Turn Your Passion Into Profits

Are You the One?

Are You the One?

  • Do you suffer each day you stay in the comfort of the corporate world?
  • Do you have a burning desire to start something of your own?
  • Do you have a clear expertise you love and skilled at?

If your answer is YES, YES and YES, let’s talk! 

Our Promise:

Turn Your Expertise Into a 6-Figure Business in 12 months.

Trapped in the Golden Corporate Cage?

Often, great people enter the corporate world for a company’s vision. Even more often, the same people exit the company because of bad managers and poor leaders.

If you find yourself tired of the endless bureaucratics, of toxic company culture, organizational values which do not align with yours or if you feeling not appreciated, bored or in search of purpose… we have something for you!

We understand that getting out of the Golden cage is not an easy decision. There is so much at stake. Losing financial stability can affect your lifestyle, status, reputation and putting your loved ones at risk… 

However we also understand that staying is not an option either. Every day that passes may be killing you softly (or frankly, not so softly).

Let us Help…

Let us extend you a helping hand and safely get you out of the Golden Corporate Cage.

Your Expertise is your Gold!

This realization is where this journey begins.

We offer you step by step personalized guidance to develop your startup idea based on your expertise while you are still working at your current position.

Within a safe environment and accompanied by fellow experts in the same situation, you will get clarity on your why, your vision, your values, your goals.

You will learn how to validate your ideas in the right market and you will be able to build a thriving 6-Figure Business in 12 months!

The Sky is NOT the limit!

Imagine the freedom of working on your own terms and within your own value system.

Take a moment to envision living your dream, living a life of freedom, financial prosperity, independence and contribution…

Feel the happiness, satisfaction and peace of working to make your vision come true day after day.

Believe that you can fly! The Sky is not the limit.

Our Promise

We promise you to Turn Your Expertise into a 6-figure business in 12 months!

Give us the opportunity to share with you our Proven Business Startup Method and enjoy the reassuring guarantee that we provide.

Who are we?

Maru Lizarraga – Expert Entrepreneur Hunter

My name is Maru Lizarraga, I am in charge of recruiting the next generation of expert entrepreneurs. I am looking for YOU!

Born in a family of entrepreneurs, I grew up observing closely successful entrepreneurs building a multi-millionaire business.

I believe that Entrepreneurship is the way to make the world a better place.

Having been in the corporate world, I fully relate to the Golden Corporate Cage. I am currently out of it and building my third company.

In this new phase of my career, I have the privilege to be mentored by one of the most brilliant business minds of our times: Nisandeh Neta.

Nisandeh Neta – Author of The Enlightened Millionaire
Over 30 years of experience as a business trainer and mentor, Nisandeh has created 48 sold-out training programs, published 4 bestselling books and helped over 150,000 expert entrepreneurs, just like you, grow their business and become financially free. 

Just one of his training program, the Business Bootcamp – brought 250,000,000 euro into the Dutch economy.

Nisandeh is an entrepreneur at heart. He started his first software company at the age of 18 with nothing more than passion, a PC and a dream. Within 5 years he became a millionaire. Later he started 8 different companies in different markets and on 3 continents.

To read more about Nisandeh, click HERE.

Do you have what it takes…

… to follow your passion and leave
the Golden Corporate Cage?

Find out right now by taking The 6-Figure E-Test below!

These are the steps:

  1. Answer the questions below.
    Do it with sincerity though without second thoughts;

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  3. Together with the results you will receive an invitation to book a 20-minute free Zoom intake where we will discuss your specific needs and wants.

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