Working ON My Business
Preparation #1


I’m so happy you joined us in the Working ON My Business program, and I’m excited to start working together very soon.

Please read this page carefully, so you know exactly what you need to do to get the maximum out of the program.

We meet soon

The program starts officially with a kickoff Zoom session on Thursday, June 16 at 8pm CET (NL, BE, DE, AT, FR). Please make sure you block 90 minutes in your agenda.

It is crucial that you will join the first meeting – when I explain EVERYTHING you need to know to get the maximum out of the program.

Your business heartbeat

The main part of the program will be a working on your business weekly assignment:

  • Every Monday you will start implementing one action (don’t worry I’ll guide you);
  • Every Wednesday you will be able to ask questions/support from me and the others;
  • Every Friday you will get to celebrate your progress/success.

Your monthly hot seat

Every 4th Thursday – we will meet for a “What Would Nisandeh Do” Zoom hot seat session.

During this 60-90-minute meeting you are welcome to bring any business challenge you’re facing, and I will show you how I would tackle it. PLUS you will get the whole group to come up with solutions…

Here are the dates/times of the hot seat sessions (please add them to your agenda):

  • Thursday, July 21 – 8pm CET
  • Thursday, Aug. 18 – 8pm CET
  • Thursday, Sep. 15 – 8pm CET
  • Thursday, Oct. 13 – 8pm CET
  • Thursday, Nov. 10 – 8pm CET
  • Thursday, Dec. 8 – 8pm CET

Your bonus workshops

If you reserved your place in the program during the early registration, you get 5 Business Multiplication workshops free of charge. If you reserved your place later, you could still join these workshops for a small fee.

Please add these dates and times to your agenda:

  • Thursday, Sep. 1 –  9am – 1pm CET 
  • Thursday, Sep. 29 – 8pm – 10pm CET
  • Thursday, Oct. 27 – 8pm – 10pm CET
  • Thursday, Nov. 24 – 8pm – 10pm CET
  • Thursday, Dec. 22 – 8pm – 10pm CET

WhatsApp communication

In order to make sure you get your assignments on time, as well as the reminders and preparation before each Zoom workshop – we will use WhatsApp to communicate with you.

If you didn’t yet – please add our phone number +31 6 43766590 to your contacts. As soon as you do, please send us a WhatsApp message saying “I’m committed and ready to go”.

Until we get from you this message – we won’t be able to communicate with you. 

Introduce yourself

We are going to work together as a group to support, help and cheer for each other.

You will also be paired with 2 other participants as “accountability buddies”.

So… We need to get to know you…

Please answer the following 7 questions in the comment box below:

  1. What is your/your business big vision?
  2. WHO do you help (target audience)?
  3. HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
  4. What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
  5. What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
  6. What are you willing to give to the other participants?
  7. What else should we know about you?

I’m looking forward to meet you on the 16th of June, and I’m excited for what we are going to accomplish together.

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. What is your/your business big vision?
    I entertain people with my festivals and events.
    WHO do you help (target audience)?
    People who like to go to festivals en music events especially people who like caribbean music
    HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    I entertain them. Get them out of their daily routine to experience music and culture.
    What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    Double my income at least. Sell out every event i organize
    What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    Tips. Accountability
    What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    What else should we know about you?
    I am also planning to open an museum next year

  2. Current business (distributor of electronic components and tools for the electronic industry):
    1. Survive against the massive competition of the giants in my niche
    2. Buyers of companies and schools that manufacture/develop/use electronics on a professional level
    3. Supplying components and tools
    4. VERY efficient was to connect with the right persons and make them choose for me
    5. Insights and advice for 4
    6. All insights, knowledge and experience I gathered in different fields of interest, from electronics to NLP.
    7. Living in Belgium having my electronics business since 1994. Interested in technology and the power of our brain. As an engineer: STRONG supporter of REAL and PROVEN science, NOT of the "opinions" science that is killing our world and is used to set up people against each other.

    New business (video marketing)
    1. Helping business owners with 0 to 8 coworkers to boost their marketing results by using video so they will get at least 70 % more turn-over and have more time to spent with family and friends.
    2. Business owners with 0 to 8 coworkers.
    3. Show them how to use video in their marketing to make their marketing a lot more efficient and self-working.
    4. The most efficient way to get this out as a program = building connections while teaching the stuff = the important step after the marketing and sales.
    5. Insights, feedback and advice that can help me.
    6. All insights, knowledge and experience I gathered in different fields of interest, from electronics to NLP.
    7. Living in Belgium having my electronics business since 1994. Interested in technology and the power of our brain. As an engineer: STRONG supporter of REAL and PROVEN science, NOT of the "opinions" science that is killing our world and is used to set up people against each other.

  3. 1. Business big vision:
    My big vision for my business is to help Dutch businesses being more successful in the French market.
    2. Target audience:
    My target audience are business owners and business managers who are working with or want to work with French businesses
    3. How do you help them?
    I help them with translations, customer service, and hands-on advice on understanding their French clients more, in order to provide a better service to them.
    4. Looking to get from the program:
    Get business advice and insights how to help more clients and grow my business
    5. Would like to receive from other participants:
    Share our visions and experiences. Get inspiration, feedback, and answers to my questions. Make new connections or mutual opportunities
    6. Willing to give to the other participants:
    Listen actively to the issues or questions of other participants, reflecting on ways I can help them. I will also share ideas, give inspiration, feedback, help and support to participants, and will try to find solutions to issues that have been mentioned.
    7. About me:
    I own a business for 15 years now, before I worked 12 years in the commercial department of several export businesses. I am happily married to my husband, we don’t have children. I have studied French and now I work with this language (and with English) every day, which I love. And in my free time I love cooking, reading and travelling, mostly in Europe.

    With my company ZorgSubsidieKalender (since 2011) we help non-profits in Healthcare and welfare to find the right grants and funds for their projects, innovaties and groups that needs extra care and attention. It is my goal that the available gifts are being used for these groups. We organize all these infromation in a database which we update on a weekly basis. Second goal is to learn our target audience to write their own proposals. Therfore we give them practical courses online en off line. My team consists of 5 people and myself.

    Non profit organizations and social etterprises in health and welfare in the Netherlands.

    1. Our database gives acces to 1.000 grants and funds (subsidies en fondsen) for projects in Healthcare and welfare
    2. Through our courses and webinars people learn hou to write grants (projectaanvragen)
    3. We share a lot of information for free so people can get to know us, take the first steps and help themselves

    A focussed strategie to let my company grow further

    I would like to meet and share with experienced sparringpartners with a company in the same phase (5 or more years old) that also want to upscale their business in the next years: more visibility, more clients, market leader, etc.

    A willing ear, honest feedback, and helping others to find answers to their questions. I bring in my 10+ years of experience as an entrepreneur.

    I live in Utrecht The Netherlands with my family, husband, children (15 and 17) and a little dog. My office is in Utrecht art we can probably use it as a place to meet for this training.

  5. Hallo everyone,

    My name is Marie-Louise. Inspiring to read your introductions. I’m looking forward to start on this journey with you.

    To fight loneliness by means of communities (HappyHomes / Happy Villages) based on the ideology of the Blue Zones.

    Primarily old people but eventually it should be for old people who are living alone, young people who cannot afford housing and people who wish to live in a community where everyone plays are role and everyone is welcome if they share the same value.

    My dreams is eventually to turn a village into a community. First I should about “ Krimp regio”. That are villages with demografisch decline. But as many farmers are now forced to decrease or stop their farming activity I will also investigate the possibility to make arrangement with one or more farms to buy or rent their land.

    Knowing the power of the assignment given my Nisandeh and the creativity and drive of the groups, I’m looking to get the business mindset, creative ideas and tools to turn my vision into reality.

    I would like to get inspired by their business stories and approaches as well as ideas and feed back on how to go about realizing my vision.

    My time, commitment and support to the program and the group. Be a buddy, listen to the challenges of other participants, share idea’s and feedback. Reflect on eachothers progress and celebrate together.

    I’m from Denmark and have lived in the Netherlands since 1989. I’m 58 years old as of June 11. Have two beautiful daughters aged 30 (Nijmegen) and 27 (Munich, Germany). And a grandson (1.5) and in a couple of days a granddaughter. I live both in Denmark and in Apeldoorn.
    February 2020 I quite my job as a management consultant at CGI to start working on my dream. My idea was to turn my knowledge as a Knowledgemanager and People changemanger into SaaS solutions. By doing so the funds I raise go straight to the projects of my Happy Home / Happy Villages and not to me. As a result of the pandemic I’ve been working as a full time team manager for time and material assignments every since August 2020. By joining this program I wish to re-focus on turning my dream into a reality by working on it every week.
    The idea behind my B&B’s was to start generating a name for myself as a Superhost at Airbnb. A kind of business card if you like. I started out with my Garden House and once that was a success I bought a chalet January last. Next thing will be to offer my home here in Apeldoorn when I’m in DK in order to create financial freedom to make the choices which support the realization of my dream.


  6. What is your/your business big vision?
    I have a eco-vegan conceptstore which will be a little bit different maybe from the most of you. I do not sell services, but I sell actual products. My big vision is to help people in achieving a (more) sustainable lifestyle. I want to show people that caring about our planet is necessary but most of all a fun challenge. I have (almost) all the products you need for that eco lifestyle. They do not have to do any research, I have done that for them and they can rest assured all my products and the factories that make them, have been investigated. So I want to become the go to place for sustainable products.

    WHO do you help (target audience)?
    I help people that choose a sustainable lifestyle. They may be 'beginners' of they may be 'experienced'.

    HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    I help them with sustainable clothing, shoes, gifts and accessories and also some sweets. So it is kind of a one-stop-shopping.

    What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    I have many ideas and I am very enthusiastic about it. But I need more structure and focus.

    What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    I work alone. And sometimes that feels lonely. I think it would be nice to brainstorm. Sometimes you need some encouragement.

    What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    I am good at brainstorming. I like listening to ideas and I am always willing to help, give some positive criticism/feedback if needed. Be someones businessbuddy and vice versa.

    What else should we know about you?
    I live in Almere. I have two grown up children that live in Rotterdam. Happily married. My husband helps me with the webshop whenever he can. I have been an entrepreneur for a very long time now. And I love it! At the moment I am holding myself back. Don't know why and I know what to do but that first step...

  7. Hi!

    Happy to meet you and great to read your introductions.

    My name is Rens.


    I believe every company in need of a custom web front-end should be able to get it fast, with high quality and without the need to hire someone.


    Medium to large companies that have their own development team but lack a good front-end developer.
    Companies that have graphical designs ready to be turned into a custom-built website or an existing website ready to be extended.


    Offer a subscription-based development service that gets them what they want fast, with highest quality and maintainability, so they don't have to hire a front-end developer and wait for months or even years to find someone.


    Knowledge about how to productize my current business (which is based on selling my expertise per hour), out of the box thinking, support for questions, feedback.


    Business knowledge, (brutally honest) feedback on my ideas


    Share my knowledge, give feedback, support


    Live in Rotterdam, 22 years of experience in the software development industry.
    Obsessed about nature and anything financial; the evolving financial world system, cryptocurrencies and investing (thanks to Open Circles’ Financial Freedom workshop).

  8. 1. Big vision: to realise a happy time for thousands of people a year in the holidayregion Bavaria and to have a list of companies who love to work with us.
    2. People who like to have a fully organised holiday with a group with the same sort of interesses.
    3.The needs of the people are filled with a complete organisation and care of transportation, stay and entertainment.
    4. I am looking for inspiration and tips to move on so I make the steps to realise progress despite of always lack of time.
    5. From the others I would like to receive what they find of my businessmodel and the aspects as marketing and sales.
    6. The others I like to help with their questions and their needs for feedback on their businesses.
    7. I have greatbexpactations of my businessmodel but know not exactly how to bring my product/offer on a petfect way in the sight of my potential clients.

  9. 1,2,3) 70% of projects fail. This is unimaginable. That is like 20/25 years of a persons’ life down the drain. It also means necessary services are bad or not available. This needs to be reversed.
    Project leaders and program-managers in middle-sized municipalities in central Netherlands.
    We help them with trainings, coaching and facilitation of organizational transition.

    4) Focus and inspiration. I would like to have created a razor sharp (new) product line that have generated 50.000-100.000 in revenue this fall. Insight in my dream-team.
    I am currently making the step to build a business instead of being zzp. I want to relaunch myself this fall.
    5) Honesty (feedback), contribution, positivity.
    6) As will I.
    7) From 22nd of June – 6th of July I am participating in a vipassana meditation retreat and will not be available. On the side I am building on a real estate portfolio- for which I am trying to train myself in having multiple focusses.

  10. 1. What is your/your business big vision?
    I believe that leaders of public organizations should be reliable and be the best leaders. They take their responsibility to give best directions and attention to the civil servants or public professionals in order to excellent service to every citizen.

    Therefore leaders of public organizations (administratively complex organizations) proudly and confidently have to take their place/position and play all-in.

    2. 2. WHO do you help (target audience)?
    Men and women between the ages of 35-50 with false modesty and who are shy and insecure in their current role and who want to level-up and work from their role with ease and comfort. They are not automatically relying on their leadershiptalents and not fulfilling their potential. They need new handling repertoire, skilled and confidence.

    3. HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    Personal (group or individual) guidance in a mentor program with workshops and mentoringsessions.

    4. What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    Focus en lessons bundling everything that is already there and making it a 6 month program for this target group. In this program I share my way of looking at leadership and collaboration. How do I incorporate my first expert Book: The S.E.C.R.E.T. of the citymanager (In Dutch: Het G.E.H.E.I.M. van de Gemeentesecretaris). Intesi program I share all my knowledge and experience and Lessons as an government executive.

    5. What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    Support, feedback from other entrepreneurs from the expert business model and the Ultimate Business Machine and how I can make a remarkable product.

    6. What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    Honesty, sparring partner, being a buddy who supports and helps others.

    7. What else should we know about you?
    I tie things together based on myself as a person and expertise ( and Together with Miranda I have the company discoveryourtalent (
    I marry her on the 1st July. Together we have a patchwork family with 4 kids (18, 17, 16 and 15 years old). And I miss the first session in Juli due to our honeymoon.

  11. 1. What is your/your business big vision?
    Being the biggest online wine trainer in the Netherlands, impacting serving staff from restaurants so the are more confident in advising and selling wines at the table. With a better gastronomical and guest experience and more profit for the restaurant owners.

    2. WHO do you help (target audience)?
    Chains of Hotels/Restaurants in Holland. Persons of interest: HR managers.

    3. HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    Online Wine Education for serving staff, from my dedicated online academy and soon to release native app.

    4. What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    More focus back on my business

    5. What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    Feedback, inspiration

    6. What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    My feedback, creativity and experience

    7. What else should we know about you?
    I’m a proud single parent of two wonderful daughters aged 8 and 10.

  12. 1. Business vision
    In the Netherlands we see so many projects go wrong and get stuck. Our vision is to get as many projects moving as possible. We like to inspire, to enthuse and activate people and teams to do the things necessary to get things done.

    2. Who
    Product Owners en projectleaders

    3. How
    We developed Het Wiel van de Product Owner. This are 5 simple steps to get your project/product going. Our products are multple trainings for Product Owners and teams, coaching individuals and teams and workshops. To support all this we also developed a box with 40 cards on which are all our visuals (from the training and beyond) and we (espacially Bas) are writing a book on this topic that will be published this fall.

    4. The WOMB program
    I hope to get insights how to run our business in a way that we can help more clients and make more profit.
    e.g. strategic choices, better/easier marketing, more focus and more understanding/cooperation with my business partner (who is also in the program 😉 ).

    5. Receive from other participants
    Feedback, Inspiration and of course Tips and tricks!

    6. Give
    Feedback and my learnings over the last couple of years as an entrepeneur. And off course a lot af questions asked.

    7. What else
    I’m running my own businesses for around 13 years now. It was a bumpy road with a couple of highs but also many lows.
    I’m a pretty insecure person but also very fond of learning. I would like to develop myself towards a good entrepeneur and make a succes out of our current business Het Wiel van.
    I prefer a Dutch speaking buddy in this course.

  13. My big vision is to involve people (and myself ) in practical spirituality.

    People who are sensitieve to the caling to live more their natural nature. Who want to combine modern psychology with the the old knowledge from nature people. Most of the time this are people who are in a shift in their lives. They have done quite a bit of inner work so they are able to hold theis vulnerability and power and their process. Many of them are trainers, leaders,coaches , educators or medical people.

    I have a holding place in nature in Spain where they can come, and I work in Holland. I give individual and couple sessions, I am mentor for some who ask me for that, Give training in Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves from the 80's and I "do" a Leergang Praktische Spiritualiteit with 4 fellow elders.

    I look for more ease and settelment.

    I look for inspiration and a bedding in a network.
    As I am becomming part of a network, I am present for questions that may come to me

    I am almost 70 and moving into an elder position in years and experience in my field of work. At the same time I am starting a new chaptior in my life with my place in Spain and with my Leergang in a answer to a deep calling from soul level. For me, for the people that reach out to me and for the generations to come.

  14. Please answer the following 7 questions in the comment box below:
    1 What is your/your business big vision?
    2 WHO do you help (target audience)?
    3 HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    4 What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    5 What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    6 What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    7 What else should we know about you?

    1. My vision is to have establish a podium / hub that supports businesses to improve their supply chain processes with the focus on smart and sustainable.

    2. My target audience are business that struggle to find the right (smart supply chain based) solutions as an answer to the many governmental policies that force business to be more sustainable.

    3. I will support them in understanding the what is needed (by focus groups and education) and how they can make a underpinned decisions (work sessions and decisions support tools) in in their way they can run parts of their supply chain (showing the impact of made decisions)

    4. Working towards a more structured approach and to avoid taken obvious (;-)) wrong steps is what I hope to gain from the business program.

    5. From other participants I home to understand what is needed to create focus on entrance and connecting to business and what the main triggers are to come safely on board.

    6. I can share my knowledge on topics as: logistics and supply chain management, strategy and innovations. I can also help in bringing in out-off the box ideas.

    7. I worked in many fields and disciplines that is for me a strength but I also see this as a weakness. I have a lot of energy and get more working together to establish success, that in itself is often my problem to take the right steps to be successful.

  15. 1. We enable thousands of households and businesses worldwide, to produce their own energy, making them less dependent on central energy supply that are most often more expensive, insecure and less sustainable.

    2. We help homeowners and investors in the residential market and small businesses with high quality solar systems, monitoring and energy management solutions.

    3. We provide 1) advise, design and engineering of solar systems, 2) project realization and installation in a highly professional, safe and esthetically superb manner, and 3) we provide very clear and accurate monitoring and awesome service during and after project realization. We are planning to offer complete energy management solutions, home batteries and eventually also hot water supplies.

    4. I am looking for more structure and joy in working on my business towards financial freedom and towards leading a team that is fully capable of managing and running the business in a safe and sustainable way with high quality standards and minimalization of service issues.

    5. Other participants may help reflect on the way my business provides value for our customers and potential customers and how to successfully scale the business. I would like to receive motivation and support on developing a strategic plan and to receive feedback on how to get to the next level of doing business. Also I hope to find likeminded people: giving their best, positive attitude and good business ethics, people that eager to learn and willing to give up their own prepositions.

    6. I am willing to give sincere interest on the process of the other participants and I can motivate and give confidence and support in finding new ways of doing business by being a great example with a lot of faith and daring to speak up and determination to overcome my current limitations. I am a creative and open-minded person and I hope to be able to contribute to the thriving of the other participants.

    7. As a multi-talented teenager, I found myself going to university as the place to develop the most precious of all talents: my intellect. I forced myself to finish both a bachelor- and a masters degree in philosophy of management and organizations. It took a long time and I feel regret not having had more focus on what I was doing. After all I ended up doing sales and management for start-up companies that hired me for the personal energy and the promises of the degrees I guess. The expectations were always sky high and it was hard to meet them and the same holds for my own expectations. I just couldn’t find any satisfaction in working for somebody else in this way and in the long run I was not able to perform well. In the meantime I became married with my lovely wife, 11 years ago, and I got three beautiful kids. This made me much more serious about what I was doing, so I ended up quitting my job to start my own company. Because I enjoyed doing practical stuff, so I bought great tools to make furniture and build tiny houses. But in the process I found out that in the short run it didn’t make enough money for me and my family and the development of a feasible tiny house concept was not reached. Also I was asked a few times to work out some solar projects and this was feasible so I did it and it worked out very well. So past few years this became my business. I am also an enthusiastic rock climber and I have a nice garden and I am building my tiny house there so things turn out well. However, although many clients ask me to make a proposal, and all the clients I do help are really satisfied, I can’t figure out how to make a great living (be financially free), have a great work/family balance, and enjoy also a lot of time doing things I love besides the business. One day I am sure I will pick up my philosophy of business track but then my own way. And I am playing with the idea of making a business running itself in Holland to be able to either sell it and/or starting a new business in Spain, Switzerland, France and/or even within Latin America. Big dreams, starting with the wish to work strategically to more peace of mind, order and a mentality of thriving and freedom.

  16. 1. Business vision
    My bigger picture is to help people increase their self-reliance in life in several important areas (underdeveloped with most grown-ups), and get an income out of that. Short term business goal: >100K passive income from online content this year, and at least double that next year, while increasing sales through my own channels (rather than partner channels).

    2. Target audience
    People who [a] want to grow business-wise, or as a self-developing person, [b] see the value in gaining acclaimed knowledge thereto, but who also see the value in getting that in a more condensed and integral way, instead of huge piles of separate books/inputs, and [c] are willing to invest a modest amount in getting such condensed and integral knowledge.

    3. My products
    Online courses: all about business, all about self-development, and all about thinking. Book summaries: 60 of the most popular/famous productivity books, with the essence in 2 pages.

    4. Get from this program
    [a] Big Stick to drive progress, [b] perhaps find the spirit to break down my disliking of marketing and sales activities (maybe even starting to like it?), [c] perhaps nice new connections or mutual opportunities.

    5. Receive from peers
    Perhaps practical tips about tooling and making online business work more smoothly, or marketing-wise more effectively (from participants who are beyond the very early stage).

    6. Give to them
    [a] Critical feedback about their status, with suggestions for what to possibly reconsider or further elaborate (which could include review of business plans or financial business cases), [b] my ideas about what might be a good idea, [c] perhaps (parts of) my products.

    7. About me, in context of this program
    I see myself as a rather sociable person, but I would prefer short & sweet functional interactions (not long sessions/discussions). Of course it matters that peers have a good mutual feeling, but once that is clear, let’s get the focus on the ball.
    Some background trivia: living in Amsterdam, 2 very young kids, did a couple of studies, had a couple of mostly failed business ventures, published a couple of books, and I’m a bit of a sucker for side-projects that impede my ambitions (a productivity issue that I ironically describe in detail in one of my courses).

  17. What is your/your business big vision?
    Raising frequency
    WHO do you help (target audience)?
    Women 40+ (in therapy people 0-100);
    HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    Natural Health via Yoga, Dance, and natural health therapy. In nature. Want to connect music to it too
    What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    Insights to create a strong and healthy business, working online and offline, place- and time-independant.
    Making it work, and work on building my business very exact. Make steps and never stop anymore.
    What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    See next question.
    What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    Attention, good listening, asking questions to help them get their own answers more clear & exact. Sharing knowledge.
    What else should we know about you?
    I'm a starter, but with very good education in yoga and therapy. worked in regular feeld fulltime too long. NOW, in the third part of my life (and not never) it's time to create a real dedicated business and to fullfil who I really am.

    1. What else should we know about you?
      Me and my husband own two houses in Bulgaria since ten years. Bulgarije is atracting me every year more and more. I hope to be able to live and work in two countries. Only challenge: two grandchildren in The Netherlands.
      We are travelling back at this moment after a stay of two months in Bulgaria. The energy is high there. In last year, a lot of nice, interesting, well-educated, prosperous families are remigrating with their children. Building a new strong community.

  18. 1. What is your Business Big Vision?

    My business Big Vision is to build a business that:
    o solves the main problems and pains of my target audience within these 3 categories: health & wellbeing, relationships and wealth
    o fulfills my and my stakeholders' entrepreneurial needs: profit, contribution, fulfillment and independence
    o creates a positive impact on society
    o delivers the greatest value, experiences and customer service in the Netherlands (and Europe)
    o is autonomous (doesn’t need me in the long term). A business that is able to operate without me in the future (exit strategy)
    o is smart, proactive, agile and self learning
    o is an all-round business with a great company culture, attention for detail and very strong ethics
    o envisions a Business Funnel right from the start
    o is scalable nationally and internationally (franchise?). Think big, start small
    o is a wonderful and warm space to work, where everyone flourishes
    o allows me and others to have a great balance between work and family life

    Although this vision may seem too general at first, it is essential for me to have a clear vision of what the business should do. Since I am currently overworked and underpaid, trying to build a business within a too small niche (fish pond), I feel the urge to start everything from scratch. Learning from my failures, I want to design a business that fullfills the vision above. This way, the "what" and the "how" can be anything as long as they comply with the vision above.

    2. Who do you want to help (target audience)?

    I want to help sleep deprived parents who are reaching (or already reached) a burn out. These are mostly new parents who are confronted with an overwhelming amount of contradictory advice and information concerning very important topics like breastfeeding, sleep coaching, baby weaning, parenting styles etc. Their main pain is that they find themselves insecure, confused and ultimately exhausted to find out what works for them in order to regain the so needed balance and peace in their lives.

    These parents are very loving and extremely caring, willing to sacrifice themselves for their children to thrive. They often do not know that baby thrive does not require exhaustion, nor burnout. These are the parents currently hiring expensive sleep coaches (often without result), willing to do whatever it takes and invest a lot of time and resources in their babies and in themselves.

    3. How do you help them? (Your main product/service)

    I want to help my target audience by:

    a) delivering free valuable information that can relieve their pains, help them taking action in the good direction and inspire them healthy family habits. (The first step in this is to build my expert position and create a strong community)
    b) providing remarkable products, services, events and life transforming experiences
    c) offering a beautiful place of encounter where information, services, remarkable products, delicious healthy meals and defining moments can be provided (long term goal).

    4. What are you looking to get from the WOMB program?

    Nisandeh’s email untitled "Pregnant, Maru?", really got my attention. Funny coincidence (or perhaps very intentional), this Work on My business program abbreviates WOMB ! XD I see this program as a business incubator where I can learn strategic business thinking, get advice, coaching, support, guidance, partnerships and inspiration. A program that provides all the nourrishment necessary to (within 6 to 9 months), “give birth” to a beautiful and healthy business baby ready to grow.

    I am also thrilled to learn how to generate at least €120 000 per year with my business. I have full trust and confidence that this WOMB program will help me achieving that.

    5. What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?

    I would especially like to receive an implementation push from the other participants in the group. Therefore a proper accountability body is very important to me. Further, any support of any kind (emotional, intellectual, financial, etc.) is super welcome!

    6. What are you willing to give to the other participants?

    To the other participants in the group, I am willing to give ideas, emotional and intellectual support. I am eventually open for associations and partnerships. I believe that a strong community makes one stronger. I am committed to be a valuable member in the group.

    7. What else should we know about you?

    My name is Maru Lizarraga from Mexico, 38 years old, married, living in Amsterdam. I became the mother of a miracle baby last year (after doctors had declared my WOMB unsuitable to carry and nurture a child). My personal dream is to become a successful serial entrepreneur and make a positive impact/ contribution in the world. Since I am passionate about so many things and I have an overload of ideas, I find it very challenging to stick and develop one idea at the time. However, the birth of my daughter and my current time limitation are strongly moving me to prioritize.
    At the moment I am seeking to find balance between my family and business lives. Therefore I can mostly work on my business during the evenings, starting from 7 pm when my daughter goes to bed.

    I believe deeply in God. My Catholic Faith means eternity to me. Therefore I would never engage in entrepreneurial activity that disrespects God. Christian ethics in business are a must to me.

    I know and appreciate Nisandeh and Vered for many years now. Me and my husband have attended Business Bootcamps several times and purchased Business University several years ago. So happy to be back in touch!

  19. 1. What is your business big vision?
    My big vision is about connecting in communications. Being able to quickly tune in to a “shared frequency” and really connect, listen and respecting each other.
    Selling your product or service will be about value and understanding. It will enhance and add value to customer and personal relationships.

    2. WHO do you help? (target audience)
    I help sales directors and managers in the technical b2b MKB market.

    3. HOW do you help them (your main product/service)
    I developed “De Klik Methode” which combines psychology with cold prospecting. By training/coaching or oursourcing the cold calling we are able to generate revenue and new customers (relations) by making or training sales to make new business appointments. We teach them how to reach out and connect with people and businesses they don’t know.

    4. What are you looking to get from the Workin On My Business program?
    I want to go to the next level with De Klik Methode, franchising or licensing. I want to learn how to go about making this model profitable and create extra income.

    5. What would you like to receive from the other participants in the new group?
    I ‘d like to receive feedback, be challenged, held accountable and be confronted with limiting beliefs. I love working with likeminded people, brainstorm and get inspired, learn from their experience.

    6. What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    I am happy to share my 20 years plus experience in hands-on sales. Think at strategic level and come up with ideas and think outside the box.

    7. What else should we know about you?
    I am also a psychologist and love people. I like to talk and get on with things. I am not very patient and can get very enthusiastic. I am ambitious and get energized by learning. Very interested in psychology and also philosophy.
    Really looking forward to getting started with this programme!

  20. 1. In my vision, organizations can facilitate their employees to let them know who they are, what their talents are and how they can best contribute to the mission, vision and goals of themselves and the organization where they work.
    2. My target audience is to be found in organizations in non-profit organizations like healthcare (cure and care), and education. And within this audience especially the middle management part of it. I want to offer a special program to organizations as they are legally required to work towards sustainability towards people. By using this program the meet the obligation under this requirement.
    3. I want to support them by using a Scan as an inventory tool for people to get to know themselves. With Online Training via roadmaps and VR.
    4. Structure and being pushed/invited to do the program, and to broaden my vision on things.
    5. Being supported if I'm on the right track.
    6. I'm a good listener. I'm a top board room consultant. So, therefore, I could offer my exprience.
    7. I LOVE people.

  21. 1. What is your/your business big vision?
    In my wildest dreams every human knows what makes her/him unique and special.
    Confident, fearless, able to make a difference for others and able to make a great living from their expertise.

    I am here to clarify their personal branding, to help them find out who they want to be, what they want to offer and how to position as an expert in their field.

    I want to see my Andersfaktor-method (a system to find your USP much easier) in a book and I want it to be taught at the university as I learned a lot of BS there 😊

    2. WHO do you help (target audience)?
    Founders, business owners who want to offer their expertise and people in higher management who want to position as an in-house-expert

    3. HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    "Monetize your expertise" a VIP 1:1 consulting package - thank you Nisandeh 🙂
    Groupcoachings for business owners & Onlinecourses

    4. What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    simplefication, selling with more ease, point on things I cannot see, decluttering if needed, save time, accountability, lovely likeminded people, a great surrounding to grow and ask new questions, advice.

    5. What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    Push if needed, honest feedback, timesaving tips, new questions to sharpen each other’s mindset and to declutter limiting beliefs

    6. What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    Whatever is needed to make the next step. Buuuut: I am NOT a patient person. So be aware 🙂

    7. What else should we know about you?
    I am 45, a proud mum of a 15 year old daughter, a 2times cancer-survivor - this is why I'm extra-picky with time. I want to make the best use of it as long as I'm on the planet -, married, I live in Austria Vienna and I love books, me-time, and swimming.

  22. Thank you for this opportunity, Nisandeh and Vered!

    1. Vision : We want to show how beautiful the countrylife of Czechia is. We want everybody to enjoy.
    2. Target group: Families with children
    3. How : High quality accommodation, with some extra’s en a very good service
    4. To get: Support to let my company grow.
    5. Receive: Feedback
    6. Give: Feedback, Ideas, Accountability
    7. I am aiming to work 25 hours a week and enjoy life the rest of the time.

    2 communication mails/week is good for me.

  23. The healing depression is seperate form Miletos Academy and this makes for the one who did the method a very big difference.
    My method is basicly seven weeks to heal the depression.
    But they also come after 6 and 12 months to see if they are realy no longer depressed.
    And then I hear that they are not only no longer depressed, they also feel less stress.
    Most people with a depression have also fyscial complaints. Most of the complaints, like high bloodpressure, also disappears.
    And every time it succeeds it gives me a very good feeling.

    The board games are mostly strategic, like steden en Ridders. Or fun like party and Co.

  24. Thank you for this Nisandeh and Vered!
    1. Vision : Flattening out the bumps on the road to intercultural existence and cooperation.
    2. For whom: Business, Expats, students
    3. How : Training, coaching, public speaking, book, on-line course
    4. Focus, know how
    5. Accountability, ideas
    6. Accountability, ideas, I'll hear what they need
    7. I am aiming to work part time and enjoy life the rest of the time.
    I gravitate towards light,fun and helpful, rather than deep and heavy.
    I respond quicker to what's app than email.
    2 communication mails/week feel good. More is overwhelming.
    I would like the name of Nisandehs face cream.

  25. What is your/your business Big vision
    My dream is that my psychology and my method are famous around the world and a way to help people. So people wouldn't have to suffer form depression, trauma etc. And for other people to live a mental healthy and free life.
    My big vison for my Company, Miletos Academy is that this company would be the most important center for personal development and personal leadership.

    Who do you help (target audience)
    Millenials employed by bigger companys.
    Who want to make a difference and be authentic.

    How do you help them (main product)

    What are you looking to get from the working ON my Business program?
    How i can set up een good sales program, through social media - google, or different way of selling.
    So i make enough money with my company and time to write my book.

    What would you like to recieve from the other participants in the group?
    Inspiration for different ways to sell.
    Maybe ideas for getting a investor or crowdfunding.

    What are you willing to give to other participants?
    Give feedback.
    Ideas on how to get things better.
    Financial advise (accountant)

    What else should we know about you?
    I live in Almere and have 4 kids. I love to play boardgames or go out.
    I'am a philosopher and researcher. The last ten years i was mostly busy with developing a new psychology. Now i'm writing a book about it.
    I few times each year i help people to heal from a depression with my own method.

    1. Sounds like you are making a real difference with your company 🙂 Is the healing depression also part of it or is that a separate service?

      Which board games? I used to be a partner in a cooperative board game publisher.

  26. Beantwoord de volgende 7 vragen in het opmerkingenveld hieronder:

    1. Wat is uw/uw zakelijke grote visie?

    Visie en missie

    “Onze missie is om veilig fietsen een deel van ieders leven te maken”

    Onze passie is om klanten te begeleiden bij de reparatie en onderhoud van een fiets.

    Dit doen we vanuit eigen expertise, we zijn namelijk zelf gepassioneerde fietsers met ruim 30 jaar ervaring in ons vak. Maar buiten dat, is het ook gewoon leuk om over fietsen te praten en om ervaringen te delen.

    Onze specialiteit ligt voornamelijk op het gebied van kennis en vaardigheden van het product fiets. Hierdoor kunnen we zorgen dat de juiste monteur de juiste fiets maakt op de juiste plek.

    Wij streven er dan ook naar, dat opdracht wordt doorverteld aan een ander, want dat is de basis voor ons bestaan.

    Ik zoek fietsenmakers.

    Hoe dan ?
    Hoe krijg ik het gemaakt, overal in Nederland, hulp bij een kapotte fiets? Bijvoorbeeld met een lekke band, een kapotte ketting, bij storingen van een elektrische fiets en meer.

    Personeel en kennis te kort
    Als bedrijf zoeken wij monteurs die reparatie en onderhoud aan onze fietsen kunnen verrichten in heel Nederland. Er is heel wat kennis en ervaring nodig om een fiets veilig op de weg te houden.

    We hebben het gevraagd bij de plaatselijke fietsenmakers en allemaal willen en doen ze iets anders. Dit is niet te beheersen.

    We zoeken een klant gerichte oplossing
    De reparaties of onderhoud vinden plaats in de werkplaats of op een gewenste locatie van de klant. Op een geschikt tijdstip om de klant het zo gemakkelijk te maken. Wie betaald en wat het kost is vooraf zo ver mogelijk helder helder voor alle partijen.

    We zoeken helderheid en kwaliteit
    De kwaliteit begint bij helderheid. Dit bespaart veel tijd en frustratie en onnodige en tijdrovende handelingen. In de opdrachten gaat men voor First Time Right.

    Toekomst denken is duurzaamheid
    De reparaties en het onderhoud zijn erop gericht om fiets plezier en de levensduur van fietsen te verlengen. Door dat de klanttevredenheid hoog is hebben we de ambassadeurs en dus de toekomst voor ons product in huis.

    Nooit meer met pech komen te staan.
    Fietsen is heerlijk – tot je pech krijgt. Dan merk je pas hoe zwaar je (elektrische) fiets eigenlijk is of hoe ongemakkelijk je speciale raceschoenen lopen.

    2. WIE help je (doelgroep)?

    - B2B en B2C

    3. HOE help je hen (je belangrijkste product/dienst)

    - De fietser en de fietsenmakers de juiste match geven. De fietser de juiste fietsenmaker en de fietsenmaker de juiste klant.
    - Online leeromgeving

    4. Wat wil je bereiken met het programma Werken AAN Mijn Bedrijf?

    - Visie en missie en doelstelling er staat en werkt en floreert.

    5. Wat zou je van de andere deelnemers in de groep willen ontvangen?

    - Kennis en hulp in maken educatieve video’s en online leeromgeving.

    6. Wat ben je bereid te geven aan de andere deelnemers?

    - Mijn kennis en ervaring en inzet.

    Iedereen waar ik (wij) de fiets van in onderhoud heb. Beleefd een uniek gevoel van plezier en vrijheid.

    Iedereen begint onder aan de berg.

    ‘Winnaars hebben een plan, verliezers hebben excuses’.

    Het zoeken en het aangaan van uitdagingen drijven mij als persoon en ondernemer. Kenmerkend voor mij, is hierbij dat wanneer 100 mensen zeggen dat iets niet kan, ik zal bewijzen dat het wel kan.

    Deze instelling slaat dan ook over naar mijn sport, wielrennen. Waarbij ik tijdens trainingen het uiterste van mijzelf vraag om de beste prestatie te kunnen behalen, opgeven is hierbij geen optie.

    “Ik ben ondernemer en met dit traject wil binnen één jaar miljonair zijn” 

    Ik vroeg aan hem waarom hij dit wilde en hij gaf me het volgende antwoord: 
    “Ik zie iedereen om mij heen in mooie en snelle auto’s rijden. Ze vieren overal ter wereld feest en hebben een geweldig leven. Het is heel gemakkelijk om met crypto, dropshipping of NFT’s geld te verdienen. 

    Ik heb nu een fijne baan met veel vrijheid en verdien prima. Het geeft me veel rust en zekerheid, dat past me. Toch zeg ik mijn baan op en ga ik voor het grote geld” 

    Ik begrijp hem volkomen, als je denkt dat er kansen liggen, dan wil je ze pakken. Dat gevoel is niet te stoppen of te onderdrukken. 
    Is alles wat het lijkt?
    Ondernemen is echt niet altijd wat je op de socials ziet. Enorme toewijding, hard werken, veel op je bek gaan, doorzetten, omgaan met teleurstellingen en tegenslagen.  Die vaste baan is ineens niet meer zo’n gek idee.
    En ga je dan toch voor jezelf beginnen, ga ervoor, maar bedenk de mooiste gebouwen zijn ook niet in minder dan een jaar gebouwd.
    Heb geduld en geniet. 

    7. Wat moeten we nog meer van je weten?

    Volledige plan

    - Startend In Nederland met 12 ( elke provincie ) grote hal met 30 fiets reparatie en onderhoud werkplekken. In 3 niveaus en niveau 4 zijn de opleiders/ coaches.
    - Vanuit elke locatie rijden in die omgeving 15 bussen met monteurs “Rijdende fietsenmakers”
    - We doen werk voor B2B en B2C
    - Werken als landelijk kwaliteitsmerk/ label.
    - Iedere fietser wil zijn fiets laten afleveren, roesten of onderhouden door
    - Na Nederlands, komt België en Duitsland en de rest van Europe
    - We nemen verantwoording en nemen en geven helderheid en duidelijkheid vanuit waardigheid en betrokkenheid.
    - Zorg en verantwoordelijkheid en voorbeeld voor vele landen t.a.v. milieu.

    Ik verdien 33 miljoen aan de verkoop van platform

    Bij de eindverkoop over 3 jaar rond mijn 57e verjaardag.

    Tot die tijd (2 februari 2025 ) houd ik 1 miljoen per jaar over aan deze opdracht.

    Ik zet dit uit met een heel educatie netwerk in de hele wereld. Wat mij de rest van mijn leven mij ruim voorziet in geluk, plezier voor mezelf en mijn naaste.

    “Mijn missie is om veilig fietsen een deel van ieders leven te maken”

    Ik wil een Nederlands maatje

  27. Hi! My name is Chiquita Welmerink. I'm an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I am founder of an unique method of transformative conflictresolution, where you are independent of other people or circumstances to solve conflicts by yourself. When you transform conflicts in the source, you heal, you feel free, understood and connected again. I call it love.
    1. Transforming the live of thousands, so people can take ownership of their lives and move on in a way they feel free, understood, connected and loved.
    2. changemakers, leaders, managers, people with guts, young adults
    3. Transformative Leadership Program (Transformative Conflictresolution), online and offline
    4. Peace, simplicity, freedom, results, next level in the online business.
    5. support, honesty
    6. support, honesty, creativity
    7. I'm driven in my message, my commitment to be the change. It's time to discover my next level and to find out what that level is. I'm entrepreneur for over 20 years now, author of the book "Opgelost!" I want to reach for the stars

  28. Hello, I am Alma Thoen, female in her wise fifties, living in Holland. I am a projectmanager, trainer/coach/ massagetherapist wanting to share my expertise, knowledge and skills with other people.

    1. What is your/your business big vision?
    My big vision is that in 10 years to come I will have educated and helped thousands of parents and their children to live a good life taking care of each other with love and taking care for the people they love to live and work with in my Parent Academy.

    To begin with, I want to educate and help adults (and their children) with stressrelieve and finding balance in life. I already do this in my one to one coaching/massagetherapy sessions on a small scale, for more then 10 years now in my part-time practice at home. And in my group trainings about personal leadership and jobsearch-trainings.

    2.WHO do you help (target audience)?
    Parents/families. Being a parent myself, I know all the topics that parents struggle with.
    They don t have to struggle as much as I did and can save a lot of their pressious time and health, because I can give them access to all kind of education-topics that are usefull for them and their children.

    3.HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    a. Stressrelief/ finding balance: One to one coaching and massage sessions for balance in the body mind and groupsessions and trainings about how to find balance in daily life. ( Life/online).
    b. facilitating all kind of educationtopics in my online academy that I am developing.

    4. What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    Courage, inspiration, help a with my plan, doing it step by step, being motivated and inspired in this community. To think big and not giving up. To keep the right needed mindset to plan act and do.

    5. What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    Support, help, experience with steps I have to take, inspiration, coaching, commitment, creativity, motivation, network, expertise. Couragious community, not keeping small, living our dreams.

    6. What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    My support, help, coaching, belief, commitment, creativity, network, expertise.

    7. What else should we know about you?
    - I have the strenght of taking a project on and creating the wanted results, I am a networker and dare to ask for help.
    - I have learned to be vulnerable and am open to feedback.

  29. 1.) What is your/your business big vision?

    I haven't found a real clear purpose yet. (i'm only 50, so there is time...) 😉
    Although I know I am a creative guy and I have always loved to come up with creative solutions.
    My business is now making animations ( and I do like it, but I also feel there might be 'something else'.
    When I was a disigner for Domino Day (2004-2010) that's when I felt 'this is what I was born to do'.
    When Covid hit and I discovered how rigged the whole game was, I also found some drive in myself to show the truth to the world.
    Maybe that is why I was placed here.

    2.) WHO do you help (target audience)?

    Business that have a product or service and who want to show/explain their value with an animation.

    3.) HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?

    I make real handdrawn ("whiteboard") animations.

    4.) What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?

    - To position myself more exclusive so I can ask higher prices and/or:
    - To learn how I can grow my business and/or:
    - To find something completely new to start and become succesfull in this new direction.

    5.) What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?

    Feedback on what talents I have that I take for granted.

    6.) What are you willing to give to the other participants?

    I love to help people.
    Ideas on how to get better.

    7.) What else should we know about you?
    I have 3 kids, age 15y, 13y and 6 months.
    I love kitesurfing and playing the piano.

  30. The biggest vision of my business is that everybody with a health issue can live a good life
    My target audience ... I help different people. I help people with IBS, I help dietitian who wants to know how the FODMAP diet works to help their clients better and my best target audience is a woman who thinks health is important, loves life, enjoys life, and is coachable, is driven and is open to work with products to help others and to get more passive income so that she will be a someone who than will lives a life with more happiness and freedom
    My main product is on the one side the FODMAP Academy with a training program and on the other side do I partner with a company with products in the health, wellness and beauty.
    I am hoping to learn from On My Business Programma and that I will get insights to do my business a better way so that my income and my clients and my team will grow.
    To learn and see what others do
    What I did so far what worked good that I will teach and give to the other participants
    That I am a dietitian who just sold her own practice because she don't want to be paid 'uurtje factuurtje' but will enjoy live at the fullest.

    1. Hi Sigrid,

      Just happened to read yours. My second business came from when FODMAP didn't help me at all. In conclusion, I couldn't handle some FODMAP Free and Low FODMAPs. Now I'm treated (by a professional and after my own study by myself) and I'm capable of just eating practically anything I couldn't before. IBS is very much treatable through this method as well. If you feel like it, check I think that would be an amazing extra for reaching your vision.

      Kind regards,

  31. 1. What is your/your business big vision?
    Being the Hogwarts of Martial Arts Schools. An international school based in the Netherlands focuses on martial arts, Asian language, culture, and regular teachings. But for now, becoming THE local place to practice martial arts.

    2. WHO do you help (target audience)?
    Currently, age 6 to 65 but focussing now specifically 16-26 years old people who want to do martial arts.

    3.HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    Currently, regular kids, youth and adults programs. Starting next season a warriors course (premium lessons)

    4.What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    Creating better, stable income and growth. Also keeping the fun in doing the work without spending too much time on other things dan doing the actual training.

    5. What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    Feedback, helping me to stay on course, accountability.

    6. What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    Feedback and ideas.

    7. What else should we know about you?
    I'm not known for my friendly feedback, though I mean it very friendly. I can just be quite straightforward about it. Totally okay with agreeing to disagree. Get annoyed if people keep complaining without changing things even though I can be like that myself. Also starting a secondary business for some extra pocket money but this will stay in the 'hobby zone' if you consider the focus I put in it. The martial arts school has my primary focus because it is a hobby which should be more business because I love it too much. The second business however is focused on treating dogs, animals and horses to get over their (food)intolerances or emotional blockades (Beter known as NAET in de USA) Last but not least, I'm a new dad since April so I'm chronic fatigued at the moment 😉

  32. 1. My dream/vision
    I want to make a soulful and inspirational contribution to the horse world where welfare, connection and communication between human and horse are the basis of everything we do with our horse.
    2. WHO.
My ideal client:
    - Women, 40+, educated, care deeply about horses
    - Connection and honest communication are the basis for training their horse (and not to win competitions)
    - They have already learned a lot about natural asymmetry and healthy biomechanics

    - They are dedicated to giving their horses the best life possible and they cringe when they see what is still common treatment of horses today. 

    - They want to have a positive impact on their own horses and for some helping horses is a HUGE motivator to keep investing in research and courses.

    - They know how energy feels, have been in contact with some kind of energetic methods or knowledge.

    - They know they need to change something in themselves but they don't know what or how. 

    - They are willing to invest the time, money and courage to take my online courses and are open to self reflection and change.

    3. HOW

    I believe everyone can learn how to connect to your authentic self to become the human your horse WANTS to be with. I have been teaching ‘live’ lessons and clinics (I have been to 13 countries all over the world to teach ‘Balance Rider & Horse’ clinics). 

In 2019 I created my first online course, the True Connection’ course and in 2021/22 I created 3 follow up online courses. More than 300 people have followed 1 or more online courses from 16 different countries. I have also done several live retreats (in France, Spain and NL) on how to connect to yourself and your horse.

    4. Why WOMB 

    I know I have some valuable online courses but I find it hard to find the right conscious horse people and tell them about it. I have an email list of 5000 people but I don’t really utilize it enough. I do blogposts and I’m very active on Facebook but every ‘launch’ of a new course is an effort and results in a steady 30-50 courses being sold. I know I can at least double that but I don’t know how. I also want to automate more (or get an assistant 😉 ). In short, I want more people (the right ones) to join my courses and I want my online business to run more smoothly and more automated.

    5. Receive

    I would love some honest feedback on my website, sales pages etc. I would also like to connect with like minded people and exchange ideas on expanding and automating my online business. I would also really like it to meet in real life and see how we can help or support each other. I would love some help on writing a book and helping me with (horse) illustrations.

    6. Give
I will give honest feedback when I can. I have 4 years of experience setting up online courses so I could help with that. I love sharing so if there is anything I know I can help with then I’m here for your!

    7. What else
I’m 57, I live in Zutphen. I have no children but I have 2 horses (and they are like my kids). I was hospitalized twice because of burnout/depression and my brother ended his life in 2020 (after multiple depressions). In his diaries I have read about his struggles and how he was playing a ‘role’ because he thought the real him wasn’t good enough. I decided not to hide anything anymore.

    1. Thank you for your sharing your story, Lucie. I love your view on connection and was touched by the last sentence: I decided not to hide anything anymore.

  33. What is your/your business big vision?
    My mission is to connect people where they can be authentic and effective. This works for directors and management with their staff, so that organizations function better. This is the most beautiful win-win to which I contribute that staff will function much better because they are better managed. My slogan is:

    More fun in leadership! Meer plezier in leidinggeven!

    This results in more job satisfaction and then my big vision is: That the number of companies in the Netherlands that are value-driven is growing.

    WHO do you help (target audience)? and HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    With my company Authenticiteit in beeld, I train and coach board and management to manage their organization, Medium and Small Businesses and Public Enterprises, in a ‘value-driven’ way, to improve communication with their staff and to help them with reorganizations and acquisitions for the right ‘mindset’ within their organization.

    What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    Answers why some of the approaches I've learned from you don't work. As examples: I offer a free ebook Improve your conversation skills with a free four-hour training. My list is not growing. Why a collaboration with a physiotherapist just doesn't get off the ground when I have already invested so many hours in it. I get five star testimonials from Google and many positive testimonials from LinkedIn. This has not once resulted in a new customer. Either I have a giant blind spot or I'm doing something wrong. I expect methods that do work in this six months.

    What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    That they think along and, if possible, even contribute to a strategy for my company that works, so that my company grows.

    What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    The feedback I get is that I often have good ideas and that is also apparent from this program of yours. I recognize my idea that I put forward during the brainstorming session with you in this program in which I am now going to participate myself.

    What else should we know about you?
    That I am very grateful for what I have learned from Nisandeh, otherwise I would not have existed with my company for twelve years and it would never have become anything. What has worked most of all is that after the Business Bootcamp I stopped what I was doing and turned this into what I do now. Eventually I was found through Google and that one customer was the door after a lot of new customers. I shared my formula for why I was so high in Google's search results, with the result that I was copied so much that I am no longer so high in the search results. This has made me very reluctant to share anything of my approach.

  34. 1. Big vision
    Become an authority and the default go-to-person for everything related to self-publishing.

    2. Target audience
    Usually (first time) authors trying to find their way around in the self-publishing world

    3. Main product/service
    Everything related to publishing (like proof-reading, editing, formatting, cover design, marketing)

    4. Looking to get
    Ideas and strategies on how to expand so I can quit my day job and solely live from the income I generate in my business

    5. Like to receive
    Feedback on ideas I have, learn from others how to balance a full time job and a business

    6. What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    Anything I can help with

    7. What else should we know about you?
    55 year old, full time employed, own business on the side, 2 children (girl 25, boy 20), divorced, living alone with 2 cats and a dog, went through a rough patch in the last couple of months and slowly getting back on my feet

  35. 1 Big vision!

    Creating lasting relationships and collaboration by unleashing the natural voice so that people are heard and seen for who they are.

    2 My target audience?

    Directors and managers. People who have a message to share.

    3 How?

    Exclusively one on one coaching.

    4 What am I looking for to get from the WOMB (!) program?

    Understanding how to approach and contact clients in a respectful way, other than selling door to door as I have done (often successfully) for the past 40 years. That “jacket” doesn't fit me anymore.

    5 What do I want to receive from the other participants

    Real honest feedback on my actions.

    6 What am I willing to give

    I’m fully committed to help wherever I can. I’m on this earth for 67 years. So, there is some experience in the house, I guess. Both failure and success.

    7 I’m a husband and a father of a daughter. Married with a hard-working successful woman. "Ik trek van Drees”, what means I’m basically retired. Spend much of my time on making music. And I still have the energy and the time to give (and sell) something valuable to the world.

    1. Hi Rudolph, Great to have you with us again... wonderful to read you're still doing what you're passionate about.

  36. Hello everyone,

    My name is Max, my age is 34 and I live close to Groningen in the Netherlands. I'm together with my girlfriend, our 2 rabbits and we have a baby on the way. I get really excited from seeing plans succeed. Some of the things I am working on now are:
    - I am training for the marathon of Amsterdam in october.
    - There is a banana sapling in my windowsill
    - I am a gamer: Rocket League is like a car football. And I play Dungeons and Dragons, we are about to close the second campaign with my group soon.
    - Baby stuff

    My big vision: To support others to grow beyond their dreams

    My target audience : Starting entrepreneurs who want to go for the next milestone in their business. Especially: coaches, trainers, hairdressers, masseuses, pedicure/manicure.

    How do I help? : Mindset and tools. Products are trainings on WordPress, performance coaching and weekly support meetings. I also build websites for the smart ones who want to delegate it.

    What I want to get out of the program? I believe I have the tools to grow my business to about 250K turnover in 2023. From this program I would like to get to double that. Show me ways to grow faster and let me think new thoughts.

    How you (other participants) can help me?
    - By giving feedback on what you see and read from me.
    - Referring clients (no expectation, but hey, that would be nice)
    - Showing how you solved certain things (I have a question already below)
    - Showing up on time. Let's support each other by being present.
    - Applying what you learn, asking questions and sharing your results.

    What am I willing to give to other participants
    - Everything I ask from you in the question before
    - My knowledge
    - Access to my network when we have a certain level of trust.

    What else should you know about me?
    I am excited. Let's go!

    2 questions I have for the group already 🙂
    - I have used Mailchimp a lot over the past 10 years. It has been terrible to work with opt-in offers in a nice way and now they have moved scheduled sending to a paid plan. So I want to switch to different email marketing software. Which do you use and how easy is it to set up different opt-in offers (incentives)? The main challenge with mailchimp was when someone who was already on the list subscribed to a different opt-in.
    - I started calling all my current clients to ask what their goals are and where they want to take their business, to understand if I can serve them in a different or better way. Now I have sooooo many post-it notes lying around. Do you keep track of such information? And if so, how? (I am looking for software, a Google docs template or even a smart folder system to use)

    1. Hi Max, If I understand your 2nd question correctly, you probably need a simple(?) CRM system. I have experience wit a more complex system for sales teams and that may be not suitable for you. But there are many of them in the marked that might solve your issue.

      1. Hey Rudolph, I think you are correct. I have a client who wants to use HubSpot. That might be suitable for me as well.

        It is manageable now, but when more clients join or my team grows, it will become more difficult.

        So to rephrase my support question: Who uses CRM software to collect client wants and do you recommend it?

    2. Active Campaign in combination with Gravity Forms for opt-ins. Works like a charm. I tried many different systems and AC beats them all. Very simple choice.

      I did interviews with over 120 people and collected everything in Excel. I use the coding that I learned at the university to simplify and analyse.

      1. Thank you! I have Active Campaign on my list to check out. Why do you use gravity forms and not something from AC?

        So funny how I used to hate these interviews when I was in school and now I am choosing to do them just because I want to grow my business.

        1. GravityForms has many more options. BTW I looked yesterday at pipeline to automate my pipeline and realized I can do exactly the same in AC:)

      1. Thank you Sin!

        How do you use notion? I just looked at it and it seems that there are SO many options on how to use it. Do you use premade templates for collecting client data or do you do something else?

  37. What is your/your business big vision?
    Facilitate life choices in a sustainable way
    WHO do you help (target audience)?
    Project developers and business owners
    HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    By turning a no into a yes during building permit application procedures.
    What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    How to bring in more me into the company while 10x ing the turnover.
    What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    Questions rather than feedback.
    What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    Clarifying questions. Confronting questions. Business numbers feedback.
    What else should we know about you?
    I don't do smalltalk nor emotional pampering. I will give solid advise, but only if you ask for it.
    I'm not into shouting whatever crosses your mind, i do have a brain that functions.
    Succes = hitting the target. Bad dog, no cookie.

  38. What is your/your business big vision?
    On 31-12-2030 contributed to 1.000.000 families with my company 'gezinscommunicatie'

    WHO do you help (target audience)?
    I help parents who want to be aware parents/consciously raising kids

    HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    At the moment it's mostly one on one (me going to families)

    What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    I want to make the move to helping groups of parents

    What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    Honest feedback (and tips)

    What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    My point of view, creativity, time.

    What else should we know about you?
    I work with families for a long time.
    One on one may be my strongest way of working.
    Raised three kids (adults now)
    (occasionally I coach together with animals, two donkeys)

    My big vision is to expand to other cities and get more team members and stay with the same quality and change the way we look at children and their so called "problems"

    Children and their parents, teachers and caregivers.

    Training them to think for themselves by working with the cognitive functions. What ever there problem is they should be able to do it without me in another place at there own time.

    New Ideas to work more easy, get more passive income

    Feedback on questions I have or ideas I want to implement

    My knowledge, my network and my opinion

    I am married, have 2 different sons, one is 30 and high gifted and the other will be 23 and severe physically handicapped and needs 24/7 care. That gives me a different look on the world and the people within it and gives me the chance to think about what I want to be upset about or just want to get my joy from. I like to relativize.
    I have a strong feeling of justice, like to combine information from different areas. I am lazy and love the color blue, like dogs and hate horses and the color pink.

  40. What is your/your business big vision?
    My books are read by thousands of women, my workshops and retreats are offered in every continent with rave reviews and tickets sold out upon cart opening.

    WHO do you help (target audience)?
    Women entrepreneurs aged 40+ who wish to free time and energy from house, family and work obligations to make their business grow.

    HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    I teach them my exclusive method of productivity and time management and I host mastermind groups and retreats.

    What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    To learn strategy and strengthen my mindset in order to streamline my processes, reach wider audiences and increase my sales.

    What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    I greatly enjoy mastermind discussions among peers, listening to each other and offering feedback and ideas.

    What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    I am willing to listen and be part of peer discussions and if it would help I could also review content/webpages to offer feedback from visitor/audience standpoint - in English and Spanish.

    What else should we know about you?
    I am originally from Argentina and have been living in Antwerp, Belgium for more than 20 years. I am a working mum, I still have a day job as a project leader in an international corporation. I have engineering and MBA degrees. I am the author of a self help book that is a mix of fairy tale short novel with practical manual of personal organization and productivity. I admire Nisandeh and Vered and I am grateful for this opportunity and super happy to be part of this group, looking forward to meeting you all!!

  41. 1 Big vision
    My personal vision is that we are all connected, one even, but we often forget that we are; this causes a lot of pain. That is why I focus on stimulating awareness of this connection.
    My company vision is that connection starts with(in) every individual. Connect with yourself, free yourself from the limiting thoughts in your own head, celebrate life and build a better world step by step within your own circle of influence.

    2 WHO (target audience)
    Highly educated professionals born between 1980 and 2000 (Millennial Generation), mainly working in socially oriented organizations: gamechangers.

    3 HOW (main product/service)
    One-on-one-coaching. I would like to add a retreat-like product.

    4 Get from WON My B?
    A business mind! Action! Implementation! Simply put: tell me what to do, when to do it and how.

    5 Receive from participants
    I seek support, both in the form of encouragement and in the form of challenge / confrontation. And I won't mind a practical insight or tip.

    6 Willing to give them?
    I will encourage you, listen to you. I will share my experiences and ask you confrontational questions if you want me to. I open up my network on LinkedIn for you. I believe in you.

    7 What else
    I seek wisdom ever since I went to school. I love the power of a good story (what’s yours? 😀 ). I love to write, just published my first e-book through Bookboon, a second is on the way. Also I just finished writing my first novel, two proofreaders are reading it now. I love Portugal. I love cats and a lot of other animals too. I love playing board and card games with friends. I love good conversations with a cup of tea or glas of wine. My name is Manny (53), I am happily married, am a stepmom, and this program is my utmost effort to make a financial success of my coaching business. IT. WILL. HAPPEN. 😀

    It is often the difficult periods in your life that shape you. Design and art can give direction to this in a positive way. Monumentalista creates design objects that comfort, move, provide insight and initiate conversation.

    People in grief, who lost a beloved one.

    Grave stones, urns and memorial products.

    My collection(s) of memorial products are ready. In this program I want to focus on higher profits by better sales and better marketing.

    Support in achieving my goals and feedback on my actions.

    As a designer I’m trained to conceive unconventional and practical solutions, so I could help putting other people’s issues in a different perspective.

    1. ABOUT
      My name is Ine, 40 years old, no kids but a great german husband, 2 bunnies who are payed photo models and a horrible 11 weeks old puppy. By the end of this summer I expect to have my motorcycle drivers license. July 2nd & 3rd I’m participating in a funeral fair (still LOTS of work to do…) and after that, my focus will be on selling and marketing.

  43. What is your/your business big vision?

    Creating an atmosphere in business where everyone works together in a constructive mode,
    Helping each other to become better, take responsibility, to focus on the right thing and become a team.

    WHO do you help (target audience)?
    Managers in companies- and their coworkers

    HOW do you help them (your main product/service)?
    I train them in how to do their (online) meetings effortless and effective.

    What are you looking to get from the Working ON My Business program?
    Doing the right things at the right time. Consistency of implementation.

    What would you like to receive from the other participants in the group?
    Being held accountable. Support when I’m stuck. Feedback on ideas. Keep me on track (focus is a thing)

    What are you willing to give to the other participants?
    Holding you accountable. Support you when you’re stuck. Give my knowledge and wisdom and creative mind to help you with new ideas in the right direction.

    What else should we know about you?
    My name is Gerdy, 44, living in Nieuwegein with my two boys 8 and 10. Recently fell in love with triathlons so I train a lot (and love it). Love cooking and baking healthy food and always looking for ways to grow.
    I’m taking care of customer support for Nisandeh and will both be part of the team and a participant.

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