WB#01: Introduction & Mindset

Become a Bestselling Author

Writing a bestselling book might be on your bucket list for different reasons, be it to strengthen your brand, boost your business or simply share your knowledge.
In this course you learn not only how to write that nonfiction book in 28 days, but also make sure that it will get published and will transform leads into clients.

Lesson 1 - Introduction & Mindset

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  1. The most interesting part for me was the "How to use your book"
    When you go to a network event. Give your book instead of explaining what you do.

    Call them a week later. (don’t ask if they read the book) They will have read the important page(flaptekst) and seen your picture. That text will give you all the expert position you need.

    ---- Just need to write the book now so I can hand it to people ----

  2. More timestamps 🙂

    This video covers the Introduction, Earn The Right, Contents of the complete training and Mindset. There are 2 exercises.

    00:14 The right questions (do you want to publish a book or just write one?)
    01:30 The four stages to make a book a success. Write, publish,promote, use the book to grow your business (so wacht all the video’s).
    3:30 Set a goal to publish your book THIS YEAR
    4:00 Get ready to reprint your business cards (Nisandeh manifesting his future)
    5:05 Time difference with LA (Why this recorded training is the best)
    6:00 Leef Lekker meant turnover x10

    Earn the Right
    7:33 ETR. Nisandeh as the best selling author
    7 years old. Become a thief or an author
    9:11 17 years old. Approaching publishers with the first book
    11:50 warning for first time fiction writers
    13:49 We take the book away from your ego. Less ego = better book
    15:40 Relationship with Vered turns rocky. So they wrote a book for couples to reignite passion in their life. (ssssh. it’s a secret)
    18:30 You have a second expertise? Get a second name 😉
    Also, mini business model lecture follows here
    20:30 Rebranding the book for a list with women. Selling 60.000 copies
    21:25 Elements of Success/Leef Lekker took a year to write. (There is a story and a lessom here)
    23:28 Nisandeh reads his own unfinished book (DO NOT REPEAT HIS MISTAKE)
    25:50 Before Leef Lekker. 30 people in the room. After Leef Lekker 200 people in the room
    26:37 70 books published digitally (This created Financial Freedom). Most are under pseudonyms
    28:30 “I wrote my book in a few weeks” (Better not to mention it. Or it simmered for 20 years in your mind)
    30:15 Endorsements from the world’s leading experts
    32:50 Do you want such endorsements?
    33:50 Nisandeh did not invent these techniques. The best selling authors don’t want you to know this.

    End of ETR. Table of contents starts here.
    35:00 Mindset
    36:28 Topic. focus it. (changing course by a few degrees can mean hitting gold)
    37:35 Blueprint. You build a building with a plan, so you are writing a book with a plan.
    38:25 You will know exactly how many pages your book will be.
    39:00 Doing research (going down the rabbit hole)
    39:50 Editing to 98%
    40:36 What do you do when you have a book (day 3 is new). Marketing.

    41:09 First rule. Do not believe a word Nisandeh says
    41:50 Participate
    43:00 You will have a step by step plan at the end
    43:30 WHY? (many best selling authors internationally are one trick ponies)
    44:50 Excercise: Why must you write a book?
    +Audience reactions
    47:47 The bus will hit all of us…. (still audience reactions)
    49:07 4 G’s income. Royalties (you won’t make a lot selling the book)
    51:20 Target Audience. How many people can buy/read your book? The €1000 car lease manual story.
    56:57 4G’s Second quadrant. Professional growth. You never have to explain what you do again.
    59:36 Never ever ever ask them if they read your book
    1:01:00 Closing deals just because you have a book.
    1:02:00 Use it to increase deals with your current clients.
    1:02:30 Another mini business model lecture (do all the Business University courses)
    1:03:30 The car mechanic’s “book”
    1:06:09 Knowing the purpose of your book, will make you write differently. Also, client magnet.
    1:06:40 Nisandeh’s past life. The lawyer that wrote the book Computer Law.
    1:11:50 What is the difference between you and (someone in your field)? I do something totally different and I have the book to show it.
    1:14:20 Become a celebrity
    1:15:25 Come do a presentation. (Authors get a higher fee)
    1:17:48 Tickets for your event in the book?
    1:19:00 4 G’s bottom left. Personal growth. structure and blueprint, legacy
    1:21:30 4 G’s Giving. The heroine addict whose life was saved.
    1:23:44 Never make yourself so small that others will suffer. You have something to give to the world.
    1:24:50 Nisandeh makes it look easy. (You go back to your legacy list when it isn’t)
    1:25:25 Exercise: Mission for writing the book.
    1:25:50 You have to get your book out there as soon as possible
    1:26:40 Why don’t you have a book? I don’t know how and I don’t have the time
    1:27:40 The main problem with this course
    1:29:10 You can do it in more or less time than 28 days. But writing is fast.
    1:30:00 Examples. Edward Bono.
    1:30:50 Robert Louis Stephenson. Jekyll and Hyde.
    1:31:43 Charles Dickens. Christmas Carrol
    1:32:20 Agatha Christie
    1:32:50 Isaac Asimov published 535 books in 50 years
    1:33:48 Sylvester Stallone. Rocky

    What will stop you
    1:35:15 I am inspired!
    1:37:00 Muse
    1:37:40 Writing a book has a strategy. Like an apple pie recipe.
    1:39:00 Perfectionists accomplish the perfect nothing. Get over it.
    1:40:00 The reason why most people take so long.
    1:41:00 The faster you write, the better you write.
    1:42:10 “I am writing for myself”
    1:42:55 “I don’t have the time”
    1:43:30 25 hours (50 if you want to double it). Can you find 25 hours in the next month?
    1:44:45 “I cannot write”. If you can speak, you can write.

    1. Ha Max, wat een werk heb jij al gedaan, dank je wel, ik houd het erbij als ik de video ga kijken en zal opletten of ik nog cruciale aanvullingen kan ontdekken.

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