Time for Review

Let’s take a moment to evaluate…

Those have been 17 intense weeks of working ON your business… 

You probably also put a lot of time and effort into working IN your business.

So, before we go for the last stretch of the program, let’s take time to look closely on what happened, what’s happening, and what you’d like to happen by the end of the program (and the end of the year).

Let’s start with…

Evaluating the past 17 weeks

You’ve done a lot, learned a lot, made some mistakes (it’s unavoidable) and hopefully you can already see some results – in the way you operate, think, act, and hopefully also in the way your business perform.

It’s important you take this opportunity to analyze what worked and what didn’t, so you know what you need to keep doing and what you need to do differently.

Then… it’s time to look at…

Where are you now… 

What are your strength and weaknesses – both yours as an entrepreneur and of your business.

And last, but not least, let’s see…

What to do next…

So you can get the most out of the last part of the program and this year.

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

It’s simple.

Be open, be curious, be honest, be daring…

And… most important… do NOT put yourself down at any moment.

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

I am going to evaluate the past, get clarity on the present, and focus on the future.

How’s that for a 5-day challenge?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

Here is the 5-step process you could follow in order to achieve that goal:

  1. Evaluate what could be improved;
  2. Evaluate what was good and what should be kept/repeated;
  3. Evaluate your strengths, and how can you use them;
  4. Evaluate your weaknesses, and how can you overcome them;
  5. Commit to the areas and goals you are going to focus on.

PLAN your actions in your agenda…

Your next step is to physically plan this process in your agenda.

Remember – the whole purpose of the Working ON Your Business (WOMB) program is to get you in the habit of investing EVERY DAY 10-15 minutes working ON your business…

So, my suggestion, don’t do all the exercises in one batch – but stick to the “schedule” I recommend… It will build the right habit, that would serve you for the rest of your business life.

Plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to follow the process above.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT…

Take 10-15 minutes, right now, and…

  • Day 1 – Make a list of all the things in the program AND in your actions that could have been done better or could be improvedBe very specific.

    It can be anything – content-wise, structure-wise, time-management-wise, mindset, habits… anything that you can improve or that we can improve in the program.

  • Day 2 – Make a list of all the things in the program AND in your actions that were good or greatBe very specific.

    Again, it can be anything – content-wise, structure-wise, time-management-wise, mindset, habits… anything that you or us should keep or repeat;

  • Day 3 – Make a list of all the (internal) strengths you or your business posses. Be very specific. 

    When it comes to you it can be skills, mindset, attitudes, habits, knowledge… 

    And when it comes to your business it can be in any area – e.g. marketing, management, operations, products/services, finances…;

  • Day 4 – Make a list of all the (internal) weaknesses you or your business posses. Be very specific.

    Again, when it comes to you it can be skills, mindset, attitudes, habits, knowledge… 

    And when it comes to your business it can be in any area – e.g. marketing, management, operations, products/services, finances…;

  • Day 5  Make a SHORT list of 3-5 areas you’d like to focus your attention and efforts in the coming 7 weeks.

    Next to each area – set a goal you’d love to achieve in that area during the coming 7 weeks.

    We will analyze the areas and goals of EVERYONE who answers this question THIS week, and will create the last part of the program to support as many as we can.

Each day share with us in the comment box the lists you wrote.

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your process and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Wednesday to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday.

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Evaluate what could be improved
    - make time, 15 minutes, every day, make a rythm of it
    - don't stress about the program but deal with the entrepreneurship attitude instead of worker/employee mentality
    - don't postpone, choose to plan time for WOMB
    - invest in new routines/structures
    - ask for help from buddies/brainstorm/Nisandeh/colleages
    - trust more on new structure and start communicating about it
    - make a contact-list and use it to communicate
    - I should have been more specific of why, what, how, who, when when it comes to for example delegating..
    - I continued working like an idiot..., it seemed it got only worse..., my values or more respected now by saying goodbuy to some of my workers but now I do even more of the work. The question why to change my business is obvious and on the other side, really really difficult

    Evaluate what was good and what should be kept/repeated;
    - I did reach out quite a few times
    - I attended the sessions and tried every time to keep up with the program
    - I learned a lot from the strategic options ahead to create a more ideal client base, make more fun, money, gain more knowledge and attract the right people around me to start building a more solid business, not solely depending on my worker-input
    - I am determined to break through this downward spiral of getting completely absorbed IN my business

    Evaluate your strengths, and how can you use them;
    - I am honest and loyal to an ethical way of working, high quality standard of product and craftmanship, and I am willing to give my full power for a revolution in the area of electricity, storage and heat
    - I am an enthusiastic networker, I love to find my way in the market, gaining knowledge, create the right connections
    - I dare, I can use this to finally start changing.
    - we are very good for our clients, fair price, excellent quality of results.

    Evaluate your weaknesses, and how can you overcome them;
    - don't postpone but finish things, let things come to a great end, make it happen
    - make it simple, doable, choose small steps (think big in goals but small in steps to get there)
    - chaos and feeling small, trying to control and do everything myself. Thus, omg, get structured, do it
    - not on time with offers, no communication. Start being simple and realistic. Trust others to do the work for me

    Commit to the areas and goals you are going to focus on.
    - I commit to create an entirely renewed, strategic business, it is going to be an entirely cooperative form, energy and housing corporation, ownership is going to be ankered in itself. Goal: make a route-plan, completely with blanks to be filled in. Start first project and make sure finance is secured
    - Develop my answer to the energy-crisis, Goal: build a roadmap of the knowledge that needs to be developed.
    - Start communicating about my records: youtube, linked in, website (blog) + newsletter. And make business around it. Start "writing" a book.

  2. It strikes me that most participants describe things that have to do with working in your business rather than on the business. I find myself doing that quickly too. I am especially curious about interesting structures and exercises to apply.

    Focus areas:
    - Writing my expert book using the structure Nisandeh suggested. (including creating associated videos)
    - Implement the delegation plan I thought of this summer and reinforce the team. So it gives us peace.
    - Further discovering and elaborating our business model for Het Wiel van de Product Owner.
    - Find more structures and possibilities to spend more time ON my business.

    1. I was wondering when someone is going to have that observation, Henny...
      I think it comes from the difference between employee mentality (which we all were conditioned to at school, university, job...) focusing on short-term/tactical thinking and entrepreneur mentality which focuses on the long-term/strategic thinking.

      But no worry... from tomorrow - we're going full-on strategic thinking...
      By the end of it - hopefully - working ON your business will become a habit.

  3. PS. on day 5:
    - I want to boost my online business.
    - it's all set and done
    - what I need to do is market it, stop making excuses:)
    - making inspiring funnels
    - my playing small doesn't serve the world

  4. Day 5:

    3-5 areas I'd like to focus my attention and efforts in the coming 7 weeks:
    1. My health. Because of different issues I did not get enough sleep, I ate not that healthy and exercised too little. With the result of low energy and fatigue, what leads to less productivity and focus.
    2. Positioning and marketing of the online wine academy.
    3. Expanding and developing my Youtube channel also as part of goal 2.
    4. How to find the best business model for the online academy

  5. Day 5: Areas to focus on for the next 7 weeks:
    Area 1. Health: I need to improve my health with exercise. Goal: I want to lose 3 kilos in the next 7 weeks by exercising. And then some weight in January and February.
    Area 2. Strategy: I need to become more strategic about the projects I am taking on. Goal: automate the business (administration).
    Area 3. Marketing: focus on what my ideal client needs and create content and products that match those needs.

  6. Day 4: Weaknesses in my business:
    1. There’s too little automation and systems in place
    2. I only have working income, no passive income
    3. My marketing: there’s still a lot to improve
    4. I am not visible enough to my audience
    5. I need to reflect more on the future of my business
    My weaknesses:
    1. I work many hours, and I realized that my social life is at a low at this moment. I am working to improve that now.
    2. My mindset: I still am not sure on which specific projects I need to be working on. So I am doing things, but with too little result. I need to become more strategic about this.
    3. I need to improve my health, especially exercising more.

  7. Day 3: Things that are my strengths or strengths in my business
    1. I have many loyal clients, one of them works with me for more than 8 years, and a lot of them 5 years or more.
    2. Most of the time I am working on activities that generate income so that’s good for business.
    3. I am very service driven: I love to help my clients get better results
    4. I have good communication skills, writing
    5. I easily approach people for conversation
    6. I am very creative and always have many ideas
    7. I am an enthusiastic person and good at motivating people

  8. Concentrate on complete project(s)
    Finish project writing a book (100-120 pages; 8 done)
    Goal for coming seven weeks means write 2-3 pages per day.
    Other project as a sequel to writing the book, is making video recordings of each chapter.

  9. Weaknesses

    - being a one trick pony
    - brain condition resulting in
    short concentration span
    - keeping focus
    - procrastination
    - reluctance to sales
    - complete projects

  10. Day 2: Things that I did well and that have worked well in the program
    1. I agree with a lot of others that the structure of the program is very good.
    2. And the Q&A sessions and the extra Masterclasses in Zoom were also incredibly valuable.
    3. I loved the questions that were asked in the assignments, which made us think about ourselves and our business.
    4. The structure of the pages where we can put our comments and where we can support each other, and learn from each other, also works very well.
    5. I loved the Idea Generator to come up with solutions for problems in my business. I have a lot of very valuable ideas for my business and my life now. And the great thing is, I can use it again and again!
    6. I have learned to say no to people in my environment more, thus creating more time to reflect and work on my business.
    7. I have gained a lot of very valuable insights during this program (making that list was great!).
    8. I have more clarity now on the direction to take, both personally and in my business.

  11. Day 5 – Make a BRIEF list of 3-5 areas you want to focus your attention and efforts on over the next 7 weeks.
    Next to each area, set a goal that you want to achieve in that area over the next 7 weeks.
    Create structure to be ready to start making the videos.

    The problem is that that has to become my revenue model. And I'm talking about him but I don't have anything concrete yet.
    This is about doing.
    Make sure the workshop is ready. Products neatly and neatly arranged, items easy to find and present.
    Hanging up the screen, the cameras working and the ideas about how to do it (what structure / structure of the videos. What should be included and what is the layout and order of presentation.

    With that video, the platform can be classified and further set up.

    Write the lyrics.

    I'm going to make sure that the first 50, the small info videos) will be online in 7 weeks.

    And 3 training courses (marketing) that can be used by a bicycle repairman.

    And I have set up structure so that I can give the first online training.

  12. Day 4 – Make a list of all (internal) weaknesses you or your company has. Be very specific.
    Again, when it comes to you, it could be skills, mindset, attitudes, habits, knowledge…
    My weaknesses are. Starting projects or new ideas and not finishing them completely. While they are of value. Before it's done I'm already working on something new. This takes away the focus and quality.

    I see more and more the value of focus what it gives me and what I can give to the other as a result.

    By constantly working on new things and not finishing things that are very successful, I no longer use the systems and that is a shame. I see this in particular because I work less with the focus and earn more for health reasons. Take better care of myself and then I can take better care of others.
    I work smarter and not harder is 1 that resembles it and just brings the view of it.

    Procrastinating out of fear is also very high for me. The fear is only created by myself and when I do I get positive messages and enthusiastic reactions and that makes me happy. So I can start more and more beyond the fear. And there are so many beautiful things there.

    Confidence/self confidence was a weak point and due to above mentioned issues. It's all connected, so it gives nice effects when there's especially the value I do things and will do before ego has made and thought of everything. More and more trust in my intuition which is very strong and also see more and more from enormous amazement and gratitude what a wisdom there is in me and that I can give this to the world.

  13. Day 3 – List all (internal) strengths that you or your company possess. Be very specific.
    When it comes to you, it could be skills, mindset, attitudes, habits, knowledge…

    Strong points are a lot of in-house knowledge and a lot of experience in breadth and depth and I have always fully committed to it. I always go for it and more and more on the basis of quality and taking care of myself first. I have many insights with which I can help the cyclist and the bicycle mechanic.
    I go for dignity.

    Other keywords are efficient

    Making bicycles with pleasure and energy.
    Give your bike a second round because throwing it away is a sin.
    Work smarter, not harder. I use it as motivation from health and care for myself.

    I am going to give the cyclist more awareness and knowledge online, so that the cyclist can cycle more fun and from a safety point of view. Because cycling is fun. and riding a bike is fun.
    Tips so that you can cycle more instead of cleaning and repairing.

    Online training courses are really specific to what can be applied to your bike. Now you will mainly find general information. Furthermore, I bring it from passion, vision and mission with pleasure.

    3-5 areas I'd like to focus my attention and efforts in the coming 7 weeks:

    1. Developing and growing a Youtube channel (short term) that can allow me to publish an Expert Book (long term)
    2. Learn more about how to implement the great tools presented at this program: Eg. Morningfa.me, 10to8, automation, etc.
    3. Developing and maintaining great successful WOMB habits on a business and personal levels
    4. Build an Expert Position (Blog and Vlog) and set the foundations for FEBE funnel and further business around it
    5. Perform a clever target audience research (researching while answering questions at my youtube channel, listen to what people want, they will tell me what they want)

    1. I was missing your messages Maru😊!
      You have such a clear way of writing the essence of what you want and I can totally relate to your 5 focus points.

      There are 2 things that I don't know what it is so I wonder if I missed it somewhere along the way.
      - What is the 10to8 tool? In what week was this presented?
      - What is a FEBE funnel? I googled it and only found that it's a 'girls name'

      Thank you!

      1. Dear Lucie,

        Thank you for your kind message! 🙏 I missed you too and am so happy to be back ❤️

        To answer your questions:
        *10to8 Is a tool that Nisandeh and other WOMB members talked about during Automation exercise. It makes
        Possible that other People can book appointments with you for a coaching session, zoom or normal call, etc. It is cool! Please check it out: https://10to8.com/

        *FEBE stands for Front End Back End. So it is the design of the sales process. For example, Nisandeh’s front end was the Business Bootcamp. And one of his backends was Master Entrepreneur.

        Hugs 🤗

        1. Thank you Maru!

          I must have missed the 10to8 booking tool🤔
          And I found a video from Nisandeh explaining about the FEBE funnel!


    List of my internal weaknesses

    My weaknesses
    * Huge tendency (bad habit) to complicate stuff
    * Too distracted by "Shiny" things
    * Self doubt (although gaining confidence)
    * Unconsciously sabotaging myself, "shooting myself in the leg", but still not understanding why and how
    * Perfectionism (paralysis by analysis)
    * Tendency to escape

    Since I do not have a running business right now, I can only tell the weaknesses I have experienced in my previous businesses:

    *My Business weaknessess
    * Lack of quick response
    * Lack of consistent follow up
    * Making before selling (not proper concept validation)
    * Not proper Target Audience research
    * Not enough automation and delegation
    * Not a clear and strategic marketing strategy

    List of my internal strengths

    * Purpose Driven
    * Strong Compelling Why
    * Passionate
    * Ability to make people enthusiastic about my vision
    * Hungry for knowledge
    * Happy and thankful to receive constructive feedback
    * Intuitive and social
    * Sincere

    Since I do not have a business yet, I can only write about the strenghts I want my business to have:

    My Business
    * Pandemic proof
    * Agile learning
    * Ability to change and adapt to new situations/ markets
    * Great company culture
    * Independent and self sufficient
    * Abundant fruit tree

    List of the things that were good or great

    At the WOMB Program
    * Program design: simple short assignment every day and one long assignment every week to create the habit to WOMB
    * WOMB supportive Community
    * Super Valuable Q&A sessions, hot seat sessions and brilliant bonus workshops!
    * Nisandeh's wisdom and expertise
    * Nisandeh's and Vered's ability to see each one of us and answer all our questions
    * Great accountability bodies

    Within myself
    * Writing my own book: I notice I am slowly gaining confidence and the ability of finding the answers within myself and not outside
    * My sincere and tremendous passion for entrepreneurship and for this program
    * My excitement and drive
    * My compelling Why
    * My vision and purpose
    * My willingness to give 100%
    * The creativity that this program inspires me
    * Slowly finding clarity
    * The opportunity to revaluate my life and my compelling why several times in order to live by design and not by chance
    * The happiness I feel advancing in this journey
    * Thankfulness for constructive feedback

    List of the things that could have been done better or improved.

    My Actions
    * Stay in traction
    * I made the mistake to break a new fresh habit: working ON my business. I went back to working IN the business
    * I derailed in my consistency, my commitment and my focus
    * I want to improve my consistency especially with my accountability bodies
    * True Discernment between opportunity and distraction
    * Disbalance between family life and business (my mind was too much in my business)
    * Time Management
    * Dealing with setbacks and get back on track
    * Dealing with a constantly changing mindset
    * Thinking simple

    WOMB Program
    * User Friendliness. Eg. No need to code to write in bold, italic, quote, etc
    * Ability to better search for a term/ discussion topic. There is information I know it is there somewhere but I don't know how to find it back.

  19. Area 1 triggered or defensive communication. Understand why and dissolve the why.

    Area 2 marketing and sales. This will be my core focus.

    Area 3 build a long term team and delegate responsabilities + build feedback + track goals of the business the freelancers and myself. Start scaling and focus on the original turnover goal of 2025.

  20. Day 4.
    Marketing implementation through delegation. I'm hiring a parttime coo to build a scaleable business.
    Speed of implementation. I understood that by using an expert team, a day can have 48 hrs. Or 2000. As long as ROI follows.
    My conflict oriented communication style ( 2022-2023)
    Workspace versus living space (2023)
    Team model and business model (implementing change)
    Mindset. Build before you can see it. Do it my way.

  21. Day 5 – Make a SHORT list of 3-5 areas you’d like to focus your attention and efforts in the coming 7 weeks.
    Next to each area – set a goal you’d love to achieve in that area during the coming 7 weeks.

    1. We got a huge amount of very valuable lessons;

    I want to rehearse the lessons;

    Goal: On 31'th of december my actionplan for the year 2023 is ready;

    2. Social media & communication

    Goal: I exactly know, and have the words, images available, to use on my social media;

    3. Time- and energymanagement

    Goal: I have a healthy and focussed agenda, in which WOMB is a natural daily 'routine' forever!


    (And Working in my business:

    * subscribing my business in KvK;

    * sociale media Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In updaten;

    * planning and deciding what to do with creating website;

    * finishing training Persoonlijke Kracht and implementing and offering the method in my business;

    * preparing to take important rehearsal-course (3 and 4 december 2022) from the founders of the training I already had as a natural health practitioner).

  22. Day 3.
    Knowing what and knowing how. Or at least knowing who or where.
    Beyond expertise. GSD.
    Great team and growing.
    X10 to x100 roi
    Clear path
    Ultra simple business
    Becoming scalable
    Seeing new ways to scale now we did it once
    Fans that want to invest in U4's success
    Partnership model
    A vision for the company, the sector, the communities
    Good financial IQ
    Great support network from other scale ups
    Daily thinking time and hardly ever reactive mode or putting out fires
    Clear target audience
    Clear insighting moment for buyers
    Growth mindset
    Owning the good and the bad
    System for experiments
    Tradition of learning from non-likeminded
    I have a top notch health team that can help me through a lot
    Best view ever as a workspace
    High level connections, connections to connectors
    Understand the game of networking.
    We did not build an asset, we build an asset machine
    Years of marketing training. Knowing what not to do for it can't give a return (what do the guru's say when nobody is in the room to sell to)
    Great freelancer and jobstudent pool and learned how to write the job ad so we attract the right people.
    We take it personal. We see you. You are not a case number. GSD.
    We have a website that vibes trust (regardless of what non clients think of it)
    WOW content plan

  23. Day 1.
    Communication. 1 clear email sender, not 4 plus whatsapp plus in these posts.

    Tempo. I had to learn to skipp what wasn't relevant in order not to end with a bunch of shiny objects and no clear results. I can think all day long, but it needs implementation. So I implement more than in the beginning. It becomes easier when I take time to integrate.

    Experts do expert things. Had to train myself to not only remind the why, but also think who.

    It is interesting to see and experience somebody else doing a "my way is the highway". It still triggers me big time. Based on this mirror experience I started working on mindset and communication to find new ways to deal with situations that don't go according to my views. Not there yet, but at least I don't get triggered any more by " this is the only right way" statements. Overdelivery acchieved by my book 😝

    Day 2
    Amazing how on time the posts are published.
    Love how known topics are presented froma new perspective.
    Great to have a written "course".
    Great tech ajustments along the way.
    Good energy management with the topics.
    The topics have a logical build up, though i'm not sure everybody gets that.
    The habit of thinking every day has changed how the business is doing and has helped me to reconnect to what is important.
    The questions do take up much mindspace, but for the first time last week i thought " i might get to enjoy owning a business without running it after all." I see I delegate way more. Next up is sell more, and than the circle is round.

  24. Day 4:
    * not enough tidying up and organizing;
    (My son says: not too little but wrong);
    * too much distraction, too little focus;
    * too little structured work on own company;
    * wanting to do too many activities and tasks at the same time;
    * make too few choices, so that I spend the available time on my priorities;
    * too little attention for relaxation;
    * stress.

  25. Day 5
    1. Start/restart YouTube channel.
    - make video's and publish them
    2. finish the websit
    - put the online training on the platform
    3. have the second edition of my book amended and printed
    4. creating healthy habits
    - walk every day
    - cycling 2 times a week
    5. plan a weekend training in 2023

  26. Day 5 – SHORT list of 3-5 areas to focus my attention and efforts in the coming 7 weeks (incl goal).

    I added what kind of support would be helpful for me to reach my goals 😊

    1. Automation & funnel creation for my 4 online courses -> OK, let’s do 1…

    2. YouTube channel, create 52 videos for a whole year content (1 per week)

    3. Launch of my 6 month signature course on January 1st
    4. Visibility and consistency on Social media to become better known as an expert
    5. Bring more balance in my life

    My GOALS for the next 7 weeks, until the end of this year:

    1. Have 1 full automation/funnel ready and launched by December 1st (for foundation True Connection course).

    - All email sequences written (welcome sequence, nurture sequence, abandoned cart sequences, offer sequence, upsell sequence and deadline sequence)
    - True Connection (E-book) updated and available as new leadmagnet

    - All tags and automations in place, so people will go automatically through the funnel and the ‘only’ thing I have to do is answer questions in the Facebook group.
    - Record a Masterclass (instead of doing a live launch webinar) as part of the funnel

    Support that would be nice:

    How to build up a Masterclass webinar after a lead magnet

    2. Have at least 7 videos created for my YouTube channel

    - Rewatch Q&A sessions of past 6 months and select 7 best questions.

    - Create catching Thumbnails, make template for it
    - Post 1 video per week on YouTube
    - Send broadcast to email list to watch video

    Support that would be nice:

    Looking forward to October 27th session on YouTube channel!

3. My goal is to have 50 new participants in my 6 months Lateral Movements Simplified course that starts January 1st

    The course itself is ready (already did a group 2x)

    - Get 25 participants from my present email list bring in and 25 new participants

    - Create a webinar and do 2 live sessions mid December

    - Write email sequence for my email list, warming them up for the webinar

    - Create video and series of posts (+FB ads/maybe also Google ads) to bring in 25 new participants

    - Create VIP option with monthly live group coaching sessions

    Support that would be nice:

    Any input about launching a course. What to do/say/prepare for a successful online course launch

    4. Be visible on Facebook and Instagram 3x per week with relevant posts

    Support that would be nice:

    What kind of content is most valuable to become known as an expert

    5. Take 1 day off every week!! On that day NO horses and NO work on my online courses.
    Go to sauna, meet friends, go for a hike in nature, start running again, but NO work allowed for 1 day per week for the next 7 weeks!


    1. One more thing:
      I want to do a special Holiday Offer over Christmas. Any ideas on what kind of offers would be great, aside from just giving a special price (eg 2 for 1 but I'm sure there are many other options).

  27. Day 1: What could be improved:
    For me personally:
    1. I need to use the idea generator more often to get great ideas or to get unstuck / solve a problem.
    2. The program has delivered me a lot of ideas but a lot of them are not yet implemented.
    3. My time management has improved, but could still be a lot better.
    4. I have not yet made a habit of working daily on my business. The problem is I often need 2x to 3x (sometimes even 4x the time) to do the assignments. So doing them daily is (still) a struggle for me.
    5. I need to schedule more reflection time during the week (even if it’s in the weekend).
    As for improving the program, time management wise, I have one suggestion. My personal experience with the program was that on weekdays (Monday to Friday), I found that I had too little time to implement the weekly assignments, Monday to Friday, because during the week I am mainly working in my business, serving clients. Of course, this is also a time management issue I have to solve, as well as working on my habit to work on my business. But for me it would have been helpful to get the assignment for the week not on Monday, but on the Friday before. So I have more reflection time during the weekend, to come up with answers to questions or to let ideas “sink in”. That would mean for example: the assignment for week 4 would not be sent on Monday of week 4, but on Friday of week 3. It’s just a suggestion, this would help me, but I am not sure the others feel the same way.

    1. Nelly, I love your suggestion on having the assignments available before the weekend. I have ample time to finish (most of) assignments in the weekend, this would perfectly for me.

      1. Nelly, I love your suggestion on having the assignments available before the weekend. I have ample time to finish (most of) the assignments in the weekend. For me, this would work perfectly and solve the biggest issue I encounter at the moment.

          1. The idea is great, Nelly and Rens…
            The only thing is it goes against one of the main principles of WOMB .
            The whole idea of working ON your business is that you work less, not more.

            And the WOMB was designed to get you there.
            The whole first block of the program was about working smarter instead of harder, and you were supposed to easily find ways to save an hour a day or more.

            I don’t want you to work on weekends.
            I don’t want you to work more than you already work.
            Completely the opposite.

            I do expect you to cut on your workload IN the business at least an hour a day, so working ON your business (with WOMB and after the program) won’t require more time than you worked before.

            I hope that helps…

          2. Thank you for your reply, Nisandeh. I understand what you say, that we should work smarter, not harder. I guess I do still have an issue with that, which I need to solve. So I'll go back to the weeks in WOMB where this was explained, and review them again.
            Thank you, Nelly

  28. Day 5: 3-5 areas you’d like to focus your attention and efforts in the coming 7 weeks.

    - being more visible: make a promo video for my online training transforming conflicts - date set 15 november
    write a script for the autocue; upgrade the training before 15 november
    - making more video's for you tube - joining the workshop on 26th of October
    make a list of questions and answer them & write a book in the mean time
    - write a script/outline for my movie before 1 december
    - make a social media plan and promote my next program - retreat in Spain
    - plan webinars and make an evergreen

  29. Day 4
    My internal and business weaknesses:
    - lack of leadership in delegating
    - self doubt in being visible
    - what you sow you reap, afraid to get overwhelmed
    - sabotaging myself, still I want to have more impact
    - soc. media/marketing is a challenge
    - planning
    - make a movie
    - have more impact and keep things simple
    - prioritize what I really want, as making a movie

  30. Day 5 – Make a SHORT list of 3-5 areas you’d like to focus your attention and efforts in the coming 7 weeks
    1. Show myself/the business => video This weekend I am going to tape three video's (I am in a 5 day video challenge and I am behind. I do not know why I keep postponing making video's. I keep blocking myself. But this weekend it is going to happen!!!)
    2. Show myself/the business => podcast I found someone to do the podcast with and we set a date in which we will come up with the first couple of subjects. (Next thursday). When we have established the subjects and the name of our podcast we are going to make a plan for the first podcast and making an agenda for the next ones.
    3. Appoint one day for product uploading and only focus on that on that day
    4. Appoint one day for spontaneous customer visits and communicate that
    5. Find someone for the PR (more actively)
    6. Find someone to help with product uploading (more actively)
    7. Launch my magazine. Important goal for the coming 7 weeks: writing articles (and collect relevant articles I have already written) for (my) magazine. I am going to do what I do best: write and launch a magazine to showcase my business. After talking about it for years and two trial magazines, it is time to put my money where my mouth is. I found a graphic designer (at last) so there is nothing holding me back anymore. This is a promise to myself!

  31. Day 4 – Make a list of all the (internal) weaknesses you or your business posses
    The biggest weakness is having more work than we can handle. The business is growing but whe are understaffed. That is an important weakness and it is hindering me in my growth. We need someone for PR and someone for uploading products online and writing producttexts.
    A personal weakness is: 1. procrastination 2. focus 3. time management 4. perfectionism 5. 'fear' of showing myself. I block myself.

  32. Day 5:
    Solve the gaps, first one: group management (program)
    Add simple software tool (program and shop)
    Add "efficient" products (program and shop)

  33. Day 3 and 4.
    Strengths (shop)
    Personal contact
    Extensive product knowledge
    Fast response time
    Search service
    Private stock service
    Local player

    Higher prices
    No free software tools
    Delivery duty paid
    Investment cost
    48h delivery

    Strengths (program)
    Personal contact
    Analytic mind
    Extensive knowledge
    Supportive group
    Tested on efficiency

    Still some gaps in total customer experience possible

  34. Day 5 – Make a SHORT list of 3-5 areas you’d like to focus your attention and efforts in the coming 7 weeks.
    Next to each area – set a goal you’d love to achieve in that area during the coming 7 weeks.

    Focus attention and efforts
    Who are the first clients I’m gonna be hosting
    Create death in my retreat one-on-one in Spain for my client
    Have a clear picture of what the apartment they staying would look like

    Set a goal

    Have hosted 2 ideal clients
    Have a clear context of what I am going to be able to offer.
    Have the apartment ready before the end of November.

  35. WOBM Week 18: IMPLEMENT

    Day 1: List of things in the program and my action that could have been done better/improved.
    • Some of the tasks/activities feel like homework.
    • Some of the tasks/activities typically are targeted to a specific type of SME/ZZP company and it not always fit. Sure you can interpret the assignments in your own way but still. The believe that we should have to use YouTube and that the focus is the customer and what they want and less what you want to deliver/sell is one of these things. Yes having fun with doing business can lead to less customers but more happiness I presume.
    • To focus looks to be on attracting more customers. I have enough currently and having more is a change in the way of doing business. Yes it might double my income but income is not the problem and adding income is fine but doing business in some ways not.
    • Being busy with your business every day is a good thing, doing it following the program is re-directing this to either one and it the focus time distributed can be more on serving clients. Currently have blocks. I would propose to have (more) update weeks or at least between the blocks.
    • We discuss topics and good ideas are generated. Before you can implement them we have new weeks/assignments that leave the question what goes first. Yes we got some tools that would help to free-up time and focus etc., but implementing these also take time and effort.
    • Think offering the program with a base program and then a choice of relevant topics/modules make sense, customers are different and spending time should also be. I can imagine that the first 1-2 day assignments are relevant for everybody but implementation is part of either a next phase or very specific for every participants. Maybe run the program faster in doing all of the (4, the first and second days of all weeks in the first week and then the ideas over implementation etc. in the other week. Repetition is also a strong theme.
    • The specials offered are nice but again the are parallel and also consume time.

    Day 2: Things in the program and my actions that positive.
    • I liked the weekly attention to give to the program.
    • I liked the topics and the brainstorms.
    • I liked the focus of doing more things in satisfying the clients and less on my products/services
    • I liked the focus on taking away the blockages.
    • I liked to tools introductions.
    • I liked to weekly discussions with my buddies.
    • I liked the quality of the feedback on uploads,
    • I liked the hot seat meetings.
    • I like the mind-set change I went through.

    Day 3: Make a list of all the (internal) strengths you or your business processes
    • I spent more time in being busy in growing my business.
    • The fact generating ideas makes sense to see more ways out of the excel.
    • I see that solving the problem of customers is more important than optimizing products and services.
    • I can automate and outsource far more than I did until this moment and I will.
    • My attitude in doing business has changes to the better.

    Day 4: Internal weaknesses in my business.
    • Too much doing stuff on my own.
    • Too little automation.
    • Too little outsourcing
    • Too little presence
    • Too little marketing
    • Not optimal client set.
    • Too much focus on product/service development and less on the focus of what customers need.
    • Not sufficient sales / social media channels.

    Day 5: List of 3-5 areas to focus my attention and efforts (including goals) the coming 7 weeks.
    • Outsourcing (finance, marketing) and automation (partly delivery) as continuous effort; will make a list of all I’m doing and check-box if I do enough and what can be done more and then invest in this because it will be out.
    • Reformulate my business prospects, as part of my continuous business plan/implementation towards more customer focussed and on what problems I will solve for them.
    • Make a stakeholder analysis framework that I can use to understand if my client is also the one that is making the payment decision and understand where the differ in the problems they represent.
    • Invest more time in to understand what I can and should do with social media and make an action plan to do so (starting with?, do not know yet.).
    • Make my product/services more modular (for example WOMB contains many parts of other services) and think about reselling / recycle components in new services. This to decrease maintenance and new development and increase the ROI.