Working ON My Business
Preparation #2

“I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it…”

We used to play this song by The Pointer Sisters so often during our trainings… I know the words are inappropriate to describe our relationship… but after reading all the introductions – I just can’t wait to start working together.

I hope by the time we meet on Zoom next Thursday you will feel the same…

If you didn’t introduce yourself yet…


We’re going to work together as a group – and if we don’t know who you are – we can’t support you or work with you.

Also – during this weekend – Vered and I will go over all the introductions and pair you up with 2 other participants as accountability buddies. If you don’t introduce yourself we cannot pair you up – and you will miss one of the most powerful benefits of the program.

If you have a technical or practical problem to post your introduction – please contact us – and we’ll help you out. If you have a “willingness” issue – please let us know – so we can remove you from the program.

If you already introduced yourself…

CLICK HERE to read other people’s introductions…

So by the time we start next week – you already feel like a part of this group.

OK… enough housekeeping… it’s time for the second preparation assignment

Your business is a vehicle…

The main purpose of Working ON My Business program is to transform your business into a powerful vehicle to help you fulfill your potential and purpose in this life.

So… during the program we are NOT going to discuss tactics (e.g. how to use Facebook ads, how to create great YouTube videos, or how to build an effective sales funnel…)

All those are parts of working IN your business.

Instead, you’re going to focus on thinking and implementing strategically – so you will focus on the bigger picture.  You will be taking a step every single week to get your business working harder and more effective for you, and making it the vehicle that would get you to fulfill your potential.

To do that you’re going to work ON your business.

But before we start working on your “vehicle” you better get clear on the destination you want to go to…

Why did you start your business?

Take some time to think – what was your purpose (or purposes) when you started your business… was it freedom, fulfillment, contribution, money…? Or maybe it was something totally different.

When you have it… write it down for yourself.

My story (maybe that would clarify it…)

I started my first software company (when I was 18) because it was fun and challenging. We’ve developed games and educational software and for the first 5-6 years it was fun and challenging. As a result – we did great. The company grew like crazy and I became very wealthy. When the fun and challenge were gone – it took me less than two years to bring the company into bankruptcy.

When I started Open Circles Academy – my purpose was growth. I realized that if I want to grow – I must confront my biggest fears. Since I was afraid of people – my best way to confront this fear was working with people…

With time my purpose shifted to freedom and contribution, and Open Circles became a perfect vehicle for both. Until it didn’t anymore… and then I closed it, 7 years ago…

And now… I’m starting a new direction, with this program, and with a new purpose – happiness.

I’ll explain more about it when we meet on Thursday, June 16 – and I’ll show you how the program will help YOU transform your business to become the ultimate vehicle for YOU to reach YOUR destination.

To get you started…

You need to figure out what is your destination TODAY.

To do that, take your time and seriously consider the following questions:

  1. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?
    What is the most important purpose your business should take you to (e.g. authenticity, contribution, freedom, fulfillment, growth, happiness, healing, influence, integrity, legacy, transformation, wealth, wisdom…)

  2. If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?

  3. When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?

Take the time to answer these 3 questions, as detailed as possible, in the comment box below – so both you and I are very clear on your destination, outcome and obstacles.

And don’t miss the opportunity to read what others have written, get inspired, and maybe offer a gentle support

Make sure to complete this preparation assignment latest by Sunday.

On Monday – you will get the third and last preparation assignment, before we start the program next Thursday in the live Zoom meeting.

I’m looking forward to meet you on the 16th of June at 8pm CET, and I’m excited for what we are going to accomplish together.

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. 1. Freedom is the purpose my business should take me.
    2. My life would be balanced and peaceful, stress would come less as a sorrow, more as excitement and I would develop more activities abroad (both business and personal) and invest more time with my family and friends. The professional relationships will be energizing and fulfilling.
    3. What stops me from reaching this destination is mainly a lack of order (chaos) and purpose (focus) and the inability to find a way to deal with the whole range of different activities in my company and in the family.

  2. Today I'm an freelance consultant to brought in subjects. I want to build a team and be able to be contribute to solution is connected business, smarter en more sustainable supply chains.
    I want to make a difference using my ideas and would love to see others grow based on my or my teams efforts. Next to this I want to be recognized for this contribution, maybe be articles and/or books.
    When at this destination I would be in more control to do what I like to do and my live would be less the result of sometimes coincidental occurrences though successful). Why I.m not at this destination yet I to easily distracted or maybe to little lack of motivation or ambition, but I might be something completely different.

  3. 1. Where I am today and where I want to be in the future
    Currently I'm working 12-16 hours a day, my day job for 8 hours during weekdays and 4-8 hours on my business, working on editing, proofreading, formatting books for authors and building websites. My purpose is to be able to do this full time, delivering the best quality to customers for a reasonable price. The major obstacle I'm facing is that I'm building my reputation (which is going well) but I can't charging enough yet to make a living out of this. So, the plan is gradually increase the work, gradually increase the price and gradually reduce the amount of time I spend on my day job.

    2. What would my life look like when I've achieved that.
    I would be able to work whenever and wherever I want. This would give me a lot more flexibility in making time for loved ones when they need it. Being my own boss, set my own deadlines and do work I thoroughly enjoy would give me a huge sense of freedom and accomplishment.

    3. What's stopping me?
    My current life style and fear of failure. I have a more than decent income from my day job and the money I make with my business is a nice extra, but not enough to replace my job. I am not sure whether or not I can actually achieve my goal, because the amount of time it takes to do a good job and the amount people are willing to pay for it, is not in balance.

  4. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?
    We are unique in our branche and not compatible to our competities, our clients like and love us. In the future we want to grow bigger with more clients and bigger clients. Growing bigger also means that we can share more.

    What is the most important purpose your business should take you to (e.g. authenticity, contribution, freedom, fulfillment, growth, happiness, healing, influence, integrity, legacy, transformation, wealth, wisdom…)
    Contribution to society. We make it possible the the available funds go to the right people.

    If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?
    We are the leading, Number 1 company for Grants and funds in the branche of Healthcare and welfare. In my personal life a make extra time for music lessons and we are able to travel al lot.

    When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination? We now mainly use inbound marketing. We have to put more energy in outbound marketing.

  5. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?
    I now have a business were i organize festivals en events. It is going very well now. Growing every year.
    Its now time for the big money. Time to go from 6 figure profits to multiple 7 figure profits.

    What is the most important purpose your business should take you to (e.g. authenticity, contribution, freedom, fulfillment, growth, happiness, healing, influence, integrity, legacy, transformation, wealth, wisdom…)

    Freedom en wealth for myself and my family.

    If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?

    Financial free. Having a great team so i have to work less

    When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?

    Need new products that will make more money. Delegate better so i can focus more on growth.

  6. 1. Today: I have learned, written , spoken, made connections, given a coupĺe of workshops. Now I'm (almost) ready to launch myself as an intercultural trainer.

    My business needs to give me fulfill.ent, a sense of purpose, financial stability, connection with people, knowing I can make a difference.

    2. I'd feel like my journey has been worthwhile. I'd be financially more comfortable.
    3. Nothing. I would like to delegate the non-training elements or even work freelance for a training bureau.

  7. 1. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?
    I'm 33 years old and at this point I'm head of a small martial arts school (biggest of our martial arts in the Netherlands) and currently without an instructor (Master). At 40 I want to be at my top as a martial artist and keep that for as long as possible but at least 25 years. The school should have been grown both in numbers, income and quality and not much more hours then I'm spending now on teaching. I will have blackbelt instructors under myself and at 40 my dream will be in the works. My dream would be to have an internal school for martial arts and 'regular' scholing.

    2. If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?
    For the outside not so much different at first. Internally totally different. More joy at doing the work. At the latest stage from the outside also totally different. Living at the school. Having my work as a live style.

    3. When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?
    Accountability, discipline, excuses. Also the right people to start my dream with. This is something I can't, and don't want to, do alone. I never worry about the (probably) millions we need if the right minds come together. Otherwise some millions will help. Last but not least... I need a new 'Master' probably need to learn Korean which I have a very hard time with.

    I worked as a business controller for 25 years. After a burnout/depression (about 12 years ago) I lost everything (job, partner, house) and that made me ‘dare’ to start doing what I really love, working with horses full time. I wasn’t happy in an office behind a desk, so the main reason was following my heart and living my passion. Also the freedom to work when and with whom I wanted was a big reason to start my own business. I’ve had a rough couple of years, ended up in hospital 3 times, eating up my savings, but right now I’m happy and (relatively) healthy!

    I do what I love doing and my horses are the best co-trainers in the world, because they are always present in the moment, they are not thinking about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. They don’t look at status or how much you earn. They just need to know: is it safe with you? Are you authentic? Do I want to connect with you? They will give immediate feedback in the purest sense. My online courses, live clinics and company team trainings on leadership and authenticity with horses are doing ok, but not great.

    The reason to start my company was to follow my heart and do what I love most and also freedom. I see so much frustration between horses and their human and often the cause is connection, communication or old trauma. I want to be internationally know as an expert in the field of True connection, energy fields, heart coherence, polyvagal theory and horse training and how this understanding can help in having a partnership with a happy, healthy horse. I want to have a positive impact on the welfare of horse and the horse-human relationship.

    I have a farm with my horses at home, with an indoor arena and some interns who help me look after my horses. There is a beautiful workshop space for body awareness and connecting to Self before working with the horses. It’s a great place also for company leadership training with horses. My online courses sell without any effort, giving me financial freedom. I am asked for international clinics and I have written a book on relationship with and training of horses.

    I would live on my own farm (instead of a rented apartment), have my horses at home (instead of a stable 15 km away). I would be more relaxed, happy, healthy and have more time to travel spend with friends. As for work, I wouldn’t change much, because I love what I do, but clients would find me so much easier and buy from me because I’m known for my expertise.

    I have an online platform, but marketing, social media, advertising etc is not ‘my thing’. Every time I launch a new online course, it’s a big effort so I’m loosing the enthusiasm to do it. I’m by myself (in personal life and my work with the horses) and asking for help is not an easy thing. I have many plans but I procrastinate to execute them. I don’t really have a long term strategy.

    owner of WEL-COM, an institute of transformative conflictresolution (mediaton & lifecoaching) for more then 20 years now.
    author of "Opgelost!"
    my business took me to freedom & fulfillment and also the other way around. I knew I had to start this business, the moment I understood that conflicts can be transformed into freedom, connection and love, without going to court or a lawbook, independent from the cooperation from others or the situation.
    My vallues are: authenticity, contribution, freedom, fulfillment, growth, happiness, healing, transformation, wisdom
    What I want to add in the future: influence, legacy, wealth

    Great. At ease at peace still contributing and feeling free.
    I can't imagine that it would work out, and how, without me being involved. But to be a supervisor sounds great.

    fear, controlefreak in this area.

  10. 1. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future? What is the most important purpose your business should take you to
    Contribution: I want to help more clients in an efficient way, and growth, both in a personal and professional way.

    2. If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like? I would have more time for my family and friends and help my clients with more online products and services. And I would live in the country, have a house with a nice view of nature scenery.

    3. When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination? Right now I am working too much time on activities that are being paid by the hour.

  11. 1: Where am I now and where I want to be in the futures
    I spent a lot of time n developing. Myself, my work, my cliënts, my network, my trainingsprogramms, my Leergang, my litle business, my website, my word in wich I can express where I am and what I want to transmit, my place in the Altiplano of Granada of Spain, my relationshios, my everything. Deelneming my understanding of LIFE and what I want to creatie. Last years I got more and more help in many ways. In stead of making it happen I starter recieving. I want to grow in that. In many ways. So I can stil contribute. I need practical help and a network. I need to hecome visable to the people I want to atrack in this stage of my life, I want more money so I can finnisch what I started, I want tecnical support, I want feedback and ideas

    How would my life look like? Cliënt and natural. More ease, I AM tired of all the effort. I will nlosdom in contributing to others in my field of activities. I will be invités and be part of a inspiring network of likeminded people old and young. And I will have more time for Being with my geandson and my children and other dear Ines. I will be more able to live in stillness with nature and Spirit and listen to what is asked .

    What stops me? Thinking and acting too small. Not knowing how and what to do to move on.
    Drowning in too much work on too manny levals

  12. 1. I have a distribution company for electronics and want to narrow it down to industrial customers and schools, even if the competition is huge (companies that are sitting on a mountain of money (1 of them even indirectly owned by Warren Buffet)) in that niche. The values are rather "dry" for this: helping to provide them the products they need.
    I'm busy starting a video marketing training to help people getting more and easier results by using video for their marketing. So in the near future and want to help people grow their business by showing them how to do this. This allows me to fulfill a lot more of my favourite values: contribution, authenticity, fulfillment, growth, happiness, transformation and in exchange I can get more freedom and more wealth.

    2. I have more time for family and friends, more wealth and do more for my health. It feels good to see that people are growing and their results make me happy. Working gives me energy. My customers are positively driven people.

    3. Huge competition in my niche, customers that are under pressure from their bosses, that makes it a not so happy daily environment.
    And I sometimes attach too much value to the human need of certainty that makes me procrastinate.

  13. 1. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?

    Today I have grown in to a B.V. and in the near furture I want to be the supervisor and guide others to work in the business and transfer it to my son and let go of it more and more.

    2. If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?
    I would be at work 1 day a week and just go trough the cases and help my trainers if the get stuck. Personaly I would spent the rest of the day writing and reading and enjoy life. Do spsort, meet with friends and help people financialy who need it to grow there business.

    3. When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this
    Right now it is lack of people to do the actual work with the childeren. It takes a 3 year training and I started to send 1 collega but she got pregnant at the end of first year, started the seccond but did not make all the assignements and so therefore she can not work.
    So I planned a vision week in juli to rethink what I want and how I want to achive this.

    * Today I’m self employed working on time and material assignment.
    * I’m financially healthy
    * I’m successful both as a B&B hostess and as a self employed people manager.
    * I’m blessed with a lovely family and dear friends and however happy that makes me, there is still this strong urge to use my self as an instrument for something bigger than me. I’m not ready to settle down and just be content with all the blessings life has given me so far.
    * I have strong desire to contribute to society. To turn my childhood dream into reality. The dream was given to me and not only do I feel strongly about it but I was given to me because I can make it come true.
    * In the future I wish to have a number of Happy Villages where people live together as families taking care of each other. A place where everyone feels welcome and everyone is recognized for their qualities and personalities.

    * I would be so grateful that I’ve managed to “pull it off” and relieved that I did not waste my time just talking about it but actually did turn my dream into reality.
    * I would finally be able to be at peace with myself.
    * I would enjoy the life at the community myself.
    * The concept is sold around the world and adapted by many as a mean to stay happy, healthy and wealthy 🙂 through once whole life.
    * My B&B’s are booming as is my SaaS business. I have financial freedom, living my life partly as a digital normad living in DK, NL en D.

    - I can quite oversee which steps to take at this point
    - My mind and body are temporarily tired after many sad life events the last couple of years and a fulltime job. No excuses, just a fact.
    - I needed courage to end my relationship as my partner as there where no room for my dreams in our relationship
    - I need courage to take the next steps on this journey.
    - I have too many things going on at the moment. All poor excuses I know but that just shows that I am not focused enough at this point.
    - But I’m ready to commit myself.

  15. 1. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?

Today I’m working fulltime for the governement as a project manager. But first of all I’m a single parent of two wonderful daughters. Due to all the Covid troubles it almost wasn’t possible to continue the physical trainings I gave to consumers, hotels and restaurants. After the second lockdown, hotels and restaurants didn’t invest much in online trainings anymore. 

I’ve started my business from my passion for wines and to educate people. To share my passion, knowledge and experience, to get authority, to get the income and also to be honest; to not having to be at home in the evenings with then my wife.

In 2016, in Tenerife, I’ve found out that I needed to switch to online trainings. To be independent and scalable, because I’ve had to take care of my then very young children. After a divorce and a big financial set back, I got back to working for the government. 

The business should take me to: being independent, giving me the freedom from working fully online and being able to living the good life with my kids. 

    2. If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?

I would be a known online wine trainer, working with fully pre-programmed online trainings (for passive income) and working more intensively with smaller groups in online coaching programs by Zoom. I would travel (preferably with my children) to wine regions to record and produce content for the online academy and also having fun and free-time with my kids. 
This would make it possible for me to work from home and make a decent living from the online academy.

It would make my life more balanced in different ways. To be there fully for my kids, working independent, scheduling my own time so I can take care of my health and my inner me. Without fully booked agenda’s, worries about money etc. 

    3. When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?

    What stopped me the past years was first of all the urge to take care of my children and working in my business. Combined with problems with their mother cost me a lot of energy. After the divorce I got back to a fulltime job. But most of all I think that through a lot of limiting believes I’ve held back myself too much from marketing and claiming an expert postion all those years.

    Due to Covid troubles, home schooling the kids, new job, I’ve lost my focus and urge on the business. Though I don’t want to let it go because I still believe in the concept.

My business platform is already working and set to go. I’ve got a good working online academy platform, all systems are connected, my native app is soon to be released. Weak point is marketing, social media, acquisition and finding new clients. I’ve tried to outsource this a few times but without results.

    Due to all troubles and worries over the past years I often feel overworked and find it hard to get the energy, mindset and consistency to deal with the difficult parts in business.

  16. I started my Fodmap Foodies business because I read about this specific diet en I knew that this would be a 'hit'. And because it helped me a lot and I knew I could help a lot of people who are soffering with health issues. And because I saw there was a great business opportunity in it. So I started this officialy 5 years ago.
    I work nowadays around 10 hours a week at this business. I cannot I do not everything I want to do. Because I still have other things to do and I don't like everything I must do to grow my business.
    What I want to do is to show the world that good food and that this FODMAP diet can help a lot of people and I want to show the world (especially doctors) that it is not only about symptom control. It is more than that! It can change peoples lifes in the better.
    I want to put all my online programs, webinars and funnels automatically so that I will have more freedom in life.

    My business should take me to more freedom, a legacy and more wisdom.

    Than my life would be better, relaxter. I don't have to do the things any more I 'should' do like social media and updates.

    What stops me from getting this destination? I have only questions: do I make the right decisons? Do I do more of this or less of that? Do I hire people or do I let go people? Do I let go of some clients and are my ideal clients maybe other clients? More and more questions I need to answer before I will get to the ideal destination.
    When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?

  17. Where are you today, and where do you want to be in the future?

    The past years with corona were not always easy. The upside is that it is challenging to seek and find solutions. And even more fulfilling when you see that it works. It keeps you on your toes. The downside is the uncertainty. One week business is thriving, the other week it is very quiet. I want to be in a position that I do not have to worry about orders and returns. More ups and lesser downs and more stability.

    If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?

    Professionally it would be wonderful to have more certainty. Nothing in life is always certain but less of a rollercoaster would be nice. Personally it would be nice to have some more peace and quiet. I do not mean less work, but more results. More energy (you get energy from positive results).

    When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?
    Working very hard on reaching that goal. Challenge is that I am alone. I work alone, but there is more work than I can handle. So I need someone to help me. And for that, I need more money. I try to handle the growth of my business, but it is a challenge.
    In the past years a lot of my suppliers have discovered the customers. So they sell to you, the retailer, and they sell directly to your customers through their webshops. Furthermore, during covid a lot of new webshops were launched. I think not all of them will survive but at the moment there is far more competition. And last but not least, customers are not as loyal as they used to be. There is less commitment. It is the same challenge magazines and unions and so on have, people do not want to commit themselves anymore.
    However, I think it is doable. Still thinking of ways to achieve that goal and I am optimistic, otherwise I would have quit a long time ago :-).

    1. I feel you Mariëlle.

      Good that you took the challenges and found solutions. I also have ups and downs on which I have very limited control. I also would like more stability.
      Yes I experience the same: positive results give more energy. Even a positive connection without immediate result gives me already energy.
      Is it possible that you have a bit the same challenge as I have: attaching too much value to "certainty"? Just a question without any judgement.

      Can you automate some of your work so you can do more in less time? Outsourcing some parts to VA's or one time free lancers at e.g. Fiverr?

      So you ALSO have suppliers that went directly to your end customers with their own webshops? The same here. So that makes me curious: what business are you in?

      There IS more competition in many sectors and yes, I agree, they are less loyal. OR: is it just that we don't do our best enough to build better connections with them (just a question without any judgement) ... ? I LUCKILY have some loyal customers. That want to pay me higher prices than elsewhere because they understand my added value and that I create a first line of security/certainty.

      Yes, I share your last line of your message :-).

      1. Hi Guy,

        Thank you for your message. About the certainty. I do not think I attach too much value to certainty. I know what you mean. But If that were the case I would not have become an entrepreneur. It is more that I would like to have some sort of base. 100% certainty is not possible and would be very boring ;-). But for my piece of mind, it would be nice to have a little bit more of that. However, I also believe that you have to stay positive. Because positivity attracts positivity.

        About your question about automating some of my work. I am afraid that is not possible. I would love to hire a VA and/or a freelancer. I keep my eyes open for the right person. Hopefully after the summer. After a lot of ups and (almost) no downs (wouldn't that be wonderful 🙂 ).

        Yes, during the pandemic my suppliers discovered that there was more money to be made when they would sell directly to customers. I have a conceptstore and I sell clothes, accessories, gifts, shoes and sweets. Luckily I do have loyal customers, like you. But not like before. However, as I said before there's a challenge I am willing to take :-).

        Wishing you all the luck and a lot of ups 🙂

        1. Thank you Mariëlle, wish you a lot of ups too! 🙂

          Interesting. Yes, I see, your products are in a market where there is a lot of competition too. It indeed would be wonderful to have ups almost all the time :-).

          Take care of your loyal customers ;-).

          All the best!

  18. Where are you today
    I’m in a pretty good place, and yet struggling a bit. I make enough income, and have the luxury to decline assignments, which I do, as I want to escape the business of selling my time. I have difficulty accomplishing this however. Over the last 15 years I’ve started several ventures in different areas / products. Most of them resonated with relevant people, and I have partnered up several times. The ventures still failed mostly (not in all respects). My latest business is developing and selling online content, which is working well enough to continue and expand on that.

    Where do I want to be in the future + How would my life look like
    First I want my income to be generated while I’m not even looking, to the extent that I feel financial freedom (which would get me and my family a sufficiently certain economic basis, plus full freedom of time). With full freedom, I would want to develop or join initiatives that I consider to be valuable to mankind (not necessarily yielding income), AND where I “belong” (so that contribution, fulfillment, and consequently most likely recognition as a bonus go hand in hand). My life would be a blend of private and productive moves/choices (no strict separation). I could start or join “whatever” I want, and because of success with what has been established, I would also be approached for opportunities, or have easy entry to where I would want to be (like I see this happen a lot with successful people around me). With this kind of life, I can build a series of worthwhile experiences and ventures (commercial of not).

    What stops me from reaching this
    Quite many things. 1. My marketing and sales efforts and effectiveness are insufficient (several reasons for that). 2. I am only by myself, and attempts to team up or to fill the gaps by hiring people have not been successful (many reasons for that). 3. I don’t move quickly enough (again many reasons, that I’m mostly aware of). 4. Good seems to be the enemy of better, since my urge is definitely there, but during the day, I constantly allow myself to “quickly” do stuff that prompts itself as urgent, while it is not important to my ambitions and plans (mostly: helping others or investing in my social circle).

    - My motivation for what I’m doing is to touch/move people. My work can trigger transformation and growth in their grieving process.
    - With my creativity, I can make a real difference.
    - Stimulating local craftsmanship and quality awareness are an important aspect of my company.
    - I desperately want to become financially free.
    - My freedom is very important for my wellbeing.

    - I would have no money problems, so less stress
    - Clients will find me easier and are willing to pay more money
    - I would have more free time (vacation!) and I’m able to take better care of myself (go to the hairdresser, buy myself nice clothes). Things my friends with jobs do.
    - Save money (for retirement).
    - More time to do creative projects and art.
    - I’ll have a team and a studio. And interns (I love to educate students).

    - My money problems cause a lot of stress. I think that’s my main problem. It’s expensive to develop and manufacture physical products and unique art works. In the past, I did so many monuments with no profit margin. I stopped doing the low budget projects. At the moment I’m developing a product collection for my webshop. Hopefully that’s a better strategy.
    - I’m uncomfortable with marketing. Not so many people know I exist and in the last 5 years the funerary branch had been booming. I have many more competitors than I had when I started my business.

    ~ For the first time in my life, out of debt and financially healthy.
    ~ Thankful for this and an amazing past six months in which I've grown enourmously.
    ~ Tired of trading my time for money and working a lot.

    * Live more of my potential; grow out of the self-employed 'sell by the hour' container into a business leader and investor
    * Add massive value for my clients, make them happy
    * Work a lot less, earn a lot more and inspire others to do the same

    + I've generated enough wealth to do whatever life invites me to, for the rest of my life
    + I invest my money and wisdom in purposeful matters, whatever those may be at that time.
    + I'm relaxed, healthy, flexible, free, have a lot of fun and a very clear mind.
    + My base camp is in nature, self-reliant, with a beautiful lake in front of my house and close to like-minded souls

    - Spending too much time working in my business instead of on my business
    - (As a result) being less relaxed and less connected to the moment
    - (As a result) lack of energy and inspiration to change this

    -- Great questions, thanks

  21. 1. Today I have a fulltime job. My business is starting. Just a few steps away from really getting on now. I want to give people pleasure and new energy to get on with their normal life. It brings me to happiness to do help, organise and learn people from their holiday.
    2. I will have 2 locations, one abroad and 1 in Holland. Their I will manage 2 teams in our business. I will live with my family in the Bavarian alps with big house and animals.
    3. What till now stops me is the plan to reach it and not to see the path to there and all the work and money it costs. Also I can’t easy believe it is possible for me..

  22. I do not know where I am right now. It is not clear to me if I am at a dead end or just have a mayor hill to climb. I am staying in line, but am not sure if it is the right line. It feels like being in the void between building a business and being self employed.
    Legacy, contribution and to inspire are my main aims.

    I think the journey is part of the destination. So, the mental state “peace of mind/ heart” I think needs to come first instead of it being a result.
    Nonetheless in the future, I wrote a couple of (top 10) books, am an inspirational speaker, I have integrated my spiritual life and my professional life. Marketing is a second nature to me. Less stress, more time.

    Somewhere in me, I have the thought I am not able to reach my full potential. This comes out when I have low energy. That will spiral me down. I also have not succeeded in creating a dream team around me.

  23. Where are you now and where do you want to be in the future?
    1. What is the main goal your company should take you to?
    I started doing business with my knowledge and expertise about the municipal government in 2012. I then started my company IncreaseYouGovernmentIQ in addition to my salaried position as municipal secretary/general director. Because I found it fun and challenging, but there was also another reason.

    I have been working for municipalities since 1997 and became a manager in 2000. In the ten years that followed, I was often approached by many consultancies to tell me how I looked at a topic. My calendar slipped with such appointments. I was annoyed that I gave my advice away for free without being paid or receiving any compensation.

    I had fun and really enjoyed giving those advices. And because I have been giving training courses at the Administrative Academy with ease and pleasure since 2006 on how the municipality works, political intelligence and on numerous legal topics, I started developing these training courses for the target group entrepreneurs. To this day I help entrepreneurs to increase their Government IQ. And they pay me to pass on this knowledge and help them do more successful business with municipalities.

    In 2015 I started my company 2CHANGE. A year later I also retired from employment. Since then I have been an interim director/municipal secretary at municipalities and other government organisations. Together with various cooperation partners, I have created programs, training and workshops for managers for different target groups at municipalities and other governments.

    I write a lot of ebooks for government executives. In leadership programs at De Baak or team development at various clients, I share my way of looking at leadership and collaboration, organizational development and talent development in government organizations in workshops.
    The Successful Government Manager (DSOM) is a 6 month program for experienced government executives.
    As a mentor, I guide managers individually when they approach me.
    Last year I published my first book: the G.E.H.EI.M. of the Municipal Secretary.
    I enjoy the fact that I have maximum added value in this niche from my knowledge and experience as a director, with ultimate responsibility, who is ultimately only a few steps (levels) further than candidates in my programs. I enjoy the freedom it gives me and the creativity that comes with developing content. I would like to help and share my knowledge. But perhaps it is also that I want to use my expertise to contribute to a municipal government that is reliable and human and offers excellent public services to residents.

    Two years ago I bought the IAmbtenaar brand with the idea of ​​developing that brand into a unique and affordable online learning environment for civil servants (915,000) about craftsmanship and personal leadership in government organizations. Developing concepts/ideas and creating and executing great training and programs gives me great satisfaction and (financial) freedom. But authenticity, growth, wisdom and contribution are also important goals.

    2. If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?

    2. If your company took you to that "destination", what would your life (both professionally and personally) be like?
    With more convenience, more results and more free time to, for example, be able to exercise for 1 to 2 hours every day, spend time with family, love and travel and work in other countries.

    3. If you look objectively at your company, customers, team, products/services and yourself as an entrepreneur, what is stopping you from reaching this destination?
    At this moment is less focus stopping me. Also
    The other thing that’s stopping me is not having a collaborative partners/a good team to acquire customers (marketing) and sell scalable products/services.

    1. WOW Alexander,

      I am impressed with what you write and would love to learn more about you. I will look up your linkedIn profile and maybe this course will bring our expertise closer together. I'm curious what you think about this. I look forward to your response.


  24. 1. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?
    Personally, I am a very happy person and live a good life with a lot of fulfilment. My important purpose for my business is execute the things I had in mind, but could not go on with because of Covid and bad health. Now it the moment to realise it all. That means a big growth for my company together with my team. For me that is more freedom, more growth and more wealth.

    2. If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?
    If my business gets me to that destination, that make my dream comes true. A beautiful life with whom I love and more freedom in time and financial.

    3. When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?
    For now is that mostly all the parts needs a growth, and a an upgrade to a higher level, especially the marketing. There is work to do and the business can multiply in less than a year. I am very ambitious and eager to learn. New things learning are always challenges me and I am never afraid of the unknown.
    My purpose is very clear in my mind, and I have a good team. I am ready for acceleration😊

  25. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?
    What is the most important purpose your business should take you to?
    For me it's growth, contribution, fun and love.

    If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?
    I would have a little house on the river- and woodside. My place to rest, work and meet family and friends.i would have an partner professional and personal. I would have a camper (to have my own home) to travel to the places where I am invited for information talks, trainings. It would be a mixer of fun and work (because my work is fun)
    I am healthy and have a healthy lifestyle
    I would have renovated the house of my mother and Otto. (for more families to live)
    I have a driven, inspiring, enthusiastic, wise team who do the thing they are better at. They keep it simpel and goal oriented.

    When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?
    Not being a entrepreneur.
    Not yet (really) taking the lead
    I keep on doing/helping to much 1 on 1 instead of groups
    People and clients say they want one on one, I know that groups can be REALY helpful and I don't stand up and go for it.
    I'm doing all kind of things to contribute

  26. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?

    I now work full-time in a regular job in the social domain, previously also healthcare, with a good income. I grow out of it and I seem to fit less and less into that environment. That bothers me. The children in our blended family are adults and independent. there are two grandchildren involved, in the Netherlands. I want to transform my working life, which may take a few years, to a life in which I live and work from my own company and generate my income with what I am deeply meant for, without compromise; In addition to my regular work, I have always invested in education that fascinated me, in yoga, naturopathy and dance. I've been making music all my life and I've been learning to play the Bulgarian kaval for over a year, that makes me very happy, I have the best teacher ever; In recent years I have dealt with an irrational fear of driving (sitting behind the wheel myself), I have been driving to Bulgaria in my own car in the past two months with my husband; that gives freedom. On to the next fear to be warded off.

    What is the most important purpose your business should take you to (e.g. authenticity, contribution, freedom, fulfillment, growth, happiness, healing, influence, integrity, legacy, transformation, wealth, wisdom…)

    Love, healing, freedom, abundance, primal, nature, movement, creativity, music and dance

    If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?

    I then live and work, independent of place and time, alternately in the Netherlands and Bulgaria, together with my husband.
    I am in the Netherlands for about half of the year, so that my grandchildren and children can see me enough if they want to and I can be there for them.
    I have a very nice place to live and work in both the Netherlands and Bulgaria and I feel at home there. We travel back and forth by car and as little as possible by plane.
    maybe that's just the house we already have in the Netherlands. in Bugarije this is my husband's renovated village school. And I'm itching to renovate another house there (which we already have) in a multi-year plan. We still have a mortgage in the Netherlands, but not in Bulgaria.
    The school and the house will play a role in our living and working, I just can't see which one exactly;
    i am an experienced and well trained yoga teacher and naturopathic therapist and musician integrating yoga, healing, music and dance;
    i feel vital and energetic, same goes for my husband, i have a lot of empty space and time in my life to be, to be outside, to practice yoga myself and to develop as a musician;
    I work lovingly and with focus and enthusiasm with the people who want to use my services;
    my income stream is abundant and I dare to charge a fair price for the services I offer and receive them;
    both in the Netherlands and in Bulgaria we live and work in a community of nice, inspired, fascinating people.

    When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?

    I have always invested in a regular career, in that sense I played it safe as a breadwinner. still have a full time job.
    I'm terrified to let go of that job and jeopardize my income security (for what it's worth)
    and I therefore spend a lot of time and energy on my current work, I have always gone for it. but that also wears me out and the things I want to do or not do myself, there is not enough time and energy for that.
    I have been well trained in the complementary field over the years, so I do not lack background and expertise in that area either. and I also bring in the necessary experience from the social domain and health care, about working with people, but there is a kind of cold feet, fear of failure, that I have to deal with.

  27. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?

    I’m starting a new company again, this time with something that connects a lot that I like- working on personal development, with teams, playful, challenging. But I’m starting something again, like I do about every 2 years. to make this into a success I need to continue longer than my average.

    I’m enjoying it a lot and I have a few customers already. One of them is a returning one which is great.

    I’m writing a book that is planned to be finished next month- and published in September.

    I need to come up with a good strategy to launch it and have the buzz go around for it.

    Where I want it to be:

    I want to have a team of coaches and facilitators around me who can work for me, but I also still want to do trainings myself. I love it.

    I’d love to be able to do longer “trajecten” like a year program with every month a certain topic to work on.

    I know my focus is on online trainings but I also know the value of live. I’d like to combine those.

    My values that this company ticks is freedom and contribution.

    2. If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?

    How my life would look like if I’d get to that destination? I’d be able to live in the place where I live for parts of the year, And parts of it in Holland with my kids. I’d have 2 houses.

    I’d spend a lot of time on other things that are important to me. I’d write more books, would train for an iron man and do it and go for exciting challenging vacations - horse riding, diving, hiking, running, skiing. Maybe I’d start teaching on the high school where I now do assessments. I’d find young entrepreneurs and see if I could get them to the next level.

    3. When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?

    Ghehe. I was actually looking at my life and thinking “I’m quite ok on my way to reach it:)) the only thing is that I should put more focus, and I don’t do that enough. So distraction and running after other ideas or businesses or whatever is distracting me from doing what I need to do right now.

  28. 1. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?

    Today I am a one-woman business. I am a professional bellydancer and teacher for 10 years now. In 2014 I became Benelux Bellydance Champion. My current company, Badra Falak, provides dance lessons and events. I started this company searching for independance, fulfillment and healing. Thankfully I have achieved all that. My purpose has shifted to growth, prosperity and contribution. I want to become a real entrepreneur and make a positive impact in society. Because of that, in 2017 I have finished a bachelor in Entrepreneurship at the University of Brighton (UK) with specialization in Social Entrepreneurship. However, all the theory in the world will never replace the power of implementation. That is why I am extremely excited about the WOMB program.

    In the future I want to become a successful multimillionaire serial entrepreneur. I want to explore my passions and ideas, solve many pains and build great business systems that work. I want to support my country Mexico by providing many jobs that support many families. I want to build several foundations that will help children have a better future. I want to live a life of service and contribution by fulfilling my purpose and potential. I envision myself becoming an artist entrepreneur and an artist in family life.

    2. If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?

    When my business gets me there, I imagine feeling fulfilled, at peace and immensily happy. I see myself always seeking to find BALANCE between business and family. I envision thinking and implementing everything so strategically, that I will make enough time for everything, especially quality time for my beloved ones.

    In my professional life, I will be working smart and strategically ON my business, making it grow, learning new things everyday, getting out of my comfort zone and delegating more and more. I want to see the fruits of my work, solve many pains, delight many customers, provide remarkable products and services, creating life transforming events/experiences. I see myself surrounded by smart, passionate and highly capable people. I want to listen to them in order to motivate, promote and develop their talents. I see myself navigating skillfully through problems and set backs with optimism, trust and Faith.
    I want to travel the world for business and bring the family along. I want to be prosperous and financially free. I want to keep working until I am very old because I love what I do. I see myself working with humility constantly reminding myself about the greater purpose of life (Memento More). Finally, I envision working with the highest ethical and quality standards. That would give me peace of conscience at my death bed.

    My personal life looks like happy, fulfilled, peaceful and in balance. I have a vibrant and happy family life. I am committed in being a great mother, sister, daughter and wife. I want to keep building a playful, loving and passionate relationship with my husband: “Happy wife, happy life” haha. I see myself having the freedom to enjoy small moments in the company of my family and great food :p. I want to take good care of my parents for the rest of their lifes. I want to buy them a beautiful home and provide them with secure, joyful and loving old days. I want to enjoy seeing my children grow together with my husband. I want to do whatever it takes to be always there for them and involve them in the business (if they want to, off course). I want to own several beautiful homes (at least one in NL, and two in Mexico). In these spaces I see life unfolding happily and every family member being nurtured and cared for. I am healthy and in great shape physically, mentally and spiritually. My personal life is deep, intense, beautiful, peaceful, healthy, wealthy and especially full of LOVE.

    3. What stops you from reaching this destination?

    As an entrepreneur, what is stopping me is:
    • Lack of consistency: jumping from one idea to the other leaving things unfinished
    • Lack of a “doer” team that helps me prioritize, validate,improve and execute my ideas
    • Lack of good strategic thinking that makes me work on my business on NOT in my business
    • A subtle and very annoying voice in the back of my head whispering: “can you really do this”?
    • Fear and insecurity in hiring employees
    • Fear of failure

    Concerning my current business, the things that are stopping me are:
    • Working for a too small niche (Bellydance is not a profitable niche)
    • Not solving clear pains in a clear, systematic and straightforward way
    • Working out of assumptions instead of truly validating my business ideas
    • Lack of a good strategy and organisation
    • Slow and reactive customer service
    • Lack on follow-up on leads
    • No good systems in place

    For all these reasons above, I feel the need to build everything from scratch. These years had taught me though how to sell and make people very enthousiastic about my products and services.

  29. Neem hiervoor de tijd en denk serieus na over de volgende vragen:

    1. Waar sta je nu en waar wil je in de toekomst zijn?


    - €30000 aan schulden
    - Gelukkig steeds betere energie en gezondheid.
    - Nog wat te doen in echt staan leven van mijn mooiste leven / in grootsheid

    - financieel vrij
    - Vitaal en gezond
    - Leven vanuit waardigheid en in mijn eigen kracht, vanuit liefde.

    2. Wat is het belangrijkste doel waar uw bedrijf u naartoe moet brengen (bijv. authenticiteit, bijdrage, vrijheid, vervulling, groei, geluk, genezing, invloed, integriteit, erfenis, transformatie, rijkdom, wijsheid...)

    Eigenlijk spreken al deze woorden mij wel aan. In waardigheid leven voor mezelf en de wereld.

    3. Als uw bedrijf u naar die "bestemming" zou brengen, hoe zou uw leven (zowel professioneel als persoonlijk) er dan uitzien?-

    - Iedereen waar ik (wij) de fiets van in onderhoud heb. Beleefd een uniek gevoel van plezier en vrijheid.

    - Ontspannen, veiligheid en waardigheid Geen geld en gezondheidszorgen. Reizen ( fiets ) naar mooie plekken op de aarde. Vanuit vrijheid en liefde. Van betekenis zijn.

    4. Als je objectief kijkt naar je bedrijf, klanten, team, producten/diensten en jezelf als ondernemer, wat houdt je tegen om deze bestemming te bereiken?

    - Lastig om dat te zien wat me steeds weerhoud mijn grootsheid te leven. Beperk mezelf en daardoor de ander.

    ‘Winnaars hebben een plan, verliezers hebben excuses’. Ik heb nog teveel excuses.

  30. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?
    What is the most important purpose your business should take you to (e.g. authenticity, contribution, freedom, fulfillment, growth, happiness, healing, influence, integrity, legacy, transformation, wealth, wisdom…).

    Today: I started my company because I know better. And I did not want to be told what to do. Especially if that does not agree with how I think it should be done. I make more money running my own business and I want to decide what and when I do this.

    Fulfillment for me is growth, contribution influence and wealth. Wealth for me is not always just about money. I have a great cold prospecting business using De Klik Methode. I built it through learning by doing. And help from Open Circles and other coaching programmes 😊.

    Future: No way am I near my end destination. I am ambitious, I feel that I am no where near operating on full capacity. It itches to do more, learn more and implement.

    I believe my method fills a need and has the capacity to operate worldwide. In sales and in sales communication. The focus is helping people buy instead of pushing. Deepen relationships. Really communicate, uncover unknown needs. Make people aware, make it visible, help them along in life. I have online programmes and academies, in several languages.

    2 If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?

    I am financially free, I only work on projects and companies I believe in. I contribute to start ups with knowledge and experience. I choose where and when I work “operationally”. To keep up with the “real world”. I travel the world, like a digital nomad, with teams in different countries. I will have written two more books.

    I will have a couple of houses in different countries, alternate between living there. Inviting my boys to stay and broaden their horizons. I will give my all to the start ups, giving and receiving energy and share in all the successes. Not only the success in the start ups but with all companies. That is such an energy boost and so inspiring.
    I meet people from different cultures and by using De Klik Methode, bringing them closer together and really see them connect. I have several online programmes and academies, in many languages.

    3. When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?

    My biggest enemy is my mindset. Thinking that everyone else is better than me, that they are more organized, have a better structure.
    I have time set aside to work on my mindset. I CAN DO THIS!

  31. where am i today

    My journey started at the end of 2014 with Nisandeh with the 10x group. The challenge was to multiply my business. That worked and more. I am grateful to Nisandeh for this to this day. Where am I now. I live in Spain, am financially free and have a company that I am proud of. Still …

    It can be bigger and I want to reach even more people and I want to stay inspired and be innovative. NFTs, web 3, VR. All new to me that challenges me. So where do I want to be: on the internet, online, in the new world.

    The unknown doesn't stop me, but I do find it a challenge. Everything is unknown, there are no roads that have been traveled much. Where should I look for it and can I do this at my age. This is more the world of my children's generation.

  32. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?
    My business is all about authenticity if you ask my clients but I want them to see their freedom of beeing themselfs through positioning and personal branding.

    If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?

    I would work a lot less operational and have a great team. My clan and my other online products are well known, sell with ease and recommendation. And actually not so different to now. I constantly build and rebuild me dream life in order to be fine, when I have to leave this planet.

    When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?

    Beeing overworked and not having the right team in place.
    It takes time to find the right people and in the last months I mostly spent time on money-making-activities.
    But: I will not work with clients in July and August. And as soon as I have new headspace this will be my first task. I know there will come other tasks too, I not able to see it now 🙂

  33. 1. Where today and future
    The main reasons to start a business was freedom and autonomy. I want to decide for myself which work I do and where I do it. Besides that I hoped that also the money will be good so I can do some other things (unpaid) that contribute to society as a whole.
    Somewhere along the way I think I’ve lost that bit af autonomy. It’s more important to have a job/assignment than to have a nice and fullfulling job/assignment.
    Together with my business partner we have great ideas how to help people but we struggle along the way how to reach and help them. We are losing focus with the result we both overwork. With all kind of physical and psychological problems.

    In the future I would like our business to enable me to do the things I really like. To grow as a person and help others to do so. Besides that I want to build bridges between people so they can learn and help eachother.
    For me it’s also important to create some kind of legacy. I want people (especially my family) to be proud of what I’ve achieved.

    2. How would your live look like
    Freedom and peace of mind!
    As a professional I can choose which assignment to do. I can choose my clients and not the other way around. We are developing all kinds of cool products to help people to increase collaboration and in that way develop valuable products.
    Personally I want to spend more time with my family without feeling bad (that I’m not making money at that moment). I would like to be “financially free”, not only in a way I could buy whatever I like but also give more time (and money) to all kind of initiatives to make our society a bit better (take care of eachother).

    3. What stops you
    Fear and being insecure about myself and my abilities. And a fear of lack of money.
    Besides that I think we have a lack of knowledge how to build a great company.

  34. 1. Where I am today, and where I want to be in the future - most important purpose my business
    Today I am still fully employed and where I want to be is earning a living fully from my business.
    The most important purpose of my business is fulfillment: to offer fabulous, fun and transformational experiences for my clients where they feel fulfilled and so do I.

    2. How would my life (both professional AND personal) look like?
    I would organize events and group travel in locations I wish to visit and I would stay there some weeks before and after, I would definitely travel more and arrange my days and working hours around my physical and emotional wellbeing. 

    3.What stops you from reaching this destination?
    For the traveling/nomad life it is not my time yet, my son is still too young and needs me around but I am happily building the foundations to be able to start long term traveling in 5 years.
    For the arranging my days and working hours around my wellbeing... NOTHING stops me. Even having a full time corporate job I could do that from now on because I work from home and have certain flexibility. WOW that was revealing. Thank you for the question. I will not use my day job as an excuse for not taking better care of myself.

  35. Hello all!

    The purpose of starting my business was mainly freedom and fulfillment and also contribution. I never really thought about the money, and it shows in all aspects of my entrepreneurship.
    There was also a kind of despair underneath. I didn't fit into organizations. Never had the feeling that 'they' wanted what I had to offer. That in combination with the fact that I did not contribute meaningfully to improving people's lives at all.
    My personal goals have been wisdom, health and unconditional love and - in a more practical way - growing as an individual beyond any fear I have. I still cherish these values.

    Now, I have achieved fulfillment and contribution. I get appreciation from my customers and know that I am doing something absolutely meaningful. Freedom I have in many ways; not completely, however, due to lack of money.

    In the future, financial freedom and transformation are the main goals my company should take me to.

    Then my life would be more purposeful, successful and peaceful. It would mean that I can take care of my husband, who has worked hard to support us. He deserves relaxation and rest. It would mean that we could start living our lives in Portugal and I could work from there. I could write novels. It would mean that I have more self-esteem. I could spend more time on activities like charities that don't require me to be paid. I probably have a retreat-like product in Portugal. I could help more people overcome their doubts and fears, learn to forgive (themselves) and find purpose and peace. It would mean living my life according to my beliefs and my love for humanity.

    What keeps me from reaching this destination is the lack of enough high paying customers and a remarkable life-changing service. Part of the reason I'm not there yet is that I can't sell myself. And I also find it difficult to translate what I know back into a problem I can solve - in a way that stands out and attracts the ideal customer. I don't have a support system. I need supportive business processes, peers I can trust to accept me, listen and give me feedback, and a professional assistant I can trust, who is complementary and who fully supports my business purpose.

    I KNOW I have it in me. I just don't know how to get it out and sell it.

  36. Where are you now and where do you want to be in the future?
    What is the main goal your company should take you to (e.g. authenticity, contribution, freedom, fulfillment, growth, happiness, healing, influence, integrity, legacy, transformation, wealth, wisdom…)

    Where I am now: As a coach in the moment I am now in the phase of unconsciously competent application. Every day I enjoy my coaching conversations and get a lot of meaning and satisfaction from them. It feels to me that this is why I am on this earth. I find that I apply all the techniques learned from the past 12 years to my feeling and situation. This comes naturally and gives me all the space to get under the coachee's skin completely. The value I deliver is clear to me and is confirmed time and again by my target group that I coach. My mission is to connect people where they can be authentic and effective. The connection that managers make with their employees creates mutual appreciation, understanding, respect and trust. This is the valuable foundation that leads to more fun in leadership. This is confirmed by my clients and by their environment.

    Where do you want to be in the future: I would grant many more people from my target group to experience a coaching process with me, because every participant invariably says “I wish I had done this many times before”. I would like to do more individual coaching programs and I certainly want to transfer my acquired knowledge and experience in the future. I still struggle with the copying behavior of other coaches and the feeling that my knowledge is being abused. This will therefore have to be done in a careful manner with clear agreements so that it feels right to me. I would like to see my knowledge as part of an education before they start their working career. I am thinking in particular of everyone who has to do with behaviour, communication and exerting influence/management. I would ultimately like to transfer my knowledge to Management and HRM courses instead of to my competitors. As an example of knowledge during the day for me are Marshall B. Rosenberg and Erik Scherder.

    What is the main goal your company should take you to: To convey the wisdom of authentic behavior to as many people as possible. This would change the system from adapting people to work to adapting work to the people.

    If your company took you to that "destination", what would your life (both professionally and personally) be like?

    That I give meaning to society that is now moving in a direction of emptiness, aggression, selfishness and narcissism. The call for authenticity is only getting stronger. People mainly want to stand out when they don't even know themselves. My life won't be much different than it is now. I am very much connected with the people around me and myself and especially with my wife. Maybe we'll have our holiday home in the woods sooner. Professionally I would have more variety in my work and I would come into contact with more age categories. It is very important to keep abreast of all changes in society and the associated manners.

    If you look objectively at your company, customers, team, products/services and yourself as an entrepreneur, what is stopping you from reaching this destination?

    In the first place, convenience because I do not experience any financial incentive. I also think that the village in which I now live offers few networking opportunities. I'm a bit selective in the people I approach. As soon as I don't see a goal to start a conversation, I drop out of superficial conversations. The lack of a working marketing approach.

  37. 1. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future?
    a. Contribution to society: Educating parents and children with passion.

    b. Authenticity: daring to fullfill my potential, sharing and showing my passion in educating en learning together.

    c. Freedom: as a result from valuable life/online content, I will be able to work less and enjoy freetime with family and friends.

    d. Fullfilment, having reached the results I longued for.

    2. If your business would get you to that “destination” how would your life (both professional AND personal) look like?
    When I have reached these goals and have arrived at my destination, I work with experts passionately willing to contribute an develop interesting programs for parents (and children). This makes me feel proud and gives me a feeling of fulfillment and peace inside me. Arrived at my destination I also have more quality-time to spend with family and friends and have some holidaytime together.

    3. When you look objectively at your business, clients, team, products/services and you as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?

    My beliefsystem stops me untill now. Playing small. Fear of failure. And at the same time I have a feeling inside that tells me it is time to create a beautiful parent academy. No time to waste anymore! I have the skills to reach out and create.

  38. Where am I today, and where do I want to be in the future?
    I am behind my desk, in the study in my house.
    In the future, I want to be in a study in a slightly bigger house :D.
    The main reason for me to pursue my own business is Freedom. The ability to choose when I work, with whom and where.
    I want to work with more inspiring people, have more impact through working with more people and remove the need to work for me and the people around me.

    If my business would get me to that “destination”, what would my life (both professional AND personal) look like?
    Professional. A lot more work on strategy. And a lot more work with my favourite clients. Have a bigger team with many more inspiring coaches. A separate company or team to market and manage all the websites. Train high school students on the job and giving them a starting qualification without the need for university or college.
    Personal. More free time. Picking up my children from school everyday. Living in a tropical location a few months a year.

    When I look objectively at my business, clients, team, products/services and me as an entrepreneur – what stops you from reaching this destination?
    I think my current situation is new enough that I will get there eventually. The training is here for me to speed up the process.
    I am too shy in sharing about my products and services.
    I am in the early stages of systemisation.
    My target audience is too big.
    And following that, it is hard to explain why someone should take my specific product.

  39. Where you are today, and where you want to be in the future.
    Today – busy to sell training for Miletos Academy.
    · To be a serious partner for other companies for training their people.
    · To help companies with de transformation to organic working.
    · To have the best and popular personal development program.
    · To have the best and popular personal leadership program.
    · To have a groups of ex-students who think about the problems which we have to face to (thinktanks)
    · To have an innovation team.
    Most important is that the company is a trendsetter in helping people and companies so they can make the difference in the world transition to a better life and planet.

    How would your life look like?
    With Miletos Academy:
    · Participate in the thinktanks and hearing/learning from the ex-students.
    · Participate in the innovation team.
    · Give each year a few times a training and enjoy the feedback.

    As Writer
    · Writing books about psychoadaptiv psychology. And have help from other people. (I think that works faster)
    · Maybe write books about economy etc.

    Start/have an publishing house
    To publish books about
    · psychoadaptiv psychology.
    · Story’s about depression etc.

    Start/have an center for healthcare.
    · To help people with a depression or burnout.
    · I help with the most difficult situations.

    Innovation healthcare center
    · To do research for finding methods to help people with other disorders. Without pills.

    · I will be asked to tell about my theory.

    · I’m financial free.
    · My working ours are flexible. (but I think I will work nearly full time)
    · All companies have their own director and generates a stable income. So no worries.
    · I’ll have two short vacations each year. And one long vacation.
    · I’ll have a nice family, friends to have fun and go out.
    · I’ll meet enough people who think different to talk with.

    What stops you from reaching this destination?
    I’ll have more than enough unique content or products. If I tell other people about my company and my theory, they are enthusiast and want to know more. Personal development and personal leadership is hot. Other companies in the same area are successful.
    But.. I cannot sell it myself. I hate to do that.
    I need a team to help to sell the products.

  40. 1. The most important purpose my business should take me - in random order - is a mix of
    - ego: To prove I’m great. See me, I can do this
    - income
    - the process of coaching itself: a playing field for my creativity
    - the attraction of wanting to find solutions
    - contact with people; it is fun being together and strive for a mutual goal.

    In short what drives me is fulfillment.

    2. There is wealth, love, and freedom in my life but there is a lack of that fulfillment. When I reach that destination, my life would be in balance.

    3. What stops me? Today I’m a bit lost. I’m looking for new ways and insights to continue my business.

  41. Hi,

    My company was about autonomy, intellectual challenge and contribution. While finding my true self.

    I've since lost the intellectal challenge. I've lost the will to contribute given the current rules of the game. And I found out my true self is shining through more often, but in a market that is marked by greed and powerplay, it might not be my best option. For the last 2 years I've been hanging on for the autonomy bit - but I've let it go in the last few weeks.

    The company i'm really longing for, is one that brings wisedom. I'm done with the fast paced stream of unfounded opinions. Some months ago, I was reading about the need for wisedom in the information times. We now have data, and struggle to make it into accessable information. Way more then when we had much less raw deta. But information is no good to us as such. A listing of phone numbers does nothing. It needs systems guidance, clear questions to query the information. It is therefor turned into a telephone book.
    That we can. But the bare desert is what to do with what we found. How to value the queried information. How to put it to good use and guide our actions. It takes wisedom and time to answer such question.

    Like you can have bloodwork values on a reading machine (data), a printout with the relevant datapoint connected to a patients name and date of the analysis (information), some basic info on what is supposed to be normal readings (guided information, contextualized data) - but you still need a trained doctor to tell you his wisdom on how to improve your health (where lesser talented medics might think it is about getting "normal" readings).

    My current company is in fact a wisedom company, operating in an information context where all think they are a wise doctor because they found out some readingsscale. Nobody is interested in the patient nor in if we might need a better scaling systems that can handle standards for women, non white folks,...

    That, but in traffic. And business nimbers.

    I'm looking for a way to reposition my company, and myself, towards full and allowed wisedom. I no longer want to fight for space to bring wisedom. That is not wisedom.

    Once I figure it out, it will allow me to continue my new and current quest for authentic self expession and exploration. So I can spend my time in my zone of genius, while contributing en paying off my mortgage. I'm ready to retire for a first time. Looking forward to it.

    What stopped my for two years was fear of lack of money. I still have it but bridges have been evaporating, so it is time to focus on now and where to go. Very specificly, i need about 1 to 3 months of sabath, time to think, stop what must stop and invite new experiences into my life. Even if that means starting over.
    So working on my business is the outer form of the inner work.

    1. I’m so grateful I can follow you in your process. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see where you will evolve to, in, whatever 🙂

  42. The first thing I want my business to bring me is money.
    But I hope that 'enough money' will bring me peace of mind and happiness, so in the end that's what I want and I see money as a way to get there.
    Thinking about it now, that might not be true. Maybe money does not bring peace of mind or happiness?

    If the money was 'steady and more than enough', than I could buy a house, provide my kids better, give more to others, take more or better (kitesurfing/snowboarding-)vacations, feel certain about never having to worry about money again.

    What stops me from getting there is that still do everything alone. And trying to delegate in the pasted didn't work out. I don't know how to make enough money, without overworking myself (in a year I did over 100K I got pain in my neck and shoulders from long hoursa behind the computer). I hope to be able to raise my price of an animation, so I can make more money in less time, but I haven't found that way yet.

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