Welcome Back to the Business University

Welcome to the Business University
Welcome back to the Business University

Improve your business the smart way, every day.

Join me and our community and learn how to use powerful, effective and proven business strategies and systems – so you can focus on what you do best without stressing about how to grow your business.

A Warm Welcome to the Business University

Just before you enter the Business University platform, here a few tips to help you get the maximum value out of the Business University:

  1.  Set time to study
    Maybe one morning a week, an hour each evening, a whole weekend – every month… Just choose a study schedule that fits you and stick to it.
    We email you every Tuesday with a recommended lesson – to help you stay in line.

  2. Focus
    Choose a topic (e.g. write a book) or a challenge (e.g. get clients) and focus only on this topic for as long as you need, before moving on to a different topic.

  3. Take your time
    No need to watch each course in one sitting.
    Watch one lesson at a time… pause the video when you need. Write down any insight you got and action you commit to do. And then continue…

  4. And most important… IMPLEMENT!
    Insights with action is the secret to success.

Take a few minutes to watch this quick “walkthrough” video 
to learn how to use the basic functions of the platform.

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