Your Expert How-To Book

The best way to establish your expert position!

Today, more than ever, people read nonfiction books and look up to their authors as trusted leaders and authorities.

If you have a business – selling products or services – writing (and publishing) a nonfiction book is a crucial step in building credibility, authority and expert position.

Writing a bestselling book might be on your bucket list for different reasons: strengthening your brand, boosting your business or simply sharing your knowledge.

And to get you started, let’s dive into…

Your Expert Position – Part 2

To get you started with the process, please watch this Business University lesson: WHY You MUST Write a Book:

Let’s start with your MINDSET…

WHY You MUST Write a Book?
In the video above I gave you MY top reasons why you should write (or more accurately – write AND publish) a book about your expertise…

It doesn’t matter what products or services you offer, a book is the most powerful way to establish your position as an expert.

You don’t ever have to sell any of your books, you just need to have them – as they serve as the best business card… EVER!

I’m pretty sure you, like most entrepreneurs, understand the power of having a published book under your name…

But you might have fears, doubts or preconceived ideas about book writing… Among them: “I can’t write”, “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t know enough”… and maybe others…

It’s not the space to give you long and elaborated answers for those – but let me tell you this:

  • If you can speak – YOU CAN WRITE!
  • If you can find 25 hours – THAT’S ALL IT TAKES TO WRITE A 200-PAGE NON-FICTION BOOK (using my system);
  • If you have clients already – YOU KNOW ENOUGH TO SHARE IN A BOOK!

Please excuse my SHOUTING… but I’ve been teaching for many years hundreds of entrepreneurs how to write (and publish and market) a bestselling book in 28 days.

As much as we are aware of, almost 70% of my students actually wrote and published at least one book within less than 6 months after the course… 

If they can do it… so can you.

For now, I don’t ask you to commit to writing and publishing a book, but I do ask you to go through the process of thinking of and researching the best topic for your first (or next) book.

Which leads us to…

Set your GOAL for this week…

Here’s a great goal for you:

I am going to identify the BEST topic for my Expert How-To Book.

How’s that for a 5-day challenge?

Choose the STRATEGY you will use…

Here is the 5-step process you could follow in order to identify the BEST topic for your expert how-to book:

  1. Find your compelling WHY
    Why is it important for YOU to publish a (nonfiction/how-to) book on your topic of expertise?
    Make sure that you watch the video for my ideas (some of them are not that obvious), but then make your own list;

  2. Come up with topics you’d love to share about
    Those are topics in your expertise that you know they can make a difference for your readers (i.e. potential clients);

  3. Use a proven method to find even more topics
    Read this article: How to Find Out Which Book to Write and pick up one method (preferably NOT #1 or #10) and use it to identify even more topics you could write about;

  4. Use ANOTHER proven method to find even more topics
    From the same article: How to Find Out Which Book to Write pick ANOTHER method (preferably NOT #1 or #10) and use it to identify even more topics you could write about;

  5. Ask your clients and subscribers which topic they’d choose
    But don’t just send them a random list…
    First pick your 7-10 best topics.
    Then write for each topic an exciting title and tagline.
    Then ask them to choose the top 3 books they’d like to read and WHY (this is crucial).

Ready to get to work?

PLAN your actions in your agenda…

Your next step is to physically plan this process in your agenda.

Plan to invest 10-15 minutes EVERY DAY in the coming 5 days to follow the process above.

AND… You will need to reserve 2-3 hours next week to go over the answers you get.

Now it’s time to IMPLEMENT…

Take 10 minutes, right now, and…

  • Day 1 – come up with at least 10 answers for why do you want to publish a book on your area of expertise;

  • Day 2 – come up with at least 10 specific ideas for topics you’d love to write a book about;

  • Day 3 – use one method from this article to identify even more topics you could write a book about; 

  • Day 4 – use ANOTHER method from this article to identify even more topics you could write a book about;

  • Day 5 – choose your favorite 7-10 topics from all the topics you came up with in the last 3 days.
    Imagine you already wrote a book on each of these topics and give each of them an exciting title AND tagline.
    Contact your clients, subscribers and social media followers (by phone, email, facebook, LinkedIn, etc…) and ask them to choose their 3 favorite “books” and WHY they chose those

In your next 2-3-hour Implementation Session – collect all the input you got and see if you have a clear winner.
When you have close runner ups – you can simply integrate those topics into the main book, or use them for your next books.

Each day share with us in the comment box your ideas, topics and actions.

My commitment to you…

  • I’m looking forward to read your process and ideas below;

  • I will be there for you on Wednesday to support you with any question, challenge or setback you encounter;

  • I’m looking forward to celebrate your progress and results on Friday (I’m curious to hear the goal(s) and plan you’ll come up with).

Live fully, stay awesome,


  1. Day 5

    These topics I will send to my mailinglist:

    How do I get rid of a bloated stomach?
    How can I eat tasty and healthy food without stomach pain?
    How can I be tasty and healthy low in FODMAP?
    100 answers to questions you always wanted to know about intestinal complaints and nutrition
    100 best tips on the low FODMAP diet
    Tasty food without stomach pain
    Finally stomach pain free!
    Abdominal pain free within 2 weeks
    How you can finally eat well without having to worry about your belly,

  2. Day 3 and 4
    - Based on frequently asked questions
    - 100 questions you always wanted to know about intestinal complaints and nutrition
    - Transcribing a workshop

  3. >> I am going to identify the BEST topic for my Expert How-To Book<<

    Day 5 – These are my favorite 7-10 topics from all my topics from the last 3 days.

    My favorite topics are

    • SUPERHOST in the sense that I give my guests a feeling of being appreciated and cared for. I see them. I appreciate them. I welcome them into my house. I take care of them. They matter to me. Their wellbeing matter to me. The moment they arrive I open my heart to them as if they where friends or relatives.

    • BELONGING as a mean to create happy and healthy people across generations, thereby reducing loneliness.

    • PEOPLE MANAGEMENT from a perspective of caring for your employees by creating an appreciative and safe environment thereby creating Happy and Healthy Employees.

    • The Power of CARING see SuperHost.

    • The Power of COMMUNITIES as a mean to create a feeling of belonging, warmth, togetherness and so much more.

    The book titles I’ve gathers which relates to my favorite topics are…

    1) I love being a SUPER HOST – As Will You!! (point 2 from day 3) (own title)
    2) 77) Belonging: from comfort to connection to contribution
    3) 75) Purpose and Belonging to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing
    4) 74) The Essential Power of Belonging
    5) 67) How to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older people
    6) 60) It Takes a Village to Raise a Child – experiencing the gift of caring
    7) 51) Live Longer, Better – Blue Zones!
    8) 46) The power of communities: 6 reasons why we need each other
    9) 43) Risk to health – campain to end loneliness
    10) 32) Scared of getting older? 10 steps to turn your fears into joy
    11) 20) 10 steps to becoming the best peoplemanager
    12) Everything you want to know about knowledge transfer (point 4 from day 3) (own title)
    13) Knowledge management as a service (point 1 from day 3) – at your service! (own title)

    I have to think about the titles and taglines of my top 3 books… they will follow tomorrow. It is now 1.33 am and I will go to bed after many hours of a beautiful creation process thanks to the lovely assignment of today

  4. >> I am going to identify the BEST topic for my Expert How-To Book<<

    Day 4 – Thanks to GOOGLE I’ve identified even more topics I can write a book, article, post etc. about

    KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (Business: OptimizePeople)
    1) This is knowledge management and why is it important
    2) The 3 types of knowledge management
    3) The 4 types of knowledge management
    4) Examples of knowledge management?
    5) The importance of knowledge management
    6) How to implement knowledge management
    7) Knowledge management: importance, benefits, examples
    8) Knowledge management in 10 minutes or less
    9) Knowledge management in organisations

    10) Outsourcing from a knowledge-based perspective
    11) The four elements of knowledge management
    12) The three main areas of knowledge management
    13) The five components of knowledge management
    14) The importance of knowledge management to companies
    15) Knowledgemangement and outsourcing in an IT environment
    16) How much knowledge management can you outsource?
    17) A guide to knowledge sharing best practice for outsourcing

    WHY PEOPLE MANAGEMENT (Business: OptimizePeople)
    18) A book on PeopleManagement
    19) Peoplemanagement or HR? What is the difference?
    20) 10 steps to becoming the best peoplemanager
    21) The importance of great People Management
    22) This is Why People Management is required
    23) What is People Management and Why is it important
    24) 7 benefits of managing people in the company
    25) 6 People Management tips for First-Time Managers
    26) Understanding People Management & Its benefits
    27) The effect of good management on an organisation
    28) People management skills & 7 leaderships competencies

    FEAR OF GETTING OLDER (Business: HappyHomes / HappyVillage)
    29) Overcoming your fear of getting older
    30) Do you have FOGO? Taming the fear of getting older
    31) Scared of getting older? This is 10 tips on how to deal with it
    32) Scared of getting older? 10 steps to turn your fears into joy

    OVERCOME LONELINESS (Business: HappyHomes / HappyVillage)
    33) 10 steps to overcome loneliness
    34) Feeling lonely? 18 ways to overcome loneliness?
    35) 15 things to do when you feel lonely
    36) The impact of loneliness on quality of life and patient satisfaction amongst older sicker adults
    37) The impact of loneliness on health
    38) The effect of loneliness on malnutrition in elderly population
    39) The effect on loneliness on employees’ commitment and intention to leave
    40) The effects on loneliness on mental health

    THE IMPACT OF LONELINESS (Business: HappyHomes / HappyVillages)
    41) This is how loneliness effects the quality of life
    42) The impact of prolonged loneliness
    43) Risk to health – campain to end loneliness
    44) Social isolation in Covid-19: The impact of loneliness
    45) The risk of social isolation
    The power of communities
    46) The power of communities: 6 reasons why we need each other
    47) 8 ways to unlock the power of communities
    48) How to harness the power of communities
    49) The Power of Communities
    50) What makes communities strong

    THE POWER OF BLUE ZONES (Business: HappyHomes / HappyVillages)
    51) Live Longer, Better – Blue Zones!
    52) This is what makes the Blue Zones special
    53) This is the 80% rule in Blue Zones
    54) The 5 characteristics of Blue Zone communities
    55) 9 lessons from the world’s Blue Zones on living a long, healthy life
    56) The 9 principles of the Blue Zones
    57) Blue Zones: How to implement the 9 principles of a healthy and happy life
    58) The Blue Zones; The 9 powerful lessons to life a happy life – all your life!
    59) Blue Zones: Lessons From the World’s Longest Lived
    It takes a village to raise a child
    60) It Takes a Village to Raise a Child – experiencing the gift of caring

    CHALLENGES OF WORK-LIFE BALANCE (Business: HappyHomes / HappyVillage)
    61) The seven areas for work-life balance
    62) How to overcome problems with work-life balance
    63) The challenges of work-life balance for excelling business
    64) The challenges of work-life balance for the knowledge economy
    Loneliness amonst the elderly
    65) Loneliness among older adults in Europe
    66) Social isolation and loneliness
    67) How to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older people
    The power of belonging
    68) The Power of Belonging: Team, Workplace and Community
    69) The Value of Belonging
    70) The essential power of belonging

    THE POWER OF BELONGING AND IMPACT ON HEALTH (Business: HappyHomes / HappyVillage)
    71) This is how belonging impact health
    72) This is how belonging boost health and wellbeing
    73) This is why the sense of belonging is so important (to our wellbeing and happiness)
    74) Missing your People: Why Belonging is So Important
    75) The Essential Power of Belonging
    76) Purpose and Belonging to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing
    77) The Value of Belonging
    78) Belonging: from comfort to connection to contribution
    79) Social Support and Physical Health: The importance of belonging
    And I could go on forever and ever.....

  5. >> I am going to identify the BEST topic for my Expert How-To Book<<

    Day 2 – These are my ideas for topics I’d love to write a book about
    1) Juice your life with HappyHomes
    2) Why HappyVillages increases happiness, prosperiocy and health
    3) How to turn your home into a Happy One
    4) How to create HYGGE in a flash
    5) What can Knowledge management do for you?
    6) Knowledge management as a mean to manage your risks
    7) How to mitigate the risks of braindrain
    8) Who to transfer impliciet and tacit knowledge
    9) Why I love knowledge Audits
    10) Happy insights into your
    11) PeopleManage ME - How to make your employees love you in no time
    12) How to decide on whether or not to start your own money making Airbnb
    13) Become a Super Host making tons of money in just 30 days
    14) Ready, Set, Go! Become a Superhost Guided by a Superhost – because teamwork makes the dreamwork (and loads of meny, within no time)
    15) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – how to stay professional attractive for as long as you wish
    16) Happy Caravan - A book on caravan make-over Danish style

  6. >> I am going to identify the BEST topic for my Expert How-To Book<<
    Day 1 This is the reason WHY I want to publish a book on my area of expertise
    I wish to…
    1) share my knowledge with the world
    2) leave a legacy
    3) claim my expert position
    4) be recognized as the expert in my field
    5) grow my business
    6) create a passive income
    7) put my thoughts on paper
    8) challenge myself my getting out of my comfort zone
    9) create trust amongst my target audience
    10) turn strangers into friends, customers and ambassadeurs
    11) create input for my masterclasses and online trainings
    12) create an impressive business card
    13) trust myself to overcome my own critical voice saying I cannot delivery
    14) learn how to enjoy the process of creating
    15) gather my learnings and thoughts in a creative, inspiring, colourful theoritical, experienced-based book with lots and lots of tips based on my personal trial and errors
    16) create a book for my children, friends and family to be proud of
    17) create a book which others will refer to when discussing my field of expertise

  7. Day 5.
    Give each of your books an exciting title AND tagline
    Alice in webshopland
    The do's and donts of running a webshop
    (Not quite pleased with the title yet, but I seem to be stuck)

    I will come back later. Still figuring out a nice title for another book I really want to write. But it really is not good enough to share...

  8. Day 2 What topics can I write about?
    1. Stress
    2. Gut Microbiome
    3. Overweight
    4. Bloated Belly
    5. Stool
    6. Medicines
    7. Supplements
    8. Lifestyle in relation to intestinal complaints
    9. Origin and reasons/causes of intestinal complaints
    10. Various methods and diets that can help
    11. Highlighting Some Diets
    12. Which substances in food can trigger
    13. Immune System
    14. Leaky Gut Wall
    15. Healing the Guts
    16. Breathing. Meditation, relaxation exercises
    17. Guide on how to guide clients with IBS
    18. Best Nutrition for IBS
    19. How to eat tasty and healthy at PDS
    20. and ofcourse the low fodmap diet

  9. Day 1

    Why is it important for me to write a book
    1. Just because I want to, a book I wrote
    2. You stand out with a book that hasn't been written about before
    3. For expert position
    4. I'm getting more fame
    5. After publishing I have prospects through the digital workbook that comes with it
    6. I'm getting acquainted with it
    7. I gain status as author or subject
    8. I'm going to delve more into the specific topic I want to write about
    9. I also feel like an expert on the subject
    10. Feeling proud
    11. I leave something behind, legacy
    12. I really help other people with my book
    13. I receive more passive income after publishing
    14. I'll get more professionals to follow my workouts
    15. If I have questions, I can refer people to my book

  10. Day 4 – use ANOTHER method

    I combined everything on day 3.
    However, interviewing other experts is also a method I would like. Since I have been a journalist all my working life and I am really interested in people and their drive. I like writing human interest stories. I would like to interview all kinds of people. Experts, but also ordinary people to ask them about sustainable living. What they do in their daily life. Show the public not only how easy it can be, but also how much fun it can be. I actually talked about it with a friend who does not have a lot of money. She discovered a way to eat for almost nothing and eat (forgotten) vegetables you can buy in season.

  11. Day 3 – use one method from this article to identify even more topics

    I really like the method of the fabel. I actually came up with an idea (fairytale) some time ago. Turns out I am not that original, since it alreay is a proven method.
    I also like the method to write about something you yourself have experienced or a problem/solution you yourself came up with. I think writing about your own experience works best and makes your story more believable.
    Everything you wanted to know about, like the xxx for dummies books. It is a really nice and clean method and you can save up questions. Like a Q&A.
    I think you can show your audience you are struggling with the same problems, they are. It makes you human and it makes you more accessible.
    I have been an entrepreneur since 1990. Enough struggles and problems and (bad) choices to write about.

  12. Day 2
    Come up with topics you’d love to share about
    1. Webshops
    2. Entrepreneurship
    3. Sustainable lifestyle
    4. Vegan lifestyle
    5. Flex eating
    6. Living with diabetes 2
    7. How to be and stay positive
    8. How to overcome your fear of succeeding
    9. How to make life even more fun
    10. Love and preserve our planet and what you can do

  13. Week 10
    Day 1 why do you want to publish a book on your area of expertise
    1. To show my expertise
    2. To share my knowledge
    3. To leave a legacy
    4. To fulfill my dream
    5. To finally do it
    6. To overcome my fears/perfection
    7. To help people
    8. To grow my business
    9. To take the next step
    10. Because I can and I will

  14. I'm a week behind, but since I am finishing my current book I am ok with that:D

    Day 1 – come up with at least 10 answers for why do you want to publish a book on your area of expertise;
    * expert position
    * gives me access to companies
    * gives me an entrance for interviews
    * works much better than a business card to introduce myself
    * it makes it very clear for ME what I do
    * my expertise is clear to my clients
    * media attention
    * I can help many more people than the clients
    * I created something for the long term that will still exist when I am not here anymore
    * I created an easy to yse handbook
    * whenever someone follows a training there is a follow up

    Day 2 – come up with at least 10 specific ideas for topics you’d love to write a book about;
    * organise a teambuilding day yourself
    * how to do a proper "heisessie"
    * How to do decision making in a meeting
    * productivity
    * building a team on honesty and clear communication
    * Communication styles and teams
    * How to do scrum meetings right
    * how to do big staff meetings right
    * building loyal remote teams
    * how to create effective project teams

    It will all be "handbooks"

    Day 5 – choose your favorite 7-10 topics from all the topics you came up with in the last 3 days.
    Imagine you already wrote a book on each of these topics and give each of them an exciting title AND tagline.
    Contact your clients, subscribers and social media followers (by phone, email, facebook, LinkedIn, etc…) and ask them to choose their 3 favorite “books” and WHY they chose those.

    The upper list is this one- and I will do that as soon as I finished this book! 😀

  15. Last week's challenge to write a book: it is surely useful, but at this time not really applicable to me. Why I shoud write a book is to inspire people, and giving information, motivation, surprises. For it's important to gain more acknowledge and to see what I already know and what not yet. And leave a legacy. Chapters I can write of are there a lot, such as wise lessons I learned in my life, about all the regions in Bavaria, about the hidden gems in Bavaria, seeing this holidaydestination through the eyes of a Dutchman and more. Later on after my real start I ask the clients and market about it to help me what to choose.

  16. my titles:
    how to solve a conflict in 3 steps
    7 steps to transform a conflict
    how to manage your marriage
    how to get harmony in your family
    make a dream of your bullshitjob
    at ease at peace
    everything what you always wanted to know about a great relationship
    everything you always wanted to know about authentic leadership
    transform your life transform your business

  17. My best Exciting Title and catchy slogan.
    1. Everything you always wanted to know about the profession of citymanagers.
    2. 100 Things Government Managers Find Difficult About Leading.
    3. The best way to renew a municipal government organization. Discover this successful 5 step method!
    4. Successful leadership of government organizations. Develop your leadership in administratively complex organizations in six steps.
    5. Neglected municipal organizations. 25 lessons for sustainable recovery and robust organization of government organizations.
    6. The best strategies to create high reliability of government organizations.
    7. Are you a conscious public leader? Leadership Lessons for Directors of Government Organizations
    8. Do you have what it takes to remain authentic and reliable as a public leader?
    9. Team development of teams in government organizations. What is the best way?
    10. Talent development that contributes to organizational development of government organizations. How do you develop talent in government organizations?

  18. DAY 5
    I have my book quite clear and the assignments helped me to find better ideas for the chapters.
    So I am looking forward to the new technique you mentioned in the VIP training. 🤩

  19. Subjects I choose out of the three days:

    1.Family rules
    2.Family roles
    Family Matters. How to recognize your family rules and roles.
    3.Do they listen? How to listen to your child so it knows your listening.
    4.Hybride opvoeden
    5.Giving frames instead of setting boundaries for a growth mindset for kids.
    Communiceren zonder grenzen voor een grenzeloze groei.
    6.When opa and oma babysit.
    7.Habits of effective communication

    I am going to check with clients

  20. Day 5 – Contact your clients, subscribers, followers and ask them to choose their 3 favorite “books” and WHY they chose those
    In my case I have my book clear, so I will only ask them to choose a title when I finish my book.

  21. I'm still in brainstorm phase. I have 3 topics with lots of subjects/titles...


    On horse-human relationship and interaction

    1. How to become the human your horse wants to be with

    2. Learn the way to the heart of your horse
    3. Horse-Human Interaction and Communication

    4. Horse Anxiety/Trauma and Healing
    5. The positive effect of horses on humans. Horse as psychotherapist

    6. Listen to your horse. Two-way communication

    7. Helping Horse and Human find confidence in each other
    8. Breathe - Trust - Connect
    9. Learn the language of the Horse

    10. Have the conversation you want with your horse
    11. Ethical horse training without compromising the relationship

    12. How to establish a partnership where your horse feels seen and heard

    13. Conscious horsemanship
    14. Trust and connection. Synchrorize with your horse

    15. Magically Improve your Equine Partnership
    16. Does my horse love me?
    17. Teamtraining with horses, what you can learn from horses about leadership
    18. How to connect from the heart with your horse - Heartcoherence and Electromagnetic Energy field
    19. Understand your horses brain - Nervous system and polyvagal theory
    20. Giving your horse a choice - Does my horse want to be with me?

    On horse training from the ground

    1. Lateral Movements Simplified, the way to strength, flexibility and balance.
    2. How to teach your horse true self carriage through balance and correct training

    3. Horse Biomechanics and Healthy Movement - Train your eye

    4. How to take your horse training to the next level

    5. How to become the best trainer for your horse

    6. Train your horse from a level of connection and understanding
    7. Invite your horse to be balanced, physically and mentally
    8. Understand the essence of the gymnastic exercises
    9. What is the effect of my breathing, energy and posture on my horse

    10. Next generation ethical horse training

    11. Natural asymmetries of the horse and how to improve your horses balance

    12. Choose freedom! How to play with your horse at liberty

    On horse riding

    1. Body Awareness for Riders

    2. Become a Confident Rider and prepare yourself for a relaxed ride

    3. 10 ways to improve your ride

    4. How to smoothly ride your side movement

    5. Reconnect to your body wisdom through body awareness
    6. Spinal alignement for rider and horse
    7. Next generation ethical horse riding

    8. How to invite your horse to come to the mounting block
    9. Prepare your horse for relaxed trail rides

    10. Ease and Peace on horseback

  22. DAY 4 Find more topics
    I have the topic but I keep on playing with the title (it helps me to focus on the actual topic and content)
    Fabulous and Powerful: Productivity manual to earn more while working less

  23. Day 5. Asking my clients and prospects. I sent the messages below to about 50 people. Some of them clients, some of them I want as clients, and some people from the WOMB program. Thank you everyone!


    Ik heb een supportvraag. Ik ben van plan om een boek te gaan schrijven en er is een hele reeks van opties die ik overweeg. Ik vraag wat mensen (die ik heel graag als lezer zou hebben) waar ze graag over willen lezen. Zou je mij willen vertellen welke 3 boekonderwerpen je aanspreken uit onderstaande lijst en waarom?

    1. Het is het waard - Hoe je vanuit je waarden je trainingen ontwikkelt, deelnemers vindt en echte vooruitgang bereikt.
    2. Diep van binnen - Coaching en training op basis van intuïtief weten. Hoe vertrouw je op jezelf, zodat je deelnemers stralen?
    3. Het kwartje valt - Over het voeren van gesprekken op zo’n manier, dat je boodschap aankomt en je gesprekspartner tot nieuwe inzichten kan komen.
    4. Veel meer dan praten - Een complete toolkit voor coaches waarmee ze het gewenste resultaat van hun klanten overstijgen.
    5. Ride the wave - Hoe je de flow creëert waar je als ondernemer eindeloos in door kunt gaan. Creëer een golf van intuïtie en laat je meevoeren naar nieuwe bestemmingen.
    6. Expres - Het is de bedoeling. Training design waarbij je overal aan denkt. Voor trainers op elk niveau.
    7. Voedende rust - Ervaar stilte en ruimte in de drukte van het leven. In je hoofd, in je relaties, in je werk.
    8. 60 minuten - Wat zou je kunnen bereiken met 1 extra uur in elke dag? Neem jezelf en je tijd weer serieus en maak tijd voor jezelf.

    Je hoeft geen volgorde aan te geven. Maar ik hoor wel heel graag wat je aanspreekt. Waarom kies je voor deze boeken?

    1. Hoi Max,

      er zijn er een paar die er voor mij uitspringen.
      3. Het kwartje valt. Zowel titel als subtitel zouden mij aanzetten om het van de boekenplank te pakken, in de
      4. Veel meer dan praten. Hier is vooral de subtitel nieuwsgierig makend PLUS de manier waarop je kunt overdeliveren.
      6. EXpres, dit maakt nieuwsgierig omdat het als een soort formule klinkt.

  24. Day 5 – choose your favorite 7-10 topics from all the topics you came up with in the last 3 days.

    1. Thinking: fast and smart.
    2. Ending mental illness
    3. Reset your brain
    4. The power of passion
    5. Everything you want to know about stress
    6. Everything you want to know about burnout
    7. Everything you want to know about personal leadership

  25. Day 4 – use ANOTHER method from this article to identify even more topics you could write a book about;

    Everything you want to know about:
    1. Stress
    2. Burnout
    3. PTTS
    4. Trauma’s
    5. Addiction
    6. Eat addiction
    7. Smoke addiction
    8. Game addiction
    9. Tired
    10. Pain and suffering
    11. Living free
    12. Enjoying life
    13. Personal leadership
    14. Happiness
    15. Being lucky
    16. Intuition

  26. Day 3 – use one method from this article to identify even more topics you could write a book about;

    Day 3 – use one method from this article to identify even more topics you could write a book about;
    1. Thinking: fast and smart.
    2. Ending mental illness
    3. Reset your brain
    4. Think again about
    5. Success go for it
    6. The power of passion

    Day 3 – use one method from this article to identify even more topics you could write a book about;
    1. Thinking: fast and smart.
    2. Ending mental illness
    3. Reset your brain
    4. Think again about
    5. Success go for it
    6. The power of passion

  27. Day 5 02-09-2022

    – choose your favorite 7-10 topics from all the topics you have come up with in the past 3 days.

    Title is self-explanatory and from all the topics of the past four days I have chosen the layout of the book.

    From specialist to manager
    1. It's going to be fun in the workplace again.
    2. 350,000 years of communicating as a team.
    2.1 Understanding each other with more understanding
    2.2 How do you connect with the weakest link
    2.3 The steel wires of a team
    3. The essence of connection.
    4. Master your instincts.
    5. Ego and authentic behavior, our greatest paradox.
    6. Self-esteem, self-confidence and insecurities
    7. Fears as a teacher
    8. Pressure vs Potential
    9. Never again bothered by dominant people.
    10. The line between commitment and responsibility.
    11. Autonomy
    12. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
    13. From dominant core to meaning.
    14. Mastering your paradigms
    15. Getting an influence on (the predictability of) behavior
    16. How do I create effective working relationships in the workplace?
    16.1 All colleagues are equal but not the same, even me
    16.2 The pain of not being understood.
    16.3 Learn to listen carefully
    16.4 Knowing but not doing
    16.5 The difference between what they want and need
    16. 6 When they bite their own tail
    16.6 The fear of making mistakes
    16.7 The fear of taking risks
    16.8 How do you turn difficult colleagues into great colleagues?
    16.9 Colleagues who really matter.
    17 The authentic leader.
    17.1 Authoritarian vs Authority
    17.2 Credibility
    17.3 Learn to ask good questions or convince
    17.4 How to discuss difficult topics.
    17.5 Proactivity, learning to anticipate the future.
    17.6 Linear versus circular reasoning
    17. 7 Inspire and motivate
    17.8 The meaning of universal values ​​for leaders.
    17.9 From opposing interests to maximum win-win
    18. How inspiring leading can be.
    19. More fun in leadership.

  28. WOMB WEEK 11, SEPTEMBER 2d 2022, DAY 5/5

    Choose your favorite 7-10 topics. Give each of them an exciting title AND tagline.

    From all the topics I came up with in the last three days, these are my top 10:

    1. Know Thyself: A practical guide to diving into the depth of yourself in order to discover your life vocation, mission, and purpose
    2. Fire needs Air: Everything you want to know about passion, attraction, and love in romantic relationships
    3. How sweet it is to be loved by him: How to choose the ONE and ONLY husband for life
    4. It takes TWO to Parent: How to get in ONE line about your Child's Upbringing
    5. Uncode Your Child's Code: Get to know your Baby and write his/her unique manual!
    6. Mr. & Mrs. Werewolf: How to defeat Sleep Deprivation and prevent burnout after your child’s birth
    7. The Baby Care Bible: the most comprehensive, reliable, and practical baby (and small children) care guide for new parents
    8. Children Don't Stop Dancing, Believe that You Can Fly: A Soulful and Practical Guide to Parent for Eternity
    9. The Intricate Art of Home Building: Home is not only a Place but a Destination
    10. The Mom Economy: Join The Movement to Reinvent Business and the Workplace to Empower and Support Motherhood

    Please note these titles are listed in "chronological" order (life stages). Deeply inspired by the VIP Workshop yesterday, I would love to create several VIP products based on my books, THEIR problems, life stages, and my books (solutions).

    I sent this list to the first 10 people that I trust the most. I will then be collecting feedback in blogs and social media. My goal is to collect at least 50 responses.

  29. WEEK 11 DAY 5 – choose your favorite 7-10 topics

    1. Fear of failure cancelled. - How to deal with your worst counselor ever.
    2. How about living your purpose RIGHT NOW? - But only if you want.
    3. Everything you wanted to know about caching new generations. - Just don’t be scared.
    4. The art of making choices. - Even radical ones.
    5. Show yourself. - How to never let someone else hurt you again.
    6. How to break habits you no longer want. - A proven method explained.
    7. Looking at life differently. - How to survive in a welfare state.
    8. Personal development made easy. - All the essentials in 5 days.

    >>I am going to identify the BEST topic for my Expert How-To Book.<<

  30. WEEK 11 DAY 4 - Use ANOTHER proven method to find even more topics

    This time I choose this method: “Everything You Wanted to Know…” about:

    1. making radical choices
    2. surviving bullying
    3. forgiveness
    4. looking at life differently
    5. your own life story
    6. deviating from the norm
    7. finding your passion
    8. work life balance
    9. preventing stress
    10. writing promotional texts

    >>I am going to identify the BEST topic for my Expert How-To Book.<<

  31. Day 5. Chosen topics
    1. Strategy – the non-accidental way to have products, advantage, and sales
    2. Systems theory – the easier way to understand the many complexities around us
    3. Productivity – the ultimate guide to preparing, performing, and sustaining actionability
    4. Becoming rich – start working less on the right things instead of more on the wrong
    5. Thinking – how it underlies everything, the many things that go wrong with it and the consequences, and how to improve it
    6. Happiness/Success: and/or? – Complementarities and frictions, considering the personal, social, and financial angle
    7. What in life to want and do: your 10 core needs, the issues with What, and finding your way

  32. Day 4 - another way of filling the book.

    I originally wanted to do Amazon research, but because that is also an exercise in the Write Your Book course and I will do it anyway, let's do something different. Everything you wanted to know about....

    - training
    - trainership
    - coaching
    - personal development
    - personal development training
    - training design
    - coaching methods
    - running trainings for big groups
    - game design
    - game design for trainings
    - creating processes
    -creating experiences
    - gamification
    - gamification for personal development
    - growing as a person
    - growing as a coach
    - growing as a trainer
    - structured conversation
    - coaching techniques
    - improving
    - leading large groups

  33. Day 4 – use ANOTHER method from this article to identify even more topics you could write a book about;

    From the viewpoint of working with ideal clients, is How to deal with stress and burn out my main subject. Having looked at top 10 lists, I might come up with
    - a practical guide using fables for every issue and than talk about some braintheory and than introduce a connected practice, giving measurable relax-result. And in a third part I will interview some (famous) people who use those practices daily.
    - keuzestress: how to choose your steppingstones to fullfilment
    - Choice: a matter of 20 minutes a day.
    - Slow slow, the answer to find ease and peace
    - Without within? No way!
    - Benificial nothingness
    _Breath: how to find peace in it.
    - how my guided meditations and team reflexions let to vital teams at work.

    Yes there is popping up a red threath slowly, connecting my knowledge and experience. it is getting more clear but it is still misty.

    What also is getting more clear is that I want to find a fysical form of the book that differs from general books and is special........

  34. Day 4 01-09-22

    – use ANOTHER method from this article to identify even more topics you could write a book about;

    I actually did today's assignment yesterday. I do know which blog is the most popular and I will definitely take that topic with me.

    I will use my idea generator for what the main topic will be:

    How do I gain influence over others:

    1. Embrace other people's paradigms
    2. the pain of not being understood
    3. getting better working relationships
    4. The workplace as a stage for cabaret
    5. The joy of working together
    6. 10 Ways to Invest in a Working Relationship
    7. Turn colleagues into friends
    8. The Steel Wires of a Team
    9. Understanding each other with greater understanding
    10. How to connect with the weakest link
    11. From dominant power to the power of equality
    12. All colleagues are equal but not the same, even me
    13. From Authoritarian to Authority
    14. How do you turn difficult colleagues into fun colleagues
    15. Colleagues who really matter.

  35. week 11
    day 4
    more topics you know your doing a good job
    2. confidence in parenthood
    3. highly effective way to talk within your family
    4. habits of effective communication
    5. family rules
    6. keep on growing as parent and child
    7. family roles
    8. communication with teenagers
    9.communication during elementary school
    10. how to listen to your child so it knows your listening.

  36. Day 4
    1. Customer journey to fast succes
    2. I would like to co-operate with other real experts
    3. Just a conversion from course preparation to book as it contains all sorts of content already
    4. Compile an "Always wanted to know" step by step by situations and questions that rise in the process

  37. week 11
    day 3
    more topics to write about.
    1. how to deal with an angry child
    2. Hybride opvoeden
    3. what to discus with other parents
    4. what every parent wants to know
    5. make it a beautiful human
    6. how to talk to kids so kids wil talk to you
    7. communication with effect
    8. communication in different fases of childhood
    9. interview seleberties about raising their kids
    10. interview parents (out of my ideal client group

  38. Day 3, 4 & 5

    I’m going to do more research by asking my Audience (ideal clients) (#1) and 'Teach the Solution to the problem you solve' (#5) Considering today's VIP Product training I need that info anyway.

    After that, I need to come up with more or better subjects. Can’t wait for the new Book course that’s coming up.

    Then going to think of supertitles and present them to my ideal clients to see what subjects/titles trigger them the most.

  39. week 11
    day 2
    what topics
    1. communication in the family
    2. raising kids
    3. giving frames instead of setting boundaries for a growth mindset for kids
    4. working together as parents (in one house or two houses)
    5. solving conflicts between sibbelings, as a parent
    6. solving conflicts with your child
    7. how to get your kid listening
    8. How to be clear to your kid
    9. how to talk with your grandkids
    10. when opa and oma babysit
    11. how to deal with opa and oma when the babysit

  40. Week 11
    day 1
    WHY should I write a book
    1. gain an expert position
    2. structure the information
    3. make a legacy
    4. have a 'business card'
    5. make a better training
    6. grow my business
    7. built a list
    8. have a gift
    9. get invited in podcasts
    10.get interviewd
    11. be an authority
    12. giving
    13. to get a self confidence boost

  41. Week 11 - 4 or 5 another method

    Another method that intrigued me is: Write the book "Everything you wanted to know...".

    In the past I once received a lot of questions from young professionals about the profession of citymanager. I can list those. I don't know if there are 100. I'll figure this out tomorrow. Book title: Everything you wanted to know about the profession of citymanager.

  42. DAY 3&4 MORE IDEAS

    beeing fearless in business
    giving up conformaty as a method to life the life you want
    your first year as a entrepreneur
    position yourself solid
    making money from day one 😝
    the power of responsibility/ownership
    how to find clients you love
    be easy with money
    how to see money with different eyes
    the surrender business 🤩
    marketing made different
    marketing for lazy people
    the gratitiude economy
    how to create unforgetable costumerexperiences
    the experts way
    from employee to expert
    recognition for beginners

    WOW ! I guess I have found also a lot of chapters. 🤩
    Maybe it is because of my vacation, but I never experienced my head talking so loud when brainstorming. I got Judgements in seconds 😆

    Thank you for this fantastic journey, Nidandeh & Vered! 🤩

  43. Day 4. More topics to write about, using method 8 from the article
    1. Productivity
    2. Personal development
    3. The role of Will (more grip on your why’s and motivation)
    4. What in life to want and do
    5. Happiness and success
    6. New business development
    7. How thinking works (conceptually)
    8. Brief history of philosophy from 4 angles
    9. Philosophy of science / epistemology
    10. Becoming rich

  44. Day 2 (with the help of article of day 3 ... )
    1. NLP in marketing
    2. Body language in your videos
    3. Basic understanding of audio editing
    4. Basic understanding of video editing
    5. Telling a story visually
    6. Getting over your internal objections against being on video
    7. Choosing the right marketing platform for you
    8. Multiplying your content
    9. Basic camera and/or studio set up

  45. WEEK 11 DAY 3 - Use a proven method to find even more topics

    Before I knew it almost every method inspired me. So I didn’t exactly do this assignment as intended. The methode I used the most now is ‘Amazon’: #5 - #10. Tomorrow I will choose another method.

    1. Teach the solution: I will never let someone else hurt me again
    2. Everything You Wanted to Know About… Forgiveness
    3. Je Brein de Baas (edit the transcript of my online course)
    4. What do I really like and which job suits me?
    5. How do you break habits you no longer want?
    6. Survival in a welfare state
    7. The power of self-reflection
    8. The Unusual Habits of Happy People
    9. That's just how I am - and other myths
    10. Personal development - made easy.

    I LOVED this assignment!
    See you all tomorrow, bright and early :-).

    >>I am going to identify the BEST topic for my Expert How-To Book.<<

  46. Hi all
    This week I spent overdue time implementing:
    Contacted my ideal clients, finished my website, "promoting" my Leergang, digesting disapointments business wise, a whole list more to add.
    In the meanwhile plondering around the idea of writing a book.
    That I want to do. In wintertime or early spring.
    I am not following the sequence you ask for Nisandeh. But I am in.
    See you tomorrow morning

  47. WOMB WEEK 11, SEPTEMBER 1st 2022, DAY 4/5

    How to Find Out Which Book to Write? Method Nr. 6: Write the Book I wish to read/ Everything I wanted to know

    Using ANOTHER method (Nr. 6) made me reflect on the main challenges in my life. Then this list: Ten books I wish I would have read came to my mind:

    1. Vocation Discernment: How to find out my life's calling and purpose?
    2. Culture Shocks moving to the Netherlands: 50 things nobody tells you and prepares you for
    3. The Baby Care Bible: the most comprehensive, reliable, and practical manual for new parents
    4. It takes TWO to Parent: how to get in ONE line about your child's upbringing
    5. Uncode Your Child's Code: how to get to know your baby and write his/her unique manual!
    6. Fire needs Air: everything you want to know about passion, attraction, and love
    7. How sweet it is to be loved by him: How to choose the ONE and ONLY husband for life
    8. The Language of Men: Understanding the way Men think and speak and learn their language
    9. Entrepreneurial Secrets: how to succeed no matter what
    10. Spiritual Compass: how to distinguish evil from good

    1. I’m impressed, Maru…
      You have there quite some books that just by their titles - for the right target audience - they’ll be irresistible…
      Loved, loved #7… 🤗

      1. Thank you so much Nisandeh! 🙏

        I am intrigued when you say: “for the right target audience” in combination with your favorite title Nr. 7…

        Could I be correct in thinking that although title Nr. 7 addresses women, it actually attracts men? 🤗 That would be a counterintuitive but fascinating discovery!

  48. Day 3 – use one method from this article to identify even more topics you could write a book about;

    1. Work together with a neuro scientist on how stress affects the brain and why it is important to deal with it in different ways.and how....
    2. Transcribe my training Boost your working day at home into a book.

  49. WOMB WEEK 11, AUGUST 31 2022, DAY 3/5

    How to Find Out Which Book to Write? Method Nr. 5: Teach the Solution to the Problem You Solve

    This method is about one's Personal Journey and has three main steps:
    1. Identify a Real Pain that you had
    2. Describe the Solution that you came up with
    3. Answer the questions: Is this a problem for other people? Would they find my solution valuable?

    Doing this method made me come up with 4 Main Pains/Personal Journeys/ Potential Book Topics:

    I. How to survive and defeat Sleep Deprivation after the birth of your child
    1. Pain: Extreme Sleep Deprivation to the point of burnout
    2. Solution: Creation of a tailor-made day and night sleep routine for my baby based on her unique needs, personality, and family values
    3. Answers: Yes. Yes: some moms are already following my advice/ tips after talking to them.

    II. How to let go of an Impossible Love and make space for the One True Love <3
    1. Pain: Extreme heartbreak of being "In love" with an impossible love (taken man). A dark chapter in my life.
    2. Solution: Give it a place in your heart by truly letting go. The healing power of Journaling. Feedback Analysis Method: the juxtaposition of "Who I thought he was" VS "Who he really IS (shows to be)". (Re)Discover the true nature/meaning of Love and go for it!
    3. Yes, Yes.

    III. How to cure Apeirophobia, the phobia of Infinity and/or Eternity
    1. Pain: Extreme anxiety and panic attacks (especially at night, starting in childhood)
    2. Solution: Spiritual direction, diving into the topic of Eternity, reading great books like
    The Great Divorce by CS. Lewis. My insights from it all.
    3. Yes. Although it is a problem for a small niche, I think it would be certainly valuable for them (need to validate that assumption though).

    IV. How to lose weight and get in great shape through Bellydance
    1. Pain: Distorted relationship with food, eating too much, unhealthy and disordered. Weight gain, loss of self-esteem.
    2. Solution: Redesign yourself through Bellydance. Visualize your future self. Reconnect with your deeper emotions and put them in motion. Prepare a solo performance on stage by setting clear and achievable goals within a specific time frame.
    3. Yes. Yes: my mother was the first success story of my method.

    I am seriously excited about these four topics! Thank you Nisandeh for sharing this great method Nr. 5 🙂

  50. Day 2 - Topics you’d love to write a book about

    It's been two days of thinking of possible topics I'd love to write about, but I can only come up with 3. I can think of more possible book to write but those ideals I'll never do if you asked me now. (anger management, business-oriented, parenting, etc.)

    1. How to implement martial arts training into your daily life
    2. How to deal with (your) ego from a martial arts perspective
    3. The fragile respect within martial arts

    The martial arts world is a dangerous one to write books about. The first one gives the slightest possibility of having an adverse effect to establish an expert position through being an author. The second one would ruffle some feathers which would be fun for a second. The third one,... that can make or break me... could be fun. Let's see I get my first book done first.

    Today in our accountability meeting Max came up with the idea to work more simultaneously on our books. So, that's what we are going to do.

    1. Can I ask a question, Logan?
      Since I don’t have your “permission” yet - feel free to ignore it, or do not answer it.

      It seems to me that you’re very busy about the other figures in your martial arts world.
      I understand that it might be a very competitive field, and maybe very ego and testosterone driven.
      But why would you care what other think/say about you?
      If you focus on a niche market, that no one else is serving (which you should) - they would never be influenced by what other “experts” are thinking or saying about you…

      Or maybe I misjudge the situation completely.

      (Just FYI - if I would be worried about what every single expert in Holland, including almost all the media that ever covered our programs had to say about me, my methods and my content - I would leave Holland a very long time ago with my tail between my legs…)

    2. Hey Logan,

      I would be interested to brainstorm/ investigate book number 2...
      Besides working with projects I used to be, and since a month again, am a yoga teacher and meditation practcionar... Ego, and how to overcome it/ work with it is one of my main interests... (funny I didn't think about it at all till now for writing a book about)...

      So if you would be up for it- lets have a brainy moment.
      We could also put it in the brainstorm whatsapp group or so...

      Let me know...:D

  51. Using Amazon I came up with

    Top questions to open dialogue
    Working with consensus- how to
    Being curious (how to)
    Listen carefully
    The super scrum master
    The appreciative manager
    product backlog quadrant
    portfolio management- vision/strategy matters
    Diversity on the workflow- interviews with/ portraits
    "..." practice guide
    "..." games
    "..."flash cards
    "..." quick start guide

  52. Topics:

    From YEAH to WOW
    Complexity- simplicity
    Zoom in- Zoom out- (bring something that isn't there yet)
    Focus-Energy_Cooperation (FEC-method?)
    Your project in 2 weeks- everyone can do it
    21 Myths of projects/ project management
    Blah blah blah- management
    the daily practice- what i learned from a year of meditation
    The inner guru unleashed
    Buddhism in business
    My time in a monastery
    Using the ADHD-quality to make a living/ Look at the bright side
    Oh, just shut up! stop complaining- you ll be dead in no time
    Story telling ABC
    Nobody cares- and why that is wonderful!

  53. Why:

    To be asked to speak at events
    Structure my thoughts- from teaching the teacher learns most
    Perfect business card
    get a number one position- builds expert status
    Te become known in the field
    to build the business - to sell the trainings etc
    to have a bigger impact on the world
    to be able to do more fun stuff
    to show that i have a book- stand out from the crowd
    fill a gab in project-land- write about a topic that's not been published a lot (knowledge)
    to fill in a gab- money wise

  54. DAY 3 More Topics
    I have my topic clear, now I am playing with title/taglines to make it more specific
    * Organize your business: how moving from chaos to flow will grow your success
    * Simplify to amplify: grow your business through clarity and focus
    * From chaos to flow: clarity and focus to make your business grow
    * Fabulous and powerful: business productivity for busy solopreneurs
    * Busy is the new smoking: simplify your business and your life
    * From chaos to flow: simplify your business and your life
    * Fabulous and powerful: conscious productivity for busy solopreneurs
    * From chaos to flow: how conscious productivity will simplify your business and your life
    * Fabulous and powerful: conscious productivity to grow your business
    * Fabulous and powerful: simplify your business to grow your success
    * Fabulous and powerful: grow your business through conscious productivity
    * Fabulous and powerful: fall in love with your business and your life
    * Fabulous and powerful: the new productivity to grow your business

    1. You’re a natural copywriter, Lola…
      I enjoyed reading your titles and taglines.

      Something to clarify, though…
      If you have only one topic, there is no need to ask your clients/subscribers to vote on the title/tagline.
      You do that after the book is ready.

      The assignment of this week was to brainstorm different topics (can be closely related, but still different) and make them appear as real books (by creating a title & tagline to each of them) and then ask your audience which ones they’d want to read.