WOW Your Ideal Clients – Celebration

Your Ideal Clients – Part 4

WOW – we’re completing the fourth week of the Ideal Clients part of the program.

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And now it’s…

Time to celebrate

Remember – acknowledging, celebrating and “bragging” about our successes and milestones achieved is motivating for us and inspiring for others, and cheering others for their successes and progress is all about spreading love and kindness all around.

So today (like every Friday) – you get the opportunity to share your success or progress, brag about it while inspiring others.

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Your Ideal Clients – Part 4

WOW – we’re completing the fourth week of the Ideal Clients part of the program.

Thank you for playing full on… and if you didn’t yet… CLICK HERE to do it NOW.

And now it’s…

Time to celebrate

Remember – acknowledging, celebrating and “bragging” about our successes and milestones achieved is motivating for us and inspiring for others, and cheering others for their successes and progress is all about spreading love and kindness all around.

So today (like every Friday) – you get the opportunity to share your success or progress, brag about it while inspiring others.

We’d love to hear from you in the comment box below:

  1. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
  2. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
  3. What were the biggest insights you got during the Hot Seat session?
  4. How are you going to celebrate your completion of this WOMB week?

Then read what other people shared, and feel free to cheer for them, ask questions, show them if they missed something – simply by replying to their comment below.

I am looking forward to read your progress and results and I’m already getting excited for next week’s assignment.

Until Monday…

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. I've got a number of other elements out of the HOT SEAT which I wish to share

    OVERDELIVER - When I overdeliver know what is important for my clients. Don’t over deliver in a manner that make them feel uncomfortable
    BACKGROUND – Make sure my background when being online show something which is of value to my company or the message I wish to spread
    ONE OR MORE LANGUAGE – Choose one and stick to it
    IF PEOPLE CANNOT PAY – Ask them what they are willing to do for the rest of the amount. Bring friends? Make promotion? Organize an information event for me? Performing part of the event
    WEBSITES – WHY do I need a website at all. A website need to convert clients to paying customers. He doesn’t believe we need a website until we have paying clients.
    To Nisandeh the website needs to do 3 things:

    1) Convert strangers into friends (opt-in offer)
    2) Convert friends into first time client (buying front-end)
    3) Build my expert position

    If my website do these 3 things it means I get new subscribers. New friends. I am converting strangers into clients. If my website is not doing these three things I either improve this so it does it very well it or block the website.

    Yet another week of amazing insights. It was lovely to work on my business and renew my mindset. The day after the Hot Seat session I've contacted 2 providers saying I wished to be their best clients inquiring what they needed. It was like I've reached a completely different level in communication.
    Also I got ideas for many new products for my clients.


    CONSCIOUS VIRGINS - more eager to learn. Expert don't like to learn but like to show. Conscious Virgins are extremely loyal. They will advance
    KEEP DEVELOPING - I need to make sure I will grow enough to serve advanced customers - my conscious virgins who are growing.
    HOW TO CHOOSE MY TARGET AUDIENCE - When starting a dating site choose 60+ : They don't wish to be alone at the autumn of their life. The don't have any children living at home and they have more money available to spend on themselves.
    APPRECIATE MY CUSTOMERS - to my customers - wishing them welcome back from holiday. There is no such thing as cucumber time.
    HOW TO STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD - WOW EXPERIENCE - Dancing on the chairs during the Business Bootcamp; Giving each other message; Tik Tak Tong game; Make sure I send people home with a WOW experience not with a sell pitch. Being available for my customers during the whole session
    If I think I WOW them every day, find new way. It doesn't have to be big.
    HOW TO GET IN CONTACT WITH MY TARGET AUDIENCE - When struggeling with my marketing, find a new way of promoting yourself of adjuist my target audience. I don't want to work my on marketing but with developing my business.

    Find a much more eager to reach target audience. Don't start with your product. Look for a target audience with a very clear problem I can solve. An audience that is easy to reach. After I know who they are, find them, talk to them and create a solution that will solve their problem.

    In the case of the marshall art, identify the student who get bullied, promise you make them into Ninja's and all the papers will promote you.
    Another case: if I want to start a dating site, aim at 60+. They are growing older, don't want to end their life alone. Have no children at home and more more to spend. Besides this target audience is growing rapidly and is easy to reach.

    DON'T WORK ON COMMISSION ON BEHALF OF OTHERS - Be very sure that I am doing what I am doing for the right reasons. Only pick up the products that you really believe in. Don't risk people thinking we are promoting things for the wrong reasons.

    OFFERING THINGS FOR FREE - Nisandeh does not advise this. He suggest that we go for the model of the Business Bootcamp. Create an amazing front end with a remarkable offer at the end. Make people pay a small amount for the front end e.g. the lunch in order for them to commit.

    1) Find the right audience - Find the problem they are experiencing
    2) Find out how to solve it for them (7 constraints)
    3) Give them what they need to do for free (all 7 constraints)
    4) Overdeliver (it is not difficult if it is free). WOW them - WOW them
    5) Tell them if they like this one they are going to love my training (which I still have to develop)
    6) Give them an irrisistable offer on HOW TO
    7) Ask them to refer people

    OPPORTUNITIES - Learn how to recognize them. Don't jump on everything. Jump on the opportunities which are valuable for me. Always look for money from clients. Not from the governance. I should give something of value and get paid for it. Get my clients to pay me what I deserve.

    And so much more......

    I celebrated it with a lovely meal with my family.

  3. Day 5 – choose your favorite 7-10 topics from all the topics you came up with in the last 3 days.
    Imagine you already wrote a book on each of these topics and give each of them an exciting title AND tagline.
    Contact your clients, subscribers and social media followers (by phone, email, facebook, LinkedIn, etc…) and ask them to choose their 3 favorite “books” and WHY they chose those

    1. 3 ways to use psychology to sell
    2. How psychology helps you to double your sales
    3. How to influence your customer in sales
    4. The secret psychology of cold prospecting
    5. How to use thinking patterns in sales to leverage the sale
    6. How you can influence anyone, anywhere and anytime
    7. Why sales and psychology is fun!

  4. Day 4 – use ANOTHER method from this article to identify even more topics you could write a book about;
    I choose: Find Trending Topics on Amazon
    I love new topics and I believe there is always something new to write or speak about. And maybe I would not only use Amazon but also Google news or other news sites or inspiration. The world is changing fast, so are the possibilities. So when you are in sales you need tob e “on the ball” and include it in your method if you think it brings value to your customer.

  5. Day 5: How to express my gratitude to my clients
    • See for and or add flower to a gift.
    • Write a handwritten cart with a personal message. (directly)
    • Sent them a magazine/newspaper subscription (helps remembering with each copy).
    • Refer to their business product without them asking upfront.

  6. 1. From this week’s assignment I got a new perspective on how to build a sustainable business based on simplicity and timeless pains/needs/concepts.

    2. From doing this week’s process I learned that it does not cost money to delight your ideal clients. A mixture of love, care, and thoughtful creativity can work wonders.

    3. The biggest insights I got during the Hot Seat session are:
    * The power and beauty of simplicity. It was an epiphany for me to listen to Nisandeh talking about simplifying one's thinking and even one's wants. A new and refreshing look to live by the "Less is More" principle
    * Distraction VS Opportunity. I did not see that one coming but I deeply thank you Nisandeh for warning me about this trap and for teaching me how to discern between a distraction and a real opportunity. A lesson I will never forget.
    * Counsciousness Virgins WOW ! It is possible to teach others something valuable without necessarily being an advanced expert. The best way to search for humble and "hungry" ideal clients

    4. I am going to celebrate the completion of this WOMB week by cooking authentic Mexican Mexico City-style tacos and inviting friends over to have dinner and drink Margaritas. Since my father turned 70 years old and my husband 40 years old, it was a nonstop weekend celebration.

  7. This has been a difficult one for me, for my products and B2B services.
    I do most of the 10 ideas and these work moderately well.
    Problem is that I cannot be an ideal customer as a lot of my suppliers don't share these values. They follow strict rules and a lower service level and hereby limit the service level I want to provide to the customer. When a customer places an order, I KNOW that it is important that I can provide them with a lead time. But sometimes suppliers are too lazy to do a bit effort to provide that. They just look at their computer screen and if there is no information, they say the same. No further action, too lazy to do more research. Especially in the it-world, the most hypocrite industry that sells us solutions of which they promise you get all the information in one place but don't fullfil that themselves. After asking friendly without results, I become the worst customer: I complain and I push till I get what my customer needs. I don't want to be like that, but I have a service level to keep towards my customer. That makes 1 happy person: the customer and 2 unhappy persons: me and my supplier. If my supplier would adapt a higher level of service, there would be 3 happy persons but I cannot change international companies.

  8. Day 5
    What did you get out of this week's assignment?

    The most surprising thing is to just do it now and not give up all ideas and stories, just do it.

    What have you learned from this week's trial?

    Move into action. Seems to be a moment when I keep wanting to learn new things or even more. and I'm not going to really learn until I actually do it. until then it remains a story and fun experiences. The experience would (will) be much more enjoyable.

    What were the biggest insights you gained during the Hot Seat session?

    It was another great session.

    Deliver more value then they pay more.

    Who wants a coach, you want a mentor.

    Think about how you present and dress yourself. Like rolling up your sleeves (that you go and want to work)

    With your target audience. If you're smart, you have a lot to choose from. take farmers who are just doing their job.

    How ? and what? to ask.

    First comes the why, this one is hugely important. Always state why first.

    Choose long term. Not something you would shoot yourself in the foot with like quitting smoking when they've stopped what then..?

    How will you celebrate your completion of this WOMB week?

    I see more and more that the program itself is already a party. There is more and more daily party to be involved with. Party focus is added daily, from gratitude.

  9. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    - ideal clients orientation really resonates with me. I actually do a lot small actions all the time to surprise our clients and overdeliver. A systematic approach however is not apparent. I was much more aware this week of what I am doing already and I dared to dive more into it.
    - I came up with some valuable ideas to integrate surprise and overdeliver more in the standard way of working (setting bar high).
    - because of my attitude I may as well raise my prises.

    What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    - Keep it simple, make the cost of overdeliver not to high compared to the gains.

    What were the biggest insights you got during the Hot Seat session?
    - Always set the WHY before asking a HOW or WHAT question.

    How are you going to celebrate your completion of this WOMB week?
    - Friday night I come how late from a over-deliver-project. The client was so happy, he came to me and said: consider to charge something extra for all the extra work you did. As a technician he was knowing what could be done, and he was completely surprised by the super high standard we used for his installation.
    - Then I prepared 2 bikes for my kids that are celebrating their birthdays this weekend. So it was really late when I came home. Today we had the kids-parties and tomorrow celebration with the family. The WOMB celebration is that I realize that my personal life is interconnected with the work life, and that the energy of the money I make is directly related to the value I deliver. So these bikes are new and of excellent quality and I can provide my family with this because of the great works I made elsewhere. Also I realize there is a lot of work to do in the area of being an ideal client although I do quite well. So all these thoughts are in my mind these days and I digest them as a feast meal of a proper ideal client orientation.

  10. What did you get out of this week's assignment?
    In fact, although I may not have had a laundry list of answers, I simply felt a connection with the questions. I understand the intention and suspect that the impact is much stronger than I feel and understand now.

    What have you learned from this week's trial?
    That it is really exciting to experience the concept of ideal clients and to make maximum use of it;
    and that it is about real human connections for long term, in fact it's about soulconnections; it is no artificial concept;

    What were the biggest insights you gained during the Hot Seat session?
    * ask good questions and you'll get good answers
    * always find the why and share it; ask why-questions;
    * choose for expertise that people will always need; for example healthy lifestyle is longterm; keeping same cliënts for 10 or 20 years (or even longer);
    * difference between expertbusiness and celebrity-business and what I want to be;
    * only need tot be one-and-a-half-yesr aheda of your cliënts;
    * think about choosing 'consiousnous virgins' as target audience;
    * the steps we need to take with cliënts, starting with: what is their biggest most painfull problem,
    untill: ask them to refer people to your high-end-step.

    How will you celebrate your completion of this WOMB week?
    Celebrating: I had a tough week at regular work. It's about integrity, being honest, etc. My head was still very much in all the dilemmas until this morning. Needed a day first to relax and to celebrate and then complete the Celebration assignment:
    I slept in today with my husband, we took a walk in the woods together, we drove the car through the car wash, we prepare a delicious meal to eat tonight with my son who has found a great rental house and in three or four leave the house for months; we've started 120 episodes of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, one a day, we're enjoying all three. It's an investment of time, yes, but a very important symbolic rite of passage for my son - and therefore for us. I dream about what I can do with my Dutch house if only two companies are allowed to work from home (my husband's and mine). I cleaned up clothes, bedding, I sold a precious musical instrument for the furnishing of my son's house, I reflect on the Tarot cards I drew yesterday at the suggestion of my husband about my regular work situation: as an employee and enjoy the outcome : in short: CONDITIONING: no longer be a sheep but a lion, let go of the conditionings => TOTALITY, in other words, do not get stuck in the thinking but be total: 'I am'; => CELEBRATION: in other words: 'You open up more and more to the many opportunities life offers to celebrate and infect others with it.' EN: 'Your cleverness is your disease. Don't be too wise.' And I get tears in my eyes because a soul mate, who understands more than what is needed in my regular work for real people, because a professor with heart and soul in his field, appt yesterday: can we have a cup of coffee again ? And today we got the surprise that at the concert for the fortieth anniversary of my husband's own company on September 24, 2022 (diatonic accordions) a fourth ideal customer & band (one of his ultimate ideal customers) presents himself who would like to come and play in the anniversary concert. And because of this WOMB -training, I even more realize that my nowadays husband made his business, as a 'coloured an black sheep' in his Dutch traditional environment and family, and an extraordinary artist and craftsman, without any of this WOMB -knowledge, everything on struggling, going on, hard labour and intuïtion. We talk about that. I explain him what I am learning and how that relates to his business.

    Have a very good saturday evening and sunday everybody!!!

  11. 1. What I learned from this week's assignments is that simple ideas can be implemented quickly. That how I myself am an ideal client for suppliers and am surprised (or not) by them says a lot about how I see and approach my ideal client and I still have a lot to learn in this. And at the same time I did practice with it. For example, I sent the deputy chief director of the Custodial Institutions Department (one of my ideal clients although he is a men and not a woman) a whatsapp message with my gratitude and the question whether I can help him with anything else. He responded immediately and positively, in the sense that he is not reassured that my recommendations for an adjustment in the strategy of a service component will come to fruition. When I answered him that I would be happy to think along with him, I received a personal sticker from him in whatsapp. This short interaction offers me the opportunity to call him in a week or within a maximum of two weeks to ask what he needs.

    2. What I have learned is that I am on the right track and can use the questions of this week and previous weeks with the deal, which I will close with the recruitment agency next week to give the dropouts in their procedures a six-month program to offer. There is a good chance that I will not only be able to build a long-lasting relationship with the agency, but also with the participants who have the desire to grow in such a way that they are selected for a management position at a government organization in the future. When I have helped them grow in their leadership in public organizations, they come back to me later for team development, leadership development and organizational development.

    3. My most important insights from the hotseat session are:
    - that if the recruitment and selection agency wants a program not only for potential Directors, but also for managerial talent, I should not just reject it. This leadership talent may fall under the definition of consious virgins who need more experienced (need advanced programs) in the future. And as a result, they continue to be my ideal client for my programs or services now and in the future.
    - that I can easily reach these ideal clients through this recruitment and selection agency, that they are eager to learn and have a clear problem that I can solve: what are the 10 most important things a manager or director at a government organization should be able to do and how very good at being: excelling. (following example nisandeh about making bicycle repair lessons).
    - that in order to create a WOW experience in my programs I have to do what the big trainers don't do yet and may never do (examples Nisandeh Business Bootcamp etc) and that this is in relatively small small things.
    - that I can approach the readers of my book with the question what they thought of the book, whether they want to write a testimonial and what I can help them with.
    - that overdelivery should not repel your potential ideal client, but should be part of the personal approach. This suits me very well.
    - that the answers to my questions about organizing my tons of teaching material (for me this means properly archiving and going through your material as you prepare a program, training or event and building it using the previously learned templates or formats), keeping the layout simple (color logo, black to use white and 1 font) and you stop preparing your programs for suits when you are satisfied and don't give yourself a time limit for that (a bit more planning for me means).

    After Nisandeh's call, I (ideal client I am for him, I'm trying to implement everything, sometimes with a little twist), I sent 10 people a short email and recommended the workshop MY VIP Product.

    How I'm going to celebrate is to have dinner (yesterday) in a japanese restaurant with my wife and friends, and toast to all the good things to come.

  12. And my biggest insight from the hot seat: there was so much, but what is very good to keep working on are the 7 stages you need to accomplish to have a succesfull product for the market!

  13. Here are my ideas still from last week:
    Day 4: do something unexpected.
    1) give extra information that the customer can use but has not (yet) asked for
    2) Give a "gift": nice tip, nice picture, etc.
    3) Send a nice message/card when returning home
    4) A discount voucher for the trip
    5) "Travel log / photo book".

    Day 5:
    I think you do the WOW in one way that works for every client: PAY A LOT ATTENTION!

  14. * What did I get out of this week’s assignment?
    Good feeling and appreciation for my clients. And messages from them telling me that they want to continue working with me next trimester!

    * What did I learn from doing this week’s process?
    That it is important to WOW my clients, it really pays off. I want to give a remarkable and memorable service and wowing them is part of it.

    * What were the biggest insights I got during the Hot Seat session?
    Something so basic but so true… The more value you give, the more money you make, I will never forget the shampoo example!

    * How am I going to celebrate my completion of this WOMB week?
    With an amazing event! Today I give a free 3 hour live workshop and at the end I will sell my next trimester mastermind groups. It is the third workshop of this kind I give and I enjoy it greatly. It is something I love so it will be a party. I will share my joy with the attendants and let's see how many become clients!

  15. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    the circulation of love between me and the iC

    What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    It's a creative proces and can be a lot of fun. And the fun is the win win for everybody.
    And there is a lot more to give.

    What were the biggest insights you got during the Hot Seat session?
    The why before the how can make a big difference or have a big influence on the how.
    And the WOW factor in an experience during a training.

    How are you going to celebrate your completion of this WOMB week?
    Make a cake and surprise a friend with my visit.

  16. What did I get out of this week's assignment?
    * I found out that I am thinking too complicated. Also that I am already doing quite good, with leads, but that I should really follow up better with my existing clients. I should simply send them a message! Will do that starting from Monday. I struggled with ideas that weren't implementable, and then what happens is that I have great ideas, but I don't manage to do them immediately and they move to the "once to do"- list.

    What did I learn?
    * I think that I am thinking too complicated. Only after I realised this and finding a few simple examples in the hot seat sessions I could come up with simplre things.

    What did I get from the hot seats?
    * That there is always a WHY question that needs to be answered, before I can answer the WHAT or HOW. I found out it works for EVERYTHING in life!!

    How am I going to celebrate?
    I will celebrate after I sent my former clients all a message coming Monday, with going to meet with a friend in Rotterdam who is doing a book club. I never allow myself to go there because it's an hour drive- costs me time and effort. But I think I'll go there. Or I'll spend the evening with my cat who didn't see me for a long time. Not sure which one I choose yet.. hmmm it's anyway both a celebration:)

    1. Hi Gerdy,

      Also I am struggling with my perfectionism and making things more complicated. I will focus more on wowing my ideal clients and paying attention to them, but I wil try to do that by thinking of them when setting my intentions of the day. And that I am aware that I don’t need to do this for all of my clients, but just the for me most important one’s at that same moment.

      Just wanted to let you know you are not alone in your struggles. Big hug!

  17. 1. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    A lot of insight into how I really feel about my clients. I need to really dive into the WHY questions of my business and see what ideal clients will be and how I can (and want to) WOW them in a way that blows their minds and gives me energy. So, have to go back on a few lessons and redo them.

    2. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    In essence, WOWing I client is not difficult, just something you need to incorporate into your business instead of just doing it randomly or by accident. But also you need to fall in love with your clients so you really want to WOW them and know how they want to be WOWed.

    3. What were the biggest insights you got during the Hot Seat session?
    I. I have to go back to the drawing board and rewrite my ideal client. If I can't reach them, they are far from ideal (practically)
    II. I want to consider teaching martial arts for free (Deliver competitors' service for free) and create a good funnel and VIP product. Can't wait for September 1st.
    III. I need to ask myself EVERY f*cking time: WHY!? I seem to get lost ALL the time and make crazy choices that won’t help my business.
    IV. Don’t be afraid of taking the expert position. Focus on conscious virgins, stay ahead and create new programs (ideally: that last for years to come). I need to stop being scared of doing something new and different. Doing the same gives the same results right? Don't want that.

    4. How are you going to celebrate your completion of this WOMB week?
    I haven’t really completed it yet. I just got home from 'Toverland' with our daughters. Last week of the holiday (Yey!). Hope that next week things get normal again and my focus will be back to 100%. Next season (starting September) should have been 'THE' change. That’s not happening the way I planned, but I’m very happy I have some new great insights on what to prepare for season 2022/2023. THE change will start this season by preparing for the one after with one WOW after the other! I will celebrate my week of great (painful) insights with some nice sleep.

  18. 1. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    I realize that I do have some ideal clients but I'm not celebrating it enough. I'm now working on a 'True Connection Club' to which I will invite people who purchased more than 2 courses from me. I will give them early bird announcements for new courses and free zoom session where I will ask for their number 1 frustration with their horse and give my views on how to handle it.

    2. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    That I have gathered some cool ideas how to WOW my ideal clients! But I need some focus, because now I want to implement too many of them and I'm still not finished with my automations....

    3. Biggest insight from hot seat session
    I don't need to be the expert, I only need to be a couple of steps ahead and share my proces. I bought a new horse about 8 months ago, who had severe traumatic experiences (looking at the scars on his body). I have been filming a great deal of how to invite him to regain trust in humans. I see so much frustration between people and their horse due to misunderstanding so I think I can create a new course out of this. I also love to 'stay ahead' as I consider myself an eternal student.

    4. How are you going to celebrate your completion of this WOMB week?
    I just came back from the movies 😊


    A better relationship with my current client, clarity on how to 'treat' ideal customers, lots of ideas for revamping my business.

    === WHAT DID YOU LEARN? ===

    That it's not that hard to actually overdeliver / be more personal / make things easier for my clients, that it brings a lot of value and feels great.
    And just thinking about it already triggers different conversations with people.


    1. Sharing what I LIVE is a fantastic way to be of value to others and I can already do that if I'm just a couple of months 'ahead'.
    In the past years, somehow I started believing I need to have god status before I can share and it's good to see that this is just not true.
    The example of the bike repairs was great, because it showed me what to do if clients need more advanced service/knowledge/....

    2. That the 7 steps to build a great business are super valuable.

    3. Lots of insights about current business and longer-term business ideas/desires

    Very very very valuable session, thanks so much!

    === How are you going to celebrate your completion of this WOMB week? ===

    Eat an ice-cream. Do 'nothing' for a couple of favorite hobby 🙂

  20. Friday. Week 9 WOW Factor
    A WOW factor van be something like a cliffhanger.Something that sticks in the memory. That can be simpel and does not need to be ",logiccal". It can have an aspect of respect, celebration and fun.
    And what I learnend from my buddy: if an Ideal cliënt does not meet up with what you need them to be or do, then it is not an ideal client anymore. So: can that change back in being a Ideal cliënt again or not?
    Wowing can also be a greatfull aknoledgement of a change. Sincereness as a core quality in my relationship with my clients.
    Celebration will be looking at all that is already accomplished this week.

  21. 1. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    Two of my ideal clients wanted to talk to me about what I can do for them and women like them. One of them I interviewed this morning! Lot's of info, good vibes. Very happy with it. Something to celebrate 🙂

    2. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    By examining whether I myself am an ideal customer, I came to better insights into what I can do for mine. Or how I might transform 'regular customers' into ideal customers.

    3. Biggest insight from hot seat session
    The biggest insight for me is a mind shift from: 'how can I earn more money' to 'how can I be of more value to my ideal customers'. It's not that it's a completely new knowledge, but this week it really kicked into my brain.

    4. How are you going to celebrate your completion of this WOMB week?
    I celebrate it by going on a boat trip with my neighbours and have a day of fun with them.

  22. Thursday week 9
    My biggest isights from the hotseat session are:
    Deliver value and be clear about that.
    The big difference between mentoring and coaching. I am a mentor
    Keep it simpel: in simplicity is big mastery. Once you found a good working lay-out for what you offer stick to that. On that basic structure you can built more flesh.
    Outsource what is not your area of genius.
    Thanks for allbthe sharing!!!

  23. 1.What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    It can be easy to create the WOW factor.

    2. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    Keep it simple. Open my heart to give..

    3. What were the biggest insights you got during the Hot Seat session?
    Keep your business simple, Choose your core expertise. Overdeliver. Build longterm products and longterm relationship with your clients.

    4. How are you going to celebrate your completion of this WOMB week.
    Watch my kids surfing at sea with my partner, have a nice dinner at home and enjoy a familyfilm together. 😀

  24. Biggest insight is that I think too difficult.

    And I need to zoom out at the moment- I am zooming in too much- it is becoming a big blur. Wonderful, but also not...:D

    I will have a bath tonight and a meditation session (thanks for the inspiration Marcel)

    1. You're welcome, Bass!

      It's nice to see how you and your process 'ont wikkelt'. In the literal sense of the word and therefore in Dutch. I am now 58 years old and have 'ont wikkelt' myself for 30 years by going deeper and deeper I am getting closer to the essence of communication and that is connection.

      Let go of all the frills, status and glamor and what remains is your pure self, your authenticity. Looking through the behavior of the other and connecting with the human behind it. Being pure and real and in practice we have only made communication more complicated. Certainly the last 20 years.

      How simply can it be deliver value (waarde) and receive appreciation (waardering).

      Maybe it's closer than you think and you're too close to see it, Bas.

  25. I leaned this week that it is important to WOW your ideal clients and my biggest insight is that by doing that, I will get nice things in return 😀.
    I am now in the car to a hotel where I am celebrating 🥳 this with my husband. Going to relax in a wellness garden 😍.

    I loved the hot seat session. Nisandeh thanks for your time and wisdom! My biggest insight is to be yourself, be an expert in something that can be for years, give away your best stuff and offer better stuff 😀.

  26. What I got out of this week is that creativity is one greatest tool to connect with my ideal client.
    Sometimes it doesn't have to have a big impact on my to do list, but it can also be simple.
    For this assignment I set up and largely executed the multiple actions. Not all yet, that didn't work in 1 week. It's on my schedule. I know that there is a risk involved and that implementing it as soon as possible is terribly important. But awareness is strong.

    The hot seta seccion was very valuable. Unfortunately had to stop after an hour, but do read the comments. I expect to be able to read a lot there too.

    What I'm going to celebrate this week is that I'm another important step forward. The ideal customer is simply the most important thing in a business.
    I'm going to celebrate it this weekend, with a lot of rest. After 3 busy weekends I allow myself a wonderful weekend full of relaxation.

  27. Suddenly the fog has lifted and I see everything sharper than ever before. I understood most of Nisandeh's knowledge, but now everything is connected. All the pieces of the puzzle fell together and now I understand why my opt-in doesn't work and never will. That's why my website doesn't converge. I am not offering a direct solution, but am offering something that I feel they need very much.

    So there is a lot of work to be done.

    My approach:

    1. Filter out a common problem from the results of what I'm researching and develop a solution for it and offer it for free.
    2. I already know that I am going to make my target group even more specific, and these are specialists who are promoted through their specialism and who suddenly have to manage people and have no idea what they are doing. Those are the virgins Nisandeh was talking about. They are still virgins as managers.
    3. The next step is how can I easily reach them? How do I get closer to my 'virgins'.
    4. Offer a free solution to the problem under investigation.
    5. Offer this via an opt-in on my website. The previous steps should show whether these will become large groups or whether they will remain one-on-one contacts.

    I'm glad I discovered that I was going in the wrong direction with my opt-in and of course that's painful to start over. That this is going to be a tough road, but I know I'm going in the right direction now and if I fall I'm falling in the right direction.

    Not only do I understand it now, but I feel it now in every cell of my body.

    How am I going to celebrate: the king is dead, long live the new king. After lunch I will meditate for 10 minutes and feel everything I have shared. This may sound vague, but with this I want to completely reset my Mindset for the future.

  28. What I got out of this week is that creativity is one great tool to start thinking about different ways to connect with your ideal client.

    What do I learned was that it is important to please yourself in the needs of your ideal client.

    One of the inside of the hot seat for me was that too WOW your ideal client with something that that something is your expertise so it’s not about spending a lot of money it is about giving what your ideal client needs and you are good at.
    What somehow really clicked last night is that the Why is so extremely important and that you might think already to know your why but then forget what it exactly is and already start getting busy with the How or the What.
    What was all so very insightful for me is all the structure that Nisandeh brings in to everything That is one of the reasons why I now follow this course.
    I find it very inspiring to see such a creative mind that you can give this mind a question and Nisandeh comes up with various solutions.

    How am I to go celebrate
    I am going to celebrate bye enjoying the feeling that creation brings so I want to give this time and space to really capture this. I think human beings are amazing when they are capable of creating new things that contribute to living of a full life.

    1. What a nice sentence, Nanda: creating new things that contribute to living of a full life. That is what I want to contribute too. Thank you for sharing this!

  29. For the past two weeks I've been struggling with "my ideal customer". That's why I haven't posted much. The concept of ideal customer is not new to me (how often have I not said those words myself), but by really thinking about it, it became clear to me that I have never worked with ideal customers and therefore have no ideal customers.

    What I'm learning from this is that I need to stop chasing non-ideal customers. To clarify: my clients are truly wonderful people, so no blame there. I am only targeting the wrong target group. My topic is experienced as important but rarely as urgent.

    And that became clear to me last night when Nisandeh talked about conscientious virgins (am I saying that right?). My clients are generally experienced speakers who do feel the need to present, say, more interactively and inspiringly. But there is no need. So the pain is not great enough. (after 40+ years of sales, this is a special discovery)

    What does this mean for me? It means redefining my target audience and redefining the concept of ideal customer. Fortunately, I do have some ideas in which direction to look for this.

    Am I going to celebrate something? Yes of course. Rehearsing with my band today and tomorrow and on Sunday it's party time: Performance in a beach club Scheveningen!

    1. Great for your insight! I know it will bring you new ideal clients.

      I can relate to that. I had several businesses and recently sold one in may.
      I have a business with a lot of customers and I also realized a few weeks ago that they are not my ideal clients. I know who they are since a few weeks and my life and business already goes better 🔝.
      Hope this will also for you soon

    2. Hi Rudoph,

      The trick might be to find that one moment that your audience experiences as "not just another speaking engagement". The one time that matters. Exemple: say somebody build asuccesful business, sold it to have a first retirement, and came back to the game with a start-up plan. They need the money from investors. This is a presentation - but it will feel like a very different kind of presentation. There is a different why, different stakes. The audience must not consume the presentation, but get say "i want to buy this".

      So it might be the same people, same presentation, but very different feeling.

      It is called "the insighting moment". Not excited, but insighted. We all have it. A clean car? Could not care less - unless the is this big event where you will need to give a client a lift. See?

      Problems are seldon urgent by their own nature (except for basic necessities), but often there must be a clear why now to make them into clients.

      Why me, why now are two very powerful buy-predictors. Compare: i help you present better - I help you do the best man talk/start-up pitch/10x client pitch/... you have in you, even if you suck at presenting right now.

      This is true niching down: niching to the insighting moment where doing nothing is not acceptable.

      Hope it helps!

  30. 1. What did you get out of this week’s assignment?
    A serious list of attractive/inspiring things that clients would like

    2. What did you learn from doing this week’s process?
    That it is worthwhile to do detail-brainstorming in these five (or possibly other) categories

    3. Biggest insight from hot seat session
    The idea that within a month, you can start an expert business in an area that you don’t know anything about today. And that you should overdeliver on-topic, because it costs you nothing, and is of the most relevance to the client (other than frivolity/events/gestures that are meant to enhance the relationship).

    4. How are you going to celebrate your completion of this WOMB week?
    Celebrate it at the Lowlands festival.

  31. My biggest inside:
    I have to overdeliver the parents for not beeing able to be in the room when I work one on one with there child like they where used to be.
    Make them feel VIP in the parent sessions.
    By working with the childeren in groups I saved 14 ours time to spent on my business or on me and creating a online Q&A for the parents wil compensate it only when I overdeliver.

    1. And I forgot the celebration and that was this morning by committing to the cold shower again and enjoy the feeling of the commitement that it gave me.

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