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A man calls a plumber to solve a problem with one of his pipes. The plumber looks around and listens for about 10 minutes, and then he grabs a hammer and hits a pipe three times in the same place. The problem is solved.

The plumber then hands the man his bill, and the man is shocked to see that the invoice is for €200.

The man objects, “How can you charge €200 for simply banging on a pipe three times with a hammer? I demand that you itemize this bill.”

The plumber takes the invoice from the man, recalculates it, and hands it back. The invoice now reads:

  • Item one: Hitting the pipe with a hammer – €1.00;
  • Item two: Knowing where and how to hit the pipe – €199.00


One day you had a dream… to start your own business in pursuit of more freedom, money, fulfillment and contribution

You offer value to your clients, you’re committed to make a difference, you’re working hard and you’re not giving up…

And yet, it seems that freedom and money turned into being overworked and underpaid, and fulfillment and contribution come with tons of frustrations and sacrifices…

Then what is going wrong?
You’re doing nothing wrong, but…

  • First: You need a hammer;
  • Second: You need to know where and how to use the hammer.

When you have the right hammer, and you know how and where to use it – your business will get unstuck quickly, and you’ll be able to experience the joy of fulfilling your business potential – expressed in more money, freedom, fulfilment and contribution.


What do you do when you’re feeling that you don’t get enough from your business?

  • Do you work longer hours?
    (rest, me-time and family-time are on hold);

  • Do you try another social media platform?
    (maybe this one will work);

  • Do you spend some money on ads?
    (it seems like everyone is using them);

  • Do you ask for advice or hire a consultant?
    (they must know better);

  • Do you wish and hope?
    (economy should turn around any day now).

None of these tactics is wrong. They might even work sometimes, for a while… But they’re not the hammer that will release your business from being stuck.

What you need is to start thinking and working strategically.

With the right strategy – choosing the winning tactics is a piece of cake. And the tactics will almost always work.

But when you’re not strategic, it’s like taking one tool after another from your toolbox and trying to stab the pipe with it – hoping for something to happen.

Strategic thinking, planning and implementing are the right hammer.

And if you want to learn how to use it – I want to invite you to the exclusive “Working ON My Business” program.

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In the Working ON My Business program you will join a small, select group of like-minded entrepreneurs and benefit from a unique combination of:

  • Strategic Implementation
    Every Monday I will guide you how to implement one small, doable, strategic action. During the week me, my team and the other participants will be there to support you in your process.
    Each action will be one step in the journey… and all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other, and you’ll get there.
    The guidance and support will increase your chances to succeed from 20% (on your own) to 95% (together).

  • Hot Seats: ‘What Would Nisandeh Do’ 
    Whenever you’re stuck with a strategic challenge – I’ll be there in a monthly live Zoom session – not only to offer a solution, but to actually show you how to think – so you can solve it next time yourself.

  • Accountability System
    An integral part of the program is a powerful accountability system – keeping you getting in line, and more important – staying in line.

  • Brainstorming On Demand
    Got a quick question? Need a quick brainstorm, idea bouncing or feedback? You’re one click away from getting 3-4 participants to spend 15-20 minutes helping you solve the issue.

  • Your Entrepreneur Personality Report
    At the beginning of the program you will get a detailed your own Entrepreneur Personality Report – which will help you understand yourself better, improve your decision-making, boost your relationships, and significantly increase your revenue and impact.

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If you’ve been in business for a while and you already have some happy clients – then you have a proof that you have something to offer that the marketplace values AND that you know how to sell it.

Even if your numbers are small, as long as you have those two things going on for you – you’re ahead of most ‘wannabe entrepreneurs’. And if you’re coachable and willing to put do the work ON your business… I want to help you.

In order for you and everyone else to get the maximum out of the program – you will need to actively participate. If this is not your ‘cup of tea’ – then this program is NOT for you.

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A few things you should know before joining the Working ON My Business

  1. Registration opens on Tuesday – May 31, 2022

  2. Registration closes on Thursday – June 2, 2022 OR when the program is fully booked.

  3. The program starts on Thursday – June 16, 2022

  4. Because of the program’s structure – the number of participants is extremely limited.

  5. It’s time to say “goodbye”
    I choose to invest all my time and attention into this program.
    This means that I will not send any more emails, blogs or content to anyone outside this very small group – from June 3rd.

I don’t know what it’s worth for you… But I can share what it was worth to me… maybe you could relate…

  • Case study #1 – I’ve started my first business when I was 18. It was a software company in the days PCs just entered the houses. I had no idea what I’m doing, business-wise, but the timing was just right – that I made millions in a few years time.Having no strategy – I lost it all – company, products, 25 employees, and got myself into personal debt of one million dollars.

  • Case study #2 – After the bankruptcy I started a one-man training and after 10 years I managed to grow it so I personally lead 40 training programs a year to about 100 participants each.
    Having no strategy – I made some money – but I drove myself fast to burnout.

  • Case study #3 – Just before reaching complete burnout – I spent a week alone doing some serious strategic thinking and planning. I came out with a detailed plan how to cut the 40 events a year to 4, and to increase the number of participants in each event from 100 to 1,000. Six weeks later we delivered our first Business Bootcamp and the rest is history.
    Being strategic – generated for us more than 20 million euros – and brought over half a BILLION euros into the Dutch economy.

For me, being strategic meant I will never go bankrupt again. I avoided a burnout. We added millions to our bank account. We made a difference in the lives of 150,000 clients and donated hundreds of thousands to causes we believed in. I become financially free at 40 and retired to a paradise island at the age of 47…

Now it’s your turn!

  • Stop reading for a second;
  • Pick up a pen and a piece of paper;
  • Think for a moment – how becoming more strategic would make a difference in YOUR business/life?
  • Write down whatever came into your mind.
  • Go on reading…


I hope you realize the tremendous value of working strategically ON your business at least for a couple of hours every week. And I believe the program would be the best hammer (actually a toolbox) you could have to do just that.

When we launch the program – your investment for one year would be €997.

However, if you would be willing to help me make this program as remarkable as it can be… I have some extra valuable goodies for you…

CLICK HERE to reserve your place as a BETA tester.


My goal is to make the Working ON My Business program – the ultimate program to transform struggling entrepreneurs to strategic and successful entrepreneurs.

I think we came up with a remarkable program – but I need your help to make it the best program it can be…

So… if you’re willing to join the program for 6 months, as a beta-tester, and give us feedback, ideas and suggestions a few times during this period… I have some extremely valuable bonuses for you…

CLICK HERE to reserve your place as a BETA tester.

€2,797 IN GIFTS

When you join the program for 6 months as a beta tester you get EVERYTHING in the normal program, PLUS:

  1. A Ticket to the Workshop “€120K in 12 Months”
    It’s a one-time-only, 4-hour Zoom workshop at the end of June.
    Everyone else pays €297 for it. You get it for FREE.

  2. A One-on-One Strategic Mentoring Session With Me
    When you complete the full 6-month program (weekly assignments and the monthly Zoom sessions) and answer our feedback forms – we will schedule a one-on-one strategic mentoring session with me to make sure 2023 will be your best year ever.
    My fee for a mentoring session is €2,500. You get it for FREE.

I’m not asking you to decide yes or no today. I’m asking you to make a fully informed decision, that’s all. The only way you can make a fully informed decision is from the inside, not the outside.

So, if after 60 days you don’t find the program one of the best investments you’ve ever made in your business, then I don’t want your money.

The only thing I’m asking is that you give the program a chance. If, after trying the program for 60 days (doing the weekly assignments and joining the Zoom sessions) you don’t think it’s one of the best investments you’ve ever made in your business – simply send us a message here and we’ll FULLY REFUND your investment immediately.

CLICK HERE to reserve your place as a BETA tester.


When you join the program for 6 months as a beta tester you get:

  • Everything in the normal program = €997
  • The bonuses above = €2,797
  • It’s going to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made in your business money back guarantee

And if you act quickly – you will get all these for just €297.

CLICK HERE to reserve your place as a BETA tester.

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