ZN#01: Throw the Cow

In these videos Nisandeh shares his favorite zen stories that provide wonderful illustrations for learning, and inspiration for self-development and business lessons.

Story 1 - Throw the Cow

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  1. Spot on story! Thanks for sharing, Nisandeh. My cow is 'coaching'. It doesn't work anymore, although people are always coming back to me for a new session. I don't put energy in it anymore, but instead focus on writing and real estate. And in the meantime I keep a small job to keep me connected with people and keep my finances sane. Because of that, I have the time and money to focus on publishing my first novel.

  2. This story about throwing the cow off the cliff - after all those years, it is still very inspiring. It took me years to do exactly that - except that the cow keeps climbing out of the ravine 🙂 But yes, it is very true - one needs to kill what is stopping growth. You can not grow to the next level with what got you this far. Especially not if it is a cow that is eating and using up more than the amount it is returning, and letting go of it feels scary. The most lovely story about the ROI of an old cow. (in Dutch, we proverbially leave them lying in the ditches for the same reason)

    1. Actually, the cow can even be a cash cow, Sin.
      The biggest cow I ever threw was the Business Bootcamp, a 4-million-euro a year almost automatic money generator…
      But it blocked me growing in other areas of my life…
      So… after 2 years of hesitations, we finally did it, and never looked back.

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