (meaning click through) but do not comment?
      Check that you have a clear call to action to ANSWER A QUESTION in the comments.
      Incentivize them (either for EVERY comment or for xx comments or both)

      Of course, a preliminary question should be do you send it to the “right people”?
      Meaning - is your mailing list is full of your target audience…?

      I hope that helps…

      And if you have a complimentary question, Alexander, after evaluating the above - please let me know.

      1. Thank you, Nisandeh! It’s clear to me. I am thinking about the above answer. I will look in the numbers again too.

        I will let you know if I have a complementary question.

        I must say reading all the Q&A’s of this week I learn so much for( in my opinion): marketing strategies. I feel grateful.

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