UB#01: Your 4 Business Roles

How would your business be - if you could focus only on your biggest point of contribution - helping clients, instead of running everyday tasks?

This course will show you how to free more of your time so that you can focus on delivering the maximum possible value to your clients, by automating, systematizing and delegating.

Lesson 1 - Your 4 Business Roles

Where to now?

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  1. Just as a side note. To remember the 4 different business rules, I came up with the worst technology abbreviation thinkable. ABCD
    vAlue creator
    Business operator
    marketing direCtor
    people/talent Developer

    (Hope you forgive me xD )

    I am filling in my own 4 quadrants as I go through the video's.

    00:12 Your 4 Business Roles

    00:32 Role A. vAlue creator
    00:48 You want to hang this page on the wall in your office
    01:20 Marketplace versus clients
    1:44 How do I create AND deliver more value to the marketplace?
    3:45 2 levels for value creation
    3:50 level 1: Solving problems
    5:30 Staying at level 1 means starving forever. You look like everybody else.
    7:03 Level 2: ambition, aspiration, esthetics

    7:45 Role B. Business Operator -- The least sexy role, but so important
    9:20 The 80-20 rule. Take the 2-3 numbers that mean something.
    10:00 Where you put attention, is where you get results
    10:15 Nisandeh’s personal business operator is his watch.
    11:25 When something goes wrong, you need to move
    12:00 2 area’s
    12:05 Area 1: Profits. How much is left
    12:35 Am I charging enough? Am I spending too much?
    13:20 80-20 rule. What is the one thing to grow turnover or decrease spending
    13.45 Area 2: The process
    15.10 Mcdonalds knows the process
    15:54 No process, no system, everything depends on….
    16.21 The parts of Open Circles that depend on Nisandeh and Vered.

    17 15. Role C marketing direCtor
    17:50 2 things to do: Deliver value and make every single offer irresistable.
    18:50 Irresistible offers.
    19.50 The more offers you make to the marketplace, the more money you will make.
    20:15 How many offers did you make in the last 6 months.

    20.35 Challenging our religion. Role D: people or talent Developer
    21.10 Being your own boss is stupid…
    22:10 When you have a team, your business is going to grow. (first you exercise, then you lose weight)
    23:10 Entrepreneurs take their teams for granted.
    23:35 Assistants or partners?
    24:30 Do you need to teach them everything?
    24:50 The problem in your system

    Extra notes
    The process
    How do you go from an idea to Implementation?
    How do you go from implementation to clients?

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